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Theodore Annemann Extra-Sensory Perception design duplication with stacked picture cards, see page 99 for improvement by Annemann
Related toAlso published here 1935 The Jinx (Issue 10) 52
John D. Pomeroy Trick or Treat trick for Halloween, making candies appear
1957 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1957) 34
John D. Pomeroy Mentology on building a mentalism routine
1973 Mentology 3
John D. Pomeroy The J P Blindfold Bag bag as blindfold tested by spectator in advance
1973 Mentology 6
John D. Pomeroy Dr. Q Slate Routine locking flap, duplication of word, number and color
1973 Mentology 9
John D. Pomeroy Vibro-Mental five ESP cards on stand, chosen one falls over, method for stage with assistant and independent method for parlour
1973 Mentology 11
John D. Pomeroy The J P Mental Pad model for impression device, with routine example, NCR paper
1973 Mentology 16
John D. Pomeroy JP Ulta-Mental Pad UV light
1973 Mentology 19
John D. Pomeroy ABC Book Test using ABC cards and a dictionary
1973 Mentology 21
John D. Pomeroy The Triple Whammy Book Test three books, divination of chosen page, gaffed book
1973 Mentology 22
John D. Pomeroy 50-50 Prediction Chest two-way out box, opened with key
1973 Mentology 24
John D. Pomeroy The Rapping Hand electronic
1973 Mentology 27
John D. Pomeroy Spook Bat dark room piece, bat with luminous paint flies inside the room
1973 Mentology 29
John D. Pomeroy Mental Mystification patter for mentalism routine consisting of:
  • Contact Mindreading by Dariel Fitzkee
  • Sealed Message Readings by Dunninger in Inside the Mediums Cabinet
  • Extra-Sensory Perception by Annemann
Related to 1973 Mentology 31
John D. Pomeroy The Atomic Reader untested routine using pen with radio-active (!) ink
1973 Mentology 36
John D. Pomeroy A Matter of Time forcing a time with a watch, spectator spins stem
Related toVariations 1973 Mentology 37
John D. Pomeroy The Secret Conception coding with special microphone to switch of certain speakers
1973 Mentology 39
John D. Pomeroy Putting It All Together
1973 Mentology 41
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Dove, Silk & Flower Magic by John D. Pomeroy 1975 Interlocutor (Issue 2) 5
Earl Ray Wilcox, Raymond M. Staples, John D. Pomeroy Letters
1988 Interlocutor (Issue 48) 209
Bev Bergeron Introduction Bergeron apparently came up with the concept around 1969
Related to 1989 Predicting Time 5
Ted Lesley News Time set time is divined by cutting news paper
Inspired by 1994 Paramiracles 223
Eric Mead (reviewer) Alexander - The Mann Who Knows by Alexander (written by David Charvet, John D. Pomeroy) Feb. 2005 Genii (Vol. 68 No. 2) 99