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Allan Ackerman Foreword
Patrick J. Differ Introduction
Allan Ackerman The Blackjack Roll on the secret turnover of the (optionally faced) deck
Also published here 8
Allan Ackerman Deal Force
Inspired by 10
Allan Ackerman Packet Displacement choreography for transferring bottom card to top in small packet
Allan Ackerman Ultimate Gesture Cut (UGC) & The Joker Cull light reft spread pass, credit information, culling a named card (also face down with memorized deck)
Related toAlso published here 12
Brother John Hamman Brother John's Cull culling four-of-a-kind while upjogging other cards and tabling portions of the deck
Related toAlso published here 15
Allan Ackerman The Combination Cull culling four cards, spread cull and overhand shuffle combination
Inspired by 20
Allan Ackerman The Oops Addition cards face-up on table are picked up, card(s) left behind at first, addition, partial or full packet switch
Edward Marlo The Bottom-Deal Exchange also for forcing an odd-backed card
Related to 28
Allan Ackerman The Mem Deck I Prefer "The Tetradistic Stack"
thirteen cards in random order, suits random but power stack property
Inspired byAlso published here 30
S. W. Erdnase, Allan Ackerman Calculation Method for Eight Kings & Si Stebbins
Related to 31
Allan Ackerman The Thought Algorithm "a.k.a. The Programmed Deck"
named tantalizer (or card written down), with written instructions for the spectator to follow, card positioned during Joker removal, credit information
Inspired by 34
Allan Ackerman Spectator Shuffle to keep Card at Position spectator shuffles the deck in stages, yet a card at a known position is retained there, cards positioned together at known position
Related to 35
Allan Ackerman A Prelude to the Collectors three spectator remember top card of small packet, performer shuffles all together, faro
Also published here 38
Allan Ackerman Three Card Control & Placement three spectator remember top card of small packet, performer overhand shuffles all together
Also published here 39
Faro Sandwich basic one-faro method
Allan Ackerman The Spectator Really Cuts credit information
Inspired byAlso published here 42
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Break
Kiss Unload from right-hand packet in end grip onto deck, Erdnase Grip
Also published here 44
Allan Ackerman The Spectator Finds Four spectator says stop two times and decides on a location in the deck to locate Aces
Inspired by 46
Timing Force cards dealt in batches
Allan Ackerman Ultimate Gesture Cut as Prophecy Move light reft
Allan Ackerman, Bernardo Sedlacek No Extras 4&4, no extra cards
Also published here 49
Allan Ackerman The Any Sandwich named card sandwiched with faro
  • The Easy Way
  • The Better Way (deck remains face down)
Allan Ackerman A Cheap Thought "(An inexpensive thought transmitter)"
information written on a business card by spectator, it is lost in a stack of cards, performer secretly glimpses it
Inspired by
  • marketed Harvey Rosenthal item from the 1960s
Also published here
Allan Ackerman Highland Fusion without double facer
Inspired by
  • "Mental Fusion" (John Carey, Carey Scene #3, 2018)
Also published here
David Solomon, Ricky Jay Slider Card to facilitate culling next card
Ron Wilson Highland Hop Move transfer from packet to tabled spread
Allan Ackerman Technicolor Splits Aces from blue deck placed on table, red deck slapped onto them, they distribute next to previously selected cards
VariationsAlso published here 65
Allan Ackerman Jazzing with M.E. Marlo and Elmsley
Inspired byAlso published here 69
Allan Ackerman Fingertip Rhythm
Allan Ackerman OPOS Count Out of Position Olram Subtlety
Cliff Green Cliff Green Push-Off
Allan Ackerman Surprise Bluff Aces color changing back kicker of Aces
Inspired byAlso published here 75
Allan Ackerman Traveling the Crossroads Aces signed, spectator selects four cards with turn out to be Jacks, all cards lost and Aces travel into different pockets
Inspired by
  • "Cross-Road Travelers" (Steve Reynolds, Seek 52)
Also published here
Allan Ackerman The Splits named court cards removed and later lost, Aces cut to, deck placed onto them, they distribute next to previously named court cards
Related toAlso published here 88
Allan Ackerman, Jason England The Extended Merlin spectator shuffles deck, sorted into suits, suits shown mixed, they are suddenly ordered, alternate top and bottom deals
Inspired byAlso published here 94
Allan Ackerman Almost Like Everywhere and Nowhere Quick Three Way type effect with five cards, two of which are selected, Royal Flush kicker and selections removed from packet
Related toAlso published here 99
Allan Ackerman, Wes Emberg Bottom-up Diminishing Lift Sequence
Also published here 100
Allan Ackerman, Tony Picasso, Fenik Your Lucky Day spectator names a card, cutting estimation by spectator, he eventually cuts to his named card, then a four packet monte routine is done and the matching three-of-a-kind show up
Inspired byAlso published here 104
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