Written by Tom Gagnon
Work of Tom Gagnon, Various
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Illustrated with drawings by Tom Gagnon
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Tom Gagnon Acknowledgements
Tom Gagnon Preface
Newell Unfried Introduction
Underground Card Magic
Dai Vernon Vernon's Five Hands performer blindfolded, five hands dealt, one for performer, four spectators remember a card and put it back in any position in their hands, deck shuffled and dealt, no one has his selection, they are not in performer's hand, on next deal everyone gets his selection and performer names them
Inspired byRelated to 1
Setting a Bridge at inner end in packet above break
Dai Vernon Vernon's Mind Bridge spectator thinks of a card in a bridge hand, deck shuffled and dealt out again, spectator indicates the hand that contains his card, performer stops at selection while dealing through those thirteen cards
Edward Marlo Marlo's Flexible Prediction Plot strategy for writing a prediction on a cigarette paper, putting it in a card case, and switching it for one of about six outs, cards or other items
David Malek Malek's Instant Memorized Deck position in shuffled deck is named and performer knows card, memory presentation
  • Additional Handling (convincer by Darwin Ortiz)
Also published here 12
Randy Wakeman Jack Lives Matter Aces cut to one by one, they change to Jacks, Aces found again at once
Randy Wakeman The Warmth Of Your Touch HaLo Cut production sequence
Also published here 14
Frank Shields Four Card Display Move
Also published here 16
Gary Plants It's Not Here card chosen from fourteen-card packet, selection vanishes, reappears face up
Inspired by
  • "Where Has It Gone" (Hideo Kato, Genii, Sept. 1969)
Light-Reft Spread Pass reverse spreading the halves
Related to 19
Geno Munari Geno Munari's Middle Deal Aces Aces dealt face up into named hand in seven-handed game, center deal demo
Harvey Rosenthal Almost Self-Working named four-of-a-kind out-jogged and pushed in again, then all four cards are shown reversed in different positions
Harvey Rosenthal Tenkai Palm Turnover cards stolen into right-hand Tenkai palm, deck turned over and cards inserted again in different positions
Tom Gagnon No Palm Card In Case card inserted in tabled spread, later found in case
Inspired by 28
Geno Munari Geno Munari's Thought Wave card thought of, eight piles shown to spectator to ask whether he sees one of the same value etc., deck shuffled at the start, age cards
Troy Hooser Troy Hooser's Clipped paper clip attached to top card, card chosen in center, then top card shown to be selected card
Bernard Bilis Bilis' Signature Finders three cards are signed on the back and put under case, signatures jump to the backs of three other cards twice
Altman Trap with Push-Off going from the Altman Trap to a push-off with base of left thumb
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Sanvert's Shuffle Tracking Aces Aces lost into four piles, then cut to again, breather
Steve Ehlers Making the Rounds two selections, first travels to two different pockets, then to tabled sandwich, second selection travels twice under the case
Steve Ehlers The Discrepancy Switch breakless turnover type switch of one of two cards, as face-down card in tabled sandwich is shown
Jeff Altman Jeff Altman's Four Card Trick a card changes into four selections one by one
Edward Marlo Bottop Change
Gary McCoy Double Lateral Bottom Deal Aces four tabled packets made with Aces showing on top
Tom Gagnon The Lateral Bottom Deal left hand holds packet palm down, when turned palm up the bottom card is dealt out on inner end, as deck is cut and top portion is turned over and top card apparently thumbed off
  • The Grip
  • The Loosening
  • The False Deal
  • The Simulated Push-off
Also published here 54
George McBride Missed Match two cards dealt to with named numbers, they're not mates, but mates are found when dealing twice to their added value
Inspired byAlso published here 59
Deane Stern Free Choice five cards removed from face-down spread, one chosen and lost, spectator finds it again, other cards are shown to be Aces
Inspired by 60
Art Altman Double Undercut Palm
Also published here 60
Theodore Annemann An Improvement A La Carte equivoque force of one of five tabled cards in cross layout
Related to 62
Newell Unfried Fred G. Taylor Curious Count handling of the broken count force
  • Variation
Inspired by 63
Tom Gagnon A Fan of Müller's Three-Card Catch one-handed sandwich throw with deck in one-hand fan configuration, selection really stripped from center
Inspired by 64
Roger Klause Klause's Overworked Card Triumph type of effect, one card travels from bottom to top and turns every reversed card over
Inspired by 66
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve illustrations don't seem to match
Jim Turnpaugh Destiny two selections lost, first found with Triumph and placed aside, then same selection is found again reversed in deck and first found card is now second selection
Martin A. Nash Optical Revolve Handling
Also published here 69
Tom Gagnon Inverse Spread Switch card is reversed or odd-backed in center of tabled spread, top portion scooped up and card switched, brief
Also published here 70
Jim Molinari Spade and Archer seven cards end up in sandwich, those lead to selection eventually
Inspired by 72
Tom Gagnon Seven Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears on top of the deck, repeat
Inspired by 75
Tom Gagnon Flexible Turnover Move normal card and double facer
Also published here 78
Francis Carlyle Paddle Move
Tom Gagnon Top Card Cover Spread Pass
Inspired by 80
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Ribbon Spread Card Fold fourths, when picking up tabled spread, card pre-scored
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Spread Control center card rides under cards when spread on table
Also published here 84
Giancarlo Scalia One-Handed Ascanio Spread
  • Four as Three
  • Five as Four
Also published here 88
John Rakinakis Rackanacus False Cut credited to Vernon in Vernon Chronicles
Also published here 90
Vic Trabucco Trabucco's Turnover Switch bottom cards half-passed under four-card spread on top of deck, then all eight cards are flipped over
Harvey Rosenthal Rosenthal's Favorite Multiple Shift get-in for Bluff Shift and spread pass clean-up
Inspired by 94
Harvey Rosenthal Reverse Cull Handling bottom card transferred somewhere into center, right-hand end grip, card in clip palm
Heel Break Transfer from heel to fourth finger, brief
Tom Gagnon Veeser-Gagnon Bluff Multiple Shift Vesser typo, all Aces shown as they are inserted
Inspired by 96
Cliff Green Cliff Green Double here incorrectly called Marlo's "In-a-Jiffy Double"
Also published here 97
Howard Hamburg Kosky-Hamburg Switch Subtlety hidden card slid into view as double is pushed forward
Harvey Rosenthal, Peter Duffie Rosenthal-Duffie Riffle Force with break
Inspired by
  • Peter Duffie, Move Mastery Vol. 3
Bernard Bilis Bernard Bilis Add-On Moves two methods to steal cards from deck or packet with one hand and add them to packet into right hand, see following entries
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Bernard Bilis The Bilis One-Handed Side Steal card from center is in-jogged, pivoted out one-handed similar to Chris Power palm, then palmed as deck is set on table
Related toVariations 104
Bernard Bilis The Bilis One-Handed Side Steal Variation deck transferred to right hand which then completes the palm steal as deck is set on table
Inspired by 105
Bernard Bilis Raise Rise Palm Steal card from center secretly pushed out and right hand flat/Tenkai palms it in gesture
Howard Hamburg Hamburg Four for Four Switch finesse of scooping up first three cards then a single with that block, broken up scoop, transformation application
Related to
  • The Card Artistry of Andrew Wimhurst, 2001, video
Giancarlo Scalia Scalia's Phantom Load without end grip
Tom Gagnon Gagnon's Vertical Takeoff performer starts vertical ribbon spread, stops in the middle and thumbs off a card, then continues the spread, the card is a selection
  • Method One: Outward Deal Variant
  • Method Two: Inward Bottom Deal
Inspired byVariations 112
Tom Gagnon Topping the Vertical Takeoff face-up version with cover card
Inspired by 114
Jack Carpenter Carpenter's Cut Card Hop
Jack Carpenter One-Handed Table Spread Shift to the bottom, ribbon spread cover, cover cards, "LeClaire Pass"
Jack Carpenter Slap and Tap one-handed table shift
Inspired by 120
Giancarlo Scalia Chaotic Direct Steal palm/drag steal during table wash shuffle
Steve Beam Beam's Red & Black Shuffles intro
Steve Beam Shuffle Number One three-shuffle sequence
Steve Beam Shuffle Number Two
Inspired by 125
Tom Gagnon Fan Glimpse to Hindu Shuffle one-handed fan after peek, followed by hindu shuffle control
Inspired by 126
Tom Gagnon X-Step after One-Hand Fan
Tom Gagnon Fan Glimpse to Overhand Shuffle one-handed fan after peek, followed by overhand shuffle control
Inspired by 128
Tom Gagnon Ribbon Spread Flustration Display deck in right-hand end grip, bottom card shown, a few cards spread onto the table, bottom card of right-hand part shown again, repeated a few times
Tom Gagnon One-Handed Versatile Get Ready deck in right-hand end grip, bottom card displaced for tabled Gagnon Spread Control applications
Tom Gagnon One-Hand Behind the Back Force
Inspired by 136
Edward Marlo Outward Throw Bottom Deal
Also published here 136
Giancarlo Scalia Scalia's One-Card Bluff Cut ends with stepped configuration
Steve Beam Upside-Down Reverse action reverse with master move start (or deep lateral palm for multiple cards), overhand shuffle cover
Giancarlo Scalia Giancarlo Scalia's Ribbon Spread Convincing Control
Inspired by 141
Giancarlo Scalia Tabled Double Pick-Up
Roger Klause Top Card Cover S.W.E. Shift
Inspired by 144
Gordon Bruce Bruce's Top Card Cover S.W.E.
Inspired by 146
Ron Bauer Bauer's Riffle Action Palm single card
Also published here 147
Newell Unfried The Flick under-the-spread force handling to get card into view
Newell Unfried Koynini Force divination of a card
Inspired by 151
Contemporary Tilt Techniques
Gordon Bruce Tilt Clincher
Gordon Bruce Depth Illusion Convincer right first finger adds to illusion, also for front tilt
Tom Gagnon Gagnon's Depth Deception subtlety, card apparently sticks out from the side and is squared in on table
Inspired by 154
Gordon Bruce Double Rise one half in front of spectator and one in front of performer, top cards remembered by each and put in each other's half where they rise to the top, using tilt
Gordon Bruce Ambitious Tilt Aces Aces put on top, then inserted into center one by one, they rise back to top, two tilt breaks
Inspired by 157
Tom Gagnon Bluff Tilt ribbon spread tilt throw-off, card travels to bottom
Exploiting the Corner-Short
Tom Gagnon Veeser-Gagnon Bluff Multiple Shift #2 with corner-shorted deck except Aces
Inspired by 160
Bluff Spacing Insertion
Bill Simon Airing the Strip-Out deck beveled for easier strip-out
Also published here 162
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Spread Control from Corner Shorted Deck starts without jogs or breaks
Inspired by 162
Tom Gagnon Veeser-Gagnon Bluff Multiple Shift #3 Aces corner shorted
Inspired by 164
Tap Jog tapping deck onto table on a corner to jog out corner-shorted cards
Tom Gagnon Not So Simple Multiple Shift Gagnon Spread Control to get the cards to the bottom after the cut
Inspired by 169
Tom Gagnon Corner-Short Negative Strippers deck corner shorted except Aces, strip-out handling in tabled riffle shuffle position
Tom Gagnon Corner-Short Extraction Move getting cards to bottom with strip-out during hindu shuffle in corner-shorted deck
Tom Gagnon Technicolor Elevator Revisited odd-backed, using Gagnon Spread Control, one deck corner-shorted
Inspired by 176
Close-Up Medley
Joe Monti Joe Monti's Karate Coin handling with silver dollar and borrowed finger ring
Inspired by 183
Bob Chesbro Shoestring Catch borrowed finger ring put in match box, performer removes shoelace of one shoe and puts it with box under handkerchief, ring vanishes surprisingly and is found threaded on the performer's other shoelace still on his shoe, dated 1985
Jeff Johnson Mumbo Jumbo jumbo coin appearance at end of matrix routine
Barry Govan Govan's Upshot coin vanishes completely, secretly tossed to ceiling where it sticks
Inspired by 194
Chuck King Muscling In muscle passing a coin into cuff
Bob Chesbro Belted For a Loop borrowed finger ring travels to belt loop of performer, permanently sewn on
Harrison Carroll Einstein Coins number prediction with bowl of coins
Andrew Galloway Galloway's Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
Inspired by 203
Deane Stern Stern's Comedy Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
Inspired by 205
Bob Chesbro Chesbro's Retention Coin Vanish thumb base pushes coin back, Freeman
Bob Chesbro Grabbing a Nightcap chosen card appears on piece of paper between two bottle caps
Inspired by 209
Sol Stone Not So Rapid Transit coin vanish and reproduction routine, then change into jumbo coin
Sol Stone One to Five Vanish
Also published here 211
Tom Gagnon Radical Expansion visual switch of tabled coin with aid of playing card into jumbo coin
Inspired by 213
Bob Chesbro Chesbro Copper/Silver Transposition
Tom Gagnon Pickup, Snap, and Displacement Move one-handed pick-up and transfer into Tenkai Pinch
Inspired by 218
Tom Gagnon Pool Cue Card Stab whole deck has whole through middle, mixed up in paper bag, pool cue stabbed through bag and selection is impaled on cue
Inspired byVariations 220
Tom Gagnon Simplex Pool Cue Card Stab whole deck has whole through middle, mixed up in paper bag, pool cue stabbed through bag and selection is impaled on cue
Inspired by 224
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