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Simon Aronson Simon Says
Simon Aronson The Conclusion of Impossibility
Also published here 2
Simon Aronson Prior Commitment two Jokers whisper positions of two selections in the deck, the numbers are then shown to have been predicted on the back of the Jokers
Also published here 3
Simon Aronson Under Her Spell Queens vanish from their packets, named Queen spelled out, other Queens produced as well
Also published here 6
Four as Three Count off the top of the deck
Also published here 6
Stanley Collins Collins Vanish brief
Also published here 6
Simon Aronson Note on the Ascanio Spread
Simon Aronson Self Control Lie Speller spectator cuts off pile and counts, remembers card at same position in rest while reverse-counting them, assembles everything
  • Self Control Location Procedure
  • Lie Speller Revelation (à la Bruce Cervon)
Inspired byAlso published here 8
Simon Aronson Simple Double Duke Aces shown, short overhand shuffle, stacked except one, performer has Royal Flush
Also published here 10
Simon Aronson Two Beginnings spectator freely names card, another spectator freely chooses card, it matches
Also published here 12
Simon Aronson The Invisible Card freely named card vanishes, then reappears reversed in deck
Also published here 14
Simon Aronson Everybody's Lazy two spectators and performer remember cards, performer names position of spectator's cards, spectator names number and there is performer's card, no-touch
Also published here 17
Simon Aronson Square Deal faux fortune telling routine, magician divines number of cards cut off, magic square formed with cards also divine that number
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Simon Aronson Random Sample Shuffle-Bored prediction on folded paper, with the "except..." ending
  • Background and Theory
  • The Booklet Fold
  • Set-up of Deck
  • Performance
  • Comments
  • Credits
Also published here 23
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