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Simon Aronson Foreword
Selections from Kabbala
Simon Aronson Some People Think interlocking chains
Also published here 3
Simon Aronson Lie Sleuth several lies detected, missing card in pocket known, interlocking chains
Also published here 5
Simon Aronson Group Shuffle three cards, no touch possible
Inspired byAlso published here 8
The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson
Edward Marlo Foreword
Also published here 13
Simon Aronson Introduction
Also published here 15
Simon Aronson Simon's "Favorite Card" Trick spectator names a card and selects a card, Twisting Ace through Four, last card transforms into spectator's named card, Four is reversed in deck and used to count to selection
Also published here 17
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Robert Walker Wily Turn Wily Turnover
Also published here 19
Simon Aronson Mis-Mate card shown and put out-jogged in deck, spectator says stop during biddling count, it is not the mate of the out-jogged card, but that one changes to match the selection
Also published here 22
Edward Marlo Marlo Swivel Change variation of Push-In Change
Also published here 24
Edward Marlo Who's Hockley Stop Force Biddle Count stop force
Also published here 25
Edward Marlo Book Break Glimpse
Also published here
  • MUM, May 1977, p. 29
Simon Aronson The Spectator Really Cuts To The Aces four-way forcing deck
Also published here 27
Simon Aronson Aces Up, Countdown selection lost, Aces put in different places, they turn over together in the center except the one with matching suit, value of selection used to count to Ace, reversed card in Ace packet is selection
Also published here 31
Simon Aronson Under Cover Four-Play Ace through Four travel through handkerchief one by one to join under jumbo card or cardboard
Also published here 35
Simon Aronson Lucky 7 two cards peeked at, Seven turns face up, both cards are counted to from the Seven
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
  • Fourth Method
  • Fifth Method
Also published here 41
Simon Aronson Two-Card Placement running cut after peek
Also published here 42
Simon Aronson Symmethree three cards peeked at, first selection turns face up, both remaining selections are counted to from the first one using its value
Also published here 45
Simon Aronson Turning the Corner Twisting Ace through Four, last card changes into selection, clean handling
Also published here 48
Simon Aronson The Aronson Artifice spectator stops anytime during dealing, takes two cards, then one of those, it is divined and predicted, Koran meets Gilbreath
Also published here 53
Simon Aronson Off-Center Fishing credit information
Also published here 60
Mel Brown Joker Deck Switch Jokers forgotten on table
Also published here 61
Simon Aronson Stranger Deranger unknown blue-backed selection put in red deck, card chosen from red deck face up, blue-backed deck counted face up and the card just chosen is missing, it is then shown to be the blue-backed card
Also published here 62
Simon Aronson "I'll Go First" spectator and performer both turn a card over in their decks, it matches, sophisticated combination of stacked and invisible deck, with deck switch
Also published here 65
Simon Aronson Odd-Backed Thought Card Across #1
Also published here 69
Veeser Count
Simon Aronson Odd-Backed Thought Card Across #2
Also published here 73
Simon Aronson Red See Passover
Also published here 76
Simon Aronson General Observations on the Memorized Deck on memorizing a deck, difficulties, assumptions
Also published here 84
Simon Aronson Two Card "No Touch" Location spectator cuts off a packet and remembers bottom card, second spectator shuffles same packet and chooses a card, both named by performer
Also published here 88
Simon Aronson Four Stop Intersection four spectators cut to cards, all shuffled, performer deals through cards face up and stops at selections
Also published here 92
Simon Aronson Histed Heisted matrix card divination, last card predicted
Also published here 95
Simon Aronson S-D Plus (or, "Notes on the S-D Location")
three phases
Also published here 100
Simon Aronson Center Cut Location spectator pulls out packet from center and remembers bottom card
Also published here 105
Simon Aronson It Pays to Advertise comments on the advertising cards, uses for example: key, crib sheet, as forcing gaff, ...
Also published here 108
A Stack to Remember
Jon Racherbaumer Foreword
Also published here 115
Simon Aronson A Stack To Remember
Also published here 117
Simon Aronson 1. The Aronson Stack introduces the Aronson stack
Also published here 119
Simon Aronson 2. Features of the Aronson Stack
Also published here 120
Simon Aronson Draw Poker Deal a), built into the Aronson Stack
Also published here 120
Simon Aronson Stud Poker Deal b), built into the Aronson Stack
Also published here 121
Simon Aronson Ten Card Poker Deal c), built into the Aronson Stack
Also published here 122
Simon Aronson Poker Routines d), routining the previous effects
Also published here 123
Simon Aronson Perfect Bridge Hand e), built into the Aronson Stack, deals a perfect no-trump hand
Also published here 123
Simon Aronson Spelling f), built into the Aronson Stack, spelling bank
Also published here 124
Simon Aronson Any Poker Hand Called For g), built into the Aronson Stack, based on the Zensational stack
Also published here 125
Simon Aronson 3. Memorizing the Aronson Stack tips and mnemonic system for the Aronson stack
Also published here 129
Simon Aronson Note 1994
Simon Aronson Selected Bibliography on Memorized Deck Magic
Also published here 141
Simon Aronson Foreword
Also published here 147
Simon Aronson Shuffle-Bored
  • The Basic Shuffle-Bored Effect (only number of reversed card is divined)
  • The Secret
  • The Set-Up
  • The Procedure
  • Preliminaries
  • The Cancellation Combination
Also published here 149
Simon Aronson Controlled Shuffle-Bored number of reversed cards can be predicted
Also published here 156
Simon Aronson Divided Deck Shuffle-Bored
Also published here 159
Simon Aronson Delayed Location Effects doing divided deck locations after Shuffle-Bored
Also published here 160
Simon Aronson Color Separation Revelation all reversed cards are black, not recommended
Also published here 161
Simon Aronson Color Discernment performer knows number of reversed red and black cards
Also published here 163
Simon Aronson Selection Shuffle-Bored Shuffle-Bored combined with a location
Also published here 164
Simon Aronson Prediction Shuffle-Bored
Also published here 165
Simon Aronson Background and Credits
Also published here 167
Simon Aronson Shuffling Off
Also published here 168
David Solomon David Solomon's variation of Ed Marlo's "But What About My Number?" spectator thinks of a small number and reverses that many cards twice in the deck, deck shuffled face-up/face-down by spectator, performer knows number of reversed cards and the spectator's number coincides with the number of red cards that are reversed
Also published here 171
Simon Aronson Ad-Jacent advertisement card is used to stab between selections in tabled spread, rewritten description
Also published here 173
Simon Aronson Bibliography of Simon Aronson
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