Written by Jerry Andrus
Work of Jerry Andrus
5 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Jerry Andrus
Language: English
12 entries
Cover photograph
Creators Title Comments & References Page AA Categories
Jerry Andrus Novel Card Test four indifferent cards shown, one changes into selection and flips face-up from another card with a flourish
Unlimited Count bottom card starts reversed
Jerry Andrus Count Lap as card is placed under packet
Jerry Andrus Handkerchief Card Change card wrapped up in handkerchief changes
Jerry Andrus Coins under Card three coins travel under tabled card one by one
Jerry Andrus Coin Steal from heel clip, two handlings
Jerry Andrus Needle Through Handkerchief long needle with thread
Also published here 3
Jerry Andrus File Card Revelation selection appears behind a file card, clipped to it with pen
Jerry Andrus Dollar Bill Delusion
Variations 4
Jerry Andrus Card to Pocket card and its position in small packet remembered by spectator, card ends up lapped after one deal-through
Jerry Andrus Misdirection Lap as a card is placed to the side during deal
Related to 5
Jerry Andrus Coins and Handkerchief one of several coins penetrates handkerchief or vanishes
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