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How, on delivering a Ring to a Number of Persons, to find which Person has got it, which Hand it is on, which Finger, and which Joint. people seated in a row and numbered, calculation is made and result gives answers
1784 40
To tell if a Person holds Gold in one Hand and Silver in the other, which Hand the Gold is in, and which the Silver is in mathematical calculation, sum shows positions
1784 48
Henri Decremps Tour des trois Bijoux rendu plus simple & plus merveilleux. three objects (jewelry, watch, cigarette case) are selected by three people and all get some playing cards which are added after some rules, performer divines who has which object
1785 235
Stuart Robson Your Nose Knows
Also published here 1934 7
A Thought Reading Trick two ways, first coin is discovered in correct hand and then under correct drawer of a matchbox
1935 27
U. F. Grant The Nickle and Penny spectator distributes nickel and penny in his two hands, has to do some calculations without telling the result, then performer knows which is where, also as phone effect
Dec. 1948 8
Which Hand? divining which hand holds dime and which hand holds penny
Variations 1956 59
Royal Vale Heath Heath's Variation Which Hand, divine which hand holds nickel and which hand holds penny, required length of calculation as tell
Inspired byRelated to 1956 60
In welcher Hand? by "Gardener", different coin is held in each hand by spectator, calculations and when result is named, performer knows which coin is where
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 19 No. 6)
Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr. Bulls Eye two pieces of paper, one with writing, spectator holds one in each hand, performer divines the hand with the writing
Inspired by
  • problem posed in "Private Journal" (Bob Lynn)
Jan. 1974 697
Robert Parrish Bull's Eye II spectator draws something on one of two slips of paper, both are mixed on table, performer divines the slip with writing and then its content
Inspired by Summer 1974
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 9th Folio)
Jack Bridwell Psychometry which hand, blood, object-based reading
Magick (Issue 168)
Harry Lorayne Which Coin? two items in two hands of spectator, he thinks of one, it is divined, hand held up so blood flows out
1977 226
Karl Fulves Sixes and Sevens dime and penny, spectator puts one in each hand, involving calculation
1977 126
Gerald Kosky To Tell The Truth? performer finds out who of two people has an object by asking one question
Variations June 1978
Apocalypse (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Sam Rosenfeld Apocalypse Variations Or Additions
Inspired by Apr. 1979
Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Larry Becker Spectromental
  • Effect #1: color of poker chip in cardboard box is predicted, other two are divined
  • Effect #2: drawing in cardboard box is divined
Variations 1979 44
Stuart Robson Money Sense No. 1, spectator take coin in one hand behind his back, performer knows which hand, "This quick trick will work most of the time."
Related toAlso published here 1979 1
Sixth Sense No. 2, performer puts coin in same hand as spectator, secret extra coin
Related to 1979 2
Joe Weisbecker Mystic Medallion which hand effect, with written prediction in Himber wallet
Magick (Issue 253)
Gene "Phantini" Grant Mental Checkmate spectator selects four chess pieces from a box and puts them in different pockets, performer knows which piece is where
Inspired by 1981 75
Karl Fulves, Royal Vale Heath Left-Handed Thoughts No. 45, different coin in each hand, spectator does quick mental calculation and performer is able to name the result
Related to
  • Royal V. Heath's "Mathemagic"
1981 55
Stephen Minch Whatever's Right coin is hidden in hand, performer matches decision of spectator
Related to 1984 33
Karl Fulves Real or Counterfeit? No. 18, two spectators, one puts his own finger ring in his hand and one a ring folded from a dollar bill, performer touches one spectator behind his back and know which has which
1985 37
Jack Yates Clue six spectators with cards and pens, one of them writes an X on his card behind performers back, those with red cards must speak truth, black must lie, performer finds different colored disc, murder game
Variations 1986 51
Tom Hunter Nonsense lead-in to "Sixth Sense"
Related to 1988
Interlocutor (Issue 50)
Reinhard Müller, Jack Vosburgh Die Lügner three spectator take an object each and then switch them, even though only one tells truth, performer locates objects
Magische Blätter (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Steve Dusheck A Glowing Thought three coins in a box, spectator distributes them in pocket and hand, performer knows which coin is where, luminous paint in bottom of box, Free Will
1993 5
Barrie Richardson Knave Detector one hand is a liar and one tells the truth
Inspired byAlso published here Dec. 1994
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 4)
Theophil "Philius" Weidmann Hellsehen - kinderleicht! three objects on table are arranged and switched with two instructions, three spectators each take one and hold it behind back, all are located
Also published here 1995 5
Mark Strivings 50-50-50 Chance which hand done by performer, spectator always guesses right
Also published here Jan./Feb. 1997
The Magic Menu (Vol. 7 No. 39)
Karl Fulves Clenched Fist Note ten people put a coin in either left or right hand, performer memorizes all
1998 30
Barrie Richardson Truth to Tell one hand is a liar and one tells the truth
Inspired byAlso published here 1999 111
Mark Strivings 50-50-50 Chance which hand done by performer, spectator always guesses right
Also published here 2004 12
Tony Bartolotta T-Bills three pennies and three different bills, three people take a penny and bill each and close their hands around it, performer then tell who has which and in which hand
2005 415
Lewis Jones Yes Men five people either lie or tell the truth, one has a watch hidden, spectator finds watch by asking questions, liar's paradox
2006 146
Docc Hilford Desire "Secret #155 - Reversed Value", spectator writes word on billet, mixes it with an empty billet and holds one in each hand, performer finds empty billet twice, then billet is burnt and word appears on arm using ashes of paper
2008 7
Patrick Page Which Hand is it in? with handkerchief for one spectator, rest of audience can see how it works
Related to 2011 315
Colin McLeod Note to Self which hand routine using the last three digits of a bill to determine whether to put the bill into the left or the right hand
2014 94
Colin McLeod Perfect Prediction which hand, hand's are connected with words, coin is found and words predicted, using Hugo Shelly's Sixth Sense
2014 100
Christoph Borer Die drei Wünsche five coins taken from purse, odd coin is found, storytelling presentation, fairy tale
2016 195
殷欣 (Sion) 背叛 (Betrayal) Spectator imagines three different coins, places one in pocket, the other two in each hand. Magician divines the specific positions of all three imaginary coins while also detecting if spectator is lying or telling the truth (propless)
2017 31
殷欣 (Sion) 钞时代 Magician plays three rounds of Which Hand with a dollar bill, correctly predicts outcome
2017 86
Ted Karmilovich Target Coin five quarters are mixed with a half Dollar, six spectator secretly select a coin and switch them as well, performer locates half Dollar and prediction in form of description of spectator
2017 12
Chris Wardle The "Three Out of Three" Coincidence guessing coin with copper and silver coins and spectator's hands
July 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 7)
Jim Steinmeyer Crime Doesn't Pay three spectators on other end of phone, instruction game with bunch of coins, performer know which spectator has which coins
Related to
  • adapted from a (not named by JS...) trick from "The Book of Secrets" (Walter Gibson, 1927)
2020 7
Juan Pablo Ibañez Triple Tequila three spectators on stage, Honest or Liar, object found, using Body Mentalism principle
Inspired by
  • "Double Tequila"
July 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 7)
Michael Boden Which Hand is IT in?
Related to Sep. 2022
The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Boyet Vargas One Hand In My Pocket
  • A Note From Boyet Vargas
  • Props Needed
  • On the Questions
  • Let's Do This Again
Inspired by
  • "Manoeda" (Ever Elizalde)
Sep. 2023
The Hermit (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Boyet Vargas One Hand In My Pocket variation with four locations
  • The Questions
  • The Response
  • Let's Do This Again
  • Sample Script With Commentary
Inspired by Sep. 2023
The Hermit (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Richard Mark Crystal Clear coin is hidden in hand, performer matches decision of spectator, then performer can push down hand of spectator easily or net, depending on crystal, multiple phases, with liar/truth teller ending
Related to 35 4