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Audley Walsh King of (Nite) Clubs rising card routine, as climax a puppet rises from deck with outstreched arms
1948 60
Jerry Andrus Shot Glass Production from Cards
1956 141
Don Tanner Magical Appearance No. 18, deck of cards is fanned, suddenly a spring flower bouquet appears
1958 ca. 6
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Transposition Extraordinary cards in glass under a glass goblet, selections appear one by one on front of the deck, briefly covered with a handkerchief
Related to
  • "Okito on Magic"
1973 49
Richard Kaufman Cassette from Card Case
1979 111
David Regal Dust rock or billiard ball
1987 130
Joe Givan Day of the Jack-less four metal jacks are produced from four Jack playing cards, the jacks and a small ball vanish (topit)
Also published here 1987 1
Hiroshi Sawa The Lemon Trick spectator picks card with lemon on it, multiple lemons appear on the table one by one
1988 79
Simon Lovell Crispy Spectator cuts deck, produces pile of potato crisps. Bag of crisps is opened to find selected card.
Inspired by
  • "The Searcher" (Bob Ostin, Magic Mag, vol. 1, no. 3)
1989 21
Hiroshi Sawa ファクシミリ (Facsimile) Card placed in deck, pulled out from elbow
1993 166
Judson S. Brown, Charlie Miller From a House of Cards
  • Looking back to look ahead
filled shot glass produced from house of cards on table
Also published here
  • Genii, Vol. 1 No. 2, 1936
Jan. 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 1)
Gregory Wilson Lethal Fours “four card trick”, many phases:
  • three cards continuously becomes four each time one is eliminated
  • becomes one card – a Four
  • it is lost in deck and then all four Fours are visually produced on top
  • the Fours multiply into many cards
  • the Fours and then card case are produced from under spectator’s arm
  • deck is shown to be thick due to all the produced cards, shrinks back to normal
Inspired by 1999
Labyrinth (Issue 12)
Mark Aspiazu Pen Production pen appears on in-the-hands spread, or under the spread with floating spread sequence
  • Variation
1999 89
David Regal Eight Ball production of an eight ball
2002 33
Andy Nyman Pop Out battery is popped out of a playing card
Also published here
  • The Crimp 37
2010 245
Steve Beam The Anything Trick after several random cards are located by spectator-cutting, an item used in the patter (fruit, salt shaker, etc.) is produced for the climax.
Related to 2015 23
Peter Gröning Gifted ring box is shaken from card case even though it is too larger, later signed card appears in it
2020 57
Michael Eaton Two-Card Monte Payoff variation of DeLand's Two-Card Monte, bill appears at the end
June 2022
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. Florida Issue Part One)
Remy Connor ACME small bills drawn on blank cards, bill appears
June 2022
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. Florida Issue Part Two)