Written by Richard Kaufman
Work of Larry Jennings
580 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Company
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
353 entries
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Richard Kaufman Acknowledgements
Tony Giorgio Foreword
Tony Giorgio Larry Jennings: A Magician's Magician
Richard Kaufman Introduction
Larry Jennings Jennings Talks About His Early Exposure to Magic
Chapter One: The Breaks
Richard Kaufman History
The Left Pinky Break in Center or Bottom of the Deck
Cliff Green The Cliff Green Multiple Buckle credit information
Also published here 35
How to Spread Cards and Conceal the Break deck spread while holding a break
Richard Kaufman The Left Pinky Break on Top of the Deck intro
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin Robert-Houdin's Method gesturing with a card in right hand while picking up a break under the top card
Larry Jennings Okashina Dekigoto (Japanese Twisting the Aces) extra card, credit information
Related toAlso published here 39
Dai Vernon Buckle Count
The Push and Pull picking up a break under second card while turning over top card
The Double Push Off picking up a break under two cards
The Thumb Count and Right Thumbtip Break picking up a break at inner end of deck with right thumb near top
Biddle Grip details of end grip
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Squeeze Break
  • Two Hands
  • One Hand
Related toAlso published here 49
Dai Vernon Rescuing a Break enlarging a break
Also published here 51
Dai Vernon Verdnase Break (A Right Pinky Break)
Larry Jennings To Transfer a Left Pinky Break to a Verdnase Break near top
Larry Jennings Erdnase’s Revolution from a Verdnase Break break instead of side-jog
Inspired byRelated to 54
Larry Jennings The Jennings Pulldown break above bottom card with base of fourth finger
  • As a Glide
  • As a Cut Which Retains the Bottom Card
Larry Jennings A Brief Yet Ambitious Effect card travels from bottom to top of deck
Richard Kaufman Greek Break heel break introduction
Converting a Greek Break into a Pinky Break (The Preferred Readjustment)
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Greek Break Cut performer holds deck while spectator cuts into break
Lin Searles Autobreak
Richard Kaufman Jogs introduction
To Outjog a Card openly during in-the-hands spread
To Injog a Card during in-the-hands spread
Alternate Method for Injogging a Card during in-the-hands spread
Larry Jennings Jennings Talks About the Need for Tools and Practice
Related to 65
Chapter Two: Double and Triple Undercut Work
Richard Kaufman History credit information
Larry Jennings The Double Undercut with a Verdnase Break
  • 1. From Top to Bottom for a Single Card
  • 2. From Top to Bottom for Multiple Cards
    • Humid Air or Sticky Cards
  • 3. From Center to Top (or Bottom)
Deep Verdnase Break
Larry Jennings A Wee Equivoque selection is top or bottom card of deck, as spectator chooses
Larry Jennings Four-Card Cutting Control Aces or selections are cut into deck one by one face up
Larry Jennings Braue Reverse (Jennings Finesse) with Verdnase break
Larry Jennings The Four Ace Bet four selections lost in deck, four Aces removed from deck and tabled face down, they change to selections and Aces are reversed in center of deck
Related to 81
Gordon Bruce Gordon Bruce Outjog Addition: First Handling source for Bruce credit not given
Related to 82
Larry Jennings A Placement Cut "The Second Cut" from reference
Also published here 83
Larry Jennings The Double Undercut with a Block Pushoff (the Reverse Double Undercut) - 1. From Bottom to Top for a Single Card also as Triple Undercut
Also published here 85
Larry Jennings The Double Undercut with a Block Pushoff (the Reverse Double Undercut) - 2. From Bottom to Top for Multiple Cards
  • Method One
  • Method Two
  • Method Three
Larry Jennings The Double and Triple Undercut Combinations - 1. From Center to Top, Top Stock Retained; Also a Multiple Control
Larry Jennings The Double and Triple Undercut Combinations - 2. From Center to Top, Original Top Card to Bottom Cover-Up Cut alternative
Related toAlso published here 92
Larry Jennings The Double and Triple Undercut Combinations - 3. Top and Bottom Cards Transposed with a Double Undercut
Also published here 95
Larry Jennings Devious Open Prediction spectator deals to previously named number and leaves that one face down
Also published here 96
Corner Crimp in Spread
Larry Jennings Unpredictable Prediction spectator deals to previously named number and leaves that one face down
Related to 98
Larry Jennings Cheshire Aces Aces are lost, then shown to have vanishes from deck, they reappear face-up in center
Also published here 100
Larry Jennings Kings Trap Choice
Also published here 102
Larry Jennings Four Kings Trap Three Choices
Also published here 103
Richard Kaufman Sandwich sans Roy intro to following three effects
Larry Jennings In Two Places at the Same Time unknown sandwiched card turns out to be later selection
Larry Jennings A Magical Appearance selection appears between tabled sandwich cards
Inspired by
  • Roy Walton effect with a double backer
Switch à la Hofzinser Top Change cross between second deal and Hofzinser Top Change
Larry Jennings The Paradoxically Simple Sandwich selection travels from center of deck to between sandwich cards
Inspired by
  • Roy Walton effect with a double backer
Larry Jennings Quick Reverse selection turns over in deck
Larry Jennings The Simplex Visitor
Larry Jennings ATFUS (Elmsley/Marlo) with a Verdnase Break: Version One
Larry Jennings Turnover Add-On as tabled card or packet is turned over, here as sandwich load
Larry Jennings Without Warning! Aces between spectator's hands, top face-down card changes into named face-up Ace which is then missing from spectator's hand
Stroke Change double, top card dragged onto deck in stroking action
Larry Jennings Always Cut the Cards - Version One (Ungimmicked) cards are cut into deck with spectator
Also published here 121
Larry Jennings ATFUS with a Verdnase Break: Version Two
Larry Jennings Always Cut the Cards - Version Two (Gimmicked)
Also published here 124
Larry Jennings Gordon Bruce Outjog Addition: Second Handling "finessed handling", source for Bruce credit not given
Related to 124
Larry Jennings The Joker Finds a Thought-of Card card thought of from a group, performer stabs Joker reversed next to selection
Larry Jennings Placement Cut Collectors
Bridging Bottom Cards with fourth finger, under deck
Larry Jennings Jennings Talks About the Double Lift and Top Change
Chapter Three: Multiple Lifts and More
Richard Kaufman History credit information
Larry Jennings The Hit Minus One Double Turnover
Related toAlso published here 139
Larry Jennings The Covered Double Turnover covered hit type
Inspired byRelated toVariations 143
Larry Jennings The Covered Triple Turnover
Inspired by 145
Larry Jennings The Expedient Lift hit end-for-end turnover
Larry Jennings The Dead Certain Double
Larry Jennings The New Theory Getready credit information
Inspired byRelated to 149
Dai Vernon The Vernon Light Lift top two cards moved to the right in right-hand end grip as simulated push-off
Also published here 151
Larry Jennings, Dai Vernon The Dai Vernon Pushoff (Jennings Fingering)
Related to 153
Larry Jennings The Larry Jennings Pushoff
Inspired by
  • "Hahne's Perfect Double Card Lift" (Nelson Hahne, Modernism in Pasteboard, 1934)
Also published here
Larry Jennings The Stuart Gordon Lift (Jennings Finesse)
Larry Jennings The Quick Tip Turnover (Covering Large Multiple Lifts)
Larry Jennings Quick Tip Count Down value of top card used to count to selection which appears face up
Inspired by 161
Dai Vernon End-for-End Step Turnover deck turned over with step, see also p. 335 for packet handling
Larry Jennings Center Double Lift
Also published here
  • The Gen, Sep. 1964
Larry Jennings Jennings Turnover Switch four random cards change to Kings, featuring a block turnover switch
Inspired by
  • "based on an idea by S. Leo Horowitz"
Also published here
  • Larry Jennings's Japanese Lecture Notes
Larry Jennings A Graceful Way of Holding a Double Card with the Left Hand
Richard Kaufman Uncommon Methods of Getting Ready for the Double Lift intro
Larry Jennings First Method (End Over End Turn) deck turned over before obtaining break
Larry Jennings Second Method (Pivot and Duck) card slid under top card when deck is held upright in preparation for double lift, slow motion top change
Larry Jennings Third Method (Outjogged Pivot and Duck) out-jogged card removed and slid under top card when deck is held upright in preparation for double lift, slow motion top change
Larry Jennings Fourth Method (The Long Distance Double Lift Getready) face-up card loaded under selection as it is shown in preparation for double lift
Larry Jennings Vanish and Reappearance of a Card card vanished from top of deck an appears reversed in center
Larry Jennings Fifth Method (The Gordon Turnover and Isolated Reverse) reverse, or loading a card under a face-up card in preparation for double lift during display sequence
Richard Kaufman Unloading One Card from a Double Lift intro
Larry Jennings First Method (Sideways Turnover) out-jog finesse
Inspired by
  • Vernon unload in The Gen, Vol. 19 No. 7, Nov. 1963
Related to
Larry Jennings Second Method (End Over End Turnover) card remains side-jogged
Larry Jennings Third Method (The LJ Change)
Inspired byAlso published here 175
Larry Jennings Fourth Method (A Two-Card Change)
Richard Kaufman When the Double Card Leaves the Hands intro
Larry Jennings First Method: Bounce Double double turned over unto tabled packed, it bounces off other hand's finger, packet display application which hides several cards
Larry Jennings Second Method: The Free-Fall Double double spins in the air and lands on table, described with three as two cards
Larry Jennings New Dual Discovery two cards change to selected cards
Inspired by 183
Larry Jennings Third Method: Warp and Drop
Larry Jennings A Simple, Yet Strong Prediction tabled double as prediction
Larry Jennings Fourth Method: Marlo’s Two Card Throw (Jennings Finesse) from deck
Inspired by 186
Larry Jennings Ambitious Card Interlude card dropped on table, deck put on top, card penetrates to top and bottom card remains the same, repeat
Richard Kaufman On Transpositions intro
Larry Jennings New Double Double
Inspired byRelated to 189
Dai Vernon The Clean-Up Move rightening a reversed card in center and bringing it to top
Larry Jennings The Bastard Son of the King of Hearts "The Double Double", tabled card, cased card and card on top of deck transpose in a three-way transposition
Related to 192
Two-Step Top Change
Larry Jennings Everyone’s Transposition card in breast pocket transposes with card that rises up through deck
Larry Jennings Circus Transposition combo of Ambitious Card sequence and transposition of card in breast pocket with tabled card
Dai Vernon The Depth Illusion (Original Dai Vernon Get-Ready and Technique)
Larry Jennings Deep Transposition tabled card and reversed card in deck transpose, using Tilt
Larry Jennings Deep Transposition II selection in deck transposes with one of the tabled Aces
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety
Larry Jennings Numerical Aces Plus One to Four Aces change to Ace through Four, then palindrome phase with those
Inspired by 202
Wedge Break Displacement small packet
Small Packet Bottom Deal
Larry Jennings Return to 1002nd Aces - Version One
Inspired by 209
Switch-Out Sequence cards removed from deck, put on face and cards added
Lift Shuffle Displacement
Larry Jennings The Covered Double Turnover as an Add-On Move
Inspired by 211
Larry Jennings Return to 1002nd Aces - Version Two slow-motion phase followed by all-at-once phase
  • The First Movement
  • The Second Movement
Inspired by 213
Center Insertion packet placed on top of deck, bottom card secretly inserted in center
Jack McMillen Covered Slip Cut slip cut with card under side-jogged top card(s)
Larry Jennings The Misdirective Outjog Switch see also p. 552
Also published here 215
Larry Jennings Dragging a Double from packet in end grip onto deck, Verdnase break
Larry Jennings Return to 1002nd Aces - Version Three
Inspired by 217
Edward Marlo Scoop-Up Addition
Larry Jennings Return to 1002nd Aces - Version Four no switch-out at beginning
Inspired by 219
Larry Jennings The Hofzinser/Leech Switch (with a Verdnase Break) peel switch handling with Verdnase Break
Related to 221
Larry Jennings Slow-Motion Five-Card Ace Assembly credit information
Dai Vernon The Optical Move
Larry Jennings The Card that Changes in Front of their Eyes Joker changes into selection
Related to 227
Dai Vernon Depth Illusion with an one-handed get-ready
Larry Jennings Misdirection Change card held side-jogged on deck, when spectators look up and down again, it has changed
Larry Jennings A Mysterious Visit simplified
Larry Jennings Four Aces and Four Selections four cards change into Aces one by one
Larry Jennings The Strange Case of the Unsinkable Ace card placed second from top comes back to top, repeats
  • Version One (Ungimmicked)
  • Version Two (Gimmicked)
Inspired by
  • "The Trick that Fooled Houdini" (Dai Vernon, Vernon Touch column, Genii, Vol. 37 No. 4, Apr. 1973)
Ben Harris The Floating Ambitious Card tilted card slowly lowered
Larry Jennings In Space one of five cards thought of, correct one pocketed, others change to Aces
  • Version One (Ungimmicked)
  • Version Two (Gimmicked) (a bit like fan-2-c gaff)
Inspired by
  • "In Sp-Ace" (Ken Allen, marketed mid-1960s)
Related to
Larry Jennings Remember and Forget-Me-Not with one spectator
Top Card Glimpse as deck is flexed between hands
Larry Jennings Triumphantly Turning Back Time Time Machine, followed by Triumph
Inspired byRelated to 245
Larry Jennings, Tenkai Ishida Bold Optical Revolve
Larry Jennings Ambitious Classic Revisited credit information
Larry Jennings Greek Break Pulldown base of thumb pulls down bottom card
Double Buckle three-card spread
Larry Jennings Jennings Talks About Where to Look on looking at the audience during performing
Chapter Four: The Reluctant Packeteer "Tricks Which Rely Mainly On False Counting a Packet"
Richard Kaufman History credit information on packet tricks
Larry Jennings, Richard Kaufman The All-Count Technique general comments on grips
Larry Jennings The Elmsley Count (All-Count Technique) right-hand corner grip
Larry Jennings The Flushtration Count (All-Count Technique) right-hand corner grip, credit information
Larry Jennings Brother Hamman's Two as Four Count (All-Count Technique) right-hand corner grip
Larry Jennings The Hamman Count
  • Finessed Hamman Count One
  • Finessed Hamman Count Two (With a Verdnase break)
Larry Jennings The Simplest Twist
Inspired by 269
Larry Jennings Twisting the Leader Aces turn down at once, then one by one, last Ace is put on deck and travels back to Aces
Related to 271
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish
Larry Jennings Underground Oil and Queens credit information, two quartets apparently transpose one by one, but tabled cards turn out to be a third four-of-a-kind
Related to 273
Larry Jennings One-Hand Maestro’s Poker Demonstration five cards change several times into increasingly better poker hands
Related to 276
Ray Grismer The Grismer Count Rhythm Count precursor, double Olram count
Related to 279
Larry Jennings Eight Damned Queens Aces and Queens removed, transposition begins, all eight cards become Queens
Also published here 281
Larry Jennings The Rhythm Count (With Four Cards)
Larry Jennings The Eye Popper Kings change to Aces
Related to 285
Larry Jennings Finesse for Adding a Card to the Face of a Packet
Larry Jennings The Rhythm Count (With Five Cards) five as four
Gambler's Cop brief
Larry Jennings The Final Reset
Larry Jennings Secret Subtraction with a Verdnase Break
Inspired by 288
Larry Jennings The Rhythm Count (With Six Cards) six as four
Larry Jennings Four Cards All Alike - Version One "Jennings Multiple Display Sequence", cards stay in the hands
Inspired by 291
Larry Jennings Four Cards All Alike - Version Two
Larry Jennings Four Cards All Alike - Version Three
Larry Jennings Original Uni-Flection four Jokers turn into first selection, then back to Jokers, into second selection and back to Jokers again
Also published here 296
Swing Cut
Larry Jennings Four Cards All Alike - Version Four using wedge break
VariationsAlso published here 300
Larry Jennings Four Cards All Alike: Version Five using wedge break
Larry Jennings Knoxville Aces Rethought four piles, Ace on each, packets assembled and top Ace lost in center, Aces travel to top
Inspired by 305
End Grip Transfer
Larry Jennings Tilting Through Time red Kings used to select and lose a card, it later appears again between the Kings
Larry Jennings False Count As Add-On top cards added to packet at start of count
Larry Jennings Twisting the Aces extra card
Inspired by
  • "Queenie" (Piet Forton, The New Pentagram, Apr. 1969)
Dai Vernon Through the Fist Turnover
Richard Kaufman A Treatise on “The Magic Cards” introduction
Related to 314
Larry Jennings Magic Cards No. 1 four cards change to three selections one after another, gemini counts (general cards with packet)
Inspired by 315
Larry Jennings Magic Cards No. 2 four cards change to three selections one after another, gemini counts (general cards with packet)
Inspired by 316
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition wedge break
Larry Jennings Magic Cards No. 3 three cards from odd-backed deck change to three selections one after another, gemini counts (general cards with packet)
Inspired by 319
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper Force
Alignment Move
Larry Jennings O. Henry Gets Jazzed Jazz Aces with O. Henry kicker
Inspired byVariations 323
P. Howard Lyons Slip-duc displacement of center two cards in four-card packet
Larry Jennings O.J. Aces Jazz Aces with O. Henry kicker
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Tom Blue's The Castle Keep, Vol. 1 No. 9, Sep. 1995
Larry Jennings Wild Card Jennings Style eight Jokers change into the Ace of Spades one by one, credit information
Larry Jennings Look - An Illusion! five cards change two times
  • Classic Handling (with alternative ending)
  • New Handling (after seeing Ricky Jay's handling)
Also published here 340
Larry Jennings Flushtration Variation using Verdnase Break, showing packet as four Jokers and one Ace
Larry Jennings Jennings Talks About Flourishes, and Patter
Chapter Five: An Assortment of Techniques and Sleights
Larry Jennings Repeat Indicator "First Exercise in Holding Multiple Breaks"
counting from one card to the next
Also published here 351
Larry Jennings The Double Slop Shuffle "Second Exercise in Holding Multiple Breaks"
slop shuffle triumph with two selections
The Spectator Peek two cards
Richard Kaufman Overhand Shuffle Techniques intro and terminology
Larry Jennings New Third Finger Break hiding break at top, with scenarios as control
Larry Jennings Magician and Spectator Cut to the Aces performer cuts to three Aces from hand to table, spectator then to last one
Larry Jennings Additional Overhand Shuffle Work with the Third Finger Break stock control, displacement
Double Diagonal Insertion two break
Criss Cross Force
Larry Jennings Overhand Shuffle Jog (Jennings Finesse) side-jog, see reference for credit
Also published here 364
Larry Jennings Jennings Makes Good Queen chosen, performer cuts to three Aces, first Queen is shown to be an Ace now, Queen reversed in center
Will De Sieve Coin Crimp
Riffle Force break
Larry Jennings The Last Card throwing to the last card
Larry Jennings Erdnase False Overhand Shuffle (Jennings Finesse) chops, concealing the breaks
Inspired by 368
Mike Shelley, Larry Jennings Shelley's Quadruple Coincidence spectator counts off some cards, then selects a card from the rest of the deck, it's the only red-backed card, bottom card of counted pile also matches, jumbo card prediction as kicker
Inspired by
  • "Quadruple Coincidence" (Mike Shelley, The Crimp)
Also published here
  • "Thoughts on Cards" video, 1995
Larry Jennings Hindu Shuffle Force
Gordon Bruce Gordon Bruce False Overhand Shuffle jogged blocks
Related to 375
Larry Jennings Overhand Shuffle Speller
Larry Jennings Red/Black Shuffle for Key shuffling singly around key card
Related to 377
Larry Jennings Free-Cut Poker Deal
Larry Jennings LJ on Vernon’s Weight Guesser performer knows position of spectators's fingertip peeked card, estimation
Inspired byRelated to 380
Richard Kaufman Subtractions intro
Larry Jennings To Leave One Card Behind
Inspired by 382
Larry Jennings Unloading Technique from a Packet wedge break
Larry Jennings Elevated Rub A Dub false transfer without table
Richard Kaufman Bringing it to the Fingertips intro, credit information
Larry Jennings New Grip Hofzinser/Leech Change no end grip
Larry Jennings New Grip Covered Le Temps Change top card remains, no end grip
Inspired by 388
Larry Jennings The Optical Toss switching one card of a pair on top of deck
Also published here 390
Larry Jennings Optical Transposition using optical toss
Larry Jennings Red-Black Separation and Mate Location half the deck placed aside, two cards chosen from rest, they are the black Kings, all other cards in that half are red
Related to 393
Larry Jennings Center Push-Out ambitious riser move to apparently push a card out from center as in alignment move
Larry Jennings The Silhouette Switch
Inspired by 396
Larry Jennings New Peek Control end-for-end turnover with step
Larry Jennings Discrepancy Switch spread laydown, face-up/face-down discrepancy
Larry Jennings Bottom Placement also into gambler's palm
Also published here 401
Larry Jennings Four Cards All Alike: Version Six using the Jennings Bottom Placement
Inspired by 403
Larry Jennings The Alpha Control featuring a spread transfer switch
  • One
  • Two
Related to 405
Larry Jennings Faceless Mystery Card double-backed card shown, it changes into later signed selection
  • Version One
  • Version Two
Inspired by 406
Larry Jennings Covered Double Deal turning top and third card over
Related to 409
Larry Jennings Two Card Control with a Plunging Cut
Inspired by 411
Larry Jennings Multi-Directional Simple Shift flexibility as feature (also available in Marlo, see 1961 reference)
  • To Control All Four to the Top
  • To Control Three to the Top and One to the Bottom
  • To Control Two to the Top and Two to the Bottom
  • To Control One to the Top and Three to the Bottom
  • To Control All Four to the Bottom
Inspired byRelated to 413
Larry Jennings The Atrocious Bottom Deal obvious bottom deal in one hand, but Aces are shown to be in another hand, bold packet switch
Related to 416
Steve Forte The Gambler's Packet Switch bold, with commentary by Forte
Related to 417
Larry Jennings Discrepant … See?
Related to
  • "Flip Over Switch" (Tony Kardyro, Conjurors' Magazine, Sep. 1949)
Also published here
Larry Jennings Stabbed Coincidence prediction, selection is stabbed in deck, four-of-a-kind found
Inspired byAlso published here 419
Larry Jennings Simon’s Business Card Prophesy Displacement (Jennings Finesse)
Also published here
  • Castle Notebooks, 1965, p. 357
Tony Kardyro T.K. Change
Related toVariations 421
Larry Jennings T.K. No Turn card placed on top of deck and held with left thumb, then tossed forward
Inspired byRelated to 422
Larry Jennings New Attempt at Thought-Card Trick card fairly peeked at (really not known), another card chosen, both found
All-Around Square-Up Glimpse
Larry Jennings No-Gaff Handling of Don England’s Collectors Aces placed on top and three selections instantly appears between them
Inspired by 425
Larry Jennings Switch-Out Sequence
Larry Jennings Double-Deal "Drop" Switch cards peeled off packet in right-hand end grip onto deck and flipped over
Inspired by 429
Larry Jennings Slip Cut Finesse - Technique One
Also published here 431
Larry Jennings Twin Peeks Control two breaks, center slip cut
Also published here 432
Larry Jennings Slip Cut Finesse - Technique Two bottom half cut to top
Larry Jennings Open Slip Cut Force bold
Richard Kaufman Two Optical False Cuts intro
Larry Jennings The Lazy Man’s False Cut apparently bottom half drawn out in Hindu shuffle position and placed on top
Larry Jennings Wrist Turn False Cut straight cut to the table
Also published here 438
Frank Thompson, Larry Jennings Frank Thompson’s EZ Ace Cut
Inspired by 440
Larry Jennings Your Palms Between - Method One with duplicate
Also published here 441
Bridging the Deck two-handed
Larry Jennings Your Palms Between - Method Two without duplicate
Chapter Six: Almost Solely Self-Working
Richard Kaufman History intro on self-working tricks
Larry Jennings Simplex Four-to-Seven Locator selection lost, performer draws a random card, its value leads to selection
Related to 450
Larry Jennings Easy Intuition first Ace found with version of ten-twenty force, then one of two options
  • re-deal force in two packets
  • cutting the Aces with switch
Inspired byRelated to 451
Larry Jennings Addition Sequence from Pocket
Larry Jennings The Relatively Unknown Location card chosen with counting and cutting procedure, identity and position divined
Inspired by 453
Larry Jennings Flush-ing the Relatively Unknown Location spectator selects a card with ten-twenty force, performer names its position, cuts to it and finds a Royal Flush along the way
Larry Jennings Ace-ing the Relatively Unknown Location spectator selects a card with ten-twenty force, performer spreads deck and selection and its mates are reversed
  • Option One
  • Option Two (For the Sleight Adept)
Larry Jennings Dissertation on an Old Trick various handlings for the automatic placement procedure
  • Version No. 1 (An Old Trick)
  • Version No. 2
  • Version No. 3
  • Version No. 4
  • Version No. 5
  • Version No. 6
Also published here 460
Concave Belly Crimp
Corner Crimp of Jogged Card
Larry Jennings Smith’s Myth Turns Over with Jon Racherbaumer suggestion
Inspired by 465
Larry Jennings Smith’s Pocket Myth two thought-of cards from small packet to pocket, no palming, with or without double backer
Also published here 466
Larry Jennings Triple Discovery three cards cut to and lost, then found, using two punch cards
Inspired by
  • "Automatic Location" (Oscar Weigle, Genii, July 1938)
Related to
Larry Jennings Triumph for the Terrified
Larry Jennings Two Knowns Equal an Unknown trick located by counting down sum of two numbers, trick doesn't work, error in description
Larry Jennings Placement Cut with Verdnase Break
Inspired by 474
Larry Jennings Lucky "32" spectator cuts off pile, remembers card at same position in rest of deck, deals pile into four piles and top values are added to find selection
Also published here 475
Larry Jennings Getting to Nine Nine Card Problem
Also published here 477
Larry Jennings The Charles Lindbergh Card Trick locating a Royal Flush with Aviator deck
Larry Jennings The Mysterious Spelling Three performer stabs a card in the deck and spells to a named card from there, two methods (with and without corner shorted cards)
Larry Jennings Number Transposition
Also published here 482
Larry Jennings Impossible automatic placement, "impossible" is spelled, credit information on the effect
Also published here 483
Corner Crimp under deck
Cutting to a Corner Crimp cutting above or below it
Larry Jennings Impossible Fore-Shadowed card chosen and a phrase spelled to find it
Inspired by 487
Larry Jennings The Close-Up Illusion three cards, one penetrates one of the the others visually, slit in card, credit information
Also published here 488
Larry Jennings Jennings Talks About Misdirection
Chapter Seven: Biddling And Other Ways To Avoid Palming
Richard Kaufman History credit information on the Biddle Steal
Dai Vernon The Proper Ways to Perform Dai Vernon’s Strip-Out Addition
  • First Handling
  • Second Handling (wedge break)
Also published here 500
Larry Jennings Rapid Transit District (R.T.D.) Aces seven card assembly
Related to 503
Larry Jennings Faster Than Light (F.T.L.) Aces all-at-once phase
Related to 507
Larry Jennings The Gentlemen Aces selection travels to between Aces
Larry Jennings Vernon Transfer Move (Jennings Finesse)
Larry Jennings The Transfer Add-On switch out sequence, ATFUS replacement, with two more handlings
Related to 509
Larry Jennings DeeVee Miracle two cards chosen and lost, five cards removed, one is selection and turns over, it changes into the other selection and original one is found reversed in deck
Inspired by
  • unidentified Dai Vernon effect
Larry Jennings Two-Card Control tabled riffle shuffles
Larry Jennings Verily Visiting credit information on The Visitor plot
Larry Jennings Two Trips to the Hotel
  • Version One
  • Version Two
Related to 518
Larry Jennings The Alpha Count with sound
Also published here 520
Larry Jennings LJ on "O. Henry Aces" credit information
Larry Jennings Top-of-Deck Feed packet placed on top of deck, bottom card fed below top card
Related to 523
Larry Jennings Braue Addition Plus
Larry Jennings Beyond Braue
Larry Jennings Stolen Braue from packet
Larry Jennings, Jim Patton The D.C.D. Switch biddle type switch, used in following items, credit information
Related to 529
Larry Jennings The Nopen Prediction (No. 1) spectator stops at his own card during biddle count
Larry Jennings The Nopen Prediction (No. 2)
Larry Jennings Coincidentally D.C.D. two cards chosen in two halves are mates
Larry Jennings Diamond Cut Diamond with biddle type switch
Deck Ditch
Larry Jennings Diamond Cut, Plus Jokers Ace through Ten packet, chosen card turns over and transposes with joker put in breast pocket
Inspired by 535
Larry Jennings Diamond Cuts to Your Pocket card at chosen position in Ace through Seven packet changes to selection, previously pocketed card is missing spot card
Dr. Jacob Daley Transfer Addition as packet is picked up with right-hand pack and moved to left hand, from bottom of deck
Not Biddle, But …
Larry Jennings The One at a Time Add-On with Four Robbers Variation, Ace Assembly suggestion
Also published here 538
Larry Jennings Optical Add-On
Also published here 543
Larry Jennings, Rolland Hamblen Meta-Ssembly Aces change to Kings in an apparent repeat
Also published here 545
Larry Jennings Take and Leave Switch with Verdnase break
Inspired by 545
Larry Jennings Olde Tyme Aces no switch at the beginning
Inspired by 549
Larry Jennings Add-On Aces
Also published here 554
Edward Marlo Olram Subtelty
Larry Jennings Simple Seven-Card Assembly
Inspired by 559
Larry Jennings Monarch’s Quartette the Third
Also published here 562
Larry Jennings California Red Prediction
Inspired by
  • Castle Notebooks Vol. 1, p. 121
Larry Jennings Mental Reverse one thought-of card (really selected) from six turns over
Also published here 566
Larry Jennings ATFUS with a Verdnase Break: Version Three
Larry Jennings Multi-Faced Mystery sandwiched Joker changes into first selection, then into second
Larry Jennings Two-Card Control with a Plunging Cut
Larry Jennings Biddle Sandwich Switch Verdnase break
Larry Jennings Ace-Faced Mystery sandwiched Ace changes into other Aces one by one, also with free choice and full-deck set up
Larry Jennings Simple Thought Card to Pocket card chosen of from packet appears in breast pocket
Also published here 573
Dave Rumfelt Card to Pocket Move breast pocket, actually from deck
Larry Jennings Audacious Collectors Aces dropped on deck and instantly spread to show selections between, faro
Also published here
  • "Klektors" (Peter Duffie, ebook 7)
Larry Jennings Cloudburst Selections three selections on table, King waved over them, they change to Kings and selections are reversed in different positions in deck
Inspired by 578
Larry Jennings Triple Cut Scatter Load distribution cut technique
Data entered by Denis Behr, April 2021.