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Vierfache Verwandlungskarte quartet gaff to change Queen to all four suits
1896 137
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Denken und Vergessen (Dritte Ausführung) using mis-spotted card
Also published here 1910 98
Stanley Collins The Wooden Slab and Flying Card Experiment Cards attached on a board with rubberbands, spectator peeks at a card and remembers the value, then he counts to that value in a fan and remembers the card. Card transposes from the deck with the peeked card on the board
1915 9
Stanley Collins Making Of False Index Cards
1915 12
Eddie Clever Three in One Gaff
Oct. 1934
The Jinx (Issue 1)
Les Gilbert A Card in Transit! double end card
Dec. 1934
The Jinx (Issue 3)
Eddie Clever The Renovated Sphinx Card Trick two signed cards in hat transpose with signed card in deck, double backer, fake indices card
June 1935
The Jinx (Issue 9)
Double Index Card
1937 118
C. R. Mawe "Like Mawe Makes" fake corners for cards, two card transform in two envelopes
Mar. 1939
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Stanley Collins, Dr. Lazlo Rothbart Thoughts O.K. prepared (double indices) and ungaffed method for princess card trick
The Jinx (Issue 86)
Hans "Severus" Ernst 5 Minuten Sylvesterzauber Seven of Hearts changes to Six of Hearts, Five of Hearts and eventually to the Four, then selection is found by dealing into two piles, last two cards are selection and card with drawn figure, using a double facer with fake indices on both sides
  • Die fliegenden Herzen
Dec. 1941
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 3 No. 12)
A. Vantur Divination d'une carte pensée divination of chosen King, using jumbo cards and gimmicked card, followed by german translation "Erraten einer gedachten Karte"
Jan. 1946 6
George G. Kaplan Making Fake Indexes rubbing off ink and glueing new suit symbols, described for making divided picture cards
1948 159
Clayton Rawson Double Hallucination Four/Two of Hearts gaff
Inspired by Jan. 1948 384
Eddie Clever Tuning Up spectator thinks of one out of two picture cards, which is divined
Variations 1950
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1950)
Bruce Elliott On A Tear monte, tearing up corner, false index
Related to Oct. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 239)
John Hamilton The King two black kings, chosen king changes into selection
Nov. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 243)
Edward Marlo Atomic Deck Card Vanish peeked card vanishes, using the Atomic Deck (mis-indexed double facer deck)
Related to
  • Joe Berg's Atomic Deck
Dec. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 19)
Edward Marlo A Monte Vanish during a Three Card Monte the money card vanishes and appears in pocket, it then transposes with one of the other cards
Dec. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 19)
Edward Marlo The Returning Jack four Aces and a black Jack, tabled cards change to red Kings then, with fake index cards, see also p. 44 for handling detail on count
  • Added Kicker (color changing backs kicker)
Dec. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 19)
Nate Leipzig Princess Card Trick
1963 180
Edward Marlo Named Red Card in Black Packet solution to Miesel's problem
Inspired by Aug. 1966 51
Edward Marlo Fingertip Vanish fingertip peeked card vanishes, double index card
1970 95
Allan Ackerman The General's Universal Card gaffed
Variations 1971 6
Edward Marlo Those Wild, Wild Aces one red-backed AS, four blue-backed blank cards, condition reverses (red-backed blank card and all four blue aces), two methods
Inspired by 1971 1
Edward Marlo The Wild Deck "Bonus Effect", four aces removed from deck and changed to blank cards, then whole deck becomes blank
1971 5
Roger Smith 4 King Stunner Ace through Four reverse one by one, then change to examinable Kings, quartet type gimmick with Ace to Four
Variations 1971 24
Roger Smith The Worlds Most Complicated Card Trick With Two Cards cards turn blank, three cards
Feb. 1971
Necromancer (Vol. 1 No. 7)
Karl Fulves Instant Printing blank card between jokers transforms into named ace, several approaches, including ace with three different indices
1972 30
Sam Schwartz Odd-Even-Odd four odd and four even cards on two piles, on the odd side are then the even cards and on the other side the four kings
Inspired byVariations Mar. 1972 505
Edward Marlo Favorite Universal blank card changes into three selections one by one
  • The Clean-Up
  • Added Variation
  • Added Thoughts & Suggestions
1972 8
Bruce Cervon Cervon's Universals odd-backed card changes into three selections one by one, three different routines with different gaffs
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1972 21
Edward Marlo Not Quite Ambiguous Universal with two selections
1972 28
Jon Racherbaumer Full-Circle Universal
Inspired by 1972 29
Edward Marlo Open-Faced Universal
1972 31
Walter B. Gibson Without a Shadow of a Doubt double facer with two indices on each side, prediction of one of four cards
Magick (Issue 57)
Billy McComb Necessity is the Mother rising cards with deck switch
1972 153
Karl Fulves The Portable Indice gaffed
1973 45
John Blunt Fake Index Gaffs glueing matching index corner from card to another card
1973 3
Edward Marlo The Gaffed Proposition sixteen cards
Inspired by 1974 96
Karl Fulves Progressive Trap II two black Fives and three red cards change position when counted from hand to hand, black Fives transform as climax
Inspired by 1975 171
Roger Smith The Chicago Opening Blank Chicago Opener type routine in which odd-backed card becomes blank as finale
Also published here 1975 3
Edward Marlo Cased-In Technicolor Thought gaffed
Inspired by 1976
Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 3)
Gene Castillon The Undulating Universal
1976 21
Harvey Rosenthal Odd-Even-Odd Again four odd and four even cards on two piles, on the odd side are then the even cards and on the other side the four kings
Inspired by 1976 12
Al Mann The Isomeric Card card with three indices, fan force
Variations 1976 22
Al Mann The Reverse Fan Force Supreme five cards thought of from a fan are named, with several isomeric cards / multi-indices card
Variations 1976 23
Nick Trost Ace, Deuce or Trey Either Ace, Two or Three will change to selection, spectator's choice
1976 24
Nick Trost The Hotel Mystery
1976 30
Roger Smith A Simple Universal
1976 3
Allan Ackerman Easy Off Pips at the end the card is blank and vanishes, gaffed
Inspired by 1978 13
Sam Leo Horowitz The Fifth Method no extra card, double index aces, double backers
1978 8
Karl Fulves Quartet Gaff comment on Ace with four indices on one side
Related to 1978 10
Karl Fulves Second Method gaffed
1978 15
Simon Aronson Turning the Corner Twisting Ace through Four, last card changes into selection, clean handling
Also published here 1978 42
Edward Marlo, David Solomon The Pinned Cards whole deck is punched, same effect as The Stapled Cards, one of two cards pinned together transposes with selection
  • 1st Method (Marlo)
  • 2nd Method (Solomon)
  • 3rd Method: Gaffed Pip Method (S.)
  • Double-Bubble Method: Taylor Peek Deck Card (S.)
  • Clipper Method (S.)
  • 2nd Clipper Method (M.)
  • The Double Double Bubble (2 Selections) (S.)
  • Marlo's D.D. Bubble Method
  • Direct Pinned Cards (M.)
Inspired by 1979 190
Karl Fulves Noted in Passing "semi-double-index card"
1979 24
Karl Fulves The Half-Index Gaff Ten of Hearts with only the digit "1" blackened
The Chronicles (Issue 22)
Edward Marlo Ninth Method use in card to case effect
1980 24
Stranger Corner sticking corner on card making a fake index card
1980 28
Edward Marlo Commercial Poker poker hands change, fake indices at non-index corners
1980 248
Edward Marlo Olram's Ultimate Blues divided backs, fake indices
1980 301
Edward Marlo Gaffed Go Back Aces fake indices, three methods
1980 306
Paul Swinford The Princess Trick Revisited using two spectators, double index cards
Arcane (Issue 2)
Gene Castillon Castillon's Olram Aces false index cards and 3/4 double facer
Variations 1980
Hierophant (Issue The Last Hierophant)
Lewis Ganson Chase the Ace two cards with false indices
Variations 1980 34
Cecil Keech The Climax false indices
1980 36
Joe Russo Mistaken Identity Quartet Gimmick to change four Jacks to aces
Related to Oct. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 10)
Ed Brown Making Fake Index Court Cards
Arcane (Issue 3)
Gene Castillon Succession Aces of a Different Color odd-backed, gaffed
  • A. Five-Card Ace Packet Approach
  • B. Four-Card Approach
1981 27
Gene Castillon Successful Succession
  • A. Full Deck Approach
  • B. Packet Approach
1981 31
David Solomon A Blended Succession
1981 33
Gene "Phantini" Grant Card Challenge card divination with Al Mann's Isomeric Cards
Inspired by 1981 30
Leslie Anderson, Harry Anderson The Shadow Card spectator thinks of a card, card vanishes and appears in sealed envelope
Related to 1981
Magick (Issue 294)
Johnny Thompson KF + BC + EM2 = Another Universal card changes into three different selections in three different ways and back
Also published here 1981 35
Stuart R. Patterson Awake and Rise fake indice forcing deck
Babel (Issue 2)
Sam Schwartz Las Vegas Straight hole card Nine of Hearts, other cards almost make it a straight flush in hearts, other cards change to Clubs, then hole card to Ace of Clubs
effect by Fulves, method by Schwartz
Variations 1982 1
Karl Fulves Atlantic City Stud handling variation
Inspired by 1982 4
Roger Smith The Chicago Opener Reopened Chicago Opener type routine in which odd-backed card becomes blank as finale
Also published here 1982 1
David Solomon, Gene Castillon The Casolomon Olram Aces three gaffs (fake index and 3/4 double facer)
Inspired by 1983 1
Edward Marlo Questionable Observation Test three double facers, three double enders
1983 11
Alf Goodwin The Magician's Four Aces using two unusual gaffs
Feb. 1983
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 8)
Karl Fulves Envelopus empty envelope placed between four aces, named ace travels inside
1983 5
Fake Index Card
Epoptica (Issue Yearbook)
Larry Jennings Cut As I Cut gaffed method
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here Jan./Feb. 1984
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 17 & 18)
Michael Louis Easy Pickings
Inspired by 1985 247
David Britland Royal Decree spectator finds out of which King the performer is thinking
1986 40
Fred Kaps The Princess Card Trick with four Queens, using quartet gimmick
1986 17
Karl Fulves Black on Black two cards peeked at and seen to be clumsily loaded into right pocket, they vanishes yet are now in left pocket, then deck vanishes except two selections
1987 37
David Neighbors Slow-Motion Oil and Water 3&3, three phases
1987 18
René Lavand Rehearsal in Madrid sidewalk shuffle type, three blank cards and an Ace, ends with three Aces and one blank card
Also published here 1987 16
Edward Marlo Two Marlo Ideas - First Idea removing center pip of Seven or Five, looks like Six or Four
1988 238
Edward Marlo Two Marlo Ideas - Second Idea fake index
1988 239
Edward Marlo New Idea Transposition fake index
1988 239
Edward Marlo Liepzig Would Really Have Loved This Leipzig, double index cards
Variations 1988 255
Edward Marlo The Promise Ace, Two and Three of Clubs, chosen value changes into selection, three method, method three with fake index card
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Sep. 1967
1988 308
Edward Marlo The Other Method wrong card reversed in tabled spread, it is removed and turned over, then changes into selection
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Oct. 1967
1988 320
Edward Marlo Effect two selections lost, one reversed in tabled spread, it changes into the other selection, the travel to pocket
1988 322
Edward Marlo Visual Change - Appearance - Vanish face card of deck changes just with a wrist turn and back, different applications
  • Impromptu Change
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Feb. 1968
1988 351
Brother John Hamman Thunderstruck wrong prediction (JS) is changed into 7S and miniature 4S
1989 64
Brother John Hamman Thought Cards Across double ended cards
Inspired by
  • "The Triangle" (Our Magic, p. 280)
1989 134
Edward Marlo Blank with Index blank card with ace index
1989 210
Brother John Hamman Final Aces six double ended cards
Variations 1989 229
Karl Fulves The Educated Die Ace through Six, die rolled and card counted to, it's always an ace, two methods
1989 19
Marc DeSouza The Thing three selections, odd-backed general / universal card ends up blank
1990 567
Jon Racherbaumer Backing the Universal Card blank card changes into each of three selections
  • Lay Audience Approach
  • Magician's Approach
Inspired by 1990 82
Michael Skinner Ultimate 3 Card Monte false indices, three phases, slow-motion performance
Inspired byVariations 1990 1
Michihiro Matsuda My Open Travellers with gaffed card SPI, three different suits on one card
Inspired by 1990 44
Alex Elmsley, Brother John Hamman The Atomic Aces four phase variation on Hamman's "Final Ace Routine", including Oil & Water and Follow the Leaders Phase
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1991 217
Karl Fulves Daley Deal
  • Gaffed card addenda (with optional transformation climax)
1991 24
Karl Fulves Split Image I face-up version of "Pull Apart"
Related to 1991 1
Karl Fulves Split Image II face-up version of "Pull Apart"
Related to 1991 4
Karl Fulves Split Image III two Twos stick perpendicular in a half of the deck each, halves pushed together so Twos are out of sight, the two Twos then change into four Aces
Inspired byRelated to 1991 5
Karl Fulves Stretch Note card stretches between two halves of the deck
1991 6
Philip T. Goldstein B'Wave four cards, only named queen is reversed others are blank
1991 3
Jim Steinmeyer The Two-Sided Triangle two "thought-of" playing cards vanish from packet held by performer and appear in envelope hanging from a ribbon
1991 107
René Lavand Rehearsal in Madrid sidewalk shuffle type, three blank cards and an Ace, ends with three Aces and one blank card
Also published here 1991 61
René Lavand Mahtub multiple phases
Also published here 1991 70
Karl Fulves Transpo/Transmo three duplicate Jacks of Clubs are dealt into one packet, three Kings of Clubs into another, two cards of each pile change into number cards that add up to eleven for Jack and thirteen for King respectively
Inspired by 1991 2
Bobby Bernard The Business Card Trick selection appears on back of business card, selection is blank instead
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Mar. 1991
Technomagic (Issue 9)
Hiroyuki Sakai The Flowing Pips multiple card transformations using blank cards, gaffs, ...
1992 100
Bob King A Cut Above (II) Aces are cut into deck with spectator
Inspired by 1992 12
Alex Elmsley Los Ases Atomicos translation
four phase variation on Hamman's "Final Ace Routine", including Oil & Water and Follow the Leaders Phase
Also published here 1992 65
Edward Marlo Roughed Think Ace named ace is reversed and odd-backed, double-enders, rough-smooth
Sep. 1993
The Olram File (Issue 13)
Philip T. Goldstein Prink II four blank cards printed with Jokers one by one
1993 110
John Bannon Twisted Sisters two duplicate four-of-a-kinds from different decks, thought-of suit transposes
  • First Scenario: Apparent Transposition
  • Second Scenario: Implied Transposition
Variations 1993 1
René Lavand Rehearsal in Madrid sidewalk shuffle type, three blank cards and an Ace, ends with three Aces and one blank card
Also published here 1993 168
René Lavand Mahtub multiple phases
Related toAlso published here 1993 176
Harry Anderson The Gang Of Four four cards are chosen, one card is removed and torn in four parts, all four corners match one of the chosen cards
1993 86
Harry Anderson The Last Monte multi-phase three card monte routine, torn corner as last phase
  • Phase 1 - Meet My Friend, Monte
  • Phase 2 - The False Toss
  • Phase 3 - The Sting
  • Phase 4 - The Bent Corner
  • Phase 5 - The Mutilated Monte
Related toVariations 1993 90
Simon Aronson Turning the Corner Twisting Ace through Four, last card changes into selection, clean handling
Also published here 1994 48
Bob Farmer Nick Trost "Showdown" comments on Trost's routine
Related to Mar. 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 7)
Bob Farmer Two-Card Monte
  • Flim-Flam
two cards are placed face to face and turned multiple times, spectator should guess which card is face up and loses repeatedly
Inspired by
  • Deland's Two Card Monte
June 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 10)
John Riggs The Double Cross four cards on table, selected one is reversed
1995 45
Doug Conn Travelers Two every suit named before travel
Also published here 1995 1
Scott Michaels Shadow of the Joker Joker under glass transposes with selection in deck
May 1995
The Lemniscate (Vol. 1 No. 12)
Bob King Big Mac "...what I consider to be the best Ace routine I've ever come seen", leader packet changes into Royal Flush as finale, three double facers and three mis-indexed cards
Inspired by
  • "Ankner's Aces" (Buddy Ankner)
1996 26
Nick Trost Showdown three phase Ten Card Poker Deal routine, last phase is stud poker. Includes Tom Hubbard's handling at the end.
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1997 216
Tom Hubbard Tom Hubbard's Handling of "Showdown"
Inspired byAlso published here 1997 219
Karl Fulves Jekyll-Hide six red and 6 black cards, a black card chosen, but it isn't among the 6 black cards suddenly but among the 6 reds (identified by spectator with special glasses on)
1997 22
Karl Fulves House No. 5 four deuces, one named, it's the only one face-down, it's placed in case, then four cards removed from case - they're the jacks
Related to 1997 71
Karl Fulves Two-Story Castle named queen, which is never seen, changes into a jack, two card cases used in presentation, using Quartet gimmick
1997 90
Karl Fulves Think of a Vampire spectator think of either a jack or king (his choice), in four-card-packet his card is the only reversed one, the other three are Sixes, quartet type gimmick
1997 102
Karl Fulves Skeleton Crew four kings in one case, four jacks in another, king thought of, performer transfers one in jacks case, it's thought-of one and gets a big hole in the middle
1997 105
Karl Fulves Vegas Vampire ten cards dealt into two hands, a selection changes into indifferent card and is then in other packet, jacks show up as finale
1997 130
Richard Bartram, Jr. Short Changed Thoughts thought of cards in deck vanish, selected from spread display
1997 74
Scott Cram Sock Hop: The Ultimate Piano Card Trick selected card travels from pile to pile, four Kings show up as climax
Related to Sep. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 1)
Guy Hollingworth Twisting the Aces with Kings to Aces kicker, Quartet gimmick
1999 4
Quartet Gimmick double faced court card with all four indices
Related to 1999 4
Guy Hollingworth Indicator Kings Kings to selected four-of-a-kind kicker, Quartet gimmick
1999 9
Guy Hollingworth Transposition Kings and Aces transpose, Quartet gimmick
1999 11
Guy Hollingworth Dr Daley's Last Trick with Kings to Aces kicker, Quartet gimmick
1999 14
Guy Hollingworth Blank Indicator three Kings turn blank, fourth one into selected card, Quartet gimmick
1999 17
Guy Hollingworth One-at-a-time Reverse Assembly quartet gimmick, Quartet gimmick
1999 20
Guy Hollingworth A Gambler's Dream indifferent to Kings to indifferent, Quartet gimmick
1999 26
Guy Hollingworth Reset Quartet gimmick
1999 30
Guy Hollingworth Reset Blanks all cards turn blank, Quartet gimmick
1999 31
Guy Hollingworth Waving the Aces with Kings to Aces kicker, stand-up version, Quartet gimmick
1999 33
Andrew Wimhurst Yellow Kid's Monte card to Wallet Climax
1999 21
Doug Conn Tricked Traveler every suit named before travel
Inspired byAlso published here 1999 134
Theodore DeLand The Sphinx Card Trick No. 14, two cards in hat transpose with one in deck, see "General note" on p. 140 for credit
Related to 1999 132
Burling Hull The Card Problem No. 24, fake indices
Related to 1999 139
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note credit information
Related to 1999 140
Ellis Stanyon The Yogi Wonder No. 25
1999 140
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note further handling and ideas
Inspired by 1999 141
Theodore DeLand "Pickitout" No. 28
Inspired by 1999 143
Theodore DeLand The "Knock-out" Card Trick No. 29, card from packet vanishes and joins cards in handkerchief
Variations 1999 144
H. G. Cleveland Cleveland's "Presto Fly" Card Trick No. 31, Ace to Three of Hearts transposes with Four to Six of Clubs
Variations 1999 145
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note combination with Cleveland's "Canadian Wonder"
Inspired by 1999 145
Theodore DeLand The "Spotter" or Educated Die No. 32, throw of die always finds the Ace in row of six cards
1999 146
William G. Edwards The "Canadian Wonder" No. 33, cards shown and tabled, the spectators remember different cards then are seen when they are turned over again
1999 146
Ellis Stanyon A New Protean or Chameleon Pack No. 57, deck shown mixed, then cut in half, one half shown all red and other all black
Related to 1999 189
Ellis Stanyon The "Monte Cristo" Forcing Pack No. 24, one-way forcing deck with fake indifferent indices on all cards
  • Suggested Effects (thought reading, prediction)
1999 206
Brother John Hamman Dracula and the Handmaidens Jack of Spades and six red spot cards shown, red card thought of, it becomes a double blank card and is predicted on the Jack of Spades
Inspired by
  • "Limited Edition" (Gordon Bean, Larry Jennings, marketed)
Jan. 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 1)
Andy Nyman Dead Of Night three cards in different positions remembered, they are spelled out with increasingly more stringent conditions
Also published here 1999 20
Karl Fulves Over Exposed four queens in envelope, two card selected, those turn over and become blank
2000 212
Karl Fulves Fade Out card changes gradually, front and back
2000 218
Don England We're Three Fourth There with Ace to Four and Double indexed extra card
2001 51
Andrew Wimhurst The Full Monte (Yellow Kid's Monte) card to wallet climax, using fake index card
2001 17
Simon Aronson O'Aronson Aces O. Henry Aces plot (Ace Assembly), all four Aces appear in spectator's hand
2001 104
Simon Aronson Nosnora Aces Aces scatter back to respective packets at the end of Ace Assembly
2001 117
David Regal The Very Last Card fair elimination process
Variations 2002 124
Karl Fulves Further Notes on double enders
2002 24
Theodore DeLand Educated Die / Spotter Die Ace through Six of Clubs in row, spectator finds the Six
2002 24
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Remember And Forget #3 using mis-spotted card
Also published here 2002 91
Karl Fulves Poker Finals Jacks placed on bottom, cards dealt for two players, openly from bottom in one hand, but Jacks in other hand and Aces in the other
Related to 2003 80
William Duncan Reputation Maker Aces
Inspired by 2004 11
William Duncan A Note On The Pip Miss-Show
2004 14
Aaron Shields Imagicination transposition with one card between the spectator's hands
2004 19
Edward Marlo Parallexis using Spades suits from two decks
Inspired by May 2005
Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Edward Marlo Hofzinser's Lost Ace Problem
  • First Method (fake index)
  • Second Methode (duplicate)
  • Third Method
  • Fourth Method
  • Fifth Method
  • Sixth Method
  • Seventh Method
  • Dream Method
May 2005
Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Brother John Hamman, Ron Bauer Final(ly) Aces multiple phases, poker presentation
Inspired by 2006 2
Ron Bauer Win at Gin ten cards become thirteen, then some of them vanish and reappear in performer's sleeve
2006 18
Jack Avis Ace Routine Handling routine with fake indices
2006 18
Chris Wardle The Princess Is Out twelve cards on table, number named to choose a card, it vanishes and is found in wallet
2006 25
Rene Clement Making Fake Index Card
2007 194
Nick Trost Super Showdown double enders
Inspired byAlso published here 2008 164
Nick Trost Sixth-Thot one of five is predicted, gaffed
Related to 2008 208
Karl Fulves Deuce On The Loose "Unexplained"
producing any named Two from cased deck as top card, miming a cut, quartet card, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 6)
Karl Fulves Trick Poker five unknown cards chosen, performer produces four Jacks and puts them face-down before spectator, then performer's hand has the Jacks and spectator's the Aces
  • Trick Poker II
Related toVariations 2009
Prolix (Issue 6)
Trevor Lewis The Full Monte with gaffed cards, multi-phase routine
2009 108
Nick Trost 4 Flush! wild card routine with six cards, blank
Also published here
  • marketed 1970
2009 530
Andy Nyman Dead of Night three cards in different positions remembered, they are spelled out with increasingly more stringent conditions
Also published here 2010 93
Tom Stone Signed Transformation
2011 161
Helder Guimarães Three Cards and a Box (or "We all have a magician inside us!")
three selections, under box, under cellophane, folded in box
2011 49
Helder Guimarães, Charles Reynolds Force of Nature using group of mis-index cards, two handlings
Inspired by
  • "Force of Thought" deck (Charles Reynolds)
2011 22
Jörg Alexander Weber FantASStisch gaff combo
Inspired by 2011 59
Patrick Page Jumbo One in the Middle jumbo card transformation, construction details for special Ever Change Card
2011 62
Wolfgang Moser 31/2 Card Monte multiple phase monte, tearing off corner
Inspired byRelated to 2011 10
Mark Elsdon Parlour Monte
Jan. 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 1)
Tyler Wilson That's What Key Said selection is not on face, but falls out of deck when slapped, pseudo key card explanation as presentation
2012 47
Robert Cassidy Handling card removed from pocket
2013 52
Tony Griffith Mark of the Reader The selected card vanishes. When the spectator's two attempts to find his own card fails, the values of the two are added to arrive at a total. Turning to that page in a book, the selection is found there.
Related to
  • "Mark of the Reader" (Stewart James, Pentagram, Feb. 1947)
2015 126
Nick Trost Showdown three phases
Also published here 2015 138
Tom Hubbard Tom Hubbard's Handling
Also published here 2015 141
René Lavand Mahtub seven phases, with Bob Farmer comments:
  • Alternate Deal Five
  • Alternate Deal 7
Inspired byAlso published here 2015 142
Bob Farmer Notes: Showdown/Mahtub
Related to 2015 146
Nick Trost Super Showdown four phases
Also published here 2015 155
Eric Stevens Little Peter Pays Triple Three Card Monte routine, all three cards end up being black cards, the red money card is found wrapped in a dollar bill with a business card
2015 9
John Lovick, David Regal Handsome in Love fair elimination process, last remaining card predicted
Inspired by 2016 69
Alexander de Cova Chase The Ace jumbo cards, removable false indices and rubber bands
Inspired by 2016 214
Paul Vigil 3-Card Monte multiple phases, credit information on fake index monte routines
Inspired by
  • "Catch 33" (Lee Asher, 2003, 2013)
2017 41
Joey Burton, Paul Vigil Kaiser Con
Inspired by
  • "Kaiser Con" (Joey Burton, Catch 33)
2017 51
Joey Burton, Paul Vigil Sosi Switch
Inspired by
  • "Sosi Switch" (Joey Burton, Catch 33)
2017 57
Bruce Cervon Cervon Finale previously unpublished phase
2017 60
Harapan Ong Alternative Facts Wrong card taken out of spread is changed into spectator's selection as a surprise
2017 30
Bob Farmer The Bammo Brain Bamboozler two spectators think of a red and a black card, both cards vanish and are removed from the pocket before they are named, using version of John Kennedy's "Mind Power Deck"
Inspired by
  • "The Divine and Conquer Deck" (Leo Reed)
2018 1
Johnny Thompson KF + BC + EM2 = Another Universal card changes into three different selections in three different ways and back to blank
Also published here 2018 123
Christian Scherer Nie Wieder! three card monte with jumbo cards, multi-phase routine
Inspired by 2018 3
Helder Guimarães The Only Path "A Matter of Control"
spectator makes up cards in several stages and with help of message cards in envelopes, it's predicted
Inspired by 2019 372
Ryan Plunkett Fan Mail card predicted in envelope, fair elimination process after table wash by spectator
Inspired by 2020 21
Harapan Ong Indicated Transposition Two cards selected and lost. First card turns face up in the middle of the deck, and then placed aside. Magician counts down the value of the first card from its position, and finds first selection again. The card placed aside is shown to be the second selection.
2020 53
Larry Jennings Always Cut the Cards - Version Two (Gimmicked)
Also published here 2020 124
Roberto Mansilla Two Sandwiches
  • Artifices
card appears in sandwich in deck, then cleanly under the hand of the spectator
Oct. 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 10)
Ryan Schlutz Two-Fair Transpo card on top of deck transposes with out-jogged card visually, second phase with spectator
2021 5
Wolfgang Moser Die Gedachte Karte in der Brieftasche named card is predicted in wallet, range force for picture cards
Related to
  • "Inferno" (Joshua Jay, marketed 2013)
2021 19
Eugene Burger Influence spectator stops dealing, card has large X on its back, then spectator stops the performer dealing and card is predicted as jumbo card on back of tray
  • Interview, 2015
Inspired by
  • "Altered" (Bruce Bernstein)
2021 9
Max Maven Monte Cristo Deck credit information
2021 11
Caj Brejtfus Expertalk: Caj Brejtfus on Three Card Monte false indices
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Sep. 2005
2022 434
Mark Ennis Natural Disaster spectator glimpses blackjack hand, then it changes
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Feb. 2009
2022 831
Harapan Ong The Four Card Puzzle Packet trick, three face-up Aces and one face-down card. Face-down card shown to be Ace of Spades, but three Aces transform into three random cards
2023 17
Bob Farmer The Use of Abstraction in the Invention of Magic Tricks on the Mojo Boogie Boxes Routine, Roy Kueppers, Bammo Queen Monte Routine
May 2023
PM2 (Issue 28)
Mark Calabrese Well Done Dunbury selection lost, deck cut into three piles, top cards shown, one seems to be selection by accident, value of third card used to count to selection, it's not there, but it's there on second try once spectators "believe" in it
Inspired by Jan. 2024
Genii (Vol. 87 No. 1)