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203 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
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Jon Racherbaumer Acknowledgements
Jon Racherbaumer Context grandiose justification for presenting the items in no particular order
Jon Racherbaumer Foreword
Jon Racherbaumer Ramble
Jon Racherbaumer Ayes of the Gods two-card challenge location
Inspired byVariations 1
Edward Marlo Stripper Deck for Divided Deck Locations
Edward Marlo Impromptu Ayes of the Gods either the two selections are in same position in two halves, or they are located via fishing
Inspired by 2
Jon Racherbaumer, Bob Farmer On the Free-Cut Principle credit information
Jon Racherbaumer Torque'd and Topped A-2-3-4 twisting with Royal Flush transformation, three double facers, credit information
Inspired by 6
Jon Racherbaumer Olram Catches a Card card selected, Kings dropped on deck and one-handed throw cut done, sandwich with selection remains in hand
Related to
  • comments by Bruce Cervon in Genii Vol. 51 No. 7, Jan. 1988, p. 472
VariationsAlso published here
  • "Olram Catches a Card" (Genii, Vol. 51 No. 5, Nov. 1987)
Chuck Morris Finessed ATFUS
Edward Marlo One Hand Throw Cut as sandwich catch
Related to 12
Jon Racherbaumer What is the so-called Hofzinser Toss? credit information
Jon Racherbaumer A Stripper Catches a Card deck tossed on table, sandwich remains in hand, using end strippers
Inspired byVariations 14
Edward Marlo Non-Stripper Catch ungaffed handling
Inspired by 16
Jon Racherbaumer Tossing Lunch selection caught between sandwich cards as deck is tossed on table
Inspired by 18
Jon Racherbaumer On Catching Sandwich Tosses credit information, Reinhard Müller's 3-Card Catch
Related to 19
Jon Racherbaumer When Collectors Become Catchers "Tossed Collectors", deck thrown on table, collectors arrangement remains in hand, faro or non-faro handling by Ed Marlo
Jon Racherbaumer Visual Retention Sandwich visual, card appears sandwich as sandwich cars are tossed face down on table
Inspired by 22
Jon Racherbaumer What's the Point of this Departure?
Inspired byRelated to 24
Tom Ellis Drop Sleight Variant credit information, coming up in the world
Jon Racherbaumer Fixing the Vegas Split
Inspired by 29
Edward Marlo Sure-Fire Covered Get-Ready getting break under top cards while displaying a face-up side-jogged card on deck
Richard Kaufman Radical Change credit information
Edward Marlo Predictable Princess ten-card set-up, five envelopes as predictions
Inspired by
  • "Princess A-Hoy" (Peter Tappan & Ross Johnson, The Impostress Princess)
Jon Racherbaumer Of the Psychic Princess Presentation comment and distinction of both effects titled "Princess Card Trick"
Jon Racherbaumer Fuddle Aces two Aces are turned face up, all turn face up, selection found at the end, red and black Aces trasnpose as well
Inspired by 36
Edward Marlo Book Break
Jon Racherbaumer, Niberco Late-Night Arising freely and fairly lost selection rises, using handkerchief, stay stack with dupliates
Inspired by 40
Jon Racherbaumer Sudden Sandwich challenge sandwich, stay stack with duplicates
Inspired by 43
Jon Racherbaumer What About Hummer's Number? cards shuffled face-up/face-down with some procedure, result predicted
Inspired by 44
Jon Racherbaumer Waylaid Assembly with hooks for magicians
Inspired by
  • "Delayed Ace Assembly" (Ed Marlo, Magic Manuscript Vol. 3 No. 4)
Jon Racherbaumer A Case for Hofzinser Ace travels into card case at the end
Jon Racherbaumer Shadow Drop bottom cards of out-jogged packet stolen back onto deck without moving packet back
Variations 52
Edward Marlo Longitudinal Anchored Add-On
Related to 53
Edward Marlo Marlo's Third Solution to Hofzinser's Card Problem
Inspired by 55
Jon Racherbaumer Homing Kings four-card repeat with four Kings, last card changes into selection
Inspired by 56
Edward Marlo Automatic Book Break
Edward Marlo Unit Upjog Addition
Jon Racherbaumer Sandwich for Stebbins spectator cuts off pile, remembers bottom card and shuffles pile, card known and glimpsed and controlled via faro cut
Inspired by 61
Gene Castillon Boozy Poker Revisited
Related to 62
Bruce Florek Post-It Prediction prediction on post-it stuck on face card to deck, spectator cuts and faces deck below table at predicted card, with handling without stranger card by Ed Marlo
Inspired by 66
Jon Racherbaumer Figures versus Prefiguration sixteen cards, odd-backed card as climax
Inspired byVariations 68
Edward Marlo Biddling Brown in the Round
Inspired byVariations 71
Edward Marlo Veeser Concept Handling
Jon Racherbaumer Crossing a Princess with ESP cards, circle and four alphabet cards end up spelling CROSS
Gene Castillon, Jon Racherbaumer Surreal Monte sidewalk shuffle version without mis-indexed cards
Inspired by 76
Jon Racherbaumer Backing the Universal Card blank card changes into each of three selections
  • Lay Audience Approach
  • Magician's Approach
Inspired by 82
Jon Racherbaumer, Paul Diamond The Zen Two-Shooter bullet trick, repeat feature, credit information
Inspired by 88
Jon Racherbaumer Rising Robbers four-of-a-kind distributed in deck, rises to top
Inspired byVariations 92
Jon Racherbaumer Rising Crime Display Variation
Variations 93
Jon Racherbaumer A Night in the Big Easy credit information, see p. 101
Variations 95
Jon Racherbaumer Mexican Addition card added to packet that is flipped over with another card
Related to 99
Jon Racherbaumer The Dreamy Dream Clock mate of clock-selection predicted in pocket and hour reversed in deck
Variations 101
Jon Racherbaumer Beat the Clock
Edward Marlo Hop-Skip-Jump three piles, Jacks put on center pile travel to outer piles, one under case, three methods
Inspired by 107
Edward Marlo End Grip Transfer packet to packet
Edward Marlo Switch-less Switch
Edward Marlo Drop Sleight
Related to 114
Jon Racherbaumer Strange Siamese Strangers two cards tabled, they turn out to be later selection and though-of card
Inspired by 115
Jon Racherbaumer Spectator Card to Wallet Himber wallet
Inspired by
  • Terry LaGerould handling
Edward Marlo Unstacked Peek-Look-Think three cards chosen by different means, spectators each find each others cards, without set-up
Inspired by 119
Edward Marlo Unhappy Students three methods
Related to 122
Bob Stencel Fixing the Gazinta two phases
Edward Marlo Reversing the Field four Aces turn over three times in a row, credit information
Also published here 134
Ron Bauer If you are going to Peek, Look, and Think, at least Pique, Hook, and Link three cards chosen by different means, spectators each find each others cards
Inspired by 142
Jon Racherbaumer The Broken Clock faro
Inspired by 147
Larry Jennings The Post-Pineapple Surprise transformation kicker, double facers
  • Racherbaumer Handling of Step 6
Related toVariations 151
Jon Racherbaumer Prelude to Touch Turn
Inspired by 153
Edward Marlo Olram Ace Vanishes Rub-a-dub style and Tent style
Inspired by 155
Martin A. Nash Juice-Work "Chater's Code", dashes and dots
Jon Racherbaumer Two-Card Force-Field Ceremony spectator finds his selection, then transposition
Slip Force
Michael Close Off-Color Reset odd-backed, credit information
Nick Trost Psi Stebbins Lie Speller
Nick Trost Tale of the Tell credit information (last paragraph)
Simon Aronson Adding the Aronson Kicker prediction kicker
Jon Racherbaumer Completely Blown Away
Inspired by 176
Jon Racherbaumer Polish Princess Card Trick credit information, four methods
Inspired by 178
Jon Racherbaumer Ninety Degrees in the Shade two cards to two pockets
Inspired byAlso published here 184
Peter Duffie Pocket Ruse producing two cards from different pockets with one palm
Edward Marlo Direct Rear Palm card placed directly in palm
Edward Marlo Easy Palm Transfer cop to classic
Edward Marlo Topping Mental Topper - First Effect four spectators count down in a packet to the value of their though-of card, divined from second deck
Inspired byVariations 190
Edward Marlo Topping Mental Topper - Second Effect four slips of paper with predictions, four spectators think of a card of a certain suit and transfer cards from top to bottom according to their value
Variations 193
Edward Marlo Topping Mental Topper - Third Effect like second effect but mates in shirt pocket instead of written predictions
Inspired by 195
Edward Marlo Topping Mental Topper - Fourth Effect four spectators think of four cards like before, they vanish and are produced from four pockets
Edward Marlo Topping Mental Topper - Fifth Effect four thought-of cards from different suits located, spectator's count down their value, shuffle and deck switch
Edward Marlo Topping Mental Topper - Sixth Effect
Inspired by
  • "Faro's Dream" (Ed Marlo, Linking Ring)
Edward Marlo Topping Mental Topper - Seventh Effect version with two thought-of card, red and black
Inspired by 201
Edward Marlo Topping Mental Topper - Eighth Effect no set-up
Inspired by 201
Edward Marlo Memorized Mentalism four spectators think of cards of different suits, version with memorized deck
Inspired by 202
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