Written by Jack Parker
Work of Jason Alford, Jack Parker
28 pages (E-book), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Jack Parker Introduction
Jason Alford The Original Angled After-Burner! kind of a variation of Tom Ellis/Wesley James Loading move sequence
  • Learn to Burn - Tips on Angled After Burner
    • The Finger Action
    • Catching the cards
    • The Injog
    • Wesley James "Load Up" Move
Also published here 4
Jason Alford The After Burner Color Change
Inspired by 8
Jack Parker Back Burner color changing back application
Inspired byVariations 9
Jason Alford Badly Burned color changing back application
Inspired by 11
Jack Parker Twin Burner double color change
Inspired byAlso published here 13
Jack Parker Half Burned Angled After-Burner handling with a double facer
Inspired by 14
Jason Alford Reverse Burn (Version One) Angled After-Burner to reverse a card
  • Adjustment for a Spectator Selection
Inspired byRelated to 15
Jason Alford Reverse Burn (Version Two) Angled After-Burner to reverse a card
Inspired by 17
Jason Alford The Bold Reverse Burn Angled After-Burner to reverse a card
Inspired byRelated to 18
Jason Alford Toasted Sandwich
Inspired byRelated to 19
Jack Parker Burn Baby Burn card visually shrinks with Angled After-Burner and grows to normal size again
Jason Alford Hot Thoughts applications for Angled-After Burner
  • To Cover a Palm
  • To Cover a Half Pass
  • To Cover a Full Pass
  • To Cover a Side Steal
Inspired by 23
Jason Alford Four Change Four changes to Three, to Two, then Ace
Inspired by 24
Jack Parker Pre Heat ambitious card phase with two cards
  • ABB Ending (Angled After-Burner)
Jack Parker The Hidden Half Pass selection is reversed to second from bottom
Inspired by 27
Jack Parker Fast Burn
Inspired by 28
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