Written by Jason Alford
Work of Jason Alford
34 pages (Spiralbound), published by The Second Deal (Jason Alford)
Illustrated with drawings by Jason Alford
Language: English
24 entries
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Jason Alford Exxon Mix Up 3&3
  • The Separation
  • The Instant Mix
Jason Alford Spreading the Collectors Thin Kings tabled, three cards chosen and lost, Kings spread and three cards have appeared in them, they are shown to be the selections
  • Notes (faro instead of three Tilts)
Inspired by
  • "YAC - Yet Another Collectors" (Chad Long, video)
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Dr. Jacob Daley Lipop Flourish with packet pushed into deck
Related to 6
Jason Alford Sandwich Spread odd-backed sandwich cards place in different positions, they instantly come together to trap selection
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 8
Jason Alford Halfway Through coin penetrates table halfway and sticks out perpendicular
Jason Alford Grasshopper Takes A Leap card vanishes between two Jacks, travels to between another two Jacks
Inspired byAlso published here 10
Jason Alford A Cut Above duplicate Aces
Inspired byRelated to 12
Jason Alford Hover Change using Longitudinal Tenkai Palm
Related to 14
Jason Alford, Doug Conn Chink-A-Change visual instant international chink-a-chink, hands apparently not touching coin
  • First Handling
  • Second Handling
Also published here 15
Jason Alford, Tomas Blomberg Slow Motion Chink international one-by-one chink-a-chink
Inspired byRelated to 18
Jason Alford A Quarter Off spectator cuts to four advertising cards with 25 cents off each, gag comment
Jason Alford Tag Tear tag at back of spectator's shirt is torn and restored
Also published here 19
Jason Alford Knuckle Sandwich Aces placed reversed in different positions, they instantly travel together to sandwich selection
  • First Method
  • Second Method (out-jogged)
Inspired byRelated to 20
Jason Alford Locate & Rescue challenge location, Ace to King set up
Inspired by 22
Jason Alford Squirt card travels from sandwich to sandwich
Inspired by 23
Jason Alford CCCB "Color Changing Card Box", flap
Jason Alford Poker Triumph Magician vs. Gambler story
Inspired by 27
Jason Alford Flip Flop Cut in-the-hands three-packet flip-over cut
Related to 29
Jason Alford Twixter twisting with clean transformation kicker, sticky and two double facers
VariationsAlso published here 31
Jason Alford Just Plain Evil two odd-backed Jokers trap the selection, it vanishes, then reappears between the Jokers again
Variations 32
Jason Alford Floating Deck deck is on table and clings to fingers when lifted up, hidden fork
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