Written by George B. Anderson
Work of George B. Anderson
63 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
23 entries
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George B. Anderson Birth of a Book
George B. Anderson The Basic Premis on the idea of this book, spectator's reading minds
George B. Anderson Here's Your Number spectator divines number, coding with word on cigarette
George B. Anderson Impossible Mindreading apparently member of audience interrupts performance by thinking a number, person has to raise hand
Related to 12
George B. Anderson The Blackboard Gimmick submitting message secretly to spectator who divines thought of other spectator, using a blackboard for children
George B. Anderson The Bystander Book Test spectator divines chosen word from book by writing it on a slate
George B. Anderson Tuning In on a Mindreader word is written on slate and erased, divination of word, oiled chalk
George B. Anderson A Guide for Word Divinations puns/lines to use for divining each letter of the alphabet
George B. Anderson Let the Volunteer Do It transmitting message to spectator, using a hooked coin
George B. Anderson Pseudo Psychometry Improved spectator can chose some envelopes from a bunch, cyclical marking system
George B. Anderson Improved Pseudo Psychometry Improved using dowsing rods for pseudo psychometry
George B. Anderson Find the Killer five people select a weapon, spectator gets dowsing rod and finds person with weapon that matches prediction
Variations 27
George B. Anderson Duplicating a Drawing frames with cardboard
George B. Anderson World's Easiest Message Reading information written on business card, pile of business cards wrapped in handkerchief
Related to 34
George B. Anderson Ultimate Dollar Bill Divination spectator divines serial number of Dollar bill
George B. Anderson, Mike Trent Hi, There, Theo! billet in Okito Box, with clearer instructions than in the Yearbook
Also published here 39
George B. Anderson Theo Plus Bert Reese routine using the Okito Box
Berthold Riess, billet reading information, soft paper
Inspired by 40
George B. Anderson Muscle Reading brief
George B. Anderson A Flash Prediction roll of paper unrolled on stage as prediction, name in telephone book, number
George B. Anderson Your Props on the use of props in mental magic
George B. Anderson The Anderson Blindfold Routine various practical and off-beat methods for the blindfold, thorough analysis of the blindfold drive
George B. Anderson Want More Tricks? on new tricks and the working repertoire
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