383 entries in Mental Magic / Theory and General Comments
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Carl Willmann Briefkasten answering letters, on claims of mind readers, disclaimer
Aug. 1902
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 8)
William S. Houghton Conclusion patter to introduce mental effects
1943 71
C. L. Boarde General Remarks on reading minds, be natural
1947 1
C. L. Boarde Miscellaneous thoughts on billet routines, Q&A, being ready to perform anytime
1947 74
George B. Anderson Mental Card Magic on cards in mentalism
1949 41
Al Baker Mental Card Tricks chapter intro
Also published here 1949 88
Al Baker Recapitulation of Al Baker's Rules for Effective Mental Magic nine rules
Also published here 1949 116
Ormond McGill Our Psychic Powers overview of mentalism genres
1951 6
Ormond McGill The Presentation of Miracle thirteen rules
Also published here 1951 18
Amazing James Randi Mentalism Tip on presenting mind-reading
Aug. 1955
Ibidem (Issue 2)
Tony Corinda, Maurice Fogel An Interview with Fogel on Mentalism
Related toAlso published here 1959 222
Tony Corinda Mediumistic Patter
1959 276
Tony Corinda Establishing "Atmosphere" in the Seance Room
1959 277
Tony Corinda The Stage Medium
1959 278
Tony Corinda Introduction to Mentalism with Cards general remarks and theory
1959 307
Tony Corinda Introduction general comments and theory for Q&A
1959 339
Tony Corinda Answering Questions Known questions of general and specific interest
1959 350
Tony Corinda Answering Questions From Platform private reader vs. stage reader, how to answer questions with a public, funny answers
1959 351
Tony Corinda Part Two: Dealing with Questions Unknown
1959 356
Robert A. Nelson On the Presentation of Mentalism brief
1959 20
Robert A. Nelson On Zodiac Readings
1959 27
Robert A. Nelson The Serious Business of Mentalism general remarks on performing mentalism
1959 2
Robert A. Nelson Factors to Recognize
1959 8
Sydney Bergson Further Thoughts on Mentalism
1959 9
Robert A. Nelson The Build-Up how to name yourself
1959 12
Robert A. Nelson Your Program
1959 17
Robert A. Nelson Programming
1959 19
Robert A. Nelson Presentation
1959 26
Robert A. Nelson Comedy Relief comedy answers for Q&A questions
1959 31
Arthur Hastings The Study of ESP general comments
  • Clairvoyance
  • Telepathy
  • Precognition
1960 3
David Hoy Background and Bold Approach of Dr. Faust on the Bold Approach to mentalism
1963 5
Dr. Stanley Jaks A Letter from Jaks reaction to Tom Bowyer letter
Related to Aug. 1963
Ibidem (Issue 29)
George B. Anderson The Basic Premis on the idea of this book, spectator's reading minds
1968 7
George B. Anderson Your Props on the use of props in mental magic
1968 44
Gene Nielsen 89c Fooler leaving price tags on gaffed objects, convincer
Magick (Issue 50)
Robert Schwarz Ten Psychological Subtleties for Mentalists
  • Audience Rapport
  • Proximity is Important
  • Involve Audience Early
  • Don't be too Perfect
  • "Is that Close Enough?"
  • Safely Miss these Numbers
  • Fail to get the Zero
  • Correct an Error Obviously
  • Try a 'Mental Conversation'
  • Or a Compliment
  • You can Miss Cards, Also!
  • And Capitalize on the Unexpected
Magick (Issue 55)
Guy Thompson Put the Mental into Mentalism on performing mentalism
Magick (Issue 61)
William Larsen Palmistry and the Multi-Purpose Reading - Part 1
Magick (Issue 63)
William Larsen Palmistry and the Multi-Purpose Reading - Part 2
Magick (Issue 65)
Edward G. Brown A Brief Analysis of the Principles of Mental Magic lecture from 1942, thorough categorization of various principles of mental magic
1973 140
Edward G. Brown Forcing lecture from 1945
1973 173
Juan Tamariz La Magia Mental on hypnotism, mentalism, suggestion, parapsychology
1973 111
Sydney Bergson Mentalism Cannot be Done in Pantomime on the performance of mentalism
Magick (Issue 71)
William Larsen Larsen on Fortune Telling - Part 1
Magick (Issue 75)
William Larsen Larsen on Fortune Telling - Part 2
Magick (Issue 77)
William Larsen Larsen on Fortune Telling - Part 3
Magick (Issue 79)
Gerald Fulton The Un-Program on performing mentalism, structuring an act
Magick (Issue 81)
Thomas Alan Waters Mentalism - The Approach is Personal
  • The Approach to Mentalism Varies
  • Why Hire You?
  • Be Sure you Know More than the Audience
  • What About the Miracle Man?
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • An Adult form of Entertainment
  • Don't Worry About being Scoffed At
  • Justify Your Own Approach
Magick (Issue 89)
John D. Pomeroy Mentology on building a mentalism routine
1973 3
Thomas Alan Waters Some Notes on the Use of Billets - Part 1
  • Hidden I See
  • The Unnatural Fold
  • The Switch
  • Materials
  • Accessories
  • Using the Notebook
  • The Untorn Center
  • Area of Writing
  • The Fold
Related to 1974
Magick (Issue 93)
Thomas Alan Waters Some Notes on the Use of Billets - Part 2
  • The Tear
  • The Third Finger Provides the Pressure
  • Close-Up Routine No. One
  • 'Transmitter and Receiver'
  • Close-Up Routine No. Two
  • Addenda
  • For Office Workers
Magick (Issue 95)
Ray Waters Some Notes on the Use of Billets - Part 3
  • Forget the Mechanics
  • The Rectangular Fold
  • "Great Minds Think Alike"
  • Only One Move
  • Clean Up
  • "Wired Thought"
  • And More
  • Final Notes
Magick (Issue 97)
Chandler Mason Mason on Mentalism
  • You Must Suspend Disbelief
  • Make no Supernatural Claims
  • Don't be Offensive
  • Be Humorous Only If you Can
  • Treat Spectators with Respect
  • The Framework Approach
  • Some Do's to Remember
  • And Some Don'ts
Magick (Issue 101)
Raymond Hafler Mentalism Can Be Entertaining on mentalism
Magick (Issue 113)
David Douglas ESP - What It's All About! on Mentalism phenomenas
Magick (Issue 117)
B.C. Milnov A Mental Frame of Mind on performing mentalism
Magick (Issue 133)
Bascom Jones Magic Versus Mentalism
Magick (Issue 139)
Tony "Doc" Shiels You Can be a Super-Psychic on becoming the next Uri Geller, performance of mentalism
Magick (Issue 143)
Stephen Minch Some Preliminary Remarks and Opinions of the Performing of Psychokinetic Effects in Particular and Mentalism in General also on disclaimers
1975 9
Uriah Fuller Part I: General Observations tip for claiming supernatural and psychic abilities, humorous, stooges, Dunninger, Kreskin
1975 11
Philip T. Goldstein Introduction on the basic effects and actions of mentalism
1976 2
Al Mann A Tractate on Fabulous Card Effects for the Mentalist
  • The Pros and Cons
  • Do's and Don'ts
1976 1
Anthony Raven On the Presentation of Magick
  • The Dictionary
  • A Need for Magick
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night
  • Good Theater
  • How to Go about It
  • Mood and Atmosphere
  • Your Props Should Look the Part
  • Know More than Your Audience
Magick (Issue 145)
Anthony Raven On the Presentation of Mentalism
  • Create an Image
  • Not Supernatural
  • Audience Impact
  • What to Do
  • What Types of Effects
  • The Method Behind the Effect
  • Memorize your Patter
  • Master your Audience
Magick (Issue 147)
Sandy Spillman There are no Silent Mental Acts on speaking abilities
  • Powerful Tool
  • Vocal Signature
  • Let Your Voice Relax
  • Voice Quality
  • Work at It
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Some Quick Tips
Magick (Issue 163)
Sandy Spillman Mentalism - For Fun or Profit
  • Words are Important
  • Setting the Stage
  • The Action
  • Do Your Homework
  • And More Homework
  • It's the Way You Say It
  • And It Pays Off
  • But Entertain
Magick (Issue 169)
Tony "Doc" Shiels After Uri... Super PSI on how to form a new psychic superstar à la Geller
1976 20
Tony "Doc" Shiels The Hoax Hex and Other Tall Tales on how to form a successful career as a witch
1976 37
Tony "Doc" Shiels Impossibilities on hoaxing, Dr. Hooker's rising cards, stooges, doppelgänger
1976 52
Philip T. Goldstein Introduction on the presentation of mentalism
1977 2
Al Mann A Pause on moves and magnets in mentalism
1977 2
Jack Kent Tillar Music for Mentalists
  • "Music that Charms"
  • What Does it Cost?
  • Where Do You Start?
  • What Type of Music?
  • Put the Music on Tape
  • Rules to Remember
  • Use Your Imagination
Magick (Issue 175)
Thomas Alan Waters Fortunetelling is Serious Business
  • A Serious Business
  • There are Exceptions
  • A Word About 'Gag' Fortunetelling
  • An Example
  • A Sense of Responsibility
  • Reader and Subject
  • Not Show Business
Magick (Issue 183)
Bascom Jones Anatomy of a Mentalists
  • Portray the Role that Fits You Comfortably
  • Students of Psychology
  • Simplicity
  • Disclaimer...Yes or No?
  • Your Alter Ego
Magick (Issue 185)
Barrie Richardson Banquet Mentalism - The Ready-Made Audience
  • Domino Principle
  • 'Guest of Honor'
  • Social Hour
  • Tips on Working
  • Movement Excites Audience
  • Schedule a Break
  • Chairmen are Nervous, Too
  • Presentation Style
  • After the Performance
  • Letters are Important
Related to 1977
Magick (Issue 193)
Robert Cassidy And in Conclusion on being real vs. admitting to use trickery, disclaimer
1977 30
Harry Lorayne Mental Effects
1977 223
Karl Fulves 7 - Mental Magic
1977 121
Karl Fulves How to Spot Fraudulent Psychics
1977 125
Tony Corinda, Maurice Fogel Ein Interview mit Fogel
Also published here Mar. 1977
Intermagic (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Fredric Kolb All-Purpose 'Back-Up' Routine
  • The Back-Up Act
  • No Need for a Table
  • Use a Microphone
  • The Introduction
  • The Routine
  • The Tossed-Out Deck
  • Number Projection
  • Pseudo Psychometry
  • Magazine or Book Test
  • Dollar-Bill Reading
  • And the Closing Effect
Magick (Issue 197)
Maurice Fogel Reflections of a Professional Mentalist
  • Advice for the Beginner
  • The Importance of Presentation
  • The Disclaimer
  • Judge and Jury
  • What about the Future?
Magick (Issue 213)
Dorfay Not Merely Mental
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Focus on You
  • On Selecting a Style
  • Lighting and Music
  • Interdependence of Audience
  • Eye Contact
  • Be Receptive
  • Use your Voice
  • Cold Audience Start Slower
  • Play Your Spectators
  • And, Finally, Play your Audience
Magick (Issue 229)
George B. Anderson Anderson on Mentalism
  • "You Must Entertain"
  • Someone Will Know the Gimmick
  • If the Impulses Apply
  • We're More Alike than Different
  • A Stock Final Reading
  • Keep Your Test Few and Simple
  • A Blockbuster Finish
  • Concerning Style
  • Questions Can Be Entertaining too
Magick (Issue 239)
Orville Wayne Meyer Mentalism "My Way"
  • Develop Your Own Style
  • Do Your Homework
  • Don't Let the Pace Drag
  • Magic Apparatus Doesn't Belong
  • Stay in Spotlight
  • Be Conservative in Your Claims
  • Surprise Adds Drama to an Effect
  • You Can't Sustain Unbroken Suspense
  • Only Magicians Are Perfect
  • Break the Rules... Knowingly
Magick (Issue 247)
Sandy Kross Television: Think Big, Start Small
  • Think Big, Start Small
  • In the Beginning
  • Talk-Show Format
  • Types of Effects that Work Best
  • A Booktest is a Booktest is a...
  • Handle Viewers with Care
Magick (Issue 251)
David Hoy ESP, According to Hoy
  • What Is ESP?
  • Buzz Words Won't Work
  • A Basic Understanding of ESP
  • The Universal Question
Magick (Issue 257)
Rick Johnsson Belief is the Essence of Deception
  • Causes of Disbelief
  • Simple Solution
  • The Reality Warp
  • A Necessity in Mentalism
  • Effort Versus Results
  • Its not Easy
  • Discipline Sets You Free
  • But Take Care
Magick (Issue 259)
Hugh Riley In the Beginning there was Man historical notes / assumptions on mentalism
  • Past Tense, Future Perfect
  • Impression Methods
  • The Data Bank
  • Girolamo Scotto
  • Second-Sight Acts
  • One-Man Mentalism
Magick (Issue 261)
Karl Fulves The Supermind Scenario on the methods of a medium, like divining unknown personal things, having the phone ring, breaking into a safe
  • Behind the Scenes
  • In Sum
1980 7
Uriah Fuller Introduction
1980 21
Uriah Fuller 14. Miscellaneous Thoughts of Chairman Fuller thoughts on psychics's methods
1980 67
David Douglas Soft Core Disclaimers not Rated X on disclaimers
Apr. 1980 2
Robert Cassidy Mental Magic Versus Mentalism on Pseudo Psychometry
July 1980 4
Thomas Alan Waters Omnimancy essay on fortunetelling, Q&A, cold reading
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Omnimancy)
Thomas Alan Waters Psychometry on psychometry and presenting mentalism
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Psychometry)
Thomas Alan Waters Presentation essay on presentation for psychometry
  • Selling the Psychometry Effect
  • Performance Situations - Good and Bad
  • How Many Items?
  • Single Object Readings
  • Concealed Items (Unknown Objects, Known Objects)
  • Blindfolds
  • Locating the Participants
  • The Psychometry Act
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Psychometry)
Thomas Alan Waters Scrypt on Billet Technique and Maurice Fogel
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Scrypt)
Myriam Ruthchild Anatomy of a Psychic
  • Entertainment is not Enough
  • Motivational Psychologist
  • Billet Bang-Bang
  • A Matter of Numbers
  • What about Recorders?
  • Maintaining Personal Balance
  • And on the Business Side of the Ledger
Magick (Issue 281)
George B. Anderson Authentic Mentalism
  • Without Gimmicks
  • Your 'Hits' Will Amaze Even You
  • Attempt the Impossible
  • Think of a Card
  • Other Effects
  • Play Your Hunches
  • You're not Perfect
  • Handling Questions
Magick (Issue 289)
Myriam Ruthchild Anatomy of A Compute Psychic - Part I
  • Applications for the Psychic
  • Hoy Outdone
  • But Every Coin Has Two Sides
  • Computer Courses
  • Available Programs
  • Don't Take Shortcuts
Magick (Issue 295)
Myriam Ruthchild Anatomy of A Compute Psychic - Part II
  • Can You Afford One?
  • Selecting the Right Type
  • Presentation is Vital
  • Categorical Answers
  • Mail-Order Mentalism
  • Targeted Mailings for Bookings
Magick (Issue 297)
Thomas Alan Waters Deckalogue on playing cards in mentalism
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Deckalogue)
Thomas Alan Waters Grymwyr on bizarre magick
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Grymwyr)
Thomas Alan Waters Octasm on mentalism
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Octasm)
Al Mann Lecture Dunninger's entrance speech and disclaimer
1983 2
Alessandro de Luca, Theophil "Philius" Weidmann Zauberkünstler und Mentalmagie thoughts on mentalism, distinction to magic
1983 4
Alessandro de Luca, Theophil "Philius" Weidmann Einige der wichtigsten Regeln der Mentalmagie (Some important rules in mentalism)
1983 8
Alessandro de Luca, Theophil "Philius" Weidmann Zum Thema "Uebersinnliche Fähigkeiten" on paranormal skills, being "real"
1983 12
Alessandro de Luca, Theophil "Philius" Weidmann Tips und Anregungen on performing close-up mentalism, impromptu
1983 14
Thomas Alan Waters Cardiact on cards and mentalism
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Cardiact)
Thomas Alan Waters Spyryt on being real, and audience perception and believe
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Spyryt)
Thomas Alan Waters Thynk on presenting mentalism
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Thynk)
Stephen Minch Coda - On the Problems of the Negative Outcome in Mentalism essay on accepted positive results over rejected negative ones
1984 35
Jon Racherbaumer On Mentalism
1984 52
Robert Cassidy The Presentation of Mentalism thoughts on mentalism, 8 rules on performing
1984 9
Robert Cassidy Handling the Audience
  • Before the Show
  • During the Show
1984 15
Robert Cassidy Playing Cards in Mentalism
1984 41
Robert Cassidy Ethics in Mentalism
1984 91
Rudolf Braunmüller Humor für Mentalisten
  • Zur Eröffnung
  • Füller
  • Vor pseudo-spritischem Kunststück
  • Zu weiblichen Zuschauer-Assistenten
May 1984
Intermagic (Vol. 11 No. 1)
Rudolf Braunmüller Humor für Mentalisten
  • Zu Zuschauer Assistenten
May 1984
Intermagic (Vol. 11 No. 1)
Danny Korem Mind Meddlers - Love is a Trick essay on claimed psychic powers of James Hydrick
1985 133
Thomas Alan Waters Myxtyr on the perception of being real as a mentalist
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Myxtyr)
Thomas Alan Waters Fynys on wanting success and believability
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Fynys)
Charles W. Simon On the Technique of Stashing on preparing tricks or obtaining information and using it at an opportune moment
  • Utilized be Houdini
  • A Favorite Ploy of Spiritualists
  • It's a Familiar Concept
  • Personal Uses
  • And by Long Distance
  • Thinking Ahead
  • With Cards
  • Or... with Books
  • Your Words make a Difference
May 1985
Magick (Issue 351)
Marshall Johnson The Keys to Success - Part I how to become a successful mentalist
  • Developing the Act
  • Improving Your Appearance
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Old Tricks for New Audiences
  • The 'Essence' of Entertainment
  • Your Personal Attitude Shows
  • And Your Showmanship Adds Sizzle
  • Start with a Quick Fix
Related to Nov. 1985
Magick (Issue 361)
Bruce Bernstein Mentalism - A Personal View thoughts and theory on mentalism
1985 59
Marshall Johnson The Keys to Success - Part II how to become a successful mentalist
  • National Recognition
  • Need for Repetition
  • Common-Sense Approach
  • Goal Oriented
  • Sound Publicity Foundation
  • Your Business Card
  • Family Resemblance
  • Publicity Pictures
  • Further Study
Related to Jan. 1986
Magick (Issue 363)
Dr. Juris Fortunetelling and the Law - An Update - Part I
  • Defining the Term
  • The Applicable Laws
  • Criminal Statutes
  • Licensing Statutes
  • Municipal Ordinances
  • Constitutional Challenges
  • The Court's Argument
  • Separate the Wheat from the Chaff
Aug. 1986
Magick (Issue 375)
Dr. Juris Fortunetelling and the Law - An Update - Part II
  • Where a Disclaimer Worked
  • And where it Didn't Work
  • What About Entertainment?
  • What's to be Concluded?
  • And a Postscript to Think About
Sep. 1986
Magick (Issue 377)
Eugene Burger 12. Character and Claims performance tips for seances
1986 72
Jonathan Cooke Ghost Show Daze on midnight Ghost Shows
  • Not Just One Performance
  • Three Facets
  • The Q&A Act
  • Horoscope Pitch
  • Ladies' Matinee
  • Kids' Magic Show
Related to Aug. 1990
Magick (Issue 443)
Jonathan Cooke Ghost Show Daze - Part II on midnight Ghost Shows
  • The Ghost Show
  • Well-Mixed Program
  • Imploding Tin Can
  • Dancing Skull
  • Spirit Touches and Hypnosis
  • The Black Out
  • The Alternate Black Out
Related to Sep. 1990
Magick (Issue 445)
Richard J. Weibel, Bascom Jones Advertising for the Private Reader
  • Know What Your Are Selling
  • Where to Start?
  • Letterhead
  • Quick Printing
  • Traditional Advertising
  • The "Yellow Pages"
  • Classified Ads
  • Display Ads
Dec. 1990
Magick (Issue 449)
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Thoughts About My Style "All in all the compliments were very high."
1990 /1999 5
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Magician Theories about mixing mentalism with magic, cards, and other thoughts
1990 /1999 6
Steve "Banachek" Shaw The Roger Klause Theory about having to be old to be a believable mentalist
1990 /1999 7
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Everything You Have Read So Far My Be Wrong!
1990 /1999 9
Christoph Borer Risiko - einige Gedanken on using risk/hazard as a method
1991 7
Karroll Priest Test Condition Second Sight - Part I as Carroll Priest
  • Introduction
  • Simple and Direct
  • The Role of Publicity
  • Test Conditions
  • Do It Right
  • The Preliminary Talk
  • Sample Remarks
Related to Mar. 1991
Magick (Issue 453)
Diabelli Mentale Unterhaltung - Was ist das? on performing mentalism
1991 5
Diabelli Programmgestaltung - Präsentation on the structure of a mentalism act and presentation
1991 7
Diabelli Der Zuschauer hat immer recht! essay "the spectator is always right"
1991 9
T. Page Wright Chapter 13 - Mental Effects with Cards on mentalism
1991 276
Bruce Rudolph Psychic Entertainment Well Done
May/June 1991
The Magic Menu (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Ross Johnson Touch of Style on reading predictions, not letting spectator read it aloud
Feb. 1992
Magick (Issue 468)
Mark Edward Bare-hand Bookings on apparently not using props
  • Staying Clean
  • Traveling Light
  • Invisible Props and Visible Imagery
  • Keep It simple
  • One-Pocket Portable Prophesies
  • Character is Everything
  • Avoid Humor Initially
  • Know Your Background Information
Aug. 1993
Magick (Issue 493)
Steve Dusheck, James M. Klein Mental Magic interview about mental magic
1993 121
Mark Edward Seance: A Different Kind Of Magical Experience
Oct. 1993
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 2)
Joseph Dunninger, Steve Shaw, Vernon Lee, Tony "Doc" Shiels Disclaimers That Don't disclaimer quotes
Oct. 1993
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 2)
Jonathan Cooke Disclaimers
Mar. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 9)
Al Mann Challenges on challenges during a mentalism performance, Himber vs. Dunninger
1994 1
Jack Dean Routining Your Mental Act check list and audience appeals, for mentalists
June 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 12)
Steven Brehe Syllabic Revelation on revealing a thought, amount of syllable and miscalls
Nov. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 5)
Bruce Bernstein A Few Thoughts About Magicians and Mentalists
1994 23
John Riggs On the Presentation of Mentalism
1995 55
Theophil "Philius" Weidmann Liebe Zauberkolleginnen, Liebe Zauberkollegen on the performance of mentalism
1995 3
Theophil "Philius" Weidmann Intermezzo on mentalism
1995 22
Robert Cassidy An Overview of the Act thoughts on structuring a mentalism show, Theory of Major and Minor Effects
  • The Logic of the Program
Related toAlso published here 1995 2
Robert Cassidy Magician's Guilt, its Causes and Cure (Including the Real Secrets of Mentalism)
1995 43
John Riggs Nuggets of Knowledge thoughts on mentalism, performing and business
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. Quarterly Supplement #2)
Lee Earle Junction thoughts on mentalism
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. Quarterly Supplement #3)
David Ashton The Coffee House Psychic on doing numerology sessions / psychic readings at coffee shops
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. Quarterly Supplement #4)
Travis Nelson Touch Technique method to apparently enhance divination of a thought, spectator is to touch his head where he visualizes a certain thought
Related to 1995
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Mark Strivings Some general observations... on walk-around mentalism
1996 4
Mark Strivings Routining routining mentalism for walk-around
1996 25
Mark Strivings Approaching The Table
1996 34
Basil Horwitz Foreword on mentalism, disclaimer, mixing magic and cards with mentalism
1997 7
Terry Seabrooke Terry Goes Mental
Aug. 1997 11
Mark Strivings Mentalism Up-Close on close-up mentalism
Jan./Feb. 1997
The Magic Menu (Vol. 7 No. 39)
Andy Nyman The Screw up Factor on making mistakes
Also published here 1997 10
Mark Strivings Just Thinking on disclaimer
Sep./Oct. 1998
The Magic Menu (Vol. 9 No. 49)
Jas Jakutsch "Pumping" & Progressive Anagrams
1999 14
Jas Jakutsch Intuitive Extrapolations on the QB Test
1999 28
Barrie Richardson Chapter VI: Intimate Mentalism chapter intro
1999 171
Lee Earle Essentials for Excellence on contemporary mentalism
Syzygy (Vol. 4 No. Q16)
Robert Cassidy Bob's Tips on performing close-up mentalism
1999 246
Mark Strivings Just Thinking on disclaimers in mentalism
July/Aug. 1999
The Magic Menu (Vol. 9 No. 54)
Richard Mark Psychic Entertainment and Communication Channels on presenting mentalism
2000 97
Richard Mark The Real Secret: The Presentation Of Psychic Entertainment
2000 148
Richard Mark Chapter Eight on the mind and the brain
2000 153
Chuck Hickok Entertainment and Mentalism for Corporate Audiences
2002 11
Chuck Hickok Eight Guidelines for Performing Mentalism to Corporate Audiences Guideline One: A Unifying Theme
Guideline Two: Believability
Guideline Three: Exclusivity
Guideline Four: Increasing Impossibility
Guideline Five: Multiple Moments of Amazement
Guideline Six: Innocent or Natural Props
Guideline Seven: Maximum Impact
Guideline Eight: A Likeable Persona
2002 21
Chuck Hickok Three Kinds of Pre-Show Work on pre-show and preparations before a gig
2002 45
Chuck Hickok My Disclaimer
2002 135
Barrie Richardson Some Thoughts on Mentalism
  • From My Thoughts
June 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 6)
Jamy Ian Swiss Mentalism Grows Up
Also published here 2002 13
Al Baker Mental Card Tricks chapter intro
Also published here 2003
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Mental Magic)
Al Baker Recapitulation of Al Baker's Rules for Effective Mental Magic nine rules
Also published here 2003
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Mental Magic)
Luke Jermay First Thing First enhancing a prior effect by a verbal suggestion
2003 17
Luke Jermay The Power of Silence silence to enhance suggestions
Related to 2003 24
Luke Jermay, Steve "Banachek" Shaw The 'Old Witchdoctor' suggestion of cause and effect, silent script
2003 28
Luke Jermay The Building Block Technique magic routines enhanced with suggestions
2003 43
Kenton Knepper What Are You Suggesting by Using Suggesting?
2003 45
Luke Jermay Mixing Magic and Mentalism
2003 52
Luke Jermay Methodology - A Brief Look at Modern Bizarre Magick
2003 56
Luke Jermay Zeroing In finding a suggestible person
2003 159
Max Maven On Bizarre Magic
2003 115
Ormond McGill The Presentation of a Miracle thirteen rules
Also published here 2003 124
Robert Fellows Beginning in Mentalism
2003 221
Derren Brown The Devil's Picture Book "The Role of Playing Cards and Choice of Material"
Oct. 2003
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 2)
Luke Jermay The Psychic vs. The Psychological Performance on pretending to have real powers, disclaimers
2004 14
Luke Jermay Pre Show Sripting
2004 24
Yaniv Deautsch Introduction propless mentalism
2004 4
Yaniv Deautsch Risky Business
2004 26
Robert Cassidy An Overview of the Act thoughts on structuring a mentalism show, Theory of Major and Minor Effects
  • The Logic of the Program
Also published here 2004 9
Robert Cassidy Part One - Fire prologue, on the origin of mentalism, its distinction to magic, disclaimer
2004 42
Robert Cassidy Principium 1 "Plausibility depends on context (Or, as Annemann asked, 'What would a real mindreader do?')"
2004 45
Robert Cassidy Riding the Web "An approach to Parapsychology and a cover story for mentalists"
Related to 2004 47
Robert Cassidy Principium 2 "No effect is plausible if the context is wrong. Conversely, anything is plausible in the right context. The trick is figuring out which is which." includes effect, prediction chosen postcard, cards with same city name but different images
Related to 2004 52
Robert Cassidy Principium 3 "If more than one subtlety is at work, your method is well concealed."
2004 59
Robert Cassidy Principium 4 "Varying your methods keeps you one step ahead of the dilettantes.", method to read center tear piece
2004 61
Robert Cassidy Principium 5 "To err is human, it makes you seem real, but err in your closer and you're a Schlemiel."
2004 67
Robert Cassidy Principium 6 "It's not what you take with you that counts, it's what you leave behind."
2004 69
Robert Cassidy Principium 7 "A Mentalist's primary product is his name and personality. The effects should merely serve to reinforce his image and reputation."
2004 77
Robert Cassidy The Journey Continues on being real, having personality
2004 77
Robert Cassidy Principium 8 "Reputations are not made by what you do. They are made by what people BELIEVE you can do."
2004 79
Robert Cassidy Principium 9 "If your initial claims are plausible, your later claims will be far easier to accept"
2004 86
Robert Cassidy Principium 10 "Art requires attention to detail"
2004 94
Robert Cassidy Return to the Web on alternate states of consciousness, reality tunnels
2004 97
Robert Cassidy Principium 11 "What's simple isn't always good, but what's good is almost always simple."
2004 106
Robert Cassidy Principium 12 "If charismatic you would be - Act enthusiastically", strategy to read billet
2004 112
Robert Cassidy Principium 13 "The more complex a routine, the less "real" it looks. That's one of the differences between mentalism and 'mental magic.'"
2004 116
Robert Cassidy A Vibration from the Web on the web, explanation for supernatural powers
2004 120
Robert Cassidy Principium 14 "If Someone Else Your Try to Be, You're Condemned to Mediocrity."
2004 134
Robert Cassidy Principium 15 "To Avoid Detection Use Misdirection", using a spellbound move to switch billets
2004 138
Robert Cassidy Principium 16 "He Who is Wise, Knows How to Improvise - and all that jazz."
2004 143
Robert Cassidy Principium 17 "Cherish Your Mistakes, The Seeds of Miracles are Within."
2004 151
Robert Cassidy Principium 18 "Anticipate the Inevitable, Because Murphy was right", out for memory test
Related to 2004 154
Robert Cassidy The Difference between Mentalism and Mental Magic
  • How to tell if you are doing mental magic of mentalism
2004 159
Robert Cassidy On Creativity and Originality
2004 161
Robert Cassidy The Secret Language on mentalism
2004 181
Robert Cassidy The Thirty Second Rule on opening an act, performance tips
2004 211
Eugene Burger, Michael Caplan, David Parr, Robert Charles, Mike Burke, Ted Stresen-Reuter, Jack Gould, Todd Karr Eugene Goes Bizarre conversation about Bizarre Magic and the video tapes Eugene Burger did
2004 5
Wonder Man Fred Einführung thoughts on mentalism, props, playing cards, electronics, using stooges, instant stooges, pre-show, impossibility, visibility, emotions
2004 19
Wonder Man Fred Watch Me Come Undone on performing in impromptu situations
2004 223
Mark Strivings Going Out Prepared on what props and gadgets to carry as a mentalist
2004 35
Mark Strivings Mixing Magic, Mental Magic and Mentalism in Strolling a.k.a. Who Are You Anyway? a.k.a. Is It Possible To Be A Strolling Mentalist? on magic and mentalism
2004 48
Chuck Hickok Guidelines for Using Forces as a Mentalist six guidelines
2005 11
Chuck Hickok Essay #1: My Approach to Mentalism
2005 57
Chuck Hickok Essay #2: A Clever Out
2005 60
Chuck Hickok Essay #3: Believability and Mentalism
2005 62
Chuck Hickok Essay #4: Creating Entertaining Mentalism Demonstrations
Related to 2005 65
Chuck Hickok Essay #5: Thoughts on Multiple Moments of Amazement
2005 69
Chuck Hickok Essay #6: I Don't Do Book Tests on the structure of book tests
2005 72
Chuck Hickok Essay #7: Should Mentalists Present Prediction Routines?
2005 77
Chuck Hickok Essay #8: Exposure and Success as a Mentalist
2005 81
Chuck Hickok Essay #9: The Visual Aspect of Mentalism
2005 84
Chuck Hickok Essay #10: The Verbal Aspect of Mentalism
2005 88
Chuck Hickok Essay #12: Performing Mentalism is a Risky Business! on audience management
2005 97
Chuck Hickok Essay #13: Creating Suspense
2005 103
Chuck Hickok Essay #14: What Does It Take To Be a More Successful Mentalist?
2005 107
Chuck Hickok Appendix
  • Questions for the Serious Mentalist
  • My Overall Approach to Mentalism
  • My Development
  • The Structure of My Act
  • Presentational Excellence
  • Visual Aids
  • Helpers from the Audience
  • Performing a Routine that Uses a Force
  • Resources Mentioned in This Book
  • Tools for the Serious Mentalist
2005 173
Jon Racherbaumer Hobsonian Fringe Notes The Artful Ledger
on equifoque
  • Rules of the Game
Nov. 2005
Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Christoph Borer Die schwarze Kunst
2006 130
Christoph Borer Mentalmagische Gedankensplitter on mentalism
  • Grundeffekte in der Mentalmagie sin
-Direkter, aber nicht zu direkter Ablauf
  • Klare, meistens einteilige Effekte
  • Symbole vorsichtig einsetzen
  • Die innere Überzeugtheit macht die Echtheit aus
  • Bedeutung, eigene Klarheit
  • Wagnisse
  • Esoterik versus Mental
Also published here
  • Mentalmagische Gedankensplitter in "Magische Welt" 2/2003
2006 153
Max Maven On Process Mentalism
2006 8
Hector Chadwick Playing Cards in Mentalism A short dissertation on the justification of their use.
2008 81
Hector Chadwick The Trouble With Equivoque: Thoughts on the nature of magician's choice
2008 117
Hector Chadwick An Equivocal Miscellany Further miscellaneous thoughts and techniques relating to the practice of equivoque
2008 143
Hector Chadwick "Commit Yourself" A brief thesis on the justification of thought documentation
2008 171
Luke Jermay The New Mind
  • The New Mind
"What does a Mentalist Use as Contraception? His Personality ..."
Jan. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 1)
Luke Jermay Giant Shoulders
  • The New Mind
five folded business cards on the table, one chosen, it contains the only true statement ("Luke Jermay is wearing a clown nose"
Inspired by
  • Rick Maue routine
Apr. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 4)
Patrick G. Redford Additional Forgotten Subtleties
2008 44
Carl Montada Gedanken über die Benutzung von Spielkarten im Bereich der Mentalmagie on using playing cards in mentalism
2008 18
Carl Montada Lesen - Senden - Verursachen on different plots/effect themes in mental magic
2008 32
Stephen Minch A Vivisection of the Bizarre "Appendix I"
history of bizarre magick
2009 149
Derren Brown Pardon My English...
Also published here Oct. 2009
Genii (Vol. 72 No. 10 (The Jinx - 75 Years))
Derren Brown Pardon My English...
Also published here 2009 28
Christoph Borer 1. Einleitende Gedanken
Also published here 2010 1
Christoph Borer 3. Welche Effekte sind damit möglich?
Also published here 2010 1
Christoph Borer Warum sollte ich diese Force einsetzen?
Also published here 2010 1
Christoph Borer 5. Was für Prinzipien können angewendet werden? 1. Richtige Zuschauerwahl
2. Innere Überzeugung
3. Timing
4. Verbal
5. Blick
6. Weitere Sinne
7. Das dritte Auge
8. Körpersprache
9. Gefühl der Stimmigkeit
10. Massenkonformität
11. Aus dem vorhandenen (eingeschränkten) Wissen schöpfen
12. Zufall und Risiko
Also published here 2010 2
Christoph Borer 6. Wichtige Sätze zum Gelingen einer psychologischen Force
Also published here 2010 7
Christoph Borer 7. Verstärkung der Methode und der Prinzipien 7.1 Aufteilen in A und B Wahlgänge
7.2 Betonung vor und nach der Wahl verändern
7.3 Ein klares, einfaches Out haben
7.4 Mehrere Versuche zulassen
7.5 Durch die eine Handlung wird die andere stark beeinflusst
7.6 Durch Zusatzinformation mehrere Chancen erhalten
Also published here 2010 7
Christoph Borer 8. Verknüpfung mit anderen Techniken 8.1 Fingerfertigkeit
8.2 Mit One ahead
8.3 Mit Elektronik / Funktechnik
8.4 Mit Trickkarten
8.5 Heimliches Wissen
Also published here 2010 9
Christoph Borer 9. Wie lerne ich die psychologische Force?
Also published here 2010 10
Román García Una Visión del Mentalismo essay on mentalism
  • Caracteristicas esenciales de la magia
  • Magia realista y magia ficcional
  • Mentalismo ficcional
  • Las demostraciones
  • La credibilidad de las demostraciones ficticias
  • La importancia de la ambigüedad
  • La frontera borrosa
  • La convivencia del mentalismo ficcional con las demostraciones ficticias
  • La ética del mentalismo como demonstración ficticia
2010 91
Bascom Jones 19 Rules of Mentalism
Also published here
  • "19 Rules of Mentalism", pamphlet
2010 53
Andy Nyman The Screw-Up Factor on making mistakes
Also published here 2010 30
Andy Nyman A New Word
  • Essay 1
on the word "fauxcess" (fake process)
2010 61
Jamy Ian Swiss Mentalism vs. Mental Magic
  • Clarity of Effect
  • The Method is Not the Trick
  • Mental Magic
  • The Revelation of Thinking
  • Process and Derren Brown
  • Minor Processes
  • Process versus Procedure
  • More on Process: From Psychic to Psychologist
  • Predictions are Mental Magic
Also published here 2012 7
Jamy Ian Swiss Mentalism Grows Up
Also published here 2012 61
Bruce Bernstein Getting out of the Line of Fire
2012 77
Bruce Bernstein Magic & Mentalism
2012 95
Bruce Bernstein Disclaiming Disclaimers
2012 153
Bruce Bernstein The Gathering of Information
2012 186
Bruce Bernstein Basic Chops
  • 1. Information Gathering
  • 2. Secret Writing
  • 3. Understanding the Human Nature
  • 4. Suggestion
  • 5. Body Language
  • 6. Contact & Non-Contact Mind Reading
  • 7. Pencil and Sound Reading
  • 8. Magician's Choice
2012 205
Bruce Bernstein Practice
2012 209
Robert Cassidy The Psychology of Mentalism brief
2013 13
Robert Cassidy Plausibility on character development and writing an imaginary biography
2013 13
Robert Cassidy Fundamental Structures
2013 17
Robert Cassidy Common Misunderstandings
2013 18
Robert Cassidy The Opening Effect Comes Second
2013 21
Robert Cassidy A Thought to Ponder on surprise in mentalism and using loaded phrases when divining words, brief
2013 30
Robert Cassidy An Essential Secret on minor and major effects, tips on performing for only ten minutes
Related to 2013 41
Robert Cassidy An Introduction to the Interaction of Physical, Psychological, and Presentational Principles in the Performance of Mentalism
2013 60
Robert Cassidy The Subscript
2013 80
Robert Cassidy Riding the Web - The Original Subscript for My Psychic Persona different version than previously published
Related to 2013 82
Robert Cassidy Origins and Ethics on Norman Baker, the word Mentalist, disclaimer
2013 119
Robert Cassidy Introduction on new technology and mentalism
2013 153
Robert Cassidy Billet Fundamentals
2013 163
Robert Cassidy Staging It mental skill vs. psychic gift
2013 179
Robert Cassidy Presentation Skills: Taking the Stage how to enter a stage
2013 181
Robert Cassidy Other Ways That the Principle Is Applied During a Stage Presentation on the Side Effects principle
2013 284
Robert Cassidy The Second Type of Side Effect - The Odd Things That Just Seem To Happen Whenever You Are Around
2013 286
Robert Cassidy Part One: The Program lecture demonstration on intuition
  • The Introduction
  • The Presentation
2013 297
Robert Cassidy A Time to Define on presenting mentalism
2013 334
Robert Cassidy Magic in Mentalism
2013 336
Robert Cassidy The Intuitive Approach on intuition as an explanation for psychic abilities
2013 347
Robert Cassidy Introduction: The Two Eras of Modern Mentalism
2013 361
Hector Chadwick Problem: Announcing Intentions Alternative:

  • Don't say it
  • Write your prediction, then give the instructions
  • Think
2014 6
Hector Chadwick Problem: Incomplete Sentences Alternative:

  • "Give one to me"
  • "Give two of them to me"
2014 8
Hector Chadwick Problem: Interpreting The Outcome
2014 10
Hector Chadwick Problem: Lack of Purpose
2014 11
Hector Chadwick The "No Questions" Rule Setting the rule so that audience does not ask too many questions during equivoque
2014 12
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Mentalism As a Real Experience
Also published here 2014 6
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Reading Minds
Also published here 2014 7
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Generating Meaning
Also published here 2014 8
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia How to Structure a Mentalism Show Pascal de Clermont's "The pyramid of credibility" and general remarks on structure
Related to 2014 9
Michael Murray Making Mentalism Memorable on people taking photographs to make the moments more memorable
2014 96
Michael Murray On the Level on getting a feeling what people believe in the beginning of the show
2014 100
Michael Murray What Does a Mentalist Do? verbal introduction to increase cooperation
2014 110
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Mentalism As a Real Experience extended
Also published here 2015 13
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Can Minds Be Read? extended
Also published here 2015 15
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia How to Structure a Mentalism Show extended article
Related to 2015 17
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Ideas
2015 97
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia The Mystery of the Red Envelope prediction in red envelope, about how to build up suspense and using a prediction as a cyclic element
2015 106
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia, Juan Esteban Varela The Interactive Experience mentalism with the entire audience and using social media, group pendulum routine
2015 110
Hector Chadwick Words, Words, Words on visual appeal of mentalism performances
2016 29
Hector Chadwick Dat Claim Or Dis Claim? on disclaimers in mentalism
2016 42
Christoph Borer Das kleine Schwarze (Mentalmagie)
2016 109
Andy (The Jerx) The Revealing Thing Importance of thinking about how to reveal a thought-of word, describes a simple peek for a billet
2016 79
Andy (The Jerx) Third-wave Equivoque Third-wave equivoque is based on the richness of language rather than the ambiguity of action.
2016 123
Andy (The Jerx) Dewey Defeats Truman Solutions to common issues magicians have with headline predictions

Issue 1: Too bold a power to claim
Issue 2: What if there's a tragedy that day?
2016 165
Luke Jermay, Joseph Barry Luke Jermay on creativity, NLP, card magic vs. mentalism, boredom, ethics & disclaimers
Dec. 2017
Operandi (Issue 2)
Jamy Ian Swiss Dichotomies: Mentalism versus Mental Magic
  • Clarity of Effect
  • The Method is Not The Trick
  • Mental Magic
  • The Revelation of Thinking
  • Process and Derren Brown
  • Minor Processes
  • Process versus Procedure
  • More on Process: From Psychic to Psychologist
  • Predictions Are Mental Magic
Also published here 2017 46
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 1: Acquiring the Information
  • Before you Arrive at the Venue
  • Pre-show On-Location Gathering
  • During the Performance
2017 3
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 2: Using the Information
  • Structured Feedback
  • Improvisational Feedback
2017 9
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 3: Making Leap of Faith Guesses cold reading and learning info about audience members in the moment
2017 15
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 4: Dilute your Misses covering up for “misses” during cold reading
2017 21
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 5: Using the Dual Reality making it seem to audience as if performer knows more info about spectator than he possibly could have
2017 25
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 6: Using Cancelling Methods
  • Pre-Show Patter
  • Onstage Patter
2017 29
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 7: The Blindfold general info about using blindfolds
  • Straight-ahead or Sideward Peek
  • Straight-down Peek
2017 37
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 9: How to Begin Doing Q&A general advice
2017 55
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 10: Selecting Audience Members
  • Gender Selecting
  • Avoid Drunks
  • Check if they Need Glasses to Read
  • Required Skills
2017 61
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 11: Consider the Venue
2017 67
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 12: Using a Disclaimer
2017 71
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 13: Thirteen Performing Tips general advice
2017 75
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 14: Summary brief outline of info covered in book
2017 81
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 18: Performing Q&A on TV general advice
  • Working the TV Host
  • Working a Guest in the Green Room
  • Working the Audience
  • scanned copy of “Permission to Tape Release” form
2017 125
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 19: Practice Slips examples of filled-out slips from audience and comments on how to go about revealing the info, many more practice slips without any comments
2017 137
Christoph Borer Ein paar einleitende Gedanken
  • Zu den Kunststücken (about the tricks)
  • Was ist Mentalmagie? (What is mental magic?)
  • Welche Effekte gehören zur Mentalmagie? (Which effects belong to the category of mental magic?)
  • Ethik und Moral (ethics and morals)
2018 16
Christoph Borer Aspekte der psychologischen Force - 1. Einleitende Gedanken
Also published here 2018 30
Christoph Borer 2. Was ist eine psychologische Force?
Related to