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S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase Shift. One Hand
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1902 99
L'Homme Masqué Kinetoscopic Force cards riffled in front of spectator and King of Spades among Club cards is mistaken for King of Clubs
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1909 77
Elbert Adams The Ring on the Wand
Related toAlso published here 1909 331
Jack McMillen The Prophecied Leaper prophesied, selection made in one half, it travels into cased half at predicted position
Variations 1928 19
Charlie Miller Perfect Riffle Shuffle two methods
Related toVariations 1940 65
Charlie Miller The Strip-Out False Shuffle
1940 67
A New Glimpse erdnase break
Related to 1940 95
Charlie Miller The Single Card Bridge overhand shuffle position
1940 123
Charlie Miller The Bridge Location bridged deck
1940 128
Charlie Miller The Mesmerised Cards thread & wax
1940 205
Charlie Miller Predestined Choice card chosen face up is odd-backed, fair
1940 225
Charlie Miller Dexterous Fingers
1940 230
Charlie Miller The Nomad Aces for credit information see reference
Related toVariations 1940 256
Charlie Miller Spread Hide-Out four as three
1940 257
Charlie Miller The Charles Miller Aces Nomad style
1940 258
Charlie Miller The Danbury Deviler fingertip peek, four cards with edge-marks
Related to 1940 307
Charlie Miller The Dunbury Delusion
Related toVariations 1940 319
Charlie Miller Mental Selectivity five cards
1940 336
Franklin M. Chapman Introduction on Showmanship, Charlie Miller, John Snoddy
June 1940
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 12)
Charlie Miller My Cups and Bills three coffee cups and rolled up bills
Also published here June 1940
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 12)
Charlie Miller Penetration of Cup with Ball
June 1940
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 12)
Charles Bertram (reviewer) A Miller Melange by Charlie Miller
show review of a Charlie Miller performance
June 1941
The Jinx (Issue 140)
Charlie Miller, Jack McMillen The Triple Discovery three cards, twenty-sixth key
Variations 1941 29
Charlie Miller The Diminishing Cards - Mechanical Method
1941 52
Tom Sellers Sun and Moon with paper, center sections transpose
Related to 1941 15
Al Baker The Knot that just Won't
VariationsAlso published here 1941 64
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue The Fantastic Fan four Aces keep reappearing on bottom of deck, sucker phase, then to shoulder
Related to 1943 23
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue, Charlie Miller The Lockgrip Strip Shuffle overhand shuffle, for credit to Charlie Miller see reference
Related to 1943 30
Jean Hugard Cups and Bills with rolled up bills and cups, three final loads
Related to Oct. 1943 17
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jim Sherman, Richard Himber, Al Koran, Charlie Miller, Dell O'Dell, Shaman
Sep. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 70)
Charlie Miller Reverse Interlude spectator names a number, that amount of cards are found reversed in the deck, with not-hearing strategy (tecnica del sordo)
Also published here Apr. 1944
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 1 No. 11)
Jean Hugard Hu-gardenias on Charlie Miller
Oct. 1944 74
Frederick Braue Roundabout on Ray Muse, Bob Stull, Charlie Miller, Blackstone, Isely, Haskell, Cardini, Max Malini, Harry Shaw, Alexander Herrmann
May 1946
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 3 No. 12)
Frederick Braue Roundabout on Charlie Miller, Frakson, Al Baker, Clayton Rawson, Malini and more
Nov. 1946 268
Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller Buckle Count see credit on page 50
1947 48
Paul Rosini Ace Transposition Aces on table change to indifferent cards, Aces face-up in pack, apparently by Charlie Miller see HMM Vol. 6 Nr. 10 p. 521 for credit
Related toVariations 1948 121
Frederick Braue, Charlie Miller Dunbury Delusion (Braue Handling)
1948 9
Frederick Braue Roundabout with Fred Braue on Carl Jones, Arnold Belais, Clayton Rawson, Zovello, Charlie Miller, Cardini, Robert Lund, Jack Merlin, Dr. Daley, David Devant and more
Mar. 1948
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 5 No. 10)
Frederick Braue Roundabout with Fred Braue on Houdini, Frakson, Emil Jarrow, Carl Jones, Ade Duval, Paul Fleming, Carroll Lisby, Jean Hugard, Eric de la Mare, Bill Morton, Harry Mendoza, Charlie Miller, Tony Kardyro, Richard Himber, Bill Larsen and more
June 1948 428
Frederick Braue Roundabout with Fred Braue on Dante, John Scarne, Milton Kort, Le Paul, Leipzig, Paul Fleming, Galli Galli, Malini, Max Katz, Charlie Miller and more
Related to Mar. 1949
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Cy Endfield, Jay Marshall, Roy Benson, Dr. Braude, Max Katz, Martin Gardner, Audley Walsh, Hen Fetsch, Cardini, Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon, T. Nelson Downs
Aug. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 235)
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Milbourne Christopher, Lee Noble, Don Alan, Carl Rosini, George Starke, Stars of Magic, Orson Welles, Cy Endfield, Charlie Miller, Jimmy Grippo, Cardini
Jan. 1952
The Phoenix (Issue 246)
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Ralph Read, Dr. Kayton, John Scarne, Cy Endfield, Lewis Ganson, Frank Garcia, Friday Night Sodality, Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller
Apr. 1952
The Phoenix (Issue 253)
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Martin Sunshine, Ed Marlo, L. Vosburgh Lyons, Dr. Jaks, Bill Woodfield, Charlie Miller
Apr. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 278)
Charlie Miller Cups and Balls three coffee cups and rolled up bills
Related toAlso published here 1953 192
Penetration of Cup with Ball
Also published here 1953 196
Charlie Miller Strip Out Shuffle
Related to 1954 18
Cy Endfield, Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon The "Hofzinser" Top Change
Variations 1955 41
Jay Marshall The Birdcage on the New Living Card Stars , Ed Marlo, Charlie Miller, Paul LePaul, Francis Carlyle, Bill Simon, Dr. Jacob Daley, The Modern Magician, Channing Pollock, Cardini, Billy McComb, James B. Findlay, Willane
The New Phoenix (Issue 328)
Charlie Miller Charles Miller's "Cups and Balls Move" penetration of cup with ball
Also published here 1957 188
Edward Marlo Sell or Delusion
Inspired by 1957 19
Jay Marshall Back Talk on John Mullholand, Abbott's Get Together, Gus Rapp, Jerry Andrus, Senator Clark Crandall, James Findlay, Charlie Miller
The New Phoenix (Issue 347)
Charlie Miller picture and short bio
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1959)
Charlie Miller How to Haunt a Pack described by Robert Parrish
  • impromptu method
  • method with slick cards
  • tip for Al Baker method
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1959)
Dai Vernon The Trick That Cannot be Explained
Related toVariations 1960 76
P. Howard Lyons Unlikely Occurrence Dept Charlie Miller and Ed Marlo anecdote
Oct. 1960
Ibidem (Issue 22)
Robert Parrish About Charlie Miller
1961 5
Charlie Miller Mugs and Hats short assembly with two hats and four paper balls, then two beer mugs and whiskey flask appear
Related to 1961 9
Charlie Miller The Jest of the Joker or "The Joker Is A Diakka", joker placed aside, ace with three x cards on table, other aces vanish, pile becomes four jokers, joker becomes ace, then pile becomes aces again
Variations 1961 18
Charlie Miller The Torn Card seated, direct
Related toVariations 1961 22
Charlie Miller Imitative Cards
1961 26
Charlie Miller Packet Palm Switch
1961 29
Charlie Miller Bold Miller Force from fan of small packet, not really a force
1961 31
Charlie Miller The Eight Card Trick two piles of four cards each, a card travels from packet to packet, repeat, saliva
1961 34
Charlie Miller The Upside Down Trick value cut to is counted down to find selection, featuring face-up bottom deal
1961 36
Charlie Miller Face-Up Bottom Deal
1961 36
Charlie Miller, C. O. Williams The Card in the Pocket number thought of and card at position remembered, vanishes and appears in pocket, lazy man
1961 37
Charlie Miller The Great Billet Test spectator writes name on one of several billets, billet and word on it are divined
1961 38
Charlie Miller, David Devant A Lesson in Magic with assistant, one claims to teach "handkerchief to lemon", handkerchief changes to small pieces, to ribbon, then to lemon, handkerchief inside, center cut out of two handkerchiefs, mismade handkerchief restoration, handkerchief to liquid, restored handkerchiefs reappear
1961 41
Charlie Miller The Homing Deuces four Twos keep reappearing on bottom of deck, sucker phase
Related to 1961 60
Charlie Miller Overhand Shuffle Multiple Shift with a credit to Canar (?)
1961 60
Charlie Miller Notes on the Bottom Change also as packet switch
1961 64
Charlie Miller How Not to Palm a Card common mistakes pointed out:
1. Forgetful Freddie
2. The Little Finger Fault
3. Where's the Audience?
4. The Corpse in the Closet
5. Placement
6. The Duck-Bill Thumb
1961 67
Robert Parrish Backstage Scene picture with Fabian, Charlie Miller, Jay Marshall, Robert Parrish
1961 69
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 1 selected card named and found in pocket
1961 5
Paul LePaul, Charlie Miller Fan Control one-handed fan
1961 6
Charlie Miller Break Glimpse near top
1961 6
Lawrence "Larry" Grey, Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 2 simple spelling, first to "random" card, then selection, "Lawrence Gray"
1961 7
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 3 stabbing between to cards in wrapped deck, stabbing by spectator suggested
1961 10
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 4 card chosen from and replaced in spread, fair, found via stop trick
1961 12
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 5 shuffled deck cut in three piles, performer always know fifth or so card from top, credit to Hatton&Plate
1961 14
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 6 variation of Hull's "Mental Discernment" starting with freely thought of card, distribution with Erdnase's stock shuffle, OOSOOM
Inspired by 1961 15
Rolland Hamblen, Charlie Miller, U. F. Grant Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 9 spectator remembers card and its position, card stabbed in deck, its value used to count down and find selection
1961 20
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 10 one-handed, otherwise standard
1961 22
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 14
1961 24
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 15
1961 26
Charlie Miller Version of Jack McMillen's Prophesied Leaper selection vanishes from one half and reappears in other at predicted position, stranger card
Inspired by 1961 26
Charlie Miller Poker Deal target cards from shuffled first deal placed into own hand via bottom deals
1961 28
Charlie Miller Version of Selbit's Cards and Tray out-of-hand selection of two cards, one from pocket, one caught from thrown up deck
1961 30
Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon Variation of Stanyon's Limit Card reconstructing a trick by Vernon described by Stanyon, two cards removed are divined with other cards
1961 32
Charlie Miller Variation of Mental Discernment OOSOOM, with variations by Vernon
1961 33
Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon Variation of Vernon's Spread Trick
1961 35
Charlie Miller Group Counting 2-3-2-3
1961 35
Charlie Miller Variation of Vernon's Reverse Card Trick only the beginning described, see p. 38 for more information
1961 36
Charlie Miller The Reversed Card
1961 37
Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon Variation of Dai Vernon's Card Reverse multiple lifts on top of deck
1961 38
Charlie Miller Multiple Think a Card
1961 41
Charlie Miller The Side Steal tip
1961 42
Charlie Miller Packet Switch one packet starting in holder at jacket edge
1961 43
Charlie Miller The Peek
1961 44
Charlie Miller Color Change sucker
1961 44
Charlie Miller Slap Color Change comment
1961 44
Charlie Miller Color Change peeked-at card appears on bottom of deck
1961 44
Charlie Miller Dealing Seconds tip
1961 44
Charlie Miller, Sam H. Sharpe The Force tip
1961 45
Charlie Miller, Judson S. Brown The Invisible Shift perhaps allusion to Cascade Control?!
1961 45
Charlie Miller The Four Aces and Four Jacks Aces removed and placed on hand of spectator, change into Jacks, Aces reversed in deck
Related to 1961 47
Charlie Miller Block Upjog Addition and Switch
Related to 1961 47
Charlie Miller Four Ace Cull overhand shuffle multiple shift
1961 48
Charlie Miller Transposition card on table with card in deck
1961 50
Charlie Miller, Harry Mendoza Card on Knife stabbed in air
1961 51
Charlie Miller, Cardini Miracle Location "Cardini Cut" (spectator cuts at break)
1961 52
Charlie Miller Cards Up Sleeve tip
1961 53
Charlie Miller The Tack Trick thumb tack
1961 54
Charlie Miller Peeped Card Thru Hand through spectator's hand, quickie
1961 55
Charlie Miller Red and Black Packets selected cards from red half and black half transpose
Related to 1961 56
Charlie Miller Static Electricity tip for "spectator grabs card out of his own pocket"
1961 57
Charlie Miller Dunberry Delusion unclear comment
1961 58
Charlie Miller Two Dollars and Aces aces appear in two envelopes that contained a dollar bill before, P&L Phantastic Card Reel for long spread in air
Inspired by 1961 58
Charlie Miller The Corner Marked Deck
1961 59
Charlie Miller Behind Back Location
1961 59
Charlie Miller You Do as I Do tip
1961 60
Charlie Miller Rubbing Off the Spot
1961 61
Charlie Miller Palm Change on Deck
1961 61
Charlie Miller Variation of a Jack Merlin Effect three four-of-a-kinds kicker, bottom deals
Related to 1961 62
Nate Leipzig, Charlie Miller Leipzig's Card Production Variation card clings to hand
Also published here 1961 62
Charlie Miller Conscience Millerized card and its position remembered
1961 63
Charlie Miller Two Card Transposition duplicate & two double lifts
1961 65
Charlie Miller Double Lift Management
1961 66
Charlie Miller Card Tricks comment
1961 66
Charlie Miller Radio Vanish comment
1961 67
Charlie Miller Best Magician's Wax in the World
1961 67
Charlie Miller Three Blind Mice three toy mice with wrong tails, change into correct mice
1961 68
Charlie Miller Cake in the Hat
1961 69
Charlie Miller Fish Bowl Production
1961 72
Charlie Miller Fish Catching bare handed
1961 72
Charlie Miller Bag for Glass of Water Production tip
1961 73
Charlie Miller, Max Malini Cups and Balls tip
Also published here 1961 74
Max Malini, Charlie Miller Chicks chicks from Cups & Balls, chicks from eggs
1961 74
Charlie Miller Chick Breaking breaking a chick into two chicks
1961 76
Charlie Miller, Nate Leipzig Routine for Leipzig's Two Coin Routine one coin in each hand, one travels across
1961 76
Charlie Miller Mexican Coin tip for half dollar sized copper coin
1961 77
Charlie Miller Rice Bowls
1961 77
Charlie Miller Bowl Trick water bowls, "shown by Long Jack Sam"
1961 79
Charlie Miller David Devant's Silver Ball only effect description
1961 80
Charlie Miller Coin in Paper Sack ?
1961 80
Charlie Miller Sun and Moon borrowed handkerchief, center sections transpose
Related to 1961 81
Charlie Miller Torn Cigarette Paper
1961 83
Charlie Miller Rabbit Production
1961 84
Charlie Miller Close-up Magic glass in paper comment
1961 85
Charlie Miller Ring on Stick
1961 85
Charlie Miller The Latest Ring on Stick multiple phase routine
1961 86
Charlie Miller, Franklin M. Chapman Comments on Servante
1961 95
Charlie Miller List of 40 Effects suitable for Children Shows
1961 95
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's USO Act
1961 96
Charlie Miller Club Show (1936) list of effects, "The show I give is almost the same as that given by Malini"
1961 97
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's "Shell Christmas" Show Routine
1961 98
Charlie Miller Night Club Routine canary production, glass with drink produced and vanished, egg stuff, snow storm
1961 98
Charlie Miller Maurice comment
1961 100
Charlie Miller Senor Wences comment
1961 101
Charlie Miller Jack Merlin's Act short description
1961 101
Charlie Miller The Miller Routine For The Miser's Dream with "Some Additional Tips" (originally from Genii)
1966 433
Charlie Miller If At First performer doesn't find card, even when its corner is torn off
Related to
  • p. 82 for Fred Higgens odd-backed variation
Oct. 1966 59
Magisches Notizbuch
  • Zwei Ideen zur Vorführung des Kartendegens (Charlie Miller, Harry Mendoza & Faucett Ross in "Genii" July & August 1966)
  • Robert J. Gunther's Würfelkasten ("Genii" May 1966)
  • Ein Ball-Tuch-Effekt von Frank Garcia ("Triks" June 1966)
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 27 No. 5&6)
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's Table Pass
Related to 1967 124
Karl Fulves Babel impromptu levitation, Bob Still with magicians only gags, Charlie Miller, Al Flosso Cartoon
June 1967 102
Charlie Miller A Novel Location card selected face-up with fun presentation
Related to
  • p. 133 for related idea by Norman Houghton
Sep. 1967 123
Karl Fulves Babel Serios, Baker/Thayer/Dunninger dispute on flap-slate concept, An Evening with Charlie Miller show
Oct. 1967 126
Karl Fulves Babel "Tricks You Can Count On", Eric Mason's "Legacy", Charlie Miller's lecture
Dec. 1967 144
Charlie Miller General Remarks tips on performing
Variations 1967 4
F.W. Lindsley, Charlie Miller Cashing A Check torn check is wrapped in paper, when light with a match it transforms into bills
1967 7
Charlie Miller Miser's Dream or Money Catching tips and sequences
1967 8
Charlie Miller Cups and Balls tips, ideas and theory
1967 9
Charlie Miller, Elbert Adams The Ring on the Stick remarks and tips, version with a spoon, same method as Adams
Inspired by 1967 11
Charlie Miller The Ring off the Stick with handkerchief
1967 12
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's Rope Trick Tarbell's rope mystery without preparation
Related to 1967 14
Charlie Miller Torn and Restored Paper
1967 16
Charlie Miller Card Tricks
1967 18
Charlie Miller, Michael F. Zens The Zens Card Trick with two selections
1967 19
Charlie Miller The General Card
1967 20
Charlie Miller Intrigue Tricks
1967 21
Charlie Miller Catching a Chosen Card staging the effect as a good finale
1967 23
Jay Marshall Biography of Charlie Miller
1967 26
Charlie Miller My Routine Outlined structure of his professional shows
1967 28
Magisches Notizbuch
  • Tücher des 20. Jahrhunderts (Raymond Kemp & Charlie Miller in Genii, June 1966)
  • Grossmutters Halskette (Milbourne Christopher in Hugard's Magic Monthly, June 1952)
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 28 No. 2)
Paul Morris, Jardine Ellis, Harry Mendoza, Charlie Miller Ein Glas Wein aus dem Nichts production of glass of wine, with handkerchief, two versions published in one article
Also published here
  • "The Gen" 1966
  • "Genii" 1966
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 28 No. 3)
Edward Marlo Perfect False Riffle Shuffle shuffling directly under top card
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1968 3
Charlie Miller The Dunbury Delusion Improved
1968 49
Magic Slept Here on the mattress in the Charlie Miller Suite
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68)
Tom Batchelor The Faro Shuffle comment on Hugard & Braue description of Charlie Miller's table Faro
Related to 1968
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68)
Our Album with pictures of Bruce Armstrong, Scalzo & Co., Bob Brown, Ted Serios, Randi, Charlie Miller, Clifford Guest, Dell O'Dell, Helena & Arthur Buckley, Elmar Jones, Mr. Gustafson, Ali Bongo, Kio
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68)
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller Move
Sep. 1968 207
Harvey Rosenthal Cavorting Aces "The effect that follows is highly endorsed by both Charlie Miller and Persi Diaconis."
1969 142
Charlie Miller Color Switch two decks, color of backs change places
The Cardiste (Issue 13)
Karl Fulves Babel Marcia Seligson column on Jean Dixon in NY Times, Hofzinser Folio, Charlie Miller on Faro Tricks
Nov. 1969 292
Charlie Miller The Delicate Touch of Charlie Miller signed paper napkin transposes with matches in matchbox, using the DeLand fake
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1970
Magick (Issue 2)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Fred Shields, Bernard Rind's ideas on "Split the Aces", Charlie Miller, Marvyn Roy
Magick (Issue 5)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller, Leslie Guest
Magick (Issue 7)
Charlie Miller Cigarette Pack Magic cigarette floats from pack
Variations 1970
Magick (Issue 10)
Charlie Miller Miller Revisited signed paper napkin transposes with matches in matchbox
Related to 1970
Magick (Issue 11)
Jerry K. Hartman Redone-bury Delusion
Related to 1970 18
Tom Redmond The 'Name' of the Game business card levitates to other hand
Inspired by 1971
Magick (Issue 17)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Jules Lenier, Charlie Miller, Sandy Singer, Falkenstein
Magick (Issue 19)
Charlie Miller Die-Cast number on rolled die is predicted with matches in matchbook
Magick (Issue 35)
Frank Garcia Eye-Mazing Aces put on table change to Kings, Aces reversed in deck
Related to 1972 18
Charlie Miller Block Outjog Technique buckling at the last card
1972 18
Jerry Mentzer Quick Nomad Aces
Inspired byVariations 1972 94
Edward Marlo Ambitious Swindle hidden use of Edward Victor's Color Change
Related to Oct. 1972
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Charlie Miller Block Outjog Technique buckling last card
Jan. 1972
Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Karl Fulves Babel Mike Rogers, Charlie Miller, Mark Stone failed on Carson Show
Sep. 1972 558
Charlie Miller Puff of Smoke! torn and restored cigarette paper, animated / floating cigarette filter
Magick (Issue 44)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller, Keith Parr, Ron Wilson
Magick (Issue 44)
Steve Spillman Monkey Monte all cards change to queens, with ideas by Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon
Magick (Issue 45)
Charlie Miller Color Three! based on a routine by Frank Chapman, different colored tissue papers, chosen one travels between two rolled up papers, sandwiched
Magick (Issue 53)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller
Magick (Issue 59)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller, Falkenstein
Magick (Issue 60)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller, Senator Crandall, Falkenstein
Magick (Issue 62)
Charlie Miller The Delovely Delusion
1972 75
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Note No. 351-0, reference to Charlie Miller location, no details
1972 98
Charlie Miller, Elmer P. Ransom Daley's Note - 2) No. 351-2, shuffling directly under top card
Related to 1972 98
Frederick Braue, Charlie Miller Daley's Note - 4) No. 351-4, reference to tap-turnover pass, no details
1972 98
Charlie Miller Charley Miller's Red And Black Mix No. 716
Related to 1972 192
Charlie Miller Variation No. 717, perhaps: selected cards from red half and black half transpose
Related to 1972 192
Charlie Miller Charley Miller's Modified Vernon Strip Out No. 718, block at the end
Related to 1972 192
Charlie Miller Charley Miller's Deck That Cuts Itself No. 719
1972 192
Charlie Miller Charley Miller's Poker Deal No. 720, with bottom deals
1972 193
Elmer P. Ransom Elmer Ransom's False Shuffle No. 722, some kind of bluff riffling without interlacing
Related to 1972 193
Karl Fulves Block Switching - Second Method block upjog
Related to 1973 61
Bob Read Hats and Corks four paper balls under hat, through table, two hats, small bread appears as a finaly
Related to 1973 44
Charlie Miller Match Maneuvers signed napkin transposes with matches in matchbox
Related toAlso published here 1973 107
Karl Fulves Babel Wonderama, Charlie Miller Notebook, Laser Beam routine, George Daily, Richard Leavitt walking on fire
May 1973 620
Karl Fulves Babel Charlie Miller disappointed with lecture in England, Majorie Stanes, Lorayne force book joke, UFOs, Al Mann
Sep. 1973 652
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller, Gene Nielsen
Magick (Issue 80)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Syd Bergson, Charlie Miller
Magick (Issue 81)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Syd Bergson, Charlie Miller and Milbourne Christopher
Magick (Issue 87)
Charlie Miller, Al Baker Destiny's Date! five dimes, one is chosen and date predicted on business card
Magick (Issue 92)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on T. A. Waters, Charlie Miller, Fred Shields, Jean Hugard
Magick (Issue 98)
Peter Pit, Charlie Miller Alles, was Sie schon immer über Magie Wissen Wollten
Also published here
  • Genii, June 1973
July 1974
Intermagic (Vol. 2 No. 1)
David A. Wright Seduca Deck Trick faro, based on concept by Michael S. Ewer described by Charlie Miller (Genii Vol. 37 No. 11, Nov. 1973)
Sep. 1975
Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Scotty York Introduction on spending a week with Charlie Miller
1975 i
Scotty York Preface anecdote of Charlie Miller
Lewis Ganson Preface Book is based on compilation of Charlie Miller / Faucett Ross correspondence, done by Frank Csuri
1975 8
Lewis Ganson A Magician and his Magic Brief biographical notes about Faucett Ross and his correspondence with Charlie Miller
1975 17
Charlie Miller The Rising Pencil - Charlie Miller Rising pencil on palm
Related to 1975 181
Faucett Ross The Problem Anecdote about The Trick That Cannot Be Explained in a letter to Charlie Miller
1975 218
Pat Hennessy Pat Hennesy's Any Card memorized deck with memory aid system, used for Allerton's Card Stab
Related toAlso published here
  • "Any Card" in Charlie Miller's Magicana column in "Genii"
1975 136
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on women in mentalism, Aldini, Charlie Miller, Ron Wilson
Magick (Issue 122)
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg, Charlie Miller Fu Manchu's Time Capsule prediction in tube, humidor, thumb tip switch
Magick (Issue 128)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller
Magick (Issue 133)
Charlie Miller Eine Moderne Version von Alexander's Schlangentuch borrowed handkerchief transforms into different shapes, then travels into lemon
Also published here
  • Genii
June 1975
Intermagic (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Frank Shields Top Change
Inspired by 1975 2
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller, James Randi
Magick (Issue 156)
Fred Robinson Focus on Vic Pinto, Walt Lees, Andrew Galloway, Rovi, Doug Alker, John Fisher, Edwin Dawes, Darwin Oritz, Jim Zachary, Charlie Miller
May 1977
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 9)
Charlie Miller Miller's Penetration
1977 18
Ross Bertram True Dedication Charlie Miller anecdote
1978 89
Ross Bertram The Waterford Crystal Tumblers Charlie Miller anecdote
1978 89
Charlie Miller, John F. Mendoza The Miller(?) Change card rises from back of deck, changes there
Related toVariations 1978 29
Charlie Miller Miller's Drop Through Move
1979 51
Charlie Miller, Frank Garcia Surprise Revelation biddle trick
1980 27
Cy Endfield, Charlie Miller Hofzinser Top Change with Charlie Miller ruse for stroking the card
Apr. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 4)
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition credited to Charlie Miller
May 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 5)
Charlie Miller Der Traum eines Geizhalses
Also published here
  • Genii, July 1965
Nov. 1980
Intermagic (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Charlie Miller Aces En Route credit information
Arcane (Issue 5)
Don England Visual Retention Change #2
Inspired by 1981 2
Charlie Miller Block Outjog Technique buckling at the last card
1982 43
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Malini Egg Bag by Lynn Busby, Charlie Miller May 1982
Epoptica (Issue 1)
Paul Gertner "Unshuffled" faro, based on concept by Michael S. Ewer described by Charlie Miller (Genii Vol. 37 No. 11, Nov. 1973), see also Robert Wicks for credit information
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1982 343
Charlie Miller Torn Transformation corner is torn off a card, both card and corner transform
1983 39
Charlie Miller Havanish cigar box with cigars, cigars vanish from it
1983 122
Charlie Miller The Croquet Cabinet Die Box routine with ball or round object instead of die
1983 124
Charlie Miller Alignment Move Palm small packet
Dec. 1983
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 16)
Charlie Miller Dark Eyes anecdote, Miller apparently heckled Kuda Bux during the blindfold act
July 1983
Magick (Issue 321)
David Roth, Charlie Miller Cup Penetration Variation with chop cup
1984 23
Nate Leipzig, Charlie Miller Leipzig Four Ace Slap Aces, as described by Charlie Miller (1939)
  • Miller Routine
1985 25
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller Peek book break (1939)
1985 26
Glimpse shown by Charlie Miller (1939)
Related to 1985 26
Charlie Miller Shuffle Misdirection apparent mistake or clumsiness, top stock control or addition from knee (1939)
1985 26
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Left Hand Palm shown by Charlie Miller (1939)
1985 27
Silk Moves
  • Unknotting Silk
  • Knot That Isn't
shown by Charlie Miller (1939)
1985 27
Card Vanish rub a dub vanish, "effective when shown by Charlie Miller" (1939)
1985 27
Charlie Miller Miller Methods of Peeking gambler's top peek with thumb buckle, two covers (1939)
1985 27
Charlie Miller False Riffle Shuffles brief
1985 27
Charlie Miller False Tabled Running Cut packets taken from bottom instead of top
1985 27
Charlie Miller Audience Tricks Nominated by Charles Miller see following tricks, also tricks nominated by Senor Maldo
1985 28
Max Malini Malini Pack Vanish no details, demonstrated by Charlie Miller (1939)
1985 28
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller Peek
Related to 1985 28
Shuffle, False Cut up the ladder, shown by Charlie Miller
1985 28
Charlie Miller Six Cards spectator choses one of three, also performer, all put in deck, selections turn over
1985 29
Charlie Miller False Counts off the deck (1939)
  • Four as Three
  • Two as Three
1985 30
Location bluff pass, shown by Charlie Miller (1940)
1985 1
Paul Rosini Rosini Vester card travels to under vest, shown by Charlie Miller (1940)
1985 1
Charlie Miller Charles Miller Notes: 3.15.40 - To Deal Four as Three (1940)
1985 1
Charlie Miller Cards to Pocket brief outline (1940)
1985 1
Charlie Miller Additional Miller Notes
  • holding break while tapping on table
  • nailnick and estimate distance from key
  • "Vernon's 7 card, 7 piles trick."
1985 1
Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller The Rising Cards three cards (1940)
1985 3
Max Malini, Charlie Miller, Frederick Braue A Deceptive Palm for the Cups and Balls false transfer, detailed, "It should be again stressed that the sleight must be performed very slowly, very casually"
1985 8
Frederick Braue (reviewer) Charles Miller Show - West Room, Hotel Oakland by Charlie Miller
show review with list of all tricks, 1941-05-23
1985 9
Charlie Miller Poker Deal dealing cards out so that the order is retained when they are gathered up again (1941)
1985 29
Roberto Giobbi, Charlie Miller Die verrückten Joker joker placed aside, ace with three x cards on table, other aces vanish, pile becomes four jokers, joker becomes ace, then pile becomes aces again
Inspired byAlso published here 1985 ca. 5
Charlie Miller Foreword
1986 iii
Charlie Miller Strip-Out Addition
1986 10
Frank Herman Fearless Fido Charlie Miller's Royal Rising Pencil with a hot dog weener
Inspired by 1987 347
Rich Marotta Matchic Trick signed paper napkin transposes with matches in matchbox
Inspired by 1987 1
Tom Gagnon The Dunbury Switch drop switch variation from the Dunbury Delusion
Inspired by 1988 390
Edward Marlo Ultra Torn & Restored Card joker is torn and restored except missing corner, no deck used, two methods
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • The New Tops, May 1967
1988 275
Justin Higham Don't Count On It counting multiple values to get to selected card, with dunbury illusion, two methods
Inspired by Nov. 1988
Inside Out (Issue 5)
Roy Walton Strip-Out Addition credited to Charlie Miller
1988 72
Ray Grismer Punch Tip making three or four punch marks instead of one for security (Charlie Miller?)
1988 6
Charlie Miller The Gambler's Double Lift "Knock-Out Double Lift"
1988 66
Charlie Miller, David Williamson Charlie Miller Move variation
1989 92
Harry Levine Hofzinser Top Change break handling
Inspired by 1989 472
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller Move
1989 11
Charlie Miller Alternative Ending sponge rabbit and carrots as final load
1989 18
Charlie Miller Some Tips for Rehearsal
1989 19
Justin Higham Spectator Peek Location with pre-set break and distance from break is counted
Related to May 1989
Inside Out (Issue 6)
Charlie Miller Miller Penetration Move