Written by Jerry Andrus
Work of Jerry Andrus
191 pages (Paperback), published by Star Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Jerry Andrus
Language: English
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Jerry Andrus Random Notes
  • On Illustrations and Angles
  • On Who Invented What
  • On Self-Confidence
  • On Practice
  • On a Display of Skill
  • On Trick Cards, Yes or No
  • On Too Many Sleights and Not Enough Tricks
  • On Take-a-Card Tricks
  • A Note on Materials
Jerry Andrus Powdering a Deck in paper bag
Also published here 14
Chapter 1. Changes
Jerry Andrus Thumb Slip Change double face-up on deck in out-jogged position, top card slid back with top towards performer
VariationsAlso published here 15
Jerry Andrus Swivel Change push-in change with top card pivoted in perpendicular position
Jerry Andrus A Swivel Change Extra one-handed fan with out-jogged double
Also published here 20
Jerry Andrus A Drop Change tip-over type switch to switch two cards with only the cards on top of deck and no packet in right hand
Jerry Andrus A Flourish Used With a Double Lift card dragged along and through one-handed fan to affect change of card
Jerry Andrus A Double Lift Change top card starts out-jogged and is dragged back over inner end for unload
Related toAlso published here 25
Fred Roner Roner Change as card is thumbed off deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here 26
Jerry Andrus Repeating Change card changes into three selections one by one, diminishing lift sequence
Related to 29
Jerry Andrus Packet Switch packet reversed and out-jogged in center of deck is switched, interlock
Chapter 2. Reverses
Jerry Andrus A Vanish and Reverse top card thumbed onto table secretly and deck immediately spread over it
Also published here 35
Jerry Andrus Table Reverse while turning deck over, with riffle shuffle variation
Related toAlso published here 36
Jerry Andrus Ribbon Reverse as tabled ribbon spread is gathered up and deck turned over
Jerry Andrus Roll Reverse as tabled ribbon spread is turned over
Jerry Andrus Surprise Reverse card chosen while fanning through deck, deck squared, selection shown reversed
Variations 42
Jerry Andrus Behind Fan Key Placement faced towards spectators
Chapter 3. The Diagonal Jog
Jerry Andrus The Diagonal Jog left first finger presses onto deck as card is pushed in for diagonal jog, with second method of holding the deck
Related to 46
Jerry Andrus Delayed Center Steal
Variations 51
Jerry Andrus The Push Thru card pushed in at the front ends up in-jogged, with squaring on the table
Jerry Andrus Up the Sleeve seated at table
Variations 55
Jerry Andrus The Clip Slip card from injog position into right hand clip between right fingers to top or bottom
  • Variation
Related toVariationsAlso published here 57
Jerry Andrus Thumb Peel Out in-jogged card extracted by edges at inner end, deck reversed over it, spread on table with card hidden underneath in perpendicular position
Chapter 4. Palms
Jerry Andrus Center Steal Palm directly when pushing card in
Also published here 62
Jerry Andrus A Side Steal Palm also with multiple cards, to full palm
Also published here 65
Jerry Andrus Ribbon Palm spread is pushed together and a card palmed, perpendicular
Also published here 68
Jerry Andrus Another Ribbon Palm perpendicular card under spread palmed
Chapter 5. Miscellaneous Sleights
Jerry Andrus A Utility Fan Move back card dragged to other side, faces towards spectators, reverse cull
Also published here 72
Jerry Andrus Effect A as a force
Also published here 73
Jerry Andrus Effect B as a switch
Also published here 73
Jerry Andrus Effect C fan add on
Also published here 74
Jerry Andrus Effect D vanished card reappears reversed next to another selection
Jerry Andrus Double Lift with simple get-ready
Also published here 75
Jerry Andrus A Drop Jog dropping one half on the other, angled
Related toVariationsAlso published here 79
Jerry Andrus Thumb Jog in-jogging the top cards one-handed
Half Pass
Usage (of the half pass)
Jerry Andrus As a Packet Switch half pass application, reversed cards in center of the deck a switched
Jerry Andrus As a Substitute for the Pass half pass application
Chapter 6. Shuffles and Cuts
Jerry Andrus Faro Shuffle
Also published here 85
Jerry Andrus Comment
Jerry Andrus The Square Shuffle cards shuffled in square layout, flourish, several "incomplete faro shuffle" connections
Jerry Andrus A Spring Shuffle
Related to 90
Jerry Andrus A Drunken False Shuffle false slop shuffle
Related to 91
Jerry Andrus One Handed Flourish Cut with a fan
Also published here 93
Jerry Andrus One Hand Riffle Cut
Also published here 95
Jerry Andrus One Handed False Cut
Chapter 7. Flourishes
Jerry Andrus The Twirl card spins between fingers
Related toAlso published here 99
Jerry Andrus Fan Flip Over
Jerry Andrus Surprise Turn Over top card flips over on card held in right hand
Jerry Andrus Bounce Cut deck slapped on soft surface, top half bounces back, pass gag for magicians
Jerry Andrus A Flourish for the Back Slip Force spectator pushed card into one-handed water fall cascade to select card
Jerry Andrus Table Fan Flip fan configuration on soft surface used to flip over a card
Jerry Andrus A Flourish Turn Over in the hands, rotates between opposite corners
Jerry Andrus Walking Deck deck squeezed into beveled condition and moved across soft surface for flourishy effect
Jerry Andrus Rolling Deck uncased deck is rolled on edge from one hand to the other on soft surface
Jerry Andrus Calculating Deck one-handed springing action that is noisy, deck stays in hand
Jerry Andrus Something to Fool With incomplete faro shuffled deck with one half perpendicular, dropped onto table, shuffled cards drop out and flip over one by one
Related to 114
Jerry Andrus Double Fan Flourish double fan with outer half at an angle
Jerry Andrus Contortionists Turn Over one-handed
Jerry Andrus A Flourish Discovery incomplete faro shuffled deck with one half perpendicular, near table, cards from one half pivot down one by one until only selection is sticking out
Jerry Andrus Monkey Business faro unweave spring flourish
Jerry Andrus The Expanding Circle circle spread on table is enlarged to a bigger circle
Jerry Andrus Ribbon Spreads with turnover and configurations with incompletely faro-shuffled cards
Chapter 8. Routines and Miscellaneous Effects
Jerry Andrus A Transparent Miracle card wrapped in transparent wax paper changes, lapping
Related to 124
Jerry Andrus Thru a Handkerchief deck spread on tabled handkerchief, card penetrates to underneath it
Jerry Andrus Disappearance from a Handkerchief lapping, card to pocket
Related to 129
Jerry Andrus A Blank Deck Idea selection found, rest of deck shown blank, reverse fan and hiding pips with other card
Jerry Andrus Deck Up the Sleeve
Jerry Andrus A Folded Surprise long paper with message appears from between cards
Jerry Andrus Rising Card card rises out at an angle, deck held with both hands
  • Additional Effect
Jerry Andrus Shot Glass Production from Cards
Jerry Andrus You Shouldn't Have Blinked
Jerry Andrus A Reverse Shuffle
Jerry Andrus Unweave Turnover
Jerry Andrus Triple Change three indifferent cards change into three selections
Jerry Andrus I O U letter I O U are made up of cards on the table
Jerry Andrus Deck and Dollars repeat production of silver dollars from between two cards
Related toVariations 155
Jerry Andrus Recurring Card
Jerry Andrus Cards and Cardboards two cards travel to under two cardboard pieces
Jerry Andrus Color Changing Deck when riffling through deck it is shown mixed or all red, all black, fine incomplete faro condition
Also published here 170
Jerry Andrus The Arrow cards form arrow that points at selection
Jerry Andrus Stack the Aces
Jerry Andrus The Cards and Magazine three selections travel to under or in magazine
Jerry Andrus Four Aces four Aces transpose with four indifferent cards, one-at-a-time repeat
Jerry Andrus In Appreciation
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