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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Charles T. Jordan Diabolical Transposition two thought cards across with two decks, stacked, siamesa
VariationsAlso published here 1921
The Four Full Hands (Issue Four Full Hands of Card Tricks)
Al Baker A Card and A Number number free, card forced from a second deck
VariationsAlso published here 1933 11
Jack Gwynne Gwynne's Speller every value is spelled out from full deck, stack
Related toVariations 1937 61
Divining Deck chosen card indicates position of selection
Related to 1937 191
Michael F. Zens Quadruple Poker Trick
Related toVariations 1937 369
Stuart P. Cramer Les Cartes par Hasard card thought of from the middle while riffled, multiple out after dealing into four piles
Inspired by 1937
The Jinx (Issue Winter Extra 1936/37)
Norman Ashworth Before your Eyes message on slate becomes name of selection when wiping over it, idea by Charles Nyquist on page 270
Related toVariationsAlso published here May 1937
The Jinx (Issue 32)
Theodore Annemann Locatrik location with two keys and two outs, Gemini Twins precursor
Variations Dec. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 39)
Martin Gardner Gardner's Card Speller answer to three questions is spelled, spectator can lie, still the card shows up at the end
Related toVariations 1937 3
U. F. Grant Reversed Key Card The "Whoops!" Control
VariationsAlso published here 1938 81
By Means of the Fan Spread
  • a. Raising a Neat Fan
  • b. Raising a Ragged Fan
  • c. Spreading on the Table
  • d. Displaying a Reverse Fan
Variations 1938 336
Jules D'Hotel A New Top Card Production card pushed out and pivoted upwards behind deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1939 25
Paul LePaul There It Is! visual thing, drawing on cover of Dover Reprint..., for credit information see references
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1940 167
The Twenty-Sixth Location get-ready trick to get key in center, spelling
Related toVariations 1940 397
Walter B. Gibson Double Reverse spectator's and performer's cards reverse
Related toVariationsAlso published here Jan. 1940
The Jinx (Issue 77)
Walter B. Gibson Perplexity two cards in twenty card packet at unknown positions change place (more or less)
Related to 1940
The Jinx (Issue 88)
Charles Hopkins 29 - Pocket index. Mentions pocket index gimmick in Jinx magazine, No. 82, p. 528, Pocket Prophecies.
Related to 1940 43
Bob Hummer The Magic Separation face-up and face-down cards are shuffled, performer separates cards behind back so one pile consists of same amount of face up cards as the other, see Collected Secrets for variations
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1940 3
Bob Hummer Face Up Prediction spectator and performer turn cards over in the deck, number of reversed cards is predicted
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1940 4
Bob Hummer Lite-Ning Addition spectator removes an Ace or a Two face down, then a Three or a Four and so on, total of added values is divined
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1940 5
Edward Marlo A Good Number spectators stops while performer is shuffling four times and cards are turned over, next to Aces
Related toVariations 1942 11
Martin Gardner X-Ray Touch deck cut and top card touched with first finger, then it is named, repeated
Related to 1942 32
Francis Carlyle Carlyle's Card idea by Fred Braue on page 214, see reference, for credit information see also "Informant" reference
Related toVariationsAlso published here Nov. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 48)
Warren Wiersbe Numerical Discovery
Variations 1944 12
E. D. Wolff Mind Testing Deck
Variations 1945 152
Vynn Boyar An Amusing Interlude wine visibly vanishes from glass, when it is raised to the lips
Variations 1945 291
Bob Hummer Personality Test face-up/face-down prediction of number of cards, weird, CATO related, personality type presentation
VariationsAlso published here 1945 1
Pop Up top half flies to table, selection appears
Variations 1946
Early Marlo (Issue Marlo's Discoveries)
Van Osdol Number Trick digit addition force
Variations 1946 56
The Tantalizer twenty-second position and packet dealing
Related toVariations 1948 112
Enlarging and Diminishing Cards classic fan technique
Related to 1948 276
George G. Kaplan The "Stop!" Fan Discovery fan force
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1948 69
Karrell Fox The Question Is...
Related toVariations 1948 96
Bert Fenn, Neal Elias 10-6-9-4 four values are counted to, aces found, inspired by Stanley Collins trick from "A Conjuring Melange"
Variations 1948 6
John Scarne Aces from the Pocket No. 2, Shuffled deck placed in pocket, performer able to pull out four Aces
Variations 1950 11
Francis Carlyle The Upside-Down Deck No. 3, spectator and performer each select card from half the deck and exchange it, then faced-deck Triumph without shuffle
Related toVariations 1950 11
John Scarne Swimmers No. 31, Deck is cut into four, cards are moved around in long procedure, reveal four Aces. Procedure repeated, reveal four Kings.
Related toVariations 1950 56
Dr. Jacob Daley The Mathematical Card Trick No. 33, Two cards selected from shuffled deck, deck split into two, when dealt down, both cards turn up at the same time
VariationsAlso published here 1950 59
Stewart James James's Miracle No. 72, two numbers from one to ten, chosen values lie at reversed chosen numbers
Related toVariations 1950 132
Nat Bernstein, Morty Zuckert The Obedient Cards No. 73, uses two named numbers to locate card
Variations 1950 134
Martin Gardner Five Nine King No. 94, card is freely selected, and its mates are found by cutting the deck.
Related toVariations 1950 176
John Scarne Scarne's Lie Speller No. 96
Related toVariations 1950 182
Harry Houdini, Nate Leipzig, Harry Levine Affinity in Numbers No. 110, after some mental calculation, the two digits of the total match the values of two selected cards
Variations 1950 212
Nate Leipzig The Complementary Cards No. 130, card with same suit and cards who add up to the value as thought-of card are produced from performer's pocket. Uses A,2,4,6 (instead of standard A,2,4,8).
Related toVariations 1950 250
Dr. Stanley Jaks The Key key balanced on finger turns over
Related toVariationsAlso published here Jan. 1952
The Phoenix (Issue 246)
Bill Simon "Touch" Retouched ungaffed, one card
Related toVariations 1952 148
Bob Hummer Mind Reader's Dream cards dealt according to thought-of card, with Dreambook to transfer number to card
VariationsAlso published here 1952 1
George Sands An Oddity paper slips with numbers on each side are arranged by the spectator, see 2022 reference for credit information
Related toAlso published here July 1954
The New Phoenix (Issue 312)
Mary Kinson, Lewis Ganson Fan See Card double-fan, outer layer ripped off except selection
VariationsAlso published here 1954 220
T. O'Connor Sloane The Mysteries of Nine Number forces using the number nine (e.g. 1089), includes variation by T. O'Connor Sloane using money
Related to 1956 163
Martin Gardner The "One Two Three" Trick three sets of Ace to Three are removed, one set put in a face-up row on table, one set put face down under those cards in the row, last three cards are distributed by spectator so they don't match the face-up cards, face-down cards either predict the placement, or each set has an Ace, Two and Three, also suggestion with other objects (different-sized cups of three colors)
Variations July 1956
Ibidem (Issue 6)
Bert Allerton The Jumping Flower paper napkin flower jumps from lapel to lapel, thread
Variations 1958 55
Dai Vernon Jumbo Surprise a card becomes a jumbo card when turned over on the table
Variations 1959 38
Dai Vernon "Picking off the Pip"
Related toVariations 1959 47
Martin Gardner Piano Mover piano card trick, one double lift
Related to Mar. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 16)
Senor Notis The Notis Cascade One-handed Riffle Shuffle with Cascade Finale
Related to 1960 31
Dai Vernon The Optical Move
Related to 1961 21
Sam Schwartz Sam-Ultaneous two cards are selected with the "card at position of cut-off number"-procedure, appear at same position in two piles
Related toVariations 1962 114
Paul Curry The Joker Knows spectator selects a card, which a vanishes and appears in the card case
Variations 1965 116
Chan Canasta Oops 9: Look out for a number 1089 force, prediction is 6801 on the page, must flip upside down to reveal prediction
Related to 1966 20
Dai Vernon Pure Mathematics "Chapter Sixteen", two numbers from one to ten, chosen values lie at reversed chosen numbers
Related to 1967 99
Fred G. Taylor Curious Count broken count force
Related toVariations Oct. 1968 210
Fred Lowe Question card chosen by cutting off some cards and counting...
  • Question for All
  • Question for Experts
  • Question for Connoisseurs
Variations 1969 134
Harry Lorayne Snap!
Related toVariations 1969 25
Dai Vernon Curious Count II covering cases two to five
Inspired byVariations Feb. 1969 239
Karl Fulves Even Money Proposition spectator is given pairs of red and black cards, he guesses all colors correctly, see p. 289 for reference, p. 292 for comments by George McLean & George Blake
Related toVariationsAlso published here May 1969 257
Charles Brent Fate pair of mates revealed by counting down to numbers rolled with dice, in second trick spot cards indicated number on die
Variations Oct. 1969 290
Roy Walton The Karl Le Fong Trick two cards noted by throwing three dice, cards change places
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1969 16
Roy Walton Stepping Stones solution for a problem posed by Fulves, several variations
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1969 21
John Hamilton Eyes of the Gods two spectators with half the deck each chose a card, spectators deal through deck and performer announces first card, second card spelled to
Related toVariationsAlso published here Aug. 1970 351
Lin Searles Moracle packet cut off and reduced to one card via reverse faros, this card predicted and four Aces on top of discard piles, see also p. 486 for comment by Charles Hudson
Inspired byRelated toVariations July 1971 430
Roy Walton Demi Demon mates are found, faro
VariationsAlso published here 1971 24
Eddie Fechter A Fechter Force packet cutting timing force with out
VariationsAlso published here 1972 45
David Solomon, Steve Draun S-D Location two phase location
Related toVariationsAlso published here Aug. 1972
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Richard Himber Try this for Size off beat prediction of position 14 3/4
Related toAlso published here
  • "Try This For Size" (Richard Himber, MUM, Sep. 1969)
1972 62
Frank Thompson F.T. Cut
VariationsAlso published here 1973 143
Karl Fulves Odds on Favorite Omega Bet, betting game in which a reversed card is part of a same-colored pair or not
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1973 79
Orville Wayne Meyer Round Up two selections, half held by spectator, cards are exchanged and deck assembled in face-up and face-down packets
Related to 1973
Magick (Issue 78)
Jerry Andrus Easy Waterfall cards cascading into other hand after faro, Notis type
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1973 12
Paul Curry A Swindle Of Sorts
Related toVariations 1974 7
Roy Walton The "Thing er me Jig" Trick cards are spelled with words "remember" and "forget"
VariationsAlso published here 1975 2
George Sands Lucky 13 prime principle force, small packet counted to named number until only one card remains
Related toVariationsAlso published here Aug. 1975 1035
Jerry Andrus Back Jog Turnover top cards pivot with one hand, for reversing the cards
Variations 1976 27
Rick Johnsson Raisin' Rabbits sponge rabbit vanishes and only leaves some dung in form of raisins
Related to 1976 75
Edward Marlo More Miracle Card Changes different variations (including tabled)
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1977 149
Mark Weston Splitz double backer is put in the center of the deck, the cards next to it are removed and the double backer split in two normal cards, the cards match the other two cards
Related toVariations July 1977
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 11)
Steve Beam Mental Address Book gag for getting phone number of spectator
1978 1
Steve Beam The Ringer ring is caught in knot, one handed
1978 1
Steve Beam Edition Addition name of selection found in newspaper add, card vanishes from deck
1978 2
Steve Beam Guillotine Idea gag, used blades
1978 2
Steve Beam The Vanishing Earthworm worm vanishes from tube, gag
1978 3
Steve Beam Utility Vanish worm vanishes from book, gag
1978 3
Steve Beam Cubio Routine presentation for Cubio, Die on string stops and slides on magician's command
1978 4
Steve Beam Routine For The Lota humorous presentation for the Lota bowl
1978 5
Steve Beam, Jimmy Heron Dry Clean Only patter for dye box / washing box trick
1978 6
Steve Beam On the Subject of Linking Rings humorous article
1978 12
Steve Beam Editorial about bringing more women to magic meetings, humorous article
1978 13
Steve Beam You're Joking removing jokers from face-down deck
Also published here 1978 15
Steve Beam Quick Change card on table is covered with a fan and transforms
Inspired by
  • Mathew Corin's "Novel Card Discovery" in "Genii" May, 1972.
VariationsAlso published here
1978 15
Steve Beam Card to Silk playing card changes into card silk
1978 15
Steve Beam The One Handed Pharoah one handed faro shuffle and cascade (Jerry Andrus)
Inspired byAlso published here 1978 18
Steve Beam Lazy Man's Deck Switch #1 dropping card during a trick, then take another deck
1978 22
Steve Beam Lazy Man's Deck Switch #2 as a gag
1978 22
Steve Beam Comeback off-beat prediction, same back design
1978 22
Steve Beam Flipover as a production, apparently from the middle, using a swing cut
Inspired byAlso published here 1978 24
Steve Beam Rapid Transit card appears face-up on the deck (using one handed top palm) vanishes again (face up Tent vanish) and appears face up in the center of the deck
Also published here 1978 25
Steve Beam Mabel using wind-up teeth
1978 26
Steve Beam How To Fan Cards humorous article, cartoons
1978 28
Steve Beam The African Shuffle shuffle gag, dated
1978 29
Steve Beam Pic A Card gag, dated
1978 30
Steve Beam Borrowed Deck Beauty to switch a borrowed deck in the context of a routine
1978 30
Steve Beam Visual Brainwave color changing deck, with signed selection
1978 33
Steve Beam Dancing Queen selection appears as a Tattoo on performers body
1978 35
Steve Beam Backdoor Force #1 using a table
1978 36
Steve Beam Split False Cut #1 multiple cuts, Hindu shuffle position
Also published here 1978 37
Steve Beam Split False Cut #2
1978 38
Steve Beam Electrocution card is found using an X-Ray machine, humorous routine
Inspired by
  • Lou Derman's "The X-Ray" in "Add Comedy to your Act"
1978 39
Steve Beam Glossary of Terms
1978 41
Steve Beam Thanksgiven
1978 42
Edward Marlo The 3½ Second Stack
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1979 314
Ron Ferris Ribbon Candy spectator finds red cards in black pile and black cards in red pile, alternating set up
Variations Sep. 1979
Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Steve Beam The Card Book - Introduction on the spiralbound deck of cards
  • About The Card Book
1979 1
Steve Beam Joker Removal spiralbound deck, Joker is removed, penetrates spiral
1979 1
Steve Beam Bound Reversal spiralbound deck, card is peeked and then found reversed
1979 2
Steve Beam Built-In Book Test II using spiralbound book and string
Inspired by
  • Alan Milan's "A Built-in Book Test" in Robert Nelson's "Comedy Mentalism Volume II" p. 30.
1979 4
Steve Beam, Wayne Wall Bending Over Backwards spiralbound deck, selected card is pulled through spiral
1979 5
Steve Beam Gettin A Rise Out Of It selected card rises out of spiralbound deck, holes intact
1979 7
Steve Beam Visual Penetration signed card is pulled from spiralbound deck
1979 8
Steve Beam, John Murray, Rhett Bryson, Bruce Turner Gags gags with the spiralbound deck
1979 9
Steve Beam Thanksgiven
1979 12
Steve Beam Three Problems for the Card Book posed problems with the spiralbound deck
1979 12
Steve Beam, Don Morris Introduction
1979 2
Steve Beam, Don Morris Why Mistakes Occur
1979 5
Steve Beam, Don Morris Why Recover? from mistakes
1979 5
Steve Beam, Don Morris Psychology on dealing with mistakes
1979 5
Steve Beam, Don Morris An Ounce of Prevention "preventions are 'outs for Outs'"
1979 7
Steve Beam, Don Morris Basic Sleights outs for screwed up sleights
  • Double Lift
  • False Shuffle
  • Forcing
  • Palming
1979 7
Steve Beam, Don Morris Out! when selected card is narrowed to two cards
1979 8
Steve Beam, Don Morris Spelling spelling as an out
1979 9
Steve Beam, Don Morris Lost Cherries black cherries gag to find out if card is red or black
1979 9
Steve Beam, Don Morris Back Stabber prediction card becomes locator card, out
1979 10
Steve Beam, Don Morris Fingering The Fan fan stop force, as an out
1979 10
Steve Beam, Don Morris Complementary Out out, card with same value and same suit are removed from pocket
Inspired by 1979 11
Steve Beam, Don Morris Just Joking based on a Paul Curry idea from Magician's Magic (?), card vanishes and appear in pocket, with Jokers, as an Out
1979 12
Steve Beam, Don Morris Brainwave Deck brainwave as an Out
1979 12
Charles Hopkins, Steve Beam, Don Morris Card Index using a card index as an Out
Related to 1979 13
Steve Beam, Don Morris Houdini's Out when spectator wants to replace card himself and shuffle, Out
1979 13
Steve Beam, Don Morris Wrong Number on spectator trying to trick magician, out
1979 13
Steve Beam, Don Morris All At Once! gag as Out, when card is lost in the deck
1979 14
Steve Beam, Don Morris Coins on Outs for coins, very brief explanation of Utility Switch
Also published here 1979 16
Steve Beam, Don Morris Tips & Prevention general comments when working with coins
1979 16
Steve Beam, Don Morris First Drop All Day outs for mistakes with coins
1979 17
Steve Beam, Don Morris Flashing what to do when coin flashes
1979 18
Steve Beam, Don Morris Talking Out, when coins click togehter
1979 18
Steve Beam, Don Morris Hecklers Out, when spectator wants to see performer's hands
1979 18
Steve Beam, Don Morris, Wayne Wall Stage Outs Outs for mistakes on stage
Also published here 1979 20
Steve Beam, Don Morris Dice - An Illustration outs for Dice Stacking, humorously naming the different possibilities of how the dice are arranged
1979 21
Steve Beam, Don Morris Conclusion
1979 24
Steve Beam, Don Morris Thanksgiven
1979 24
Steve Beam, Don Morris Selected Bibliography
1979 25
Steve Beam Introduction
1979 2
Steve Beam Fool I two cards are pushed out from spread, location of one card can be named
Also published here 1979 4
Steve Beam Fool II two cards are pushed out from spread, identity of one card and location of other card are named
1979 6
Steve Beam King Charlier I four Ace production, at once
1979 7
Steve Beam The Shuffle distribution of four cards
Also published here 1979 7
Steve Beam King Charlier II production of four cards using Charlier Cuts with both hands
Also published here 1979 9
Steve Beam Secrets combination lock on card case, gag
1979 10
Steve Beam Split Cutting The Aces
1979 10
Steve Beam The Maeb-Y Count (Pronounced "Maybe") right hand buckle as cards are counted from right to left, Veeser concept
Also published here 1979 13
Steve Beam Split Fan fan splits in the middle as soon as spectator tries to take a card, gag
Also published here 1979 15
Steve Beam The Non-Sandwich Jack Trick two Jacks places into the deck, number is called and performer cuts deck into two piles, both Jacks are found at named number
1979 16
Steve Beam I.O.U. gag, spectator has to sign a contract, as a cover to load card into wallet
1979 18
Steve Beam, Randy Tanner Flipper card is flipped face up between two halves
1979 19
Steve Beam, Phillip Young, Terry Turner Late Show puns with playing cards and gag for chinese wands
Also published here 1979 21
Marshall Pope Pop Up perpendicular between two halves, without table
VariationsAlso published here 1979 22
Steve Beam Mathematical Card Trick calculator is used to find position of selection, humorous presentation
Also published here 1979 24
Steve Beam, Dennis Slice Spare Change card face up in ribbon spread, spread is turned over and reversed card removed, change into selection
1979 26
Steve Beam Level With Me gag using a carpenter's level
Also published here 1979 27
Steve Beam Set-Up gag to set up deck, apparently quickly counting the cards
1979 29
Steve Beam Gone! single card vanish in the hands, as an ending for the Piano trick
1979 29
Steve Beam Kings and Aces Aces change to Kings and back
Also published here 1979 32
Steve Beam Cutting Match two decks cut, they are both cut between the same two cards, criss cross type handling
Also published here 1979 36
Steve Beam On the Subject of False Shuffles humorous article
1979 39
Steve Beam Double Choice two selected cards, same position in both halves
1979 41
Steve Beam Change-Up faces and backs of four cards change
Related to 1979 42
Steve Beam Cards Are People Too as soon as card is touched by spectator is jumps from deck, gag
1979 45
Steve Beam Simple Coincidence card removed as prediction, another chosen card matches via Turnover Change
Also published here 1979 46
Steve Beam Dissertation on Magic with Bodily Functions using saliva and earwax etc. for card magic, humorous article
  • Natural Force
  • The Ultimate
1979 47
Steve Beam Push Thru Dollar coin penetrates cased deck, selection is found to have a hole in it
1979 49
Steve Beam Interlocked Coin Vanish balancing coin on thumb
1979 55
Steve Beam Endorsed Advertisement humorous article
1979 74
Steve Beam Color Changing Comb
1979 75
Steve Beam Flash Flowers ball of fire changes to bouquet of flowers, then doves are produced from dove pan
1979 77
Steve Beam Eyeglasses glass vanishes, and is produced from eye
1979 78
Steve Beam Brush Off out when something goes wrong, using a brush
Also published here 1979 82
Steve Beam For Collectors Only humorous article, how to get autographs of famous people
1979 83
David Brumble Fly Down magician's zipper slowly opens by itself
Related to 1979 84
Steve Beam Impromptu Pen Suspension
1979 85
Steve Beam The Care and Handling of Doves humorous article
1979 88
Steve Beam Spirit Genetilia nut and string, routine
1979 91
Steve Beam The End humorous article
1979 94
Steve Beam Beam's 'ye Ole Tricky But Trustworthy Magic Shoppe Emporium Catalog humorous article
1979 96
Steve Beam Thanksgiven
1979 97
Steve Beam Introduction
1980 2
Steve Beam Mental Case spectator divines card, naturally printed on card case
Variations 1980 6
Steve Beam Joker Magnet Jokers are cut into the two halves of the deck face up, cards next to Jokers are four of a kind
Related to 1980 8
Steve Beam Mexican Transit System
Related to 1980 12
Steve Beam Cutting to the Aces spectator cuts and finds two Aces, Aces are cut inside the two halves to find other Aces
1980 15
Steve Beam Maeb-Y Veeser Variation right hand buckle as cards are counted from right to left
Related to 1980 16
Steve Beam Lucky 13 spectator cuts to two indicator cards, which total the position of the selection, see Semi-Automatic Card Tricks for variation
Related to 1980 28
Steve Beam Countdown values of two cut to cards are added and total leads to selection, 14/15 stack
1980 31
Steve Beam Mating Season I dealing through the halves and spectator stops, mates
Related to 1980 33
Steve Beam Mating Season II dealing through the halves and spectator stops, mates, different method as in Mating Season I
Related to 1980 35
Steve Beam Talk About Your Nice Locations values of two cut to cards are added and total leads to selection
1980 37
Steve Beam Twice As Nice two cards are reversed in the deck and then count up to the value of their card, both land on the same card, which was predicted
1980 40
Steve Beam Thrice As Nice variation of Twice As Nice
1980 42
Steve Beam Dissertation On Palming humorous article
1980 43
Steve Beam Overlooking Miracles using oily skin as daub
1980 45
Steve Beam The Best I Could Scratch Up
Related to
  • Paul Clive's "On the Side" in "Card Tricks Without Skill"
1980 46
Steve Beam Lost and Found
1980 48
Steve Beam The Five Foot Shelf humorous article
1980 50
Steve Beam Cut Up selection turns over in the middle of a Charlier Cut
Also published here 1980 51
Steve Beam Drop Change face up card is dropped on face down pile and changes to other card
Also published here 1980 52
Steve Beam Twister using the Tenkai Palm
Also published here 1980 54
Steve Beam Flipped Out production of four Aces
1980 57
Steve Beam Visual Transposition combination of the Maeb-y Veeser Variation and the Twister change
Also published here 1980 60
Steve Beam Beam's Choice production of four of a kind, pivot out of the deck
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 1980 63
Steve Beam The Last Word
1980 67
Steve Beam Thanksgiven
1980 69
Steve Beam Introduction booklet with gags and lines for card magicians
1980 2
Steve Beam Leave A Message pun about "calling cards"
1980 4
Steve Beam Pain! pun about paper cuts
1980 4
Steve Beam A Real Stinker pun when spectator cuts cards
1980 4
Steve Beam Split Fan fan splits in the middle as soon as spectator tries to take a card, gag
Also published here 1980 4
Steve Beam A Little Light On The Subject gag with flashlight for the beginning of a close-up show
1980 5
Steve Beam You're Joking removing jokers from face-down deck
Also published here 1980 5
Steve Beam Red Letter Day gag with ABC card, impression
1980 6
Steve Beam New Deck gag, producing a cherry from the deck
1980 6
Steve Beam Rolling Along sitting on a roll, gag
1980 7
Steve Beam Another Opener gag, deck with a "rare" sticker
1980 7
Steve Beam Choreography drum roll gag
1980 8
Steve Beam Late Show puns while changing cards
Also published here 1980 8
Steve Beam Square Up squaring cards up joke, using scissors
1980 9
Steve Beam Playing Cards pun
1980 9
Steve Beam Wrong Box Christmas card gag
1980 9
Steve Beam The History of Fanning gags and puns while doing fans
1980 9
Steve Beam Charity gag
1980 10
Steve Beam Too Many Cards quickly finding the joker, gag
1980 10
Steve Beam Ding-a-Ling gag using bells, pun
1980 11
Steve Beam The Visine Change gag while doing color change
1980 12
Steve Beam Paper Cut pun, while spectator cuts deck
1980 12
Steve Beam Level With Me gag using a carpenter's level
Also published here 1980 12
Steve Beam, Kevin Justice The Hospital Trick deck in card case, humorous presentation
1980 13
Steve Beam Fairy Story gag when using a wand
1980 15
Steve Beam Case Study card case with handle, gag
1980 16
Steve Beam Holy Writing gags using pen
1980 16
Steve Beam Magic Can Be Fun! gag using a whip
1980 16
Steve Beam Marked Cards gag
1980 17
Steve Beam Drop By gag when something drops on the floor
Also published here
  • "Inside Outs Or For My Next Trick I'll Try One That Works"
1980 17
Steve Beam A Hairy Situation shaving deck gag
1980 19
Steve Beam Finger Exercise pun about jogs
1980 19
Steve Beam Relief! fanning powder the deck in the middle of the trick, gag
1980 19
Steve Beam Visual Magic running cut pun
1980 20
Steve Beam Keep It Down! pun, rising card
1980 20
Steve Beam Who's The Dummy? gag using Tally-Ho cards
1980 20
Steve Beam At A Loss for Words? patter phrases to say after show of other magicians, gags
1980 21
Steve Beam Thanksgiven
1980 22
Jeff White Ring Thru Hand during linking rings routine, ring goes through palm of the hand
Variations 1980 28
David Roth Pop Outs tabled production under finger tip
Related toVariations 1981 20
Steve Beam Introduction
1981 1
Steve Beam Light and Dark Switch "This is a good alternative for The Bobo Switch"
1981 4
Don Morris, Steve Beam Modified Copper/Silver Toss
1981 6
Steve Beam Thumbs Up Switch table edge, lapping
1981 6
Steve Beam In a Pinch stealing one of several into Tenkai Pinch, one-handed
1981 6
Steve Beam Flipped Out coin switched as it is picked up and flipped in air, one-handed
1981 8
Steve Beam Copper/Silver Flipped Out (transformation) use of previous switch
1981 10
Steve Beam Drawback one half dollar under each hand, they travel under one hand, in repeat change into dollar
1981 11
Steve Beam Drawback and Nothing variation of previous trick with vanish finale, tabled
1981 13
Steve Beam Delayed Table Transit one half dollar under each hand, they travel under one hand
1981 13
Keith Breen, Steve Beam Two Cards, Two Coins transposition underneath two cards
1981 14
Steve Beam Chinese-A-Chinese coins stick to hand
1981 15
Steve Beam Copper/Copper/Copper/Silver coin changes when tossed to hand
1981 17
Steve Beam Change Purse lapping
1981 18
Steve Beam Foreign Coins two coins transform into American coins, ends clean
1981 20
Steve Beam Spellbound Again
1981 22
Steve Beam Dime and Penny dime changes into American penny, edge grip
1981 25
Steve Beam The Pancake Coin very thin coin, shaved
1981 26
Steve Beam Polish Heads or Tails coin covered, performer can uncover coin and always win, using Pancake Coin
1981 26
Steve Beam Heads or Heads demonstration of controlled coin flip, using Pancake Coin
1981 27
Steve Beam Through the Table with glass and single coin, coin seen halfway in table, using Pancake Coin
1981 27
Steve Beam Susan B. head on coin changes, using Pancake Coin
1981 28
Steve Beam Push Thru Dollar coin visibly penetrates cased deck, all cards have holes except selection, using Pancake Coin
1981 29