3rd edition from 1996 used
Written by Mike Caveney
Work of Harry Anderson
168 pages (Hardcover), published by Mike Caveney's Magic Words
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Greg Manwaring
Language: English
53 entries
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Jay Johnson Introduction
Harry Anderson Foreword
Mike Caveney Publisher's Note
Mike Caveney Preface
Mike Caveney Early On biography of Harry Anderson, interrupted by trick descriptions
Harry Anderson Sewing A Coin one coin production, while miming to sew fingers together
Also published here 22
Harry Anderson The Chicken and the Egg producing a chicken food and an egg, turning egg into fried egg
Harry Anderson The Bullet Catch with a plate shattering
Harry Anderson The Ballade of Aristotle Couvert patter for Anderson's Bullet Catch at the Shakespeare Festival in Oregon
Harry Anderson Ping-Pong Ball, Fruti & Flute comedy bit, ping-pong ball thrown into the air, caught and balanced on nose, eating apple and playing a tune on a flute with the nose to finish act
Harry Anderson Card Sword performing the Card Sword on the street, basic method
Harry Anderson Dybbuk bill burnt in envelope appears between two slates, corner matches, numbers add up to last four digits of serial number, message appears on slates
Zen's Envelope Switch flapless type
Harry Anderson Add-a-Number Envelope impromptu, with folded envelope
Harry Anderson Linking Rings thoughts on the Linking Rings
Harry Anderson Arm Amputation chopping hand illusion with meat cleaver
Harry Anderson Skunk Trap hand placed inside skunk trap, gag
Mike Caveney Jaw Breaker on performing on the streets and indoors, Leslie Anderson, The Jinx, Ted Annemann, Bob Stull watch
Harry Anderson Straitjacket & Rope humorous escape routine, Harry in straightjacket and Leslie tied to chair
Mike Caveney Las Vegas on Andersons performing in Las Vegas, Ken Kragen, Kenny Rogers
Mike Caveney The Grappler on Anderson's Grappler routine using a hold-out, performing on Saturday Night Live
Harry Anderson Mish-Mash Card big poster with pieces of playing card, chosen one is predicted in envelope, also with "her card" gag
Also published here 70
Mike Caveney Wenii Magazine on Wenii written by Caveney, Anderson and Martin Lewis
Harry Anderson Harry Hujuini - The Missing Link humorous article
Also published here
  • "Harry Hujuini - The Missing Link" in "Wenii" 1982
Mike Caveney Eight Brass Monkeys and The Shadow on the two early publications by Harry Anderson
Harry Anderson The Children's Yard Sale named card is found on position which is the same number as the price written on the box
Related to 78
Harry Anderson Time Warp peek of a set time on a pocket watch
Related to 80
Harry Anderson One In a Million matchboxes are thrown into audience, one contains bill and person finding it is used for experiment
Harry Anderson All For One naming different attributes of same card, to apparently reveal part of each of the chosen cards
Related to 82
Harry Anderson Musicalepathy medium divines chosen song
Mike Caveney The Shadow on Harry Anderson's booklet The Shadow and Other Card Mysteries
Harry Anderson The Gang Of Four four cards are chosen, one card is removed and torn in four parts, all four corners match one of the chosen cards
Harry Anderson The Last Monte multi-phase three card monte routine, torn corner as last phase
  • Phase 1 - Meet My Friend, Monte
  • Phase 2 - The False Toss
  • Phase 3 - The Sting
  • Phase 4 - The Bent Corner
  • Phase 5 - The Mutilated Monte
Related toVariations 90
Mike Caveney Half-Roughed Cards on the half-roughed cards and Senator Crandall's Jumbo Nitemare
Harry Anderson Jumbo Marked Cards chosen card among several Jumbo card has different colored back, humorous memory presentation
Harry Anderson Wise-Guy Poker very large cards used, five cards change to Royal Flush and change color of backs
Harry Anderson World's Greatest Jumbo Torn & Restored Card with very large card, using a Devil's handkerchief
Harry Anderson Monarch Monte Monte using three very large cards, three phases
Variations 108
Harry Anderson The Inside-Out Bill mismade bill
Related to 116
Harry Anderson Magazine Test using six magazines
Harry Anderson Finger Chopper
Harry Anderson Linking Finger Rings several routines and ideas, with up to five rings
Harry Anderson Static Electricity gag with balloon and using a Funkenring
Harry Anderson Needle Through Arm version of Bruce Spangler's Needle Through Arm
Variations 129
Mike Caveney Needle Though Arm on TV on camera tricks used in Harry Anderson's Needle Though Arm in Hello Sucker
Related to 140
Harry Anderson Buffalo Bill two bills are torn, one half of each are burnt and appear inside envelope
Related toVariations 143
Harry Anderson Cuff Links thumb tie style routine using handcuffs
Variations 146
Harry Anderson Skippy apparently eating a guinea Pig, using the Lloyd Guinea Pig Box
Mike Caveney Chapeaugraphy on Harry Anderson's Chapeaugraphy act
Mike Caveney Dueling Magis description of a comedy routine performed by Harry Anderson and Rich Hall on Saturday Night
Mike Caveney Exlusivity on originality, using other people's material and the performing character
Mike Caveney I'm Not Really An Actor, I Just Play One On TV on Harry Anderson's role in the TV show Night Court and the life after
Mike Caveney Backword - To the Second Edition update on Harry Anderson's life
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