Written by Masatoshi Furota
Work of Various
124 pages (Hardcover), published by Tenkai Prize Committee
Illustrated with drawings by Ton Onosaka, Teruhide Sonoda
Language: English, Japanese
16 entries
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Hiroshi Kondo ESP Demonstration using a pack of 25 ESP cards, one thought-of symbol is divined, spectator deals deck in five piles and hands all the packets which contain the symbol to the performer, while the performer is looking away
Hiroshi Kondo ESP Prediction II ESP card prediction, all cards in different envelopes
Shigeru Sugawara Washer Penetration string with ball and smaller washer needled through lid of plastic box, washer penetrates string
Related to
  • Ca. 1995 sold by Tenyo as "Merlin’s Coffer" (T-171).
Shigeru Sugawara Accordion Card jumbo card is placed inside plastic case, shrinks and then enlarges again to normal size
Ton Onosaka On Incidental Thoughts ESP symbols are divined by spectator, jumbo cards, gaffed
Ton Onosaka Cut Control triple cut to break, in the hands
Philip T. Goldstein Boomer two years are selected and added, four numbers are dealt and Aces are found
Inspired by
  • Stewart James' "The Thought Blender" in "New Tops" March, 1963.
Michihiro Matsuda My Open Travellers with gaffed card SPI, three different suits on one card
Inspired by 44
Toyosane Sanada Sanada Gimmick as Toyomi Sanada, on the Sanada gimmick and some ideas
Toyosane Sanada One Ball Routine with a Spongeball spongeball moves and routine with Sanada gimmick
  • One Hand Vanish
  • Direction Change of Gimmick
  • Ball Vanish
  • One Ball Routine
Toyosane Sanada Metamorphic Spoon spoon is cut and restored and then changes into fork
Yoichi Akamatsu Dice Exchange red and white dice in tube are pushed with wand, they change places
Yoichi Akamatsu Dice Through the Table three dice in tube penetrate table one by one when pushed with wand
Hiroshi Sawa Bill Magic - Japanese Papercraft paper to money, then more bills appear, bills change to chain
  • An Act with an Ingot
Keiichi Yamamoto Notes on Wazuma historical notes and ideas on three routines
  • 1. Flying Butterfly and Hyoko
  • 2. Goldfish Fishing & Goldfish Transportation
  • 3. A Tune of a Fan
Masatoshi Furota Afternote on the Tenkai Prize
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