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Sam Leo Horowitz The Twenty-Five Card Trick twenty-five duplicates
Related toVariations 1938 142
Jack Vosburgh Words homonyms principle
Variations 1940
The Jinx (Issue 119)
George G. Kaplan Card, Crystal Ball, and Panties impromptu stooge, card visible in crystal ball, then performer reads spectator's mind with gag revelation (paper panties)
Related toVariations 1948 301
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Magicol, Larry Becker, Gerald Kosky, Orson Welles, Leslie Barrie, Tommy Martin, Bill Nord
July 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 234)
Larry Becker Der ambitiöse Ring ring penetrates knotted rope, cut and restored rope
Also published here
  • in "Genii" Nr. 11.
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 15 No. 4)
Larry Becker Ringo ring knotted on silk, ring appears on finger
Also published here
  • in "Genii" September, 1954.
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 15 No. 5)
Lane Bateman Fingerless Psycho variation on Larry Becker's Psycho
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1961)
David Hoy The Bold Book Test impromptu, glimpsing information on the fly and miscalling page number
Related toVariations 1963 21
Al Koran The Gold Medallion prediction of number on medallion
Related toVariations 1968 11
Larry Becker Larry Becker's Cut and Restored Rope three silks knotted on cut rope, rope is restored and silks pop off
1968 248
Arturo de Ascanio, George Schindler, Frank Garcia European Aces three cards forced as Ace production
Related toVariations 1973 106
Edward Marlo Predict-a-Mania Plus double prediction, cutting cards
Variations 1974
Magick (Issue 112)
Larry Becker They Match! ESP deck, forcing three cards
Inspired byRelated to 1974
Magick (Issue 115)
North Bigbee Matched! two ESP decks
Related to 1975
Magick (Issue 132)
David Calhoun Vegas Fling! dice, roulette and cards, triple prediction
Variations 1975
Magick (Issue 136)
Philip T. Goldstein Desire spectators write destinations on a business card, five write a place where they have been and one a place he desires to go, all cards are correctly attributed and the last, desired place is named without looking at it
Related toVariations 1976 4
Larry Becker World Power dictionary book test, three named numbers to form a page number
Magick (Issue 156)
Richard Himber, Gene Nielsen Either-Or Effect clever two-way prediction, in envelope and cut open
Related to 1978
Magick (Issue 199)
Thomas Alan Waters Numerology Card in Wallet prediction in envelope, in wallet, nine-force, version of Al Koran's "Five-Star Miracle Card"
Variations 1978
Magick (Issue 205)
Larry Becker Forward
1978 v
Larry Becker It's In The Bag ESP deck in paper bag, three spectators select a card and all are divined by performer
Related toVariations 1978 1
Larry Becker Four Told four times ten backwards count, horoscope reading with those cards, card found at total of four cards is predicted in envelope
1978 5
Larry Becker Card Addition added with envelope
1978 6
Larry Becker Some Total sum prediction in envelope, close-up and stage versions
Inspired by
  • Will Dexter's "Computer Mind" in "Feature Magic for Mentalists" p. 113
Related toVariations
1978 11
Larry Becker Lorayne's Mental Masterpiece That Even Harry Knows Nothing About using Lorayne's Memory Game, fifteen photos are put in frame, one is selected and image divined by performer
1978 18
Larry Becker Astro Dice using zodiac cards and pair of dice, one die is hidden and number divined, instructions with zodiac cards
1978 25
Larry Becker The New Math Miracle six cards with numbers on both sides in envelopes, shuffled and turned over by spectator, total is divined
Inspired by 1978 29
Larry Becker Perplexing ESP Plaques marking system for ESP cards, business cards etc., address
Related toVariations 1978 33
Larry Becker Effect No. 1 Esp divination / duplication
1978 35
Larry Becker Effect No. 2 five symbols drawn on cards and put in envelope, selected one is predicted
1978 37
Larry Becker Effect No. 3 five blank cards, name written on one side and cards turned over, spectator selects one and murder is written on side, it's the same card
1978 41
Larry Becker Predict-a-Mania II amount of cards cut and card are predicted
Inspired by 1978 45
Larry Becker Reflecta-Thot five cards with hundred words each, word is selected by forming a number, prediction in envelope
Related toVariations 1978 48
Larry Becker Simpli-City Effect two sets of sixteen business cards with names of cities written on them, Do As I Do and prediction in envelope
1978 55
Larry Becker Midas Mentalism silver coin turns into golden coin in envelope, alchemy presentation
1978 59
Larry Becker The 13th Card double prediction, prediction written of card found when spectator's card is spelled to, and duplicate of spectator's card in pocket
1978 63
Larry Becker Improved Haunted House story trick, five letter cards, different words with different letters are spelled
Variations 1978 69
Larry Becker CB Mentalism cards with CB names and channels written on them, several selected and divined by performer
1978 74
Larry Becker Computer-Dating deck is shuffled and dealt face up until first king, it is placed on a face down card, repeated three times, kings are put on matching queens
1978 81
Larry Becker The 35 Millimiracle blank paper in film container transforms into a bill
Variations 1978 84
Larry Becker The 35 Millimiracle II five film capsules, marked coin is placed in one and found by performer
1978 88
Larry Becker Ultraffinity folded bill in one of several matchboxes is found by performer, then serial number is divined
Variations 1978 91
Larry Becker Mental Case prediction in coin purse
1978 97
Larry Becker Mental Case Bonus with coin purses
1978 103
Larry Becker The Vampire Spell signed card in one of five envelopes, envelopes shuffled and word spelled for times, remaining envelope contains card, vampire presentation
1978 105
Larry Becker Super-Vision some card in box are divined by sense of touch, spectator stops at card which is predicted in envelope
1978 111
Larry Becker Hot Seat chair test with four chairs and colored discs, prediction of empty chair in envelope
Variations 1978 120
Larry Becker Track Record name of race horses on cards, prediction on tape record with two-way out
Related to 1978 125
Larry Becker Count Force cards one to ten, two way out
1978 127
Larry Becker Digitation numbered cards added to a number from invisible die, prediction of total in envelope
1978 132
Larry Becker Dynamic-Duo
1978 136
Larry Becker Thumb Fun assistant outside the room, number whispered to performer and noted on business card, divination by assitant
1978 136
Larry Becker Tell-A-Phone numbers in bag, one in pocket of spectator, divination by medium over phone
1978 138
Larry Becker Thunderbolt three spectators chose a color each and form a total with numbers, both is predicted in envelope
Related to 1978 141
Larry Becker Epilogue
1978 151
Billy McComb, Ken De Courcy Cabaret Card Divination divination of seven cards that have been taken from a shuffled deck, last card predicted in envelope
Related toVariations 1978 1
Robert Cassidy (reviewer) Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism by Larry Becker Aug. 1978 5
Robert Cassidy (reviewer) Psy-Quik by Larry Becker Aug. 1978 5
David Douglas Psy-Quik Tip handling for Larry Becker's Psy-Quik
Related to Oct. 1978 8
Larry Becker "Duck-Too" mate production with presenation as a strange card game
Feb. 1979
Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 2)
From the Thirteen Mann's The Azonic Force mixed with Larry Becker's Zip Code trick
1979 8
Thomas Alan Waters (reviewer) "Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism, Volume Two" - An Historical Perspective by Larry Becker
Review by Goldstein and Waters, missing credits of Becker book
Related to 1979
Magick (Issue 237)
Larry Becker PSI-Stebbins shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted, jumbo cards
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1979 7
Larry Becker It's In The Bag II shuffled deck in bag, spectator selects card which is divined by performer
Related to 1979 13
Larry Becker Pyramid Power pyramid power presentation, prediction of single card
Variations 1979 17
Larry Becker Symbolic cards with names of objects, one is selected by 9 force
Inspired by 1979 23
Larry Becker Snakes Alive comedy routine, no gag and spring snakes in tins in combination with "just chance"
Inspired by
  • Ken de Courcy's "Four Color Chance" marketed through Supreme Magic, 1977.
1979 26
Larry Becker Uncanny deck with words written on them, two are selected by spelling and divined, homonyms method
Inspired by
  • Words (Jack Vosburgh, 1940)
  • J. G. Thompson Jr.'s "Jet Thought" marketed by Ed Mellon in the 1950s.
1979 31
Larry Becker Mind Blaster ESP deck, prediction of symbol
1979 39
Larry Becker Spectromental
  • Effect #1: color of poker chip in cardboard box is predicted, other two are divined
  • Effect #2: drawing in cardboard box is divined
Variations 1979 44
Larry Becker Ultraffinity Revisited folded bill in one of several matchboxes is found by performer, then serial number is divined, different boxes
Inspired by 1979 54
Larry Becker Dynamation uses electric card shuffling machine, shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted
Related to 1979 62
Larry Becker Ultimate Psychometry with invisible ink pen
1979 69
Larry Becker Fabulous Gypsy Spell six gipsy cards, one is selected and a chosen word from list used to spell through the cards
1979 75
Larry Becker Auto-Magic chosen brand, color and price of a card is predicted, colors on cards
1979 83
Larry Becker Seance signatures of famous magicians appear on chosen blank cards
1979 89
Larry Becker Phantom Thought divination of one of sixteen symbol cards, mentally selected by spectator
Inspired by 1979 98
Larry Becker The Impossible Dream one thought of card is found, sixteen cards
1979 106
Larry Becker Bell...Book...& Candle occult book test, number formed with pentagram
Related to
  • Tom Harris' "Conjuring for the Cognoscenti" in Genii, 1959.
1979 112
Larry Becker Will Power six checks to celebrities, prediction of chosen check
Related to
  • Dai Vernon's "Mental Die"
1979 118
Larry Becker "Anything Goes" erasable prediction, one of three colors, clever wording
Related to 1979 124
Larry Becker How to Broaden the Possibilities further thoughts on the two-way erasable prediction
Related to 1979 128
Larry Becker The Perfect Mental Utility Device - The Anything Goes Tic Board bingo presentation for the two-way erasable prediction, clipboard
1979 130
Larry Becker Bullseye six bullet holes in spectator's card, with gun
Also published here
  • Alan Alan's "Sharpshooter", 1960s.
1979 133
Larry Becker Crayola Caper color and symbol, almost identical to Hutchison routine
Related to
  • Edward Hutchison's routine in "Psychological Mysteries", 1977
1979 136
Larry Becker Ghost Image deck of blank cards, prediction of amount of cut cards and thought of card
1979 140
Larry Becker Super Charged battery in tube, brand is divined, bill tube
Related to
  • Bob Driebeek's "No Looking" in "Pentagram", 1957.
1979 147
Larry Becker Network ESP three tv-networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) cards put in envelopes as spectator wishes, ABC card form name of network
1979 150
Larry Becker Date-A-Cation prediction of date from a chosen coin
1979 156
Larry Becker Coin Switch using a note pad
1979 158
Larry Becker Matchic prediction of ESP symbol, five ESp cards and big matchbox
1979 160
Larry Becker Heads or Tails invisible coin, prediction of heads or tails in envelope
Also published here 1979 164
Larry Becker Increditable - The Original Psy-Quik coincidence of chosen objects from list, credit cards
Related to 1979 167
Larry Becker ZIP shuffled ESP deck, symbol is divined
1979 172
Larry Becker The Mating Game two sets of envelopes containing coins with different dates, matching routine
1979 174
Larry Becker Espitome two sets of five cards, matching
Inspired by
  • Hen Fetsch's "Symbologic" and Barry Stevenson's "C.I.D."
1979 180
Larry Becker Second Sight four coin purses with four coins with different dates, correctly allocated by performer
Inspired by 1979 186
Larry Becker Mind Probe spectator choses a number from serial number, prediction on bill
Variations 1979 191
Larry Becker Fool-Ette gambling and roulette theme, page force with playing card, book test, inspired by a Roulette Force from a Jerry Mentzer cavalcade book (?)
1979 198
Larry Becker Card Flash number is formed, card in the deck at the number predicted in envelope
1979 207
Larry Becker Duo-Matic based on a Hummer idea, two spectators with four cards, 14 instructions later end up with same card
Inspired by
  • "Baby Hummer" (Charles Hudson, The Linking Ring, Dec., 1967)
1979 211
Robert Cassidy Meet Larry Becker on Larry Becker
June/July 1979 1
Robert Cassidy P.E.A. Convention Notes on Sandy Kross, The Aldens, Punx, Larry Becker, Tony Andruzzi, Irv Weiner, Ken Weber, John Cornelius, Carl Herron, Marc Popelsky, Elliott Black, Scott Gordon, Floyd Vivino, Maskelyne Ye Mago, Brother Shadow, Bob Cassidy, The Meeting of the Minds
Aug. 1979 1
E. Leslie May A 'P.S.' or Pyramid Suggestion pyramid power presentation, prediction of tarot card
Inspired by Sep. 1979 4
Robert Cassidy (reviewer) Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism II by Larry Becker Oct./Nov. 1979 3
Robert Cassidy In Re Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism II reply to critic by Goldstein and Waters
Related to Dec. 1979 2
Bob Hummer Hummer's Poker Chip Baffle six poker chips with numbers on each side, spectator can turn them while performer's back is turned and then cover three chips, performer names numbers covered, for credit information see 2022 Bob Farmer reference
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1980 4
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Larry Becker, P.C.A.M., P.E.A. convention
Magick (Issue 273)
Robert Cassidy Editorial Policy on Becker's World of Super Mentalism II, Goldstein, Waters, Minch, Redans
Related to Jan. 1980 2
Robert Cassidy 1980 Meeting of the Minds - St. Louis, Mo. program for the upcoming convention, Punx, Tony Raven, Alex Redans, Masklyn ye Mage, Irv Weiner, Larry Becker, Bob Cassidy, Bob Haines, Terry Nosek, Ralph Athey, Dan Tong, Ross Johnson, Ken Weber, Alessandro de Luca, Eliott Black, Scott Gordon, Aprille Becker
May 1980 1
Robert Cassidy The P.E.A. Logo by Larry Becker, Dick Hughes and Bob Siepielski
Related to June 1980 3
A Photographic Record of the 1980 "Meeting of the Minds" picture of Elliott Black, Terry Nosek, Gordon Hoener, Alessandro de Luca, Bob Cassidy, David Hoy, Irv Weiner, Punx, Debbie Belante, Larry Becker, Sharon Lucas, Ken Weber
Aug. 1980 3
Larry Becker The Bag Man stop trick with fair conditions, cards are dealt out of a paper box
Apr. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 4)
Gene "Phantini" Grant Estimation "A Matter of Debit and Credit" with blank cards, Larry Becker's "Ghost Image" Deck
Inspired by 1981 40
Gene "Phantini" Grant It Is an Incredible Coincidence some blank cards are cut and put in pocket, several billets with numbers, spectator choses one and it matches the amount of cut cards, with Larry Becker's "Ghost Image" Deck
1981 43
Stephen Tucker Jargon brief comment on Larry Becker's books, Talon, The Last Hierophant, Bob Ostin Lecture Notes
June 1981
Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Bob Ostin The Pink Peeker similar to Larry Becker's Flahback concept
Also published here July 1981
Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Stuart R. Patterson (reviewer) Mentalism for Magicians by Larry Becker 1981
Babel (Issue 1)
Jochen Zmeck Das Spukhaus story trick, four letter cards, different words with different letters are spelled
Inspired by 1981 10
Larry Becker Delayed Reverse employing Henry Christ cut deeper force
1982 61
Al Smith (reviewer) Mentalism for Magicians by Larry Becker (written by Jeff Busby) 1982
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 6)
Thomas Alan Waters Insight Straight performer takes one card out and puts a poker chip on it, then sixteen cards are laid out in a matrix and a spectator can put four chips on cards, those four cards added to the card put away earlier form a straight Ten-Ace
Inspired by
  • Larry Becker's "The Little Black Book" in "Mentalism for Magicians"
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Deckalogue)
Thomas Alan Waters Two-Way Fishing between two astrological signs, stoping sentence and waiting for reaction
Related to 1982
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Grymwyr)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Cassidy, Larry Becker, Russian Roulette theme
Apr. 1982
Magick (Issue 305)
Larry Becker Grand Opening while deck is in case, crimp
June 1983
Apocalypse (Vol. 6 No. 6)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Improved Track Record by Larry Becker June 1983
Epoptica (Issue 4)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bill Larsen, Tom Tucker, David Ashton, Nikko, Larry Becker
Feb. 1983
Magick (Issue 316)
Father Cyprian, Larry Becker Becker and Cyprian Becker routine, with different ending and setup
Inspired by 1983 25
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Psycho II by Larry Becker Aug. 1984
Epoptica (Issue 6)
Karl Fulves Soup to Nuts No. 61, price of dinner chosen from menu predicted, Martin Gardner Principle
Related toVariations 1985 108
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Larry Becker
June 1986
Magick (Issue 372)
Terry Seabrooke Burnt Note In Wallet with fire insurance, envelope in wallet
Related toVariations 1986 49
Reinhard Müller Nur gedacht! one of four cards selected and found, jumbo cards
Inspired by
  • "Alas-Poor Yorick" (A. Carter, Magigram 12, Oct. 1980)
  • "King's Row" (Larry Becker, MUM 70, 8, Oct. 1981)
1986 12
Larry Becker "Will The Cards Match" ESP-style order matching with five torn-in-half cards
Variations May 1987
Apocalypse (Vol. 10 No. 5)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) No Gaff Room Service Plus by Larry Becker Oct. 1987
Epoptica (Issue 10)
Larry Becker Ten-Card Poker Stand-up Presentation
Also published here Nov. 1988
Apocalypse (Vol. 11 No. 11)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on P.E.A. award, Larry Becker
June 1988
Magick (Issue 406)
Paul Mauerhofer Das Märchen vom goldenen Schuh five little figures are mixed by spectator, only one is golden underneath and it is located by performer
Inspired by
  • Larry Becker's "The Black Spot" in "Mentalism for Magicians" 1981.
Magische Blätter (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bruce Barnett, Orville Meyer, Larry Becker, Harry Anderson, Craig Karges
Mar. 1989
Magick (Issue 419)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Martin Grams, Larry Becker, Tony Doc Shiels
May 1989
Magick (Issue 421)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on shiners, Larry Becker
June 1989
Magick (Issue 424)
Larry Becker Introduction Book 2 first published in 1979, edition of 350 books, missing routines are
  • "Swindled"
  • "Vegas Mentalism"
  • "Multi-Pry"
  • "The Alpha Routine"
  • "Peek-A-Boo-Boo"
  • "Twin Forecast"
  • "The $5,000 Challenge Prediction"
1989 3
Billie Rean Pop Gallery several people draw something on a cardboard, drawings are shuffled and handed out, performer sorts the drawings to the people who actually drew them
Related to Feb. 1990
Magick (Issue 435)
Paul Hallas A Mental Miracle sum prediction
Related to
  • Some Total (Larry Becker, 1978)
  • Fred Barlow's "Mental Prodigies"
  • Will Dexter's "Computer Mind" in "Feature Magic for Mentalists" p. 113
1990 10
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Be Seated! four chairs and three spectators, prediction of empty chair in envelope
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1990 /1999 16
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Future Card Thought shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted
Inspired byRelated to 1990 /1999 21
Larry Becker Bendix Bombshell for Cabaret
1991 132
John Bannon Timely Departure three cards are thought-of via "packet is cut off and counted..." procedure, they disappear and reappear face up
Related toVariations 1991 160
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Larry Becker, Ross Johnson, Richard Osterlind
Apr. 1991
Magick (Issue 454)
Larry Becker Borgia's Goblets using invisible goblets which are destroyed with a real hammer, shattering noice can be heard, number of last goblet is predicted, using a Crazy Hammer
Aug. 1991
Magick (Issue 459)
Larry Becker "X" Marks the Spot routines with Hull's Pop-Eyed Popper deck, rough/smooth Svengali, predictions with X on the back, using jumbo cards
Also published here 1991 10
Roy Roth, Larry Becker The Credit Card Destruction Grinder
1992 75
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Caroline & Docc Hilford, Mark Strivings, David Alexander, Larry Becker, Lee Earle, Michael Sondermeyer, Uwe Schenk
Dec. 1992
Magick (Issue 482)
Steve Dusheck One Card Brainwave spectator reverses a card behind his back, it is the only odd-backed card
Related toVariations 1992 37
Larry Becker Fred spectator reverses a card behind his back, it has Fred written on it
Inspired by 1992 39
Larry Becker Preface
1992 19
Larry Becker Life on the Wrong Side of The Brain (An Imperfect autobiographical recollection)
1992 25
Larry Becker Monte Crispo signed bill in one of three envelopes, two are burnt, apparently mistake and bill appears in insurance envelope, with variation using a paper shredder
  • Author's Note: Shred a Few Tears of Joy & Sorrow
Inspired by
  • Larry Becker's "Monte Inferno" in "Mentalism for Magicians"
Related to
1992 39
Larry Becker Digitellus numbers written on a business card and added up along some given instructions, total of ten numbers is divined before numbers are added by spectator, peek wallet
1992 47
Larry Becker Q&A: How important is it to perform only effects that you have created?
1992 52
Larry Becker Bear Minimum prediction of one of six jumbo cards on bill, spectator gets teddy bear as gift
1992 53
Larry Becker Sneak Thief pseudo psychometry with drawings, last drawing is duplicated
Related toVariations 1992 65
Larry Becker Sneaky Two Sneak Thief applied to card routine, four cards are selected and only values written on four index cards, performer allocates numbers correctly to spectators and divines last card
Related to 1992 73
Larry Becker Intuition card case put on one of four piles
1992 79
Larry Becker Wordarama divination of chosen word from a list, using Larry White's Get The Picture envelope
1992 89
Larry Becker Stand-Up Modification variation for Larry White's Get The Picture envelope
1992 89
Larry Becker The $99.95 Miracle! Dick Tracy themed routine, chosen villain is predicted on memo-recording pen
1992 91
Larry Becker Q&A: What are your pet peeves about mentalism?
1992 96
Larry Becker All-Star Miracle baseball cards, autograph of chosen player on baseball, different-looking baseball cards of same player
Related toVariations 1992 97
Roger L. Omanson A Guest Presentation variation of All-Star Miracle, baseball cards, autograph of chosen player on baseball
Inspired by 1992 102
Larry Becker Q&A: What other creators of mental effects do you admire?
1992 108
Larry Becker Gaff-Free Duo prediction of hotel and room number, using playing cards
Inspired by
  • Don Wayne's "Room Service"
1992 109
Larry Becker Minding the Store, Again prediction of chosen product from list and total of bill, using playing cards
Inspired by
  • Ned Rutledge's "Minding the Store"
1992 111
Larry Becker Hypnotic! with prediction
Also published here 1992 115
Larry Becker Q&A: Can music be integrated into a mentalism act?
1992 120
Larry Becker Midnight Miracle design duplication, stealing billet from envelope
1992 121
Larry Becker Switcheroo switching a bill using an envelope
  • The double envelope concept
1992 126
Larry Becker Q&A: What is your response to those who might consider your effects too "magicy?"
1992 130
Larry Becker The Becker Bevel bevel force, with bottom card openly reversed
Also published here 1992 131
Larry Becker Q&A: Any suggestions as to how to use humor or comedy in mentalism?
1992 134
Larry Becker The Revenger prediction of chosen weapon, humorous presentation using a sound machine
1992 135
Larry Becker Q&A: Do you have any observation about the impact of magic or mentalism on your marriage?
1992 144
Larry Becker Casino Caper prediction of Roulette, Craps and Blackjack
Inspired by 1992 145
Larry Becker Q&A: Will any psychic entertainer ever gain the prominence of Dunninger or Geller?
1992 152
Larry Becker Casino Royale prediction of a chosen casino, amount of money one wagers and outcome of Blackjack game, poker chips with names of casinos and Himber Wallet, comments on pre-show in the introduction (but not used in the effect)
1992 153
Larry Becker Q&A: What is your definition of a good mental effect?
1992 164
Richard Osterlind Some Total Radio sum prediction over radio, with people calling in
Inspired by 1992 165
Larry Becker The Borgia Bash chosen / poisoned glass is found, number of chosen glass predicted
1992 171
Larry Becker Shuffler 2 top stock control using a battery operated card shuffler
Related to
  • Larry Becker's "Shuffler" in "Mentalism for Magicians"
1992 175
Larry Becker Q&A: How do you rehearse?
1992 180
Larry Becker, Roy Roth The Roth Beck Box large die placed inside a box, chose number is divined
1992 181
Leo Boudreau, Larry Becker The Unknown cards with names of playing cards printed on both sides, spectator thinks of any value and looks for all cards which have the value, then he chooses a suit, performer finds card in a deck
  • Alternative #1 (card is found at position written on case)
  • Alternative #2 (card is found at position written in prediction)
1992 185
Larry Becker Triple Threat Laser Gazer routine, ESP symbol appears on paper while drawing with pen
1992 191
Larry Becker Crystal-Eyes second spectator sees chosen ESP symbol in wristwatch
Related to 1992 194
Larry Becker Witch-Watch cards with names of watches, watch as prediction, programmable watch
1992 195
Larry Becker Q&A: What are the biggest failings of most psychic entertainers?
1992 198
Larry Becker Flushed and Headliner performer puts Royal Flush inside pocket and one card is chosen, same card is found in second deck, cross sum force and odd backs principle
Related to 1992 199
Larry Becker Headliner five cards are selected and and placed inside performers pocket, one is removed by spectator and name of card printed in newspaper, odd backs principle
1992 202
Larry Becker Power of Suggestion with the power of suggestion the selection becomes invisible for the spectator, then chosen card is divined
Inspired by 1992 205
Larry Becker Q&A: Against a background of a contemporary high degree of interest in "new age" matters, why isn't psychic entertainment more sought after?
1992 210
Larry Becker, Lee Earle, Ross Johnson The Howard Hughes Headline Prediction comedy prediction, humorous entries in news paper, apparently mailed 20 years ago
1992 211
Larry Becker Mail Mental named number on label attached to coin, Lippincott coin box
Inspired by 1992 217
Larry Becker Q&A: How can psychic entertainment be made more entertaining?
1992 220
Larry Becker Match Game cards with jokes matching cards with punchlines,
Inspired byAlso published here 1992 221
Larry Becker The Ultimate Match-Up ramasee principle matching routine, using double facer ending with straight flush
Inspired by 1992 224
Larry Becker Psycho II one of five ESP cards is reversed and all sealed inside nest of envelopes, reversed card is divined
1992 229
Larry Becker Q&A: What importance does audience belief play in a successful mentalist's performance?
1992 234
Larry Becker Terminal Psycho chosen ESP card inside envelope is divined
1992 235
Larry Becker The Diffusion Principle fabricating bills with same serial number, bill travels from purse to block of Lucite
1992 235
Larry Becker Kliptomaniac three coins with different dates are sealed in three envelopes, performer divines dates, with variation
Related toAlso published here
  • in "M.U.M." February, 1987.
1992 239
Larry Becker Q&A: How do you feel about disclaimers?
1992 246
Larry Becker Game Show six cards with items and prizes, items chosen and prizes are added, sum matches prediction, Prize is Right presentation
Inspired by
  • Paul Flory's "5040 Prediction" in "The Linking Ring" February,1981.
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • in "Magic Manuscript" February/March, 1982.
1992 247
Larry Becker Clearly Predictable mailed prediction of headline and chosen Jumbo card
1992 251
Larry Becker Q&A: Can both magic and mentalism be successfully combined in a performance? Why? How?
1992 264
Larry Becker, Roy Roth The Nostradamus Prediction Chests two boxes, inside is cassette with recorded prediction, with effect variations
1992 265
Larry Becker Q&A: Do you record your act? What use do you make of it?
1992 284
Larry Becker, Ross Johnson Club Kicker shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted, with jumbo card kicker
Inspired byVariations 1992 285
Larry Becker Q&A: How do you feel about the use of playing cards in a psychic performance?
1992 288
Larry Becker Slop-Psy Turvy using the Slop Shuffle to force a card, first card that is face down
1992 289
Larry Becker Mind Probe spectator choses a number from serial number, prediction on bill, simplified handling
Inspired byRelated to 1992 292
Larry Becker 2 O'Thoughts two versions of the clock trick
  • Mind Mirror
  • Cardology
1992 297
Larry Becker Q&A: If you were asked to construct and direct a mental act to be performed by another, what type of effects would you include? (... What type of effect would you suggest for an opener? For a closer?)
1992 304
Larry Becker, Carlhorst Meier Hour of Destiny with prediction engraved in watch, credit information
Related toVariations 1992 305
Larry Becker, Carlhorst Meier Q&A: How does, or should, the performance of mentalism differ from the performance of magic?
1992 316
Larry Becker Boxxed method to peek inside box sealed with rubber bands, two effects, divination of number of dice and of playing card
Inspired by 1992 317
Larry Becker Q&A: What advice do you have for magicians who would like to create a complete act of mentalism?
1992 326
Larry Becker Serial Killer serial number is constructed using bills, prediction in envelope
1992 327
Larry Becker Q&A: What is your definition of a good mental effect?
1992 340
Larry Becker X-Rated Stuff routines with Hull's Pop-Eyed Popper deck, rough/smooth Svengali, predictions with X on the back
  • X Marks the Spot
  • My Favorite Card
Also published here 1992 341
Larry Becker Q&A: How did you learn to walk on stage, use a microphone, handle volunteers and all other elements of stagecraft? How can others learn it?
1992 346
Larry Becker, Roy Roth The Becker Coin Purse Mysteries two-way coin purse, spring top
1992 347
Larry Becker Just Chance using four Becker Coin Purses
1992 349
Larry Becker Spectral Safari billet with name of chosen animal appears in Becker Coin Purse
1992 355
Larry Becker Descripto slip in envelope contains description of one of five chosen spectators, using Becker Coin Purse
1992 357
Larry Becker, Lee Earle Divination bill placed inside Becker Coin Purse, with idea by Lee Earle
1992 358
Larry Becker Q&A: What's the most powerful performing moment you've ever experienced?
1992 362
Larry Becker Unbalanced finding chosen card, using Major Arcana
Also published here
  • in "New Tops" May, 1984.
1992 363
Larry Becker Q&A: Other than "Russian Roulette," your obvious first choice, which of your creations tickles your "M" spot?
1992 366
Larry Becker, Richard Stride Super Reflecta-Thot five cards with hundred words each, word is selected by forming a number, divination of chosen word
Inspired by 1992 367
Larry Becker Q&A: Is mentalism being debased by encouraging magicians to do more mentalism?
1992 384
Larry Becker What Goes Around on the Zip Code marking for business cards and envelopes
Related to 1992 385
Larry Becker Mini-Deck playing cards are written on business cards, chosen one is divined, using Zip Code marking
1992 386
Larry Becker Jeopardy ZIP pseudo psychometry using business cards and chosen TV shows, ZIP marking principle
1992 387
Larry Becker Psych-ZIP objects in envelopes, pseudo psychometry, using ZIP marking principle
1992 388
Larry Becker ZIP-Lock performer writes numbers on business card, chosen one opens lock, ZIP marking principle
1992 388
Larry Becker Emotional ZIP emotion written on business card, performer locates card, ZIP marking principle
1992 389
Larry Becker Ultra Coinetic spectator divines what kind of coin is inside envelope, with variations
  • The Marketed Version
1992 393
Larry Becker The Ghost Coin prediction of chosen coin, with purse
1992 400
Larry Becker Ultra-Keynetic keys with different colors, chosen color opens chest, with purse
1992 401
Larry Becker The Room Service Concept key tags in coin purse
Inspired by
  • Don Wayne's "Room Service"
1992 402
Larry Becker Doubling Up Ultra Coinetic done with twelve instead of six options
1992 403
Larry Becker Q&A: Do you use a stooge? An instant stooge?
1992 404
Larry Becker Subliminal Persuasion spectator listens to music and then selects a word which is divined
1992 405
Larry Becker Transparen-See using Himber wallet / Becker Blockbuster wallet
  • Pre-Show Variation
1992 409
Larry Becker Q&A: What do you really feel is most important in advancing one's career as a performer?
1992 418
Larry Becker Ultimate Flashback book test using the flashback principle, with variations
  • The Original
  • To Have the Books Examined
  • Where are all the Gaffs?
  • The Basic Handling
  • The "Pointer" Phenomena
  • Coincidence
  • Three Down - Three to Go
  • Hoy Plus
  • The Elak Influence
  • The "How To"
Inspired byRelated to 1992 419
Larry Becker Q&A: How do you feel about using an assistant?
1992 434
Larry Becker Test Conditions prediction of chosen card
1992 435
Larry Becker Russian Roulette using three revolvers
  • The Double-Clutch Move
  • The Manhattan Close Call
1992 441
Larry Becker Appendix I Double Undercut
1992 461
Larry Becker Appendix II The Charlier Shuffle
1992 463
Larry Becker Q&A: What is your assessment of the direction of mentalism in the next decade?
1992 464
Jon Racherbaumer On Ring and Rope Routines credit information on using an extra piece, Edward Victor, Larry Becker, Bruce Allen
Related to Mar. 1992
Swipe (Issue 4)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on Chuck Hickock, Earl Keyser, Tom Grossman, Ted Karmilovich, Richard Busch, Larry Becker, Allan Ferguson, Richard Webster, Melanie Magus, Ted Lesley, Orville Meyer, Jonathan Cooke
Aug. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 2)
Robert L. Bluemle, Larry Becker The Vibrations Interview: Part 1 - Larry Becker
Sep. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 3)
Dr. Juris From the notebook of Dr. Juris on C. L. Boarde, Larry Becker, Bill Larsen, Charlie Miller
Oct. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 4)
Robert L. Bluemle, Larry Becker The Vibrations Interview: Part 2 - Larry Becker
Oct. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 4)
Larry Becker (reviewer) Sun Signs by Lee Earle Nov. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 5)
Ford Kross Kross Roads on Cassidy, Larry Becker, Bob Baker, Richard Busch
Dec. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 6)
Larry Becker Foreword
Ford Kross Kross Roads on Chazpro, Michel Aselin, Marcello Truzzi, Larry Becker, Max Maven, Richard Busch
Jan. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 7)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on the Berglas effect, Larry Becker
Jan. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 7)
Elliott Black The President's Message on Larry Becker, MOTM
Feb. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 8)
Ted Lesley (reviewer) Stunners by Larry Becker Feb. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 8)
Roy Miller Editor's Log: It's Déjà Vu All Over again! on Déjà Vu, Richard Busch, Larry Becker, Lee Earle, Bill Daniels
Mar. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 9)
Ford Kross Kross Roads on W. F. Tucker, Riley G., Richard Busch, Larry Becker, Bob Cassidy
Apr. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 10)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on Charles Reynold, Kreskin, Moshe Botwinik, Kurt Bai, Richard Busch, Bob Bluemle, Leo Boudreau, Robert Rastorp, Les Scheyer Larry Becker, Lee Earle, Riley G. Matthews
June 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 12)
Ford Kross Kross Roads on Larry Becker, The Amazing Elizabeth, Riley G. Matthews, James George
July 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 1)
Robert Siepielski The 1993 Meeting of the Minds: Day 3 on Robin Monserrat, Bascom Jones, Tim Conover, David Lederman, Dick Christian, Ford Kross, Charles Lambert, Gary Lee Williams, Lee Freed, Roy Miller, Charles Scott, Ken Weber, Richard Webster, Jonathan Cooke, Riley G. Matthews, Pascal de Clermont, Frascatelli & Tre Face, Larry Becker
Aug. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 2)
Larry Becker Commentary on CSICOP's "Magic for Skeptics II", Joe Nickell, Robert Baker, Jerry Andrus, Ray Hyman, exposure
Sep. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 3)
Ray Hyman Reply to Larry Becker on CSICOP's "Magic for Skeptics II", Joe Nickell, Robert Baker, Jerry Andrus, Ray Hyman, exposure
Sep. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 3)
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