Written by Roger Smith
Work of Roger Smith, Various
12 pages (Stapled), published by Fort Worth Magicians' Club
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
15 entries
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John Braun Foreward
Jim Cozzens, Roger Smith The Under Cover Coins four coins folded into corners of laid-out handkerchief, they assembly one by one in one corner
Danny Korem The Spectator Cuts the Four Aces #10,001 two cards as hung cards, two added to bottom after shuffling
John Cornelius My Ladies Ring borrowed rings appear to transpose or be at several places at once
VariationsAlso published here 15
John Cornelius "Nor Eyes to See With" Revisited denomination and serial number of bill read that is given behind back
Inspired byAlso published here 15
John Cornelius No Sleight Card Location two spectators each select a card with magician's back turned, they call out any cards and performer stops them at their selection
Wilbur T. Kattner, Van McGee Maxi-Twist #1 Aces turn over one by one
Roger Smith Maxi-Twist #2 Aces turn over one by one, extra card
Roger Smith K-S Move #3 similar to Ascanio spread, ends with four-card fan
Roger Smith Basic K-S Move
Ron Hicks, Flash Gheen, Roger Smith The Magnificent Monte Marvel monte routine, partially on top of deck
Roger Smith The Invisible Visible card apparently palmed invisibly off deck, then put back on deck and dealt off where it becomes visible again, second deal
Inspired by
  • recent item in The Linking Ring
Roger Smith The Card That Went in the Deck on Top card put reversed in center is claimed to travel invisibly to top, becomes visible when dealt off the deck, second deal
Roger Smith The Smith No-Skill Spectator Helps Faro Shuffle spectator and performer have half the deck each and deal one by one into pile
Roger Smith Simple Maxi-Twist actually page "Bonus Page 1"
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