Written by Allan Ackerman, John Lovick
Work of Allan Ackerman
218 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Allan Ackerman Preface
Chapter 1: Sleights, Techniques, and Concepts
Edward Marlo Marlo's Bottom Deal Exchange as card is removed from in-the-hands spread
Related toAlso published here 3
Allan Ackerman BDE Force also for odd-backed card
Allan Ackerman The Ultra Rub-a-Dub Vanish face-up
Also published here 5
Allan Ackerman OPOS Display Out of Position Olram Subtlety, 3-4-4 count
Also published here 8
Allan Ackerman Olram Plus Display Olram variation
Also published here 10
Allan Ackerman The Blackjack Roll on the secret turnover of the (optionally faced) deck
Also published here 12
Allan Ackerman The Oops Addition cards face-up on table are picked up, card(s) left behind at first, partial or full packet switch
Also published here 14
Allan Ackerman The HP Maneuver and Applications Hidden PacketManeuver, underneath thumb fan
Also published here 17
Allan Ackerman The HP Half Pass Hidden Packet maneuver, under cover of thumb fan
Also published here 18
Allan Ackerman The A-I Move "Asher-Inspired", control to bottom with Pulp Friction / Hidden Packet methodology
Also published here 19
Allan Ackerman, Harvey Rosenthal The HP Center Load Hidden Packet maneuver, small block reversed and loaded into center
Also published here 20
Allan Ackerman The Fancy Pass using HP (Hidden Packet maneuver), as fan is closed
Also published here 21
Allan Ackerman The HP Bottom Palm Hidden Packet maneuver, fan cover
Also published here 23
Allan Ackerman The HP Add-On Hidden Packet maneuver
Also published here 24
Allan Ackerman The HP Force Hidden Packet maneuver
Inspired by 25
Allan Ackerman Tweaking the Veeser Bluff Shift four tabled packets, two handlings
Also published here 27
Allan Ackerman Another Tweak on the Veeser Bluff Shift "Hidden Packet", with fan displacement
Also published here 30
Armando Lucero The Full-Circle False Count e.g. four as five, each card pivoted
Also published here 31
Allan Ackerman A Multiple Slip Shuffle specific number of cards
Also published here 33
Allan Ackerman Bottom Stet Overhand Shuffle Handling bottom stock remains, block slip shuffle handling
Related to 34
Brother John Hamman Brother John's Cull culling four-of-a-kind while upjogging other cards and tabling portions of the deck
Related toAlso published here 35
Allan Ackerman The Ultimate Gesture Cut (UGC) and The Joker Cull light reft spread pass, credit information, culling a named card (also face down with memorized deck)
  • The Joker Cull
Also published here 38
Allan Ackerman The Bluff Swing Cut only top to bottom in single swing cut
Related toAlso published here 40
Chapter 2: Memorized Deck Magic
Allan Ackerman Thirty Minute Memorized Deck and Bonus Cull calculating positions in cyclical stack
  • The Chased Color Wheel
Also published here 43
Allan Ackerman Bonus Cull card named, two shuffles performed, named card on top and rest of deck now in four-of-a-kinds
Also published here 45
Allan Ackerman The Memdeck I Prefer "Tetradistic Stack", thirteen cards in random order, suits random but power stack property
Also published here 47
Jennifer Gwinn Introduction to Tetra-Red tetradistic memorized stack with irregular colors, way from Si Stebbins to Tetra-Red, related to Redford Stack
Jennifer Gwinn Si Stebbins Secret Handling from New Pack Order to Si Stebbins, faros
Inspired by 50
Jennifer Gwinn, Brother John Hamman Brother John's Chinese Shuffle multiple up-downjog culling to get into any order with up to six culls
  • Jennifer Gwinn's Setup Table (getting into any stack, Eight Kings, Tetra-Red)
Related to 52
Chapter 3: Tricks and Routines
Allan Ackerman A Cull for R. B. "for Rafael Benatar" (for named-cards notion), spectator pushes performer's favorite card in deck between two previously named cards
Also published here 57
Allan Ackerman Two-Step Hofzinser Cull
Also published here 58
Jennifer Gwinn, Allan Ackerman Acrobatic Anything Gymnastic Aces with named four-of-a-kind
Inspired by 59
Allan Ackerman, David Solomon The A & D Sandwich Joker appears in sandwich which then changes to selection
Inspired by 61
Allan Ackerman 7RS Cull Reverse Spread cull of named card in memorized deck with two markers (e.g. sandwich cards), one never has to count more than seven cards
Allan Ackerman The A & D Follow-Up Jokers find two selection, third signed selection has been found at the start already à la Signed Card
Inspired by 65
Allan Ackerman Discrepancy Deal Force Handling
Inspired by 66
Edward Marlo Sleightless Drop Switch
Also published here 66
Allan Ackerman Finally Unassembled
Inspired by 69
Edward Marlo Bold Ace Switch
Allan Ackerman Technicolor Progressive
Also published here 75
Vernon Utility Move Handling cards pushed back without interlock condition, right thumb covers action
Also published here
  • Jon Racherbaumer's Card Finesse, 1982 (no specific reference given)
Allan Ackerman The Prequel and the Sequel Aces transpose with card in pocket, McDonald's Aces is performed, Aces travel to pockets, designed to ring double facers in and out
Also published here 82
Marc DeSouza The Shapeshifter Change brief
Art Altman Double Undercut Palm
Fenik, Allan Ackerman Reverse 2001 Queens assemble, change to Aces, Aces vanish, Queens are at original positions and Aces in different pockets
Inspired by
  • "Blast 88" (Fenik, The Code)
Allan Ackerman Reverse Assembly Credit Information
Allan Ackerman No-Palm Travelers Kings signed and lost, then cut to, change to Aces, Kings from pockets
  • Additional Thoughts (using one palm, or topit)
Also published here 93
Allan Ackerman Pen Pocket Load when placing away a pen with deck in hand
Jerry Sadowitz Swing False Cut straight cut, packets turned face-up and tabled
Related to 96
Edward Marlo Kick Out Count counting upwards from break
Related to 97
Dave Rumfelt Card from Breast Pocket
Related to 98
Allan Ackerman, John Bannon Impromptu Tattoo You performer signs back of odd-backed card, spectator front of other card, signature jumps on odd-backed card
Also published here 101
Allan Ackerman More Mixed-Up Blues 4&4
Also published here 106
Allan Ackerman, Bernardo Sedlacek No Extras 4&4, no extra cards
Also published here 113
Allan Ackerman Follow the Leader Kings and Aces
  • Additional Thoughts (gaffed version)
Also published here 116
Allan Ackerman Aces Over Kings Aces and Kings, with third set of four Nines at the end
Inspired by 120
Allan Ackerman LJ visits BJ visitors handling with third phase
Also published here 123
Allan Ackerman Overhand Shuffle Stop Force
Also published here 123
Allan Ackerman Vernon Utility Move Handling card placed between face-up stepped sandwich cards
Also published here 124
Allan Ackerman, Cliff Green Quad Technique four turned over as two
Also published here 125
John Guastaferro, Allan Ackerman A Bigger Surprise no-throw monte routine with surprise transformation
Also published here 127
Jack Carpenter Flushtration Count Variation
Also published here 128
Allan Ackerman The Splits named court cards removed and later lost, Aces cut to, deck placed onto them, they distribute next to previously named court cards
Related toAlso published here 130
Al Smith Cross Over Aces Revelation using pick-up from wrong packets
Related to 131
Allan Ackerman Another Ride on the Mass Transit
Also published here 134
Edward Marlo, Allan Ackerman Card from Pocket Idea Variation
Inspired byAlso published here 135
Allan Ackerman Predetermined Cutting unknown card pocketed, spectator names card, he cuts deck in four piles to a three-of-a-kind and an indifferent card, named card to complete quartet removed from pocket
Also published here 137
Allan Ackerman Erdnase Break Kiss Transfer
Also published here 139
Allan Ackerman Impromptu Predetermined Cutting no-stack handling
Also published here 141
Brother John Hamman Easy Cull while up-jogging other cards and tabling portions of the deck
Also published here 141
Allan Ackerman, Paul Harris, Looy Simonoff Another Interlaced Vanish credit information on the plot
Also published here 144
Edward Marlo, Allan Ackerman Down-Jog Displacement Handling without cover card
Inspired by 146
Allan Ackerman, David Solomon, Peter Duffie The Never-Ending Elevator using Ace to Four of Hearts and the four Kings, transformation kicker, Heart straight production
Also published here 150
Allan Ackerman, David Solomon, Peter Duffie The Royal Marriage Trilogy see reference for more information
Also published here 154
Jinx Switch
Allan Ackerman Highland Fusion without double facer
Also published here 159
David Solomon Slider Card to facilitate culling next card, credit information on page 161
Ron Wilson Highland Hop Move transfer from packet to tabled spread
Allan Ackerman A Cheap Thought information written on a business card by spectator, it is lost in a stack of cards, performer secretly glimpses it
Also published here 162
Allan Ackerman Jazzing with M. E. Marlo and Elmsley
Also published here 164
Cliff Green Cliff Green Push-Off
Allan Ackerman Traveling the Crossroads Aces signed, spectator selects four cards with turn out to be Jacks, all cards lost and Aces travel into different pockets
Also published here 168
Allan Ackerman Easy Pocket Interchange Rising Crime Display
Allan Ackerman Rising Crime Display Handling
Inspired by 173
Allan Ackerman Almost Like Everywhere and Nowhere Quick Three Way type effect with five cards, two of which are selected, Royal Flush kicker and selections removed from packet
Also published here 175
Allan Ackerman, Wes Emberg Bottom-up Diminishing Lift Sequence
Also published here 177
Allan Ackerman, Tony Picasso, Fenik Your Lucky Day spectator names a card, cutting estimation by spectator, he eventually cuts to his named card, then a four packet monte routine is done and the matching three-of-a-kind show up
Also published here 180
Allan Ackerman The Cipher selection spelled out incorrectly on purpose, four-of-a-kind kicker with packets that made during spelling
Inspired byRelated to 183
Allan Ackerman Thoughts on "Double Brainwave" ungaffed, "Hidden Packet"
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 187
Allan Ackerman Twisting Maxi-Twist selection tabled, twisting routine with Aces, they change into Jack through Ace of Spades, selection changed to Ten of Spades, Aces reappear and selection is between them in the center of the deck
Inspired by 189
Allan Ackerman ATFUS with Oops Addition
Related to 190
Allan Ackerman Isolating the General three cards from three packets thought of, three indifferent cards change into selections
Also published here 192
Allan Ackerman The Ten-Card Poker Deal four phases, double jonah, almost no-touch
Also published here 196
Allan Ackerman Four-for-Four Transpo Kings and Aces transpose
Allan Ackerman Vernon Utility Switch Handling with packets
Jack Carpenter, Allan Ackerman I Dance for the Devious - Two Queens vanish one by one, reproduced at once together again
Also published here 203
Allan Ackerman, Kosy Phibulphanuvat A Logical Princess
Also published here 208
Steve Mayhew, Allan Ackerman, Simon Aronson Mayhew Poker Again Mayhew Poker Deal, mistakes turn out to be a Royal Flush
Also published here 213
Allan Ackerman False Shuffle Display Bottom-Line precursor
Also published here 214
Allan Ackerman The Ultimate GM Poker Deal first bottom deal demo, then good hands in hands
Also published here
  • Linking Ring Parade
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