Written by Dan MacMillan
Work of Dan MacMillan
50 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Dan MacMillan
Language: English
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Dan MacMillan Preface on crediting correctly
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Chapter I
Dan MacMillan The Gamblers' Palm discussion of position
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer from Rear Angle Palm to Gamblers' Palm
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer to Master Palm from Gamblers' Palm
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer to the Gamblers' Palm from a Clip Steal
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer from Gamblers' Palm to Clip Palm
Dan MacMillan Ribbon Spread Card Add as spread is scooped up
Dan MacMillan In the Hands Spread Replacement
Dan MacMillan Rear Angle Palm Replacement to top
Inspired by 7
Dan MacMillan Center Card Add palmed card inserted in center
Dan MacMillan The Gamblers' Thumb Break breaking off a single card with a break from cards in flat palm
  • Gamblers' Drop-Off 1
  • Gamblers' Drop-Off 2
  • Gamblers' Drop-Off 3
  • Center Drop-Off 1
  • Center Drop-Off 2
  • Center Drop-Off 3
Inspired by 9
Dan MacMillan The Flexible Palm first finger takes hold of corner at thumb
Inspired byRelated to 12
Dan MacMillan Palm Transfer from Gamblers' Palm to Flexible Palm and Back Again
  • Example 1 (holding deck in End Grip with card in Flexible Palm)
  • Example 2 (holding deck in perpendicular End Grip with card in Flexible Palm, Hindu Shuffling)
  • Example 3 (ribbon spreading deck with palmed card)
  • Example 4 (maintaining thumb break as above)
  • Example 5 (riffle shuffling on the table with palmed card)
Dan MacMillan Partial Packet Replacement replacing one card of palmed packet
Dan MacMillan Side Steal to Flexible Palm
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 17
Dan MacMillan Card to Wallet Handling
Chapter II
Dan MacMillan Secret Card Add adding card from gambler's flat palm to small packet
Variations 19
Dan MacMillan Close Call four card prediction, total predicts position of selection
Inspired byRelated toVariations 21
Dan MacMillan Misdirection Card Add adding palmed cards during counting or dealing action
Dan MacMillan One Hand Turn Over Switch
VariationsAlso published here 24
Dan MacMillan The Shuffle Palm tabled riffle shuffle
Inspired byRelated toVariations 28
Dan MacMillan The Gamblers' Cull culled cards are palmed off into flat palm
Chapter III
Dan MacMillan Reverse Transfer card reversed in center transposes with card in pocket
Inspired by 32
Dan MacMillan The Flexible Card Switch switching single cards, packets, or partial switches of packets or single cards with multiple palmed cards, eleven handling
Inspired by 33
Dan MacMillan The Suit Named suit named, card chosen and suit written on its back, repeated with other suits, the cards turn out to be the matching Aces
Chapter IV
Dan MacMillan Thot Card to Pocket Variation lazy man's card to pocket
Dan MacMillan Card to Number number between ten and twenty named, performer cuts off that many card and selection is at that position
Dan MacMillan Dunbury's Delusion
Dan MacMillan Bottom Deal Tip reducing noice
Dan MacMillan Shank Bottom Transfer bottom block transfer
  • Technique 1
  • Technique 2
  • Technique 3
Inspired by 42
Dan MacMillan Centop Change card in hand with card in-jogged from center
Chapter V
Dan MacMillan Right Hand One Hand Side Steal one-hand top palm action from center
Dan MacMillan Left Hand Side Steal card pushed out in one-hand top palm action from center, then deck placed in left hand to palm card
Dan MacMillan The Pick Up picking up right-hand fourth finger break at selection, end grip
Dan MacMillan Dribble Pick Up picking up right-hand fourth finger break at selection, end grip
Dan MacMillan A Novel Control center Vernon transfer onto tabled cards as they are picked up and placed on top
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