Written by Jon Allen, John Lovick
Work of Jon Allen
23 pages (Stapled), published by The FM Factory
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
11 entries
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Jon Allen Introduction
Jon Allen The Hole pen through coin, with a ring
Also published here 2
Jon Allen The Usual Suspects using two decks, card is chosen and then spectator names "name" which is written on the back of the card which matches selection in second deck
Also published here 4
Jon Allen Force of Nature Fred, name of spectator on card, two decks
Also published here 6
Jon Allen Out of Sight spectator reverses one card behind the back, deck is spread face-up and performer quickly finds mate via spelling or counting in spread
Also published here 8
Jon Allen Cash In Hand (Palm-up Bill Switch) bill switch done palm up
Also published here 9
Jon Allen Inner Space (Internal Switch) post-it message put on bill changes, bill switch
Also published here 12
Jon Allen Memento real bill and bill on polaroid transform into other bills
Also published here 13
Jon Allen Changing Faces (Oralgami) paper with text is folded several times and unfolded again, text is longer than paper has surfaces
Also published here 15
Jon Allen Executive Decision without table, spectator is handed cards and he puts them on top or bottom of packet in his hand
Also published here 18
Jon Allen Against All Odds spelling to find a card, matches prediction, all other cards are the same
Also published here 20
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