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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Delight with extra cards, false switches and the delight switch
Related toVariationsAlso published here Jan. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 220)
Gary Ouellet Three-Second Wonder crossing hands when turning over top cards, inspiration according to "JawDroppers!"
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here Apr. 1987
Apocalypse (Vol. 10 No. 4)
Dai Vernon Affinities piles are made, values of top cards of some packets are used to divine value of a remaining packet, mathematical
Related toVariations 1988 131
Steve Beam Tenkai Charlie ambitious card move
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1988 381
Steve Beam Lube Job cards cannot be removed from case, oil can is needed, gag
Related toAlso published here 1993 894
Dominique Duvivier Seven-Card Assembly Ace Assemmbly with seven cards only, four Aces and three random cards, based on Marlo's Seven Card Assembly plot
Variations 1996 72
Steve Bedwell The Dribble Toss Control
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1996 1181
Troy Hooser Slip Stream (a.k.a. "Nectarless")
Variations 1998 1410
Benjamin Earl The Gambling Lesson various games played, at the end spectator and performer each find four-of-a-kind
Inspired byVariations Jan. 2009
Gambit (Issue 1)
So Sato Bushfire Triumph with open tabled layout
Related toVariations 2016 108
So Sato Pick Pocket Lesson chosen Ace travels from one half to the other half
Variations 2016 159
So Sato Bushfire Triumph Ver. 1.5 with open tabled layout
Inspired byVariations 2016 172
Giancarlo Scalia Spettatore Taglia Agli Assi spectator stops performer several times to get four piles, four aces on top
2016 1
Giancarlo Scalia Ace Cutting Sequence
Related to 2016 1
Giancarlo Scalia Produzione Assi... Da 1 a 4 card produced from the air then card changes into four aces
2016 4
Giancarlo Scalia Plucking Card from the Air
2016 4
Giancarlo Scalia Assemblea Assi Semplice with seven cards
Inspired by 2016 6
Giancarlo Scalia 1 Punto in + Five split to Four and Ace and fused back
2016 10
Giancarlo Scalia Il Mazzo Risponde two cards travel, one found sandwiched
2016 13
Giancarlo Scalia The Flapper cards in case, spectator is not able to remove the cards
Related to 2018 22
Steve Beam Giancarlo Scalia chapter intro
2018 193
Giancarlo Scalia Overturned Aces production of four aces, overhand shuffle and cut
2018 195
Giancarlo Scalia Destiny spectator cuts off small packet, then he cuts four piles and top cards are all the same and corresponding to amount of initial packet
Related to 2018 197
Giancarlo Scalia Coincidence at Any Number deck is divided between two spectators and while dealing through a four of a kind appears at a chosen number
Inspired by 2018 200
Giancarlo Scalia The Ace of Hearts Trick
Inspired byRelated to 2018 203
Giancarlo Scalia Double-Dribble Control
Related to 2018 208
Giancarlo Scalia Bluff Pass Control
2018 210
Giancarlo Scalia Rotary Control
Inspired by
  • Ernesto Melero's "Spread Control"
2018 212
Giancarlo Scalia Bluff Ambitious
Inspired by 2018 213
Giancarlo Scalia Bluff Cut miming to cut the top half to the bottom
2018 215
Giancarlo Scalia Monedas X Gravedad three coins travel from hand to hand, last phase coin appears on stack on the table
2019 1
Giancarlo Scalia Desaparición de la Ultima Moneda coin vanish, seated
2019 5
Giancarlo Scalia Robar un As Aces in card case, selected Ace travels face up in center of the deck
Inspired by 2019 9
Giancarlo Scalia Asamblea de Ases Simple Ace assembly with just seven cards, three Aces transpose with three random cards at once
2019 15
Giancarlo Scalia Secuencia Cuenta Biddle biddle count variation, to switch and position cards
2019 16
Giancarlo Scalia Turnover Switch in context of routine, similar to Hofzinser's card switch in "Der Forcierte Gedanke"
2019 22
Giancarlo Scalia El Triunfo del As de Corazones (Versión 2019)
Inspired byRelated to 2019 25
Giancarlo Scalia Open Travelers (Extra)
2019 38
Giancarlo Scalia Culebreo a una Mano one-handed Ascanio Spread
  • Four cards as three
  • Five cards as four
Also published here 2019 46
Giancarlo Scalia Delight Switch Variation
Inspired byAlso published here 2019 118
Tom Gagnon Ribbon Spread Convincing Control selection (double) inserted in tabled spread and left sticking out, controlled to top as spread is gathered
Inspired byVariations 2019 154
Giancarlo Scalia Daley Extra Delight Switch handling
Also published here 2020 33
Steve Beam Giancarlo Scalia chapter intro
2020 215
Giancarlo Scalia The Ninja selected card is sandwiched between two face-up Kings, deck dribbled on the table and selection removed
2020 217
Giancarlo Scalia Triangulation several packets are formed with one reversed card on top, spectator selects some and adds up values, total leads to selection in the deck
Related to 2020 220
Giancarlo Scalia By the Numbers two packets are cut, one spectator remembers a card other number of cards, performer places selection at position under table
2020 222
Giancarlo Scalia The Rift whole deck ruse
2020 224
Giancarlo Scalia The Box Move card apparently placed in card case
2020 225
Giancarlo Scalia Box of Aces to Go Aces in card case
2020 227
Giancarlo Scalia X Box card inside case transposes with other card
2020 228
Giancarlo Scalia Loose Change four indifferent cards, leader card is chosen and cards change to mates, repeated
2020 229
Giancarlo Scalia The Second Change on the deck, switching three of four cards
2020 231
Giancarlo Scalia Pizzazz Aces
2020 234
Giancarlo Scalia One-Handed Ascanio Spread
  • Four as Three
  • Five as Four
Also published here 2022 88
Giancarlo Scalia Scalia's Phantom Load without end grip
2022 110
Giancarlo Scalia Chaotic Direct Steal palm/drag steal during table wash shuffle
2022 122
Giancarlo Scalia Scalia's One-Card Bluff Cut ends with stepped configuration
2022 138
Giancarlo Scalia Giancarlo Scalia's Ribbon Spread Convincing Control
Inspired by 2022 141
Giancarlo Scalia Tabled Double Pick-Up
2022 141