Written by Bascom Jones
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88 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
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Rich Bloch Welcome To MindFields
Bascom Jones Introduction
Larry Baukin, Doc Dougherty Lucky Strike number from one to nine is predicted, using Post-it pad
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Dream Prediction ESP cards drawn on billets, selected one matches selected ESP card and prediction in envelope
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Space Travel photos of various planets on a cork board, one is selected using dart, prediction
Kurt Bai Photo and Music Telepathy cards with song titles and with with photos of famous people are handed to spectator, both think of one and both thoughts are divined, using non-existent titles that sound plausible
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Bob Baker The Damned Near Impromptu Book Test trimmed rubber finger tip
Larry Baukin E.S.Pendulum divination of chosen ESP card using pendulum
Larry Becker "X" Marks the Spot routines with Hull's Pop-Eyed Popper deck, rough/smooth Svengali, predictions with X on the back, using jumbo cards
Also published here 10
Daryl J. Bem Psychic Psenders two spectators draw the same image
Related to 11
Rich Bloch Watch Scam divination of drawn time, handles of spectator's watch are set correctly
Inspired by 13
Leo Boudreau Crystal Vision divination of chosen gemstones
Stanton Carlisle Impromptu One-Way Deck line on edge
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Psi-Grafico... The $60,000 Act one man Q&A act, with graphology sheets
Also published here 18
Jonathan Cooke Thurston Remembered Voice Print effect, list with names, divining special person
Scott Davis The Reputation Makers cutting keys in half, for Key-R-Rect routine
Jack Dean Predictation voice record prediction of chosen line in book, using peculiarity of Rex Stout's "The Red Box"
Jack Dean Grid Force grid with numbers and envelopes with holes
Inspired by
  • Tan Choon Tee's "Predict-A-Total" in "Tan Choon Tee on Mentalism"
Elmer Deffenbaugh A Psychic Experience three decks, card at named number matches card stabbed to with knife and reversed in third deck
Gary Dudash Beautiful Dreamer named card has X on one and name of spectator on other side
Jeff Evason Cardstab Routine thought of card is found
Inspired by 34
Chuck Hickok The Three T's (Telesthesia, Telepathy, and Teleportation) spectator divines serial number, bill is burnt and found restored in box, bill duplication method
Inspired by
  • Bob Christenson'r routine in "Vibrations" #136.
Jules Hirsch Bingo Is Not Gambling all but one number on bingo card are crossed out, remaining number is predicted on business card
David Himelrick Calculator Caper numbers added on calculator, total matches prediction
Ted Karmilovich Sense-Sations photos are placed inside envelopes, spectator selects one with sad story among happy pictures
Also published here 40
Dennis Marks Invisible Prediction prediction of one of three invisible coins and if it is heads or tails
Inspired by 42
Davey Marlin-Jones Dr. Jak's Wallet-Handling ideas with the Jaks Wallet
  • Dr. Jaks and a Friendly Force
  • Dr. Jaks and Perfect Time
Diabelli Ds Toggeli as Harry Meier, needles vanish and appear in boiled egg
Roy Miller The Pharmaceutical Psychic based on dealer trick "Clairvoyance", six pillboxes in a bag, one is removed and spectator places a billet inside, performer locates correct box inside the bag and note on billet is divined
Roy Miller Mindplay little experiments on business card, optical illusion and puzzle
Dean Montalbano The Songs of the Mind! medium divines songs by singing first line
Inspired by
  • Burling Hull's "Songs on Your Thot Waves"
Dean Montalbano High Voltage Thoughts two piles of cards with different words, two are selected and divined
Inspired by 53
Mike Porstmann Risiko card is chosen by putting a dagger in a deck, prediction of card using envelope
Mike Porstmann Billet Hold-Out Pocket Divider chosen ESP symbol is predicted on billet, billet inside cut tennis ball
Homer M. Scarborough, Jr. Ghost Wheel presentation for Laser Spinning Dazer Disk, optical illusion, fog and clicking noice
Robert Siepielski Mind Scripting thoughts on the content of the billets for Q&A
Ron Spencer Tarot Nikola code for Major Arcana
Richard Stride The Spirit of Nostradamus Lives Business cards with letters to form the name Nostradamus are mixed and match prediction
Paul Curry Swindle Switch
Richard Webster Rite of the Druids prediction of drawn stick figure, position of arm
Peter Zenner Stabbed in the Pack -- Twice spectator and performer look at a card, both are found using two knives stabbed in the deck
Peter Zenner Rattling the Koran Medallion Gold Medallion meets Rattle Box
prediction of number on medallion
Related to 68
Jim Magus Digital using five business cards and pendulum
Punx Only Now with prediction of which key inside envelope
Diabelli Ear of the Dragon as Harry Meier, three objects in three bags, one is removed while performer turns away, ashes are placed on paper and image of chosen object appears, audible method
Tommy Tucker ESP Quotient Test two sets of five cards
Ned Rutledge His and Hers: A Ned Rutledge Unusual two spectator remove five cards from the two halves of the deck, performer allocates them correctly, with two variations
Ross Johnson Kross Out the Sins of Omission drawing, number and word written down and sealed in envelopes before the show are divined
Inspired by
  • "Sins of Omission" (Dan Huffman, Linking Ring, Vol. 67 No. 11, Nov. 1987)
Related to
Ken Weber Real Men Don't Play With Words magician's choice handling, for Hoy book test, three objects
Charles Reynolds Reynolds Rap prediction of rune stone in envelope
Also published here 84
Rich Bloch Sympathy deck in zipper bag has same card reversed as second deck with card reversed by spectator, both cases are signed
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