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Stanley Collins The Spider pips of card vanish and appear on paper, pip eating spider
Related to 1915 67
Bob Hummer Bob Hummer's Whirling Card
VariationsAlso published here 1943 2
Louis Tannen Canny Cane! opening, table with cane and hat, gloves are thrown in the air and they come down with small parachutes, then the cain is put into the hat, where it vanishes
Related to Aug. 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 132)
Billy McComb Preface
1947 7
Billy McComb Biographical Note
1947 8
Billy McComb William's Torn and Restored Newspaper Presentation presenting the effect on stage, with stage light
1947 11
Billy McComb William's Bicycle Tyre tire is emptied and blown up again
1947 12
Billy McComb William's Ice Cream Production cup filled with confetti changes into ice cream
1947 14
Billy McComb More About Ice Cream four more ideas with ice cream tricks
1947 16
Billy McComb William's Fantastic Fez performer wears a fez, cuckoo on springs comes out with the selection
1947 17
Billy McComb William's New Glove Opening gloves are thrown into the air, small parachute opens and they float slowly down
Related to 1947 20
Billy McComb William "discovers" "Multicore" Solder two ideas with a special wire
  • bending flower
  • gag with tie
1947 22
Billy McComb William's Attache Case Production object appear from empty case
1947 24
Billy McComb William's Invisible Paint brush on paper, picture is made without using paint
1947 26
Billy McComb William on the Subject of "Stung" sucker trick, card apparently vanished in trousers, version of Stung
1947 28
Billy McComb William's Invisible Pipe smoking thumb
1947 30
Billy McComb William's Hot Book flames from a book
Related to 1947 32
Billy McComb William's Comedy Card Flight spectator on stage puts card in stand, card vanishes and appears in envelope, everybody sees how it works except spectator on stage, paper balls over head type
1947 34
Billy McComb William Passes On Some Tips on thumb tips, on using milk, on the appearing cane, how to remove paint
1947 36
Billy McComb Assorted Gaglets of the William Brand gags with, thimbles, a mouse trap, a spring snake, with ropes, hair, light bulbs, coffee beans, diminishing cards, cracking a spectator's arm, dead rat
Variations 1947 37
Billy McComb William's Poker Hand Trick several hands are dealt one hand is chosen it's a royal flush
1947 39
Billy McComb William Amid the Fakirs gazing at a match causing it to ignite
1947 42
Billy McComb William's Fantastic Table table lift, with ring, then legs fall off and when the table top is shown, the hand stuck to it apparently cut off from the arm
Related to 1947 44
Billy McComb William's Floating Ball Routine comedy routine on stage, ball is floating up and down and finally vanishes in a box, with assistant
1947 46
Billy McComb William Turns Gravity Upside Down board on two trestles with three bricks on top, trestles are removed and the rest floats, then board, lowermost and middle brick are removed one by one, still suspended in the air
1947 49
John J. Crimmins Jr. (reviewer) The First Book of William by Billy McComb Sep. 1950 700
Maurice Howarth Tarantula pips from four card vanish step by step and appear on strip of paper
Related to Sep. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 290)
Laurie Ireland Our Magician of the Yearbook - Billy Mc Comb on Billy McComb, pictures of Peter Warlock, Kalanag, June McComb, Elizabeth Warlock
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Billy McComb An Act for a Lazy Magician complete act
  • Ring on Stick
  • Card through Handkerchief
  • Anti-Gravity Glasses
  • Bill in Cigarette
  • Transformation of Handkerchief ("The End" appears)
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Jay Marshall The Birdcage on the New Living Card Stars , Ed Marlo, Charlie Miller, Paul LePaul, Francis Carlyle, Bill Simon, Dr. Jacob Daley, The Modern Magician, Channing Pollock, Cardini, Billy McComb, James B. Findlay, Willane
The New Phoenix (Issue 328)
Eusapia Palladino (17) The Palladino Table Lift one person table lift, with ring
Related to 1959 289
Don Tanner The Back Room on credits of the U.F Grant tricks in #351, Jay Marshall, Stewart James, Billy McComb, Don Lawton
Dec. 1960
The New Phoenix (Issue 352)
Don Tanner The Back Room on Billy McComb, Milbourne Christopher
Feb. 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 354)
Eugene Gloye, Billy McComb Surprise Prediction McCombical Prediction variation, with slate
Apr. 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 356)
Don Tanner The Back Room on Midwest Magic Jubilee, Jay and Frances Marshall, Billy McComb, Sorcar, Milbourne Christopher, John Scarne, Danny Johnson
Sep. 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 361)
Jean Garance IVème Festival Internationale de la Magie S. Andrea on the magic convention in S.Andrea, Sitta, June Merlin, Viviane Mireldo, Dasa & Eva, Les Mazakian, Alice, Solange, Isbecque, Mary, Jaqueline Sarvy, Elisabeth Warlock, Mi-Chi-Ko, Fred Kaps, Nevio Martini, Raimondi, Vladimiro Dei, Gilberti, Maxim, Leypold Fritz, Ily-Ko, Zefir, Billy McComb, Zelpy, Peter Warlock, Heinz & Charlotte Fischer, Onkel Peppy, Francis Haxton, Klingsor, Henky Vermeyden, Dr. Schramm
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 25 No. 5)
Dai Vernon Slow Motion Card Vanish "Chapter Seventeen", thumbnail clip
Related to 1967 103
Billy McComb Again They Rise Deck of cards dropped into newspaper, three selections rise out of newspaper
1968 81
Alton Sharpe, Billy McComb Blank Surprise all cards become blank except selection
1969 141
Billy McComb Introduction
1972 1
Billy McComb Cut 'N Gone Rope rope is coiled up in hand and ends are cut, rope vanishes
1972 1
Billy McComb The Williamised Spider pips from deck vanish and appear on napkin
Related toAlso published here 1972 2
Billy McComb, George Lawrence The Torn and Restored Airmail
Related to 1972 4
Billy McComb The Comedy Letter - For T & R Airmail Letter
Related to 1972 5
Billy McComb Auntie Gwendoline sucker ending for torn and restored letter
1972 6
Billy McComb Eye-Level, One-Man Card Vanish gimmick, similar to Vernon
Related to 1972 6
Billy McComb A Variation on a Theme spectator holds a ribbon over his head, a ring hangs in the middle, ring is removed from ribbon without spectator knowing how it works, paper balls over the head effect, clippo
1972 8
Billy McComb The Seven-Cornered Hanky
Related to 1972 9
Billy McComb The Magician's Rabbit Does a Trick in a box, apparently rabbit does the trick
1972 11
Billy McComb The Card in the Cigarette
1972 13
Billy McComb, Ken De Courcy Uncle's Will Slates messages appear on slates, comedy
1972 13
Billy McComb The Five Rings of William brief
Also published here 1972 15
Billy McComb Dedication
1972 4
Billy McComb Foreword
1972 9
Billy McComb Extension to "Miko" gag prediction with Three-and-a-half of Clubs, Fourteen of Spades and mis-spotted die that does not add up to seven on all sides
1972 17
Billy McComb Opening the Magic Society Show two large sheets shown empty on stage, a person appears and makes up a sandwich-board man with the sheets that have relevant messages on them
1972 19
Billy McComb The "Bang" Bomb plastic bomb explodes with BANG banner, comedy prop
1972 23
Billy McComb A Thought-of Card turns up in a Cigarette card peeked at in rubber-banded deck vanishes and appears in borrowed cigarette, detailed, Fred Karene
1972 29
Billy McComb The Ultimate Identification rabbit from hat, with newspaper or body load
1972 37
Billy McComb The Half-Dyed Color Changing Silk routine ends with a silk in two colors, stopped in middle of the transformation
Variations 1972 41
Billy McComb A Rotten Sneaky Deception which Pleases Me dye tube gimmick openly presented as bottle with dye color
1972 49
Billy McComb Frolics with the Hummer Whirling Card
  • A Variation
  • A Don't! - If You Unravel Your Own!
  • A Miracle!
  • You're All Set!
  • Light Weight - But Great!
  • True Story!
Inspired by 1972 51
Billy McComb Yeas of Magical Angling... and Thoughts Thereon aerial fishing, with aquarium prop
1972 55
Billy McComb How To Mix Two Tricks To Make One Good Presentation thumb tie combined with card to wallet
Variations 1972 63
Billy McComb Thoughts on the Thumb-Writer and a few tips thrown in boon writer
  • Magnetic Hold-Out
  • Replacing the Writer
  • A Stunt
1972 65
Billy McComb The Date on the Coin
1972 67
Billy McComb The Rigid Yo-Yo
1972 69
Billy McComb The Wine, the Water - and a Character on Chris van Bern's Water & Wine, chemical
  • Wine and Water - Williamised!
1972 71
Billy McComb Again "Sawing in Half"... Lengthwise...
1972 75
Billy McComb The Reverse-Cut Svengali Pack ... An Introduction spectator and magician both cut at the same card
1972 79
Billy McComb Chop Cups for All using glass with paper cover and magnet secretly added
Inspired by
  • Jennings Chop Cup routine, Genii, Mar. 1965
1972 83
Billy McComb We Go Mental different approaches, pages glued together, card inserted to select page
1972 87
Billy McComb An Off-Beat Rabbit Arrival rabbit produced in champagne bucket, featuring a bottom-less bottle
1972 93
Billy McComb The Egg in the Magazine raw egg poured into magazine, vanishes, reappears as fried egg
1972 97
Billy McComb On the Question of Dress
1972 101
Billy McComb Thirty Years of Rings in Nests of Boxes
1972 103
Billy McComb The Clay Pipe smoking clay pipes
1972 107
Billy McComb U.K. ... "Not in the Polo Mints" - U.S.A. ... "Bill in the Lifesavers"
1972 113
Billy McComb Splashing in the Card Fountain with reel
Inspired by
  • Magicana, Genii, Oct. 1968
1972 119
Billy McComb Resurrected! ideas for gag in which thread comes out of clothing and is pulled and then becomes very long
1972 123
Billy McComb A Face-Lifting on the "Goodnight Banner" writing on handkerchief falls off as ribbon
1972 125
Billy McComb William Reminisces
  • Not Worried!
  • Switch is Switch!
  • Ringing the Changes
  • "I've Heard That One Before"
  • Hazards! and Hostesses
  • William the Palmist!
  • Appearing Doves - and Vanishing Loops!
1972 127
Billy McComb Flat Accordion
1972 131
Billy McComb A Gag with the Wiggly Wand deck becomes crooked when waved over with S-shaped wand
1972 131
Billy McComb "P" pea can, spectator writes letter on billet, put in tube, changes into water, pee gag
1972 132
Billy McComb Flying Moo milk travels from glass to glass, visible as gag through hole
1972 132
Billy McComb Sucker Ghost ghost tube as vacuum cleaner
1972 133
Billy McComb Which came first? egg on table, it apparently hatches and bird appears
1972 134
Billy McComb Please Shut the Gate gate on stage
1972 135
Billy McComb A Clean Gag hollow soap
1972 135
Billy McComb Light Humour light bulb, painted half black
1972 136
Billy McComb Wee Tree newspaper tree
1972 137
Billy McComb Fish Stricks plastic fish at end of the strings, with idea for tassel on fez with reel
1972 139
Billy McComb Hot Stuff foil gets hot, chemical
1972 141
Billy McComb Odd and Bits... and a few other things
  • Good Art Work
1972 143
Billy McComb A Ring! spectator names card from invisible deck, it is predicted, card index on finger ring
1972 145
Billy McComb Crystal Clear! card index seen in crystal
Inspired by
  • Card Crystal effect (Marvels of Mystery, John Booth)
1972 147
Billy McComb Ear! Ear! shooting-combinatin-flash wand
1972 147
Billy McComb Impromptu Bunny! paper puppet finds card
1972 148
Billy McComb Hydrostatic!
1972 148
Billy McComb Golf Ball comment on golf ball through handkerchief
1972 148
Billy McComb Putting the Act Together
1972 149
Billy McComb An Historical Gag address of Lincoln
1972 151
Billy McComb Confidence gag
1972 151
Billy McComb Necessity is the Mother rising cards with deck switch
1972 153
Billy McComb The Williamised Spider of Mr. Collins pips from deck vanish and appear on napkin
Also published here 1972 155
Billy McComb The Williamised Close-up Card Sword with small sword
1972 159
Billy McComb William does the Card Sword
  • Another Solution
1972 161
Billy McComb Yrutnec Hteitnewt Twentieth Century in Reverse, silk starts tied between other two and travels elsewhere
1972 164
Billy McComb William does the Hindu Needle Trick
1972 167
Billy McComb The Five Rings of William brief
Also published here 1972 171
Billy McComb How to Wash Your Hands tips on hygiene
1972 174
Billy McComb William and the Himber Ring
1972 175
Billy McComb Backword
1972 184
Tommy Wonder, Billy McComb, Stanley Collins The Pip-Eating Spider published under "Jos Bema"
Related to June 1976
Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 10)
Patrick Page The Page Boy Speaks... on FISM Vienna, Billy McComb, Wittus Witt, Gerard Majax, Obie O'Brien, Trevor Lewis, Paul Stone
Sep. 1976
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 1)
Billy McComb, Ken De Courcy Cabaret Card Divination divination of seven cards that have been taken from a shuffled deck, last card predicted in envelope
Related toVariations 1978 1
Billy McComb Coin to Bottle with folding coin index
1978/76 138
Patrick Page The Page Boy Speaks... on FISM Brussels, Al Goshman, Hugh Riley, Mike Caldwell, Billy McComb, Pete Biro, Larry Jennings, James Findlay, Sothebys Findlay auction, Mario Carrandi, Horace Goldin, Magic in Films, Dai Vernon, John Ramsay, Roy Walton
June 1979
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 6)
Paul Fleming (reviewer) The First Book of William by Billy McComb 1979 69
Billy McComb (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox 1979 145
Billy McComb (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox 1979 293
Larry Becker PSI-Stebbins shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted, jumbo cards
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1979 7
Billy McComb, Hubert Lambert A Deception From Dublin
1980 124
Cambridge Close-Up on Billy McComb, Mark Leveridge, Vic Allen, Roger Crosthwaite
Nov. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 11)
Billy McComb Powers of Mind two decks, performer and spectator cut to same card
Magick (Issue 266)
Billy McComb Die erste Epistel von Onkel William
Also published here
  • Magigram, May-Aug. 1970
Mar. 1980
Intermagic (Vol. 7 No. 1)
Billy McComb Prologue 1
1980 6
Ken De Courcy, Billy McComb The Blood Feast of the Sun tissue paper crumpled up by spectator, it bursts into flames by itself, chemical
1980 ca. 2
Thomas Alan Waters Pyrotica with three books
Related to 1985
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Mystyx)
Billy McComb Foreword
1986 8
Billy McComb Introduction
1986 11
Ian Keable-Elliott (reviewer) The Professional Touch by Billy McCombRelated to Apr. 1988
Opus (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Ian Keable-Elliott, Tom Ogden, Bobby Cann, Gordon Wray Comment comments on previous articles and reviews, letters by Tom Ogdon, Bobby Cann, Gordon Wray
Related to May 1988
Opus (Vol. 1 No. 9)
John Holland (reviewer) The Professional Touch by Billy McComb Sep. 1989
Epoptica (Issue 12)
Johnny "J.J." Johnston, Chris Power, David Morpheus Comment feedback by Billy McComb, Mike Caveney
Jan. 1989
Opus (Vol. 2 No. 5)
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Future Card Thought shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted
Inspired byRelated to 1990 /1999 21
Billy McComb Roy Roth's "Fastest Wallet in the West" (of Wales)
1991 49
Karrell Fox Dedication to Billy McComb
1991 4
Van Abernathy Chute deck encircled with rubber band, signed selection floats down attached to small parachute
Related to 1992 834
Billy McComb, Roy Roth Billy McComb's Routine for Roy Roth's "Fastest Wallet in the West" (of Wales) credit card to wallet
1992 39
Steve Dusheck Holed Up cork pushed halfway through hole in card, moved around
Inspired by
  • "Hole Collection" (Billy McComb)
Also published here
1992 76
Dennis Marks Open Letter to Riley G. Matthews on Billy McComb
Related to Sep. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 3)
Phil Temple, Michael Weber Carter Sword Points
  • Letters
Related to Feb. 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 6)
Bill Smith, Billy McComb Carter
  • Letters
Related to Mar. 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 7)
Phil Temple Carter
  • Letters
Related to May 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Ted Lesley Billy McComb
1994 221
Dominic Twose Help
  • Letters
Related to Dec. 1994
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 4)
Karl Fulves But I Digress on Robert-Houdin, presentation, Billy McComb anecdote
Underworld (Issue 2)
Billy McComb Help
  • Letters
Related to Mar. 1995
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 7)
Tommy Wonder, Stanley Collins, Billy McComb The Pip-Eating Spider pips of pip card vanish until only indices are left
1996 157
Billy McComb At Homb with McComb - Sympathetic Silks
1997 19
Ted Lesley, Mark Garetz The Editors Write on Billy McComb, KISS
Dec. 1997
Billy McComb The Seven-Cornered Handkerchief performer proves that a silk has seven corner by tying them in pairs
Inspired by
  • Hatton & Plate's "Magicians' Tricks and How They Are Done"
  • Stanyon's Magic, August 1913, Vol. 13 No. 11
Related to
Dec. 1997 1
Billy McComb The Knot
Dec. 1997 3
Michael Close (reviewer) Fascinating Origami: 101 Models by Adolfo Cerceda by Vicente PalaciosRelated to June 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Billy McComb Paper Story
  • Letters
on Adolfo Cerceda aka Carlos Corda
Related to Aug. 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 12)
Ted Lesley The Editor Writes on the death of Karrell Fox, Billy McComb, Roger Klause
Feb. 1998
Ricki Dunn Card in Wallet, Plus chain escape combined with card to wallet and watch steal
Inspired by July 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 7)
The Century - Those Who Impacted The Art In America
  • Al Baker (1974-1951)
  • Uri Geller
  • Michael Ammar
  • Servais LeRoy (1865-1953)
  • Billy McComb
  • Horace Goldin (1874-1939)
  • Channing Pollock
  • Dariel Fitzkee (1898-1977)
  • Don Wayne
  • John Northern Hilliard (1872-1935)
  • Harry Blackstone Sr. (1885-1965)
  • Harry Blackstone Jr. (1934-1997)
Related to Apr. 1999
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 8)
Billy McComb, Steve Bryant Billy McComb: Life With AJ about The Amazing Johnathan
Sep. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 9)
Mac King Ode to Billy on a Magic Castle roast of Billy McComb
Mar. 2000
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 7)
Charlie Miller A Left-Handed Hank Has Seven Corners performer proves that a silk has seven corner by tying them in pairs
Related to 2001 11
Karl Fulves Odd Man Out "was your card an odd card?", it is odd-backed and rest is blank, force
Inspired by
  • Billy McComb effect (The Wizard, July 1947)
Related to
2001 112
Steve Dick All Things McCombical on Billy McComb
Related to May 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 9)
Billy McComb Billy McComb is a person who seldom withholds an opinion. "On a recent afternoon at Hollywood's Magic Castle, he offered his thoughts on..."
May 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 9)
Mac King I Love Billy on Billy McComb
May 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 9)
Billy McComb
May 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 9)
Finally Billy McComb photograph
May 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 9)
Michael Bailey The Aerial Vanish Billy McComb anecdote
Also published here
  • The Magic Circular, 1955
2002 266
Billy McComb Egg in Movie broken egg poured into newspaper, fried egg taken out
Also published here
  • Billy McComb, McComb's Magic, 1972, p. 97
2002 207
Billy McComb Woolgatherings on Howard de Courcy
Jan. 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 5)
Billy McComb He Fills the Stage
  • Woolgatherings
on Kardoma
Related to Feb. 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 6)
Billy McComb Of Course, It Will Work...
  • Woolgatherings
Mar. 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 7)
Peter Stammers Kardoma
  • Mail
Related to Apr. 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 8)
Billy McComb The Jinx Theatre
  • Woolgatherings
Apr. 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 8)
Billy McComb Another Cage, Another Way
  • Woolgatherings
Vanishing Birdcage anecdote
May 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 9)
Billy McComb The Truth About The Square Balloon
  • Woolgatherings
June 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 10)
Billy McComb Meeting Dr. Walford Bodie
  • Woolgatherings
July 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 11)
Billy McComb Adler & McComb
  • Woolgatherings
on Larry Adler
Aug. 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 12)
Billy McComb Old Father Davenport
  • Woolgatherings
Sep. 2002
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 1)
Billy McComb Man with the Medals
  • Woolgatherings
on Claud Williams
Oct. 2002
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 2)
Billy McComb Making Flash Paper
  • Woolgatherings
Nov. 2002
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 3)
Billy McComb It Doesn't Pay to be a Perfectionist
  • Woolgatherings
Dec. 2002
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 4)
Billy McComb Magic's Biggest Thing
  • Woolgatherings
on George Braund
Jan. 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 5)
Billy McComb Vagaries of Magical Fame
  • Woolgatherings
on David Nixon
Feb. 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 6)
Billy McComb Amongst the Famous
  • Woolgatherings
Ava Gardner
Mar. 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 7)
Billy McComb Magical Horticulture and More
  • Woolgatherings
Jack Hughes
Apr. 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 8)
Billy McComb "Can't be... there are no more..."
  • Woolgatherings
Erikson (Eric Ferguson)
May 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 9)
Billy McComb About a Little Big Guy
  • Woolgatherings
on Jimmy Rogers
June 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 10)
Billy McComb I almost meet Howard
  • Woolgatherings
on Howard Hughes
July 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 11)
Billy McComb Meeting a Film Pioneer
  • Woolgatherings
on visiting Paris, Georges Méliès
Aug. 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 12)
Billy McComb My Friend Al
  • Woolgatherings
on Al Koran
Sep. 2003
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 1)
Billy McComb My Friend Al (Part Two)
  • Woolgatherings
on Al Koran
Oct. 2003
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 2)
Billy McComb A Short Tale of a Safe at Barclays
  • Woolgatherings
Nov. 2003
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 3)
Billy McComb The Doctor and His Crystal Balls
  • Woolgatherings
on Stanley Jaks
Dec. 2003
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 4)
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) Billy McComb's Slow Motion Vanishing Bird Cage: Sixty Years of Performance and Refinements by Billy McComb Aug. 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 8)
Billy McComb Time to read the small print
  • Woolgatherings
Jan. 2004
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 5)
Billy McComb Stanyon's Last Signature
  • Woolgatherings
on Ellis Stanyon
Feb. 2004
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 6)
Billy McComb My pipe
  • Woolgatherings
Mar. 2004
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 7)
Billy McComb The Art of Upgrading
  • Addendum
clown nose & passport gag
Feb. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 2)
Gordon Bean, Mac King, Alan Shaxon, The Amazing Johnathan, David Berglas, Mark Haslam, Max Maven, Milt Larsen, Terry Seabrooke Remembering Billy McComb several anecdotes and thoughts
Aug. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 8)
Jamy Ian Swiss Billy McComb: The Hippest Guy in the Room
Also published here Aug. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 8)
Tom Stone Note 9 suitcase with cut-out side and light inside, seen empty, things produced from it, "theft-proof suitcase"
Inspired by
  • Billy McComb gag
Also published here
Apr. 2009
Genii (Vol. 72 No. 4)
Billy McComb Crandall Was A Character
Also published here
  • Magic, Nov. 2005
Prolix (Issue 7)
Patrick Page Multiple Revelations six different ways of divination when multiple cards are selected
  • 1. bunch of cards as divined
  • 2. bunch of cards are distributed to several people, cards are divined
  • 3. bunch of card is divined plus an unknown card in pocket
  • 4. selection in bunch of cards is divined
  • 5. prediction of last card of bunch of cards which is turned over (Billy McComb, Ken de Courcy)
  • 6. cards in envelopes are divined
Related to 2011 88
Billy McComb, Patrick Page Billy's Thimble while doing a thimble routine, an extra finger appears
Inspired by 2011 291
Jamy Ian Swiss Billy McComb - The Hippest Guy in the Room
Also published here 2011 201
Mike Caveney Billy's Chicken Trick stories about using a chicken in an act, Billy McComb
2013 417
Scott Penrose, Stephen Short Family Matters memories of Alan Shaxon by family members
  • Anne's Anecdotes
  • Billy McComb
  • Sport
  • By Royal Command
  • TV and Film Work
  • Mishaps
  • Daughter's Diaries
  • Paula
  • Julia
2014 71
Roberto Giobbi Card Call "Cabaret Card Divination" of a bunch of cards, last card predicted in letter
Inspired by 2016 105
Alexander de Cova Eierbeuteleien using a ball with a thread loop for egg bag
  • Die Grundhaltung
  • Der Bagdrop
  • Das Drehen des Beutels
  • Unterarm Deckung
  • Die direkte Ladung
  • Die Produktion
  • Verschwinden und Bagdrop
  • Umdrehen des Beutels mit Bagdrop
  • Weitere Deckung
  • Der Drop
  • Platt drücken
  • Glasproduktion
  • Der Abschluss nach Billy McComb
2016 44
Nick Diffatte Dye Another Day routine ends with a silk in two colors, stopped in middle of the transformation, using only one dye tube
Inspired by 2022 173
Juno Sieben seven-cornered handkerchief
Related to 2022 8