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Victor Farelli The Card to "Wallet" credit information
1933 87
A Strange Hallucination thought of card to wallet, matrix principle
Variations 1933 87
Victor Farelli, Harry Venson With an Unprepared Pocket-Book
1933 94
Franklin M. Chapman Again - The Card in the Wallet card loaded behind back while card is apparently located by touch which fails, wallet rubber-banded
Variations 1936 5
The "Easy" Card In Wallet card brought to arm pit from behind back
1937 22
Theodore Annemann Pocketbook Card card to ungaffed banded wallet, duplicate with subtle mark
Also published here 1937
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1937)
John Scarne The Card in the Wallet
1938 572
E. Leslie May Pocket Presto nice transposition presentation
Mar. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 54)
Theodore Annemann, Morris Loewy The Pocketbook Card credits see p. 461
Nov. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 66)
Franklin M. Chapman Emergency Card in Wallet to spectator's wallet
Feb. 1939
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Theodore Annemann Card in High initialed card burned in newspaper (dummy card printed on newspaper), reappears in rubber banded wallet (with dummy behind glass)
Related to 1940
The Jinx (Issue 95)
Charles Hopkins 30 - Card in wallet.
1940 44
Louis Capiaux Cartes Mechant card to pocket or wallet with lengthy sucker presentation in which an obviously palmed card vanishes from a handkerchief
The Jinx (Issue 139)
Franklin M. Chapman Again - The Card In the Wallet no palming
1945 42
George Armstrong Avatara borrowed deck, card is selected one is thought of, selected is burnt, and the other card vanishes from borrowed deck, both appear in a nest of envelopes in the performer's wallet held by spectator
Oct. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 93)
Arthur H. Buckley Card in Pocket Book Experiment No. 41 [An old plot with a new and simplified method] - using reel (!)
Variations 1946 209
Card in Wallet
Aug. 1946
The Phoenix (Issue 110)
Franklin V. Taylor Hallucination two card change places, then one card held on palm vanishes, just to again appear in the wallet, see p. 377 for corrections
VariationsAlso published here Oct. 1947 361
Milbourne Christopher It's a Gift card to spectator's wallet, only in special occasions possible
Dec. 1947 376
Paul Curry Thoughts of "Hallucination" various ideas for Taylor's routine
Inspired by Dec. 1947 381
Franklin V. Taylor Shoulder Card card to inside pocket or wallet, no palming
Also published here Nov. 1948
The Phoenix (Issue 163)
Bill Pawson, Howard Wurst The Card in the Wallet No. 149, Two cards are selected. One appears reversed in the deck, while the second appears in the performer's wallet.
1950 291
Bill Simon Dope! card to wallet, off-beat, no-palm
Variations June 1952
The Phoenix (Issue 257)
Lewis Ganson The Card in Wallet applying the previous New Location
1952 40
Karrell Fox E-Z Card in Wallet Card Index Wallet
Also published here 1954 24
The Card in the Wallet
1956 162
Franklin V. Taylor Shoulder Card card to inside pocket or wallet, no palming
Also published here 1956 165
Bruce Elliott The Card in wallet - Again thread with wax
1956 166
Bert Douglas The Scotchman's Pocketbook destroyed card is rediscovered in wallet, missing piece
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1957)
Brother John Hamman The Elusive Burglar homing card sequence with card to wallet climax
Variations 1958 27
Tony Corinda Card Prediction prediction in envelope is put in wallet, two methods
1958 92
Karrell Fox Card in Wallet Surprise card appears on wallet, on repeat the wallet unfolds into string of cards except selection
1960 25
Edward Marlo Marlo's Card to the Wallet loading methods for a special wallet originally sold with the manuscript
  • First Loading Method
  • Second Loading Method
  • Third Loading Method (using Marlo Guide, into clear plastic compartment)
  • Fourth Loading Method
Variations 1961 2
Edward Marlo Marlo's Triple Routine in a monte type routine on two piles, two cards travel to wallet, instant repeat, then signed third card to wallet
Related to 1961 13
Edward Marlo The No Palm Card to Wallet
1961 21
Edward Marlo Gaffed Card to Wallet half card to simulate that card is still in deck
Related to 1961 22
Edward Marlo The Broken Zipper
1961 27
Edward Marlo Additional Wallet Suggestions remarks on wallet and loading methods
1961 29
Edward Marlo About your present Wallet on the wallet that came with the manuscript
1961 31
Cliff Green The Peek Crimp in context of card to pocket/wallet/...
1961 75
Ross Bertram In the Money presentation for Card to Wallet, duplicate
Sep. 1962
Ibidem (Issue 26)
Dr. William Weyeneth Ein unverschämter Karten-Dreh card to envelope, false card is reversed in deck as misdirection
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 24 No. 6)
Dr. William Weyeneth Gefängniskarte card travels between two stapled cardboards. in wallet
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 26 No. 6)
John Benzais Card in Wallet two handlings
1967 52
Ken De Courcy Wallet Card (business) card or prediction produced from borrowed wallet, stuck with wax under table
1967 12
Edward Marlo Method and Ideas for Card to Wallet different approaches including lapping, imp-pass, topit, magnetic wallet (Dick Washington) and shimmed card, ...
Related to
  • John Benzais, The New Jinx, Jan. 1965)
1968 103
Father Cyprian Ten Percenter hip pocket load for ungaffed wallet
Sep. 1968 207
Bob Ostin Card-To-Wallet
1968 11
Bob Ostin The Production of the Card from the Wallet
Inspired by 1968 13
Dr. William Weyeneth Das Praktizieren einer gewählten und gezeichneten Karte in ein versiegeltes Kuvert preparation of envelope, card in envelope inside wallet
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 29 No. 2)
Dan Tong Knees Up wallet loading in lap
July 1968
Ibidem (Issue 33)
Paul LePaul Cards and Wallet four signed cards to envelope in wallet
1969 165
Roy Johnson (2) Card to Wallet
1970 18
Roy Johnson Mental Card in Wallet - Two Variations on a Theme multiple prediction in wallet, written on playing and visiting cards
(1) Happy Holidays
(2) The "Lucky Box" Prediction
1970 49
Ian Baxter The Wallet Mystery dollar bill shown in transparent wallet compartment, selected card is found under the bill later, Four of Diamonds with extra pip to pose as Five
Also published here
  • The Linking Ring
1970 28
Russell T. Barnhart Circle of Light
1971 140
Lenny Greenfader Card to Wallet selection procedure with number and card at that position
1971 187
Harry Lorayne The Pecking Bird card to wallet with entertaining wind-up toy presentation
Also published here 1971 234
Barry Stevenson Card in Wallet duplicate, loading from sleeve
1972 70
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Repeat Card to Wallet wallet with large window and double stick tape
Variations 1972 73
Theodore Annemann Pocketbook Card card to ungaffed banded wallet, duplicate with subtle mark
Also published here 1972 103
The Easy Card in Wallet
1972 103
Billy McComb How To Mix Two Tricks To Make One Good Presentation thumb tie combined with card to wallet
Variations 1972 63
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's - Nikola Index Gag No. 215, number named, card at position remembered (always even), performer steals card from index (only even cards), seems to be a prediction here
Variations 1972 53
Pocket Book Variation No. 465, card to wallet as climax to Three Pile Trick
Related to 1972 130
Variation Of Jumping Aces No. 492, four Aces to wallet finale
Related to 1972 137
Al Koran Pronto Card to Wallet using two cards and two wallets
1972 107
Karl Fulves "X" Card To Wallet card with X on back is put in wallet in beginning, turns out to be signed card later
1973 38
Karl Fulves Signature Card
1973 85
Dick Zimmerman Eveready Card In Wallet with hip-pocket
1973 8
Bob Read The Business For The Card In Wallet 1£ note appears in the deck
Nov. 1974
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Philip T. Goldstein GPCF Card-to-Wallet card marked by spectator behind back with dummy pen, travels into wallet
Related to 1974 9
Father Cyprian The French Moroccan Card To Wallet ungaffed wallet, no-palm
Related toVariationsAlso published here Apr. 1975 947
Roger Smith Mental Reverse IV - In the Wallet selected card vanishes and reappears in wallet
Inspired by 1975 4
Paul LePaul, Francis Carlyle The Paul Le Paul Signed Cards to Sealed Envelope & Wallet Construction of the Paul Le Paul Wallet & The Envelope
Inspired byRelated to 1975 173
Edward Marlo Pip Card to Wallet JS changes to JC, JS is in wallet, with additional jumbo card version
Early Marlo (Issue Oddity & Other Miracles)
Alan Shaxon My Favourite Card Trick magician vs. gambler theme, then wrong cards appear in wallet
1976 16
Alex Elmsley Flight of the Psycards three signed cards to wallet, magnetic himber wallet, no palming version
1976 4
Karl Fulves Card To Wallet cased deck in one pocket, then wallet removed but loose cards are in upper pocket, in case is the wallet with selection, posed as problem
Interlocutor (Issue 12)
Rick Johnsson Repro - 74 credit card vanishes from book and appears in wallet / envelope
1976 37
Harvey Rosenthal O. Henry Sandwich mates around card transform, original mates in wallet
1977 131
Harvey Rosenthal Signed Card To Wallet Transpo
1977 160
Gene Maze Signed Card To Wallet signed card - effect
1977 324
Bill Wisch Card to Wallet see application A)
1977 12
Franklin V. Taylor Halluzination card on table transposes with card in deck, one vanishes and reappears in wallet
Also published here July 1977
Intermagic (Vol. 4 No. 3)
Olaf Spell Wanderung in die Brieftasche tip for card to wallet, loading mechanism attached to jacket
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 38 No. 4)
Dan MacMillan Card to Wallet Handling
1977 18
Ross Bertram The Pay-Off (Card in Wallet), ungaffed, load from Tenkai/Rear Palm
Related to 1978 63
Dr. Jacob Daley "Doc" Daley's Card in the Wallet into plastic insert
1978 68
Karl Fulves Finished at end of transposition sequence the two cards transform and original cards are in pocket and wallet
1978 66
Coe Norton Omega Wallet signed selection placed in wallet on table, travels to rubber banded pocket notebook
1978 1
Karl Fulves Eight in the Side Pocket card travels from one compartment of wallet to another pocket, using ad card as double facer
1978 7
Karl Fulves Catapult card vanishes from packet, card to wallet application
The Chronicles (Issue 11)
John F. Mendoza, George LaFollette The Card In The Wallet no palm
VariationsAlso published here 1978 101
David Stahl The LeStahl Card in the Wallet wallet taped shut and placed with signed card in bag, card ends up in wallet
1978 27
Michael O'Rady One for the Money bill and quarter borrowed, two cards selected, money vanishes an reappears rubberbanded and between two selections in wallet
1979 38
Russ Burns Card Into Wallet
1979 106
Russ Burns Psychological Card in Wallet ungaffed
1979 115
Marv Long Extra Climax Card to Wallet all cards have signature on the back except the chosen one, to wallet
Nov. 1979
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 11)
Steve Beam I.O.U. gag, spectator has to sign a contract, as a cover to load card into wallet
1979 18
Danny Korem Seven Signed Cards to the Pocket to pockets, teeth, wallet, pendulum holdout
Related to 1980 4
Danny Korem The UDT Card to Wallet pendulum holdout
1980 13
Barrie Richardson 1-2-3 Card In Wallet - An Exercise In Misdirection
Also published here Jan. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 1)
Gordon Bruce I-O-U card to wallet presentation, IOU on back of cards, torn card transforms into bill
Related to Mar. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 3)
Ken De Courcy Card in Wallet card to wallet climax for "spelling to any card" routine
1980 6
John F. Mendoza Bendix Bombshell Routine transposition and card to wallet combo
Variations 1980 88
Ken De Courcy The Card in Wallet as ending to "The World's Fastest Card Trick"
1980 16
Ken De Courcy The Misadventurous Card comedy presentation for signed card to wallet (or similar discovery), comedy props
1980 58
Jeff Busby Larry Jennings' Card-in-Envelope Wallet credit information, bashing of Barry Price wallet, loading tips, envelope tips, self-sealing envelope vs. tear
1980 1
Larry Jennings Flap Tip for Loading
1980 5
Larry Jennings Tip for Sneaky Card to Pocket
Related to 1980 6
Larry Jennings Cards in a Sealed Envelope four cards travel into sealed envelope in wallet
Inspired byRelated to 1980 6
Dai Vernon Card to Wallet as Travellers Climax
1980 7
John F. Mendoza, George LaFollette The Card In The Wallet no palm, brief outline of routine
Also published here 1980 9
Jeff Busby The Card In The Wallet Handling no palm, variant handling
Inspired by 1980 10
Jeff Busby Marlo "Card in Wallet" References items in print from Ed Marlo
1980 11
Franklin M. Chapman, Jeff Busby Again -- The Card in Wallet Handling
Inspired by 1980 12
Jeff Busby, Arthur H. Buckley Reel Card to Wallet
Inspired by 1980 12
Edward Marlo The Unexpected Signed Card to Wallet Christ-Force type selection procedure
Oct. 1981
Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 10)
Edward Marlo Complot Wallet Routine Bendix Wallet, transposition, then card to wallet
1981 1
Robert Walker Atomic Clock card from wallet climax
1981 9
Don England England's Four the Hard Way one of the cards signed, transformation kicker, signed card into wallet (three times)
Inspired by
  • Solomon's "Four, the Hard Way" (Racherbaumer's Lecture Note #1)
1981 1
Al Mann, Sam Schwartz The Secret Thrust loading, cards, billets or envelopes into a wallet, morse thoughts on flip-over wallets
1981 3
Al Mann Homer signed card travels twice into wallet hold by spectator
1981 17
Al Mann The Noesis of Nyx card in envelope in wallet, with Al Koran Wallet
1981 19
Karl Fulves Almost Card To Wallet spectator choses card and puts stamp on it, stamp disappears and travels to spectator's own wallet
Related to 1981 19
Paul Harris Guts signed card to wallet with interesting method and challenge conditions
Also published here 1981 157
Derek Dingle Bottom Deal Load under postcard
Variations 1982 108
Edward Marlo The Imp Load
1982 117
Edward Marlo Loading A Wedged Wallet table edge
1982 120
Edward Marlo, Danny Korem Next To Impossible Card To Wallet from deck to pocket
Inspired byRelated to 1982 158
Jon Racherbaumer Imp-lications suggestion
1982 184
Peter Kane Kabbala Aces aces lost and found, ending with wallet
Sep. 1982 4
Rovi Simplicity Card in Wallet duplicate
Feb. 1982
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 2)
Larry Jennings Structured - A Routine with the Jennings Wallet (Signed Torn and Restored Card to Envelope) card torn, appears restored in envelope in wallet, featuring the Jennings Wallet
1982 6
Bob Haines Any Card - Any Wallet selection ends up in spectator's wallet
1982 20
Christian Scherer Mehr als eine verblüffende Wanderung two card transposition, one under jumbo card other in the deck, eventually one signed selection is found in wallet
1982 115
Meir Yedid Calculated Miracle card to plastic wallet of pocket calculator
1982 110
Peter Kane The "Kabbala" Aces four Aces signed and lost, reproduced and last Ace from wallet
1982 82
Eugene Burger Signed Card In Wallet presentational strategy, Mullica wallet
Also published here 1982 68
Tony Miller Yet Another Card To Wallet method to transfer card from deck behind edge of jacket with no palming
Mar. 1983
Apocalypse (Vol. 6 No. 3)
Edward Marlo Instant Card to Wallet loading in lap, using David Bendix Bombshell wallet
1983 43
Edward Marlo Subtle Cards to Wallet two signed cards to wallet one by one, no palm
1983 54
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Wallet Load getting card from deck underneath wallet
1983 57
Mo Howarth Wallet - With Dressing dressed up with colorful ribbons
Feb. 1983
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 8)
Roberto Giobbi Blushing Jumper spectator's signed card travels to wallet and had different back color
Oct. 1983
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 1)
Roberto Giobbi, Trevor Lewis, Kurti Freitag The Trevor Lewis Card To Wallet
Related to Nov. 1983
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Ross Bertram Bertram's Card in Wallet classic palm load
1983 191
Shiv Duggal One in a Million using the Horwitz Wallet, prediction card in wallet, card switch
Mar. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 23)
Karl Fulves Yr Card Yr Wallet signed card to spectator's wallet, reverse Svengali deck
Related to 1983 111
Father Cyprian Card in Wallet - Props description of setup for trick "The Big Little Signed Card in the Wallet Scam"
Related to 1983 19
Father Cyprian The Big Little Signed Card in the Wallet Scam signed card to wallet
Related to 1983 20
Edward Marlo Transposition Card To Wallet Tip usage of stranger card
Related to 1984
Edward Marlo Third Method - Cards to Pocket and Wallet three selection, two to pocket, one to wallet
1984 114
Edward Marlo New Side-Steals - First Method
1984 162
Edward Marlo On Card to Wallet using table edge
1984 285
Edward Marlo Loading the Bombshell Wallet three methods
1984 287
Edward Marlo Tip on the Mullica Wallet
1984 291
Edward Marlo Panic
1984 292
Edward Marlo Transposition Card to Wallet transposition of two cards, one vanishes and reappears in wallet
Related to 1984 292
Stewart James, P. Howard Lyons An Obvious Card thought of card to wallet, twice, Bombshell wallet
Variations Jan. 1984
Epoptica (Issue 5)
Jon Charles, Gordon Bruce I.O.U.2.
Inspired by 1984
Epoptica (Issue Yearbook)
Roberto Giobbi Deck to Envelope and Wallet only selection remains in case
1984 10
Al Smith Fifty-Percent Solution performer tries to cut four queens, finds three then an ace, then queens are transformed into aces and queens found reversed in deck, in case and in wallet
Inspired by 1984 166
Ray Mertz R.M. Card in the Wallet with a gag lock on wallet
1984 38
Jan Torell Ein Mental-Experiment mit Karten
1984 23
Peter Duffie Coin in Pack Routine coin vanishes and reappears in deck next to selection, in repeat it fails and card is in wallet
1984 23
Piet Forton Card to Wallet with Delayed Money Climax signed selection into envelope with chosen color, other envelopes contain money
Variations 1984 6
Jerry Sadowitz 007 And Counting Four Aces Repeat, Aces shown, one put on deck and it returns repeatedly, cards in hand change to Kings and cards on top of deck are shown to be Queens, Queens change back to Aces and Queens to wallet
Variations 1984 6
Jerry Sadowitz The Trick with No Name selection is sandwiched between the four kings, the five cards transform into the aces and the kings and selection are found in the wallet
May 1985
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 10)
Eric DeCamps Card in Wallet three cards chosen, one spins out, changes into second one, deck vanishes under handkerchief and third signed card is in wallet, using topit
1985 19
James Lewis Ordered Surprise deck in new pack order with Joker reversed in place of selection, selection to impossible location
Related toVariations 1985 24
James Lewis One For the Money into wallet presentation
1985/87 110
Larry Jennings Wallet Deck Switch DECK travels to wallet except selection
Related to 1986 179
Larry Jennings Wallet Deck Switch deck travels to wallet except selection
Also published here Sep. 1986
Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Lawrence Frame The Swahili Prediction Card travels to wallet, strange symbol (apparntly a prediction in Swahili) appears on back of card
1986 14
Rich Bloch, Davey Marlin-Jones Mental Card to Wallet spectator goes through the deck and thinks of any card, card vanishes and appears inside wallet, Tannen's "Miracle Wallet"
Apr. 1986
Magick (Issue 369)
Richard Osterlind The Miracle Flying Signed Cards three signed cards to business card case, envelope in wallet, folded in pen
1986/99 32
Ron Wilson The Scot's Card in Wallet in sealed envelope, variation of LePaul Wallet
1987 61
Dan Tong Psi-cloned spectator selects a card, same card is found inside wallet, 26 duplicates
June 1987
Magick (Issue 391)
Jerry Sadowitz Well I'll Be... comedy card to wallet, featuring a jumbo card, writing across the whole deck when spread and an electric deck
1987 54
Jerry Sadowitz Comfortably Numb four Kings sandwich selection in deck, five-card sandwich then changes into four Aces and Kings with selections are found in wallet
1987 59
Roberto Giobbi Die Ärmelwanderung der Asse travelers with last card to wallet
1987 30
Darwin Ortiz The Dream Card odd-backed "signed card" type effect, card to wallet
Related toVariations 1988 81
Darwin Ortiz Nine-Card Location
Variations 1988 89
Larry Jennings A Routine for the Mullica Wallet
1988 183
Larry Jennings Structured card torn, appears restored in envelope in wallet, featuring the Jennings Wallet
1988 188
Larry Jennings Hofzinser's Business Card Problem selection visible changes place with borrowed business card in Mullica Wallet
1988 192
Gary Kurtz Inside Pocket Load for loading wallet, pocket, ...
1988 30
Father Cyprian Reflection originally titled "Through the Looking Glass"
mirror-backed Queen inserted in deck, reflection of the card next to it noted, it vanishes, the Queen is now in wallet and the mirror-card is the selection
Related to 1988
The Chronicles (Issue 36)
Karrell Fox The E.C. Card in Wallet card torn, pieces vanish except one, restored card in wallet
1988 104
René Lavand Your Signature in My Wallet envelope inside wallet
Also published here 1988 61
René Lavand Perhaps, Some Day four chosen cards to wallet, Himber Wallet
Also published here 1988 63
Roy Walton Giant Card in Wallet gag followed by card to wallet
Also published here 1988 90
Charles Reynolds Card in Wallet Presentation
July 1989
Apocalypse (Vol. 12 No. 7)
John Bannon Ambitchin' ambitious card routine with wallet finale
1989 7
John Bannon OZ Deposit card changes to $100 bill, card in wallet
Variations 1989 11
Edward Marlo Long Distance Card To Wallet selection apparently sticks out of deck while wallet is removed
May 1989
Inside Out (Issue 6)
Father Cyprian The Act four cards chosen and signed by four spectators
  • Part I: Torn and Restored Card (first selection torn and flash-restored, "Nostalgia Torn & Restored Card")
  • Part II: Card Stab (other three selections replaced, two found by stabbing the paper-wrapped deck with a dagger)
  • Part III: Card in Wallet (last card found in wallet)
Related to 1989 1
Gary Kurtz Hypothetical Possibilities ambitious card, signature vanishes and reappears, wallet
Variations 1990 11
Gary Kurtz Split Disclosure Half the Card travels in Wallet, half in anything
1990 30
Bruce Cervon Repeat Aces to Pocket aces to pocket, to spectator's pocket, to envelope/wallet
1990 47
Jay Sankey Breakout four Jacks put in wallet, re-appear elsewhere, selection in wallet
Related toVariations 1990 49
Ken Simmons A Wallet Routine routine with ambitious card, transposition with one card in wallet, card to wallet, Bendix Bombshell, two duplicates
1990 3
Alexander de Cova Barocke Transposition II card in pocket transposes with card reversed in deck, then with bill in wallet
Inspired byAlso published here 1990 4
Jon Racherbaumer Spectator Card to Wallet Himber wallet
Inspired by
  • Terry LaGerould handling
1990 118
Larry Jennings Brieftaschen-Kartenspiel-Austausch deck travels to wallet except selection
Also published here Feb. 1990
Intermagic (Vol. 15 No. 2)
Dan Fleshman Momma in my Wallet Chicago Opener with signed card, after second phase the signed card is found in wallet
Variations 1990 1
Karl Fulves Passing Play loading method to load card into Z-fold short change wallet
Related to 1990 1
Mike Bornstein Comedy Card in Wallet signed card lost, bill taken half out of a wallet, card is not found, when bill is pulled out of wallet, the card is sticking to it
1990 40
Hen Fetsch Wallet Wallop ungaffed wallet, repeat
1991 5
Hen Fetsch "U-NO" ungaffed wallet
1991 7
Jerry Mentzer Sleight of Hand Method ungaffed wallet
1991 8
Jerry Mentzer Banded ungaffed method
1991 10
Richard Bartram, Jr. Bandit Card to Wallet
1991 11
Jerry Mentzer Not Banded
1991 11
Dan Tong Knees Up ungaffed wallet
1991 12
Dan Tong Double Wallop ungaffed wallet, two cards one at a time
1991 14
Jerry Mentzer Endelss Combinations
1991 15
Howard Schwarzman Howie's Handling ungaffed, hip pocket
1991 16
Barry Stevenson Card in Wallet
1991 17
Roy Walton Giant Card to Wallet gag followed by card to wallet
Also published here 1991 19
Father Cyprian French Moroccan Card to Wallet
Also published here 1991 21
Charles Penton E-Z plus Signed Card to Wallet
1991 23
Karl Fulves "X" Card to Wallet
1991 26
Karrell Fox The E.C. Card in Wallet
1991 27
Larry West The No-Gimmick No-Palm Card to Wallet
  • With a double Climax
1991 28
Jerry Mentzer Miscellaneous and Theory thoughts about the card to Wallet Effect
1991 31
John Cornelius The Better Pocket pocket design for easier loading
1991 36
Joe Berg Berg's Super Wallet description and four effects
1991 41
Dan Tong Card to Wallet - Himber Note Pad
1991 45
Jr. Fogel Signed Card to Wallet Himber Wallet
1991 48
Billy McComb Roy Roth's "Fastest Wallet in the West" (of Wales)
1991 49
Elbert L. Garner Sho-Gun Wallet
1991 51
Bob King "The Answer Wallet" three fold wallet
1991 52
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Repeat Card to Wallet large hole
1991 54
Paul Brignall The "M"Wallet
1991 56
Bob Downey Out of Sight Card Wallet
1991 59
Ben Martin It's the Reel Thing
1991 62
David Harkey Thunder and Lightning unknown card torn in half, one half put in performer's and one spectator's wallet, another card is chosen and signed, the torn halves turn out to be that signed selection
Also published here 1991 64
David Harkey Reminiscence
1991 69
Karrell Fox E-Z Card in Wallet Card Index Wallet
Also published here 1991 74
Paul LePaul, Terry Seabrooke, Larry Jennings LePaul Wallet construction, history, refinements (Jennings, Seabrooke)
1991 75
Paul LePaul Cards to Sealed Envelope
1991 80
Don Alan Sneaky Card to Pocket - How Else?
1991 82
Terry Seabrooke Signed Card in Sealed Envelope in Sealed Wallet
1991 83
Jerry Mentzer Sleeve Card
1991 85
U. F. Grant Card between stapled File Cards
1991 88
George LaFollette No Palm Card to Wallet and Sealed Envelope
1991 90
Bob King Another Bob King Card to Wallet Idea
1991 90
Ian Baxter Baxter's "LEWT"
1991 90
Ian Baxter "No Palm" LEWT
1991 92
James Lewis One for the Money
1991 94
Jerry Mentzer External Loading Guide two guides discussed
1991 96
Edward Marlo Magnet Steal
1991 96
Tom Mullica Mullica Wallet discussion, basic handling
Related to 1991 97
Tom Mullica Mullica Wallet Variation
1991 103
Jerry Mentzer Mullica Wallet - The Demo Routine
1991 105
Eugene Burger Signed Card in Wallet Mullica Wallet
Also published here 1991 111
David Parr Mullica Plus Prediction Mullica Wallet
1991 113
Scotty York Two for Mullica Mullica Wallet
1991 114
Richard Himber Himber Wallet description
1991 119
Jerry Mentzer Card to Wallet with the Himber Wallet
1991 121
Ed Brown The Ed Brown Wallet construction and Routine
1991 122
David Bendix Bendix Bombshell Wallet description and routine
1991 124
Roy Roth A Roy Roth Alternative
1991 126
Edward Marlo Marlo Variation of Bendix Presentation
1991 127
David Solomon Two Selections and a Wallet
1991 127
David Solomon The Wallet Game
1991 128
Edward Marlo Marlo'S Wallet Combination with alternative ending
1991 129
Roy Roth The Roy A. Roth Bombshell Routine
1991 130
Bob Driebeek The Aenigma Bombshell Routine
1991 131
Larry Becker Bendix Bombshell for Cabaret
1991 132
Karrell Fox A Better Bendix
1991 135
Jerry Mentzer Bendix Bombshell Himber Wallet observation
1991 136
Ed Balducci Card in Wallet Balducci Wallet
1991 139
Fred Kaps The Working Performer
1991 141
Arthur Emerson, Larry West The Pocket Secret-Ary
1991 142
Arthur Emerson Pocket Secret-Ary Stand up Handling
1991 145
Jerry Mentzer Card Rise from Wallet Magical Lee card rises from wallet
1991 153
Jerry Mentzer In Case - Any Wallet
1991 154
Jerry Mentzer In Case - Sho Gun Wallet
1991 155
Jerry Mentzer In Case - Himber Wallet
1991 155
Jerry Mentzer In Case - No Signature
1991 156
Tom Craven Signed Wallet to Card Case
1991 159
John Bannon OZ Deposit card changes to $100 bill, card in wallet, with variations:
  • Way Ahead Variation (Bob Kohler)
  • Compromise Variation
  • No-Palm Variation
  • The OZ Envelope and Remote Change
  • OZ Recombinant
1991 122
Edward Marlo, David Solomon Signed Technicolor Card to Wallet card from blue deck is signed and lost, two cards from red deck are lost, red cards found, blue in Bendix Bombshell Wallet
July 1991 14
Edward Marlo, Darwin Ortiz Day-Dream Card odd-backed card to wallet
Inspired by Sep. 1991 1
Edward Marlo Commercial Method odd-backed card to wallet, rough-smooth Mene-Tekel
Inspired by Sep. 1991 3
Edward Marlo, Jay Sankey Break Away jacks placed in wallet appear at different positions, last one transposes with signed selection, Bendix Bombshell
Inspired by Sep. 1991 13
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Wallet Load
Sep. 1991 16
Karl Fulves Ask the Cards a Question card to wallet with off-beat presentation involving blank cards with messages, card parked in jacket pocket before loaded
1991 2
Alexander de Cova Karte in Brieftasche deck in new pack order with Joker reversed in place of selection, selection to wallet
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here Aug./Sep. 1991
Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Steven Hamilton Clearly Vanished signed card in clear plastic envelope which is sandwiched between Aces, card vanishes and is found in wallet
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here June 1991
Profile (Issue 2)
Paul Brignall Another Card to Wallet (And do we really need one)
Oct. 1991
Profile (Issue 4)
René Lavand Just One Moment; Just One...! four signed cards to envelope in wallet
Also published here 1991 37
Alexander de Cova Ordered Card to Wallet deck in new pack order with Joker reversed in place of selection, selection to wallet
Also published here 1991 9
Alexander de Cova Barocke Transposition II card in pocket transposes with card reversed in deck, then with bill in wallet
Also published here 1991 2
David Acer, Jim Sisti The Leather-Clad Stranger prediction card in wallet turns out to be later signed selection
May/June 1991
The Magic Menu (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Juan Tamariz Exactly the Same! nerve trick followed by card to wallet
Also published here June 1992
Apocalypse (Vol. 15 No. 6)
Vanni Bossi Folded Card to Wallet signed
1992 1
Jon Racherbaumer Rashomon's Cards to Wallet Bendix Bombshell Wallet
1992 230
Alexander de Cova Ordered Card to Wallet deck in new pack order with Joker reversed in place of selection, selection to wallet
Also published here