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Theodore Annemann Locatrik location with two keys and two outs, Gemini Twins precursor
Variations Dec. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 39)
Edward Marlo Marlo - Vernon sandwiched card with card at chosen position
VariationsAlso published here 1941 18
Bob Veeser Veeser's Bluff Multiple Shift three handlings
Related toVariations 1961 31
Derek Dingle Bluff Shift
Variations 1971 10
Bob McAllister Bet-A-Dollar Color Change as bill is slid over face of card, half card gaff
Variations 1972 114
Larry Jennings Coin Cut
Variations 1977 14
Allan Ackerman, Bruce Cervon Impromptu Ultra Mental half pass version, see "Author's Note" for credit information
Related toVariations 1978 47
David Roth Pop Outs tabled production under finger tip
Related toVariations 1981 20
Wesley James Twisting With Victor Spellbound change
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1981 89
Karl Fulves Gaffless Brainwave sorted red/black stack
Related to 1981 44
Derek Dingle Elastic Illusion sleeving
Related toVariations 1982 213
Michael Rubinstein Triple E.G. Spell three ungaffed coins, edge grip handlings
Related toVariationsAlso published here Nov. 1982 21
Shiv Duggal The Ying-Tong Move Han-Ping-Chien variation, transposition of a copper coin and two silver coins
Related toVariations Feb. 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Jay Sankey, Shiv Duggal H.P.C.-C.P.H. HPC-CPH, Han Ping Chien in which unloaded hand is reloaded instantly, see credit correction on page lxix
Related toAlso published here Jan./Feb. 1983
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 5 & 6)
Tony Miller Billtration folded card through bill, also credited to Scott Robinson, see Trapdoor
Related toVariationsAlso published here Sep. 1983
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 13)
Paul Cummins Counting On It number named, this many cards are rapidly produced, with selection
Related toVariations 1984 132
Larry Jennings Circle Shift all-around square-up cover
VariationsAlso published here Jan./Feb. 1984
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 17 & 18)
David Regal Tipped Off broken and restored
Variations 1987 104
William Goodwin Alignment Move
Also published here 1988 2
Scott Robinson Down Shift Circle Shift as a half pass
Inspired by 1988 409
Henry Christ Obstinate Pasteboards cards turn over without the magician wanting so
Variations 1989 171
David Williamson The Wonderful Coin Vanish
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1989 9
Scott Robinson Automated Teller Card coin produced under a card, then three more coins appear on table in different corners
1989 491
Richard Bartram, Jr. Hop Card card spins out of the center, actually bottom card, Kelly Bottom Placement kick-start action, see p. 541 for ideas by Scott Robinson
Also published here 1989 493
Scott Robinson Sucker Monte three phases
Related toVariations 1989 499
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move
Also published here 1989 499
Steve Beam Leftovers on "Peter's Quotations", Channing Pollock, Clayton Rawson, Martin Gardner, Scott Robinson, Richard Bartram
1989 504
Steve Beam Special Scott Robinson Insert short bio of Scott Robinson
1989 531
Scott Robinson, Steve Beam The Flop one card production, card ends up in middle, with a fan
1989 531
Scott Robinson The Daley Double, Part I
1989 533
Scott Robinson The Daley Double, Part II
1989 534
Scott Robinson The Toy two folded cards penetrate
VariationsAlso published here 1989 535
Ken Krenzel Cul-de-Sac card vanishes and reappears when pushed perpendicular through two cards, visual, with ungaffed alternative
VariationsAlso published here 1990 154
Scott Robinson Fan Belt packet penetrates card fan, variation where selection ends up reversed in the spread
1990 574
Scott Robinson The Big Bang reverse coin assembly
1990 587
Scott Robinson The Boss Toss
Related to 1990 588
John Riggs The Golly Pitch gallo pitch variation, coin transfer
Variations 1990 590
Scott Robinson Fan Flight half of deck balanced on other half, which is fanned
1990 623
Scott Robinson Quick Kings & Aces
1991 653
Scott Robinson Displacement Move
1991 653
Scott Robinson Robber Bands one of two rubber bands vanishes
Inspired byAlso published here 1991 664
Scott Robinson Coins, By Golly transposition of two silver and a brass coin, then all become brass
1991 676
Scott Robinson Valdez and Water with four aces, four phases
1991 696
Trevor Lewis, Scott Robinson Monte Move
1991 698
Scott Robinson Contra Band two rubber bands link, then one vanishes
1991 702
Charlie Miller, Paul Chosse Miller's Cascade Control
Related toVariations 1992 73
Scott Robinson Time Travel borrowed ring vanishes and appears on performer's watch band
Variations 1992 761
Scott Robinson Slideways Production slide appears in empty mount
1992 794
Scott Robinson Slideways Penetration slide in mount is put in envelope and is penetrated with a pencil
1992 796
Ernest Earick Jack Syna(ps)ces Jacks distributed face up in deck change places with Aces on top of deck once deck is slapped
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1993 27
Scott Robinson Riding the Wave mentally selected card is found reversed in the deck, three different handlings
Related toAlso published here 1993 842
Steve Beam, Scott Robinson Color Wave with different colored back
Also published here 1993 845
Steve Beam Scott Robinson short humorous bio
Related to 1993 846
Scott Robinson Visual Retentive also as a change
Also published here 1993 847
Scott Robinson Changing a Fan Belt left hand's fan penetrates right hand's fan, selection ends up in other fan reversed
1993 848
Scott Robinson Case Closed I signed card vanishes among aces and appears in case
1993 849
Scott Robinson Case Closed II one sandwich in card case
1993 851
Scott Robinson Sucker Ending climax for Scott's Sucker Monte
Related to 1993 853
Scott Robinson Card It Away on the deck, card is apparently removed and melts away
1993 856
Steve Beam Impaired named card ends up between jokers
VariationsAlso published here 1993 871
Scott Robinson The Portable Ladder cards spread on table, named number is counted to and card turned over, value of card helps find selection, force or prediction
1993 39
Scott Robinson The Toy two folded cards penetrate
Also published here 1993 109
Scott Robinson Severance Pay folded card through bill, ungimmicked version
Inspired byAlso published here 1993 113
Scott Robinson Riding the Wave mentally selected card is found reversed in the deck
Also published here 1993 18
Scott Robinson, Steve Beam Colorwave with different colored back
Also published here 1993 20
Scott Robinson Lunch on the Go named card ends up between jokers
Inspired by 1994 923
Ken Krenzel Progressive Sandwich
Inspired by 1994 925
Steve Beam Circling the Sandwich
Inspired byAlso published here 1994 926
Joel Givens Easy Time borrowed ring vanishes and appears on performer's watch band, different handling for Scott Robinson's Time Travel
Inspired byAlso published here 1994 936
Scott Robinson Sliding Scale cards spread, when squared again selection sticks out face up, injogged
Variations 1994 950
Joel Givens Slide Too Sliding Scale, with two cards, one by one
Inspired by 1994 951
Billy McDonnell Pocket Poker named aces travel to pocket one by one, then they travel again all together
Variations 1994 972
Peter Duffie Marriage on the Rocks
Related toVariations 1995 30
Steve Beam Leftovers on Tom Baxter, Bruce Fricker, Jon Racherbaumer, Stephen Minch, Steve Pressley, Doug Canning, Tom Craven, Scott Robinson, John Riggs
Related to 1995 1072
Steve Beam Yet Another Scott Robinson Insert "The Purse"
1995 1118
Scott Robinson Differences three silver coins in purse, copper coin vanishes and appears in purse while silver coins appear on table
Variations 1995 1118
Scott Robinson Rate of Exchange
1995 1119
Scott Robinson Triple Crown copper, silver and brass coins in purse appear in hands and travel back to purse
1995 1120
David Roth, Scott Robinson Pop Outs Variation
Inspired by 1995 1121
Steve Beam Leftovers on Marty Kane, Jon Racherbaumer, Jim Hyams, Wayne Kyzer, Scott Robinson, Simon Lovell
1995 1148
Scott Robinson Sigh Stebbins spectator spells guesses about selection, with value of last card selection is found
1995 49
Scott Robinson Chance by Choice four cards are cut to, sum is predicted in envelope
Related to 1995 89
Steve Beam, Scott Robinson Polar Stab location of two cards with two keys
Inspired by 1995 157
Scott Robinson Robber Bands one of two rubber bands vanishes
Inspired byAlso published here 1995 12
Joel Givens Easy Time borrowed ring vanishes and appears on performer's watch band, different handling for Scott Robinson's Time Travel
Inspired byAlso published here 1995 6
Paul Cummins Counting On It number named, this many cards are rapidly produced, with selection
Related toVariations 1996 4
David Gripenwaldt Strong Currency kind of wild coin effect with several transformations with three different coins
Variations Spring 1996 65
Michael Close, Allan Ackerman The Invisible Deck ungaffed, memorized deck
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1996 138
Scott Robinson Sponge Coins
Inspired by 1997 1238
Scott Robinson Top Slop some cards turn over while performer want to show a trick, first two then more and more, humorous routine
1997 1280
Scott Robinson The Queen Thing selection vanishes among queens, then queens travel to pocket and in the hand remains the selection
VariationsAlso published here 1997 1309
Scott Robinson Elmsley Display
1997 1310
Scott Robinson Bill Me bill in purse transposes with four coins
1997 1318
Steve Beam Errors and Omissions missing illustration
Related to 1997 150
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor's Desk on John Riggs, Jack Dean, C.L. Boardé, Ty Kralin, Scott Robinson, Eddy Wade, Phantini, Joe Marino, Fred Hager
Syzygy (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Scott Robinson Changeling Coins silver, copper and chinese coin, copper and chinese coin change into silver coins and back then all coins change into copper
Inspired by 1998 1382
Scott Robinson Heavy Metal triple spellbound
Inspired by 1998 1404
Scott Robinson Swiss Army QTip broken and restored
Inspired by 1998 1463
Lee Asher Pulp Friction reverse spread control/cull/displacement
VariationsAlso published here 2000 5
Scott Robinson Repackaged Prediction several cards are chosen, values added, sum prediction
Inspired byVariations 2002 119
Scott Robinson, Doug Canning, Steve Beam Men of Letters prediction of built word with ESP cards,
2002 202
Steve Beam The Widow Maker Aces change into Kings, color change in card case
VariationsAlso published here 2002 230
Shahin Zarkesch, Scott Robinson, William Goodwin Slap! selection placed between aces vanishes, from pocket comes a card that turns out to be four Aces, selection remains in hand, see credit information for the unequal transposition plot in Issue 8, p. 1, and Issue 9, p. 1, for additional credit information on this effect see Issue 10, p. 1
Feb. 2004
The Penumbra (Issue 7)
Steve Beam, Scott Robinson Around the World spectator separates deck into red and black by cutting face up and face down packets, with the Rolly Polly Controlly
2004 23
Scott Robinson Trading Spaces Kings face up distributed in deck change places with Aces on top of deck
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 2004 152
Scott Robinson Boxed Set Aces change into Kings, color change in card case
Inspired by 2004 219
Scott Robinson That's Wrap climax for The Toy, card is fully gift wrapped, different methods
Inspired by 2004 220
Aldo Colombini Colombini Force spectator calls top during biddling cards into other hand one by one, original bottom card shown, flushtration force, discrepant
VariationsAlso published here 2004 25
Jason Alford The Metro Dancer three phases
Inspired by 2005 17
Scott Robinson Choice Cut to force two cards
2006 35
Scott Robinson The Willies card vanishes and reappears when pushed perpendicular through two cards, visual
Inspired by 2006 169
Scott Robinson Willie's Sub Sandwich card pushed through Kings vanishes and appears in pocket, when repeated Kings are found inside pocket
2006 173
Scott Robinson Choice Cut value added to amount of cut cards, total is predicted
Inspired by 2006 185
Scott Robinson Choice Cut Force with two cards
Inspired byVariations 2006 187
Scott Robinson The 101% Location two Queens face-up on the deck, one sinks through deck and eventually selection is caught between Queens
Inspired by 2006 53
Scott Robinson Slip Pop Production card appears face-up on the deck, after dribble
2006 61
Scott Robinson The Perfect Shuffle fake down-under deal, packet stays in same order
Variations 2006 103
Steve Beam Si Kick cut pile behind back, then performer asks question about thought selection and always removes cards which do not match, red or black etc.
Variations 2006 163
Scott Robinson The Money Changers Kings transposes with four indifferent cards, wrapped in bill
Inspired by 2006 200
Scott Robinson Illogical Probability Sandwich two Kings face-up on the deck, one sinks through deck and eventually selection is caught between Kings
Variations 2006 20
Scott Robinson The Da Vinci Coin three silver coins change to Chinese one by one
2006 29
Scott Robinson Over the Hills and Far Away three coin vanish and reproduction
  • Over the Hills - They Vanish
  • Far Away Sequence - They Come Back
2006 34
Andi Gladwin Monte Python
Inspired by 2007 25
Stewart James Package Deal Card is inserted into a packet of nineteen cards at random spot by spectator, will form four hands of poker for four straights
Variations 2007 189
Joel Givens Easy Time borrowed ring vanishes and appears on performer's watch band, see p. 160 for performance
Inspired byAlso published here 2007 172
Scott Robinson The Perfect Shuffle fake down-under deal, Ace through Five packet stays in same order despite the deal
  • Preferred Handling (Steve Beam, third finger buckle)
Inspired by 2008 31
Scott Robinson Totally Under Control bluff multiple shift combined with Pulp Friction
Inspired by May 2009
Genii (Vol. 72 No. 5)
Scott Robinson HG's Pocket two cards placed in pocket and returned to deck, they travel back into pockets, time travel presentation
Also published here 2010 18
Scott Robinson The Plucker number named, this many cards are rapidly produced, with selection
Inspired by 2010 201
Scott Robinson The Rip-Off thought-of selection is divined via other cards produced from deck
Inspired by 2010 281
Scott Robinson Training Max's Box aces in box change place with kings
Inspired by 2010 285
Scott Robinson Buttery Spread
2010 298
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #28 on The Floating Lady, Scott Robinson
Related to 2011 vi
Steve Beam Special Issues #30 Insert - Scott Robinson
#34 Harvey Rosenthal - The One Man Issue
#35 The Floating Issue
#37 No-Card Issue
#38 High-Octate Card Magic (all cards)
#39 Insert - Steve Pressley
#40 Insert - Jack Birnman
#41 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks
#42 Harry Levine - One Man Issue
#47 Scott Robinson - One Man Issue
#49 International Issue
2011 liv
Steve Beam, Scott Robinson Choice Cut Variation
  • V-Force
Inspired by 2018 45
Scott Robinson Count On Me destroying a card while doing a trick for another magician
2018 46
Scott Robinson The Toy two cards folded into a spaceship, spaceship changes directions back and forth (not a magic effect), one card is pushed through other and then it restores
Also published here 2018 13
Scott Robinson The Willy Wonka Card Trick card is seen to dematerialize as it is inserted perpendicularly between two Kings, then reappears
Variations 2018 17
Scott Robinson, Ken Krenzel Perpendicular card vanish card is pushed in perpendicularly between two others and nothing is seen coming out the other end
Also published here 2018 19
Scott Robinson Willy in Your Pocket signed card vanishes between two Kings and appears in pocket, then Kings vanish and appear in different pockets
2018 26
Scott Robinson Different Differences three silver coins in purse and copper coin on table, silver coins appear in three different parts of table and copper coin is in purse
2018 30
Scott Robinson Sucker Monte multiple-phase three-card monte
Inspired by 2018 37
Scott Robinson, William Goodwin Backward Alignment Move
Also published here 2018 37
Scott Robinson Loose Change penny in closed fist visually changes places with nickel
2018 46
Scott Robinson The Queen Thing selection vanishes from among the Queens, Queens surprisingly appear in pocket and selection is only card in hand
  • variation: see “The Mystery Thing” (p. 55)
Inspired byAlso published here 2018 50
Scott Robinson The Mystery Thing mystery card in case, a signed card vanishes from between Queens, mystery card is shown to be signed card
Inspired by 2018 55
Scott Robinson Visual Retentive Vanish can be used as a vanish, switch or change
Inspired by
  • "The Ramsay Coin Vanish" (John Ramsay, The Ramsay Legend, 1975, p. 4)
Also published here
2018 58
Scott Robinson Slide Load coin(s) secretly transferred from right hand to left as right hand takes coin from left, also see p. 111
Related to 2018 61
Scott Robinson Quick Kings and Aces Kings and Aces, one card of each is openly exchanged for one another, all three others change places as well, also see "Trading Spaces" (p. 69)
2018 63
Scott Robinson Trading Spaces Aces reversed in four different parts of deck, Kings change into Aces and Kings are found reversed and distributed throughout deck
Inspired byAlso published here 2018 69
Scott Robinson Toss addition packet that is held side-jogged beneath deck is tossed into other hand, card(s) added from bottom of deck onto tossed packet
2018 75
Scott Robinson Color change deck rubbed across face of packet and face card changes, face card getting loaded into deck
2018 76
Scott Robinson Carpal Tunnel coin penetrates through hand from inside fist, three phases
  • “Three-Coin Version” (see p. 83)
2018 78
Scott Robinson Carpal Tunnel (“Three-Coin Version”) three coins placed into fist and one at a time they penetrate out
2018 83
Scott Robinson Sliding Scale production of jogged face-up card in deck as vertical spread is squared, multiple ideas/applications:
  • Original Handling (p. 86)
    • Two-Card Production (p. 88)
    • Three-Card Production (p. 88)
  • Modern Handling (p. 89, using Nuzzo move, see reference), also see slight variant on p. 100
    • Four-Card Production (p. 90)
also see application in “Just One Move” (p. 91)
Related to
  • "Palm Reverse" (Jimmy Nuzzo, Art and Ardor at the Card Table, 2003, p. 45) and in The New Tops
2018 86
Scott Robinson Just One Move selection rises to top of deck, its mate turns face up in middle, the mates then sandwich their third and fourth mate in middle of deck
  • variation: “Really Just One Move” (p. 96)
2018 91
Scott Robinson Really Just One Move same effect as “Just One Move” (p. 91) using double-backed card
2018 96
Scott Robinson, Chris Sage Who's Counting number between five and twenty is named, that number of cards is plucked from the deck and the final card of the count is selection
Inspired by 2018 99
Scott Robinson Sliding Scale – Modern Handling variant slight variant of “Modern Handling” (p. 89)
2018 100
Scott Robinson Bill Me dollar bill in coin purse changes places with four quarters in hands
2018 102
Wesley James, Scott Robinson Twisting with Victor variation stack of coins changes into folded bill, also see p. 286
Inspired by 2018 105
Scott Robinson Over the Hills and Back Again three coins vanish at the fingertips one at a time, then reappear
2018 107
Geoffrey Latta, Scott Robinson Latta coin-fan false take with Scott Robinson’s finesse
2018 108
Scott Robinson Slide Load also see p. 61
2018 111
Hand-to-hand transfer coins from right thumb palm to left finger palm
Related to 2018 114
Scott Robinson 100% Probability Sandwich two Kings on top of deck, one travels one-third down into deck, then another third, then to bottom of deck, deck is tossed and selection is left sandwiched between Kings
2018 117
Scott Robinson Severance Pay selected card penetrates folded dollar bill, extra quarter of card (see reference, mistakenly credited to Tony Miller there), see simplified version on p. 128
Inspired by
  • Timothy Wenk’s marketed item, “Misled” (ca. 1980s?)
Also published here
2018 124
Scott Robinson Severance Pay (simplified version) alternate handling with easier setup and no clean-up necessary at end
Also published here 2018 128
Scott Robinson Automated Teller Card four coins appear from under card on different parts of table, also see “Big Bang” (p. 135) and “Different Differences” (p. 30) for similar choreography of coin appearances
2018 130
Scott Robinson Big Bang four-coin matrix with one card, first coin vanishes and joins other beneath card, card split into two, last two coins join them one at a time, backfire finish, good follow-up for “Automated Teller Card” (p. 130)
2018 135
Scott Robinson Boss Toss coin displayed on one palm is secretly tossed into the other as it turns palm down on the table, also see slight variant on p. 140
Related to 2018 137
Scott Robinson Boss Toss also see p. 137 (and references there), slight variation here
2018 140
Scott Robinson A Buttery Spread card buried in middle is controlled to top via casual spreading of cards
2018 145
Scott Robinson Manifold red-backed Ace of Spades sandwiched between two red Kings transposes with selection, ending up at the designated position that selection occupied in deck
Inspired by 2018 148
Scott Robinson Sprite a coin vanishes and reappears in deck three times, each time locating a selection, Breather Crimp
Inspired by 2018 155
Scott Robinson Repackaged Prediction spectator inserts envelope into deck and builds Poker hand by selecting any five cards next to it, envelope is inserted again and another hand is created, both hands consist of same values, inside envelope is prediction of the total of the cards’ values
Inspired by
  • "Package Deal" (Stewart James, The James File Vol. 1, 2000)
2018 164
Scott Robinson Triple Crown three different coins begin in purse, one by one they appear on table, they all vanish and reappear inside purse
2018 169
Scott Robinson, David Roth Roth Pop-out move variant coin appears on table beneath pointing fingertip
Related to 2018 172
Scott Robinson Top Slop Gag performer discovers card face up in deck, he rights it but another is found face up, he rights it but then a few more are face up, then many more scattered throughout deck
Inspired by 2018 177
Scott Robinson Changing Hands spectator A holds English penny, spectator B holds Chinese coin, performer cause half dollar to transpose with A’s English penny, then performer makes his (now) English penny transpose with B’s Chinese coin
2018 181
Scott Robinson H. G.'s Pocket two signed cards are openly placed into different pockets and openly removed, then they magically travel back to pockets, time-travel theme
2018 187
Scott Robinson Riding the Wave named card is the only face-down card in deck
Inspired byVariations 2018 191
Scott Robinson Sponge Coin coin is squeezed so small until it vanishes
Inspired by 2018 197
Scott Robinson Changing A Fan Belt card selected and returned to lower half of deck, lower half penetrates through fanned upper half, leaving selection reversed in fan
2018 201
Scott Robinson Daley Double red Aces and black Aces change places
2018 206
Scott Robinson Daley Double Change four Jokers change into four Kings
2018 211
Scott Robinson, Stuart Gordon Stuart Gordon Lift variant slightly modified here to accommodate a triple
2018 216
Scott Robinson Changeling Coin half-dollar, English Penny and Chinese coin, English penny and Chinese coin both change into half dollars when they are touched to it, they change back, then half dollar and Chinese coin change into English pennies
Inspired by 2018 218
Scott Robinson Da Vinci Coins mug with Chinese symbol drawn on it, three half dollars change into Chinese coins and are dropped into mug, symbol is erased from mug and coins change back to half dollars
2018 228
Scott Robinson Dragnet Jacks red Jack placed near top and other red Jack near bottom, card is named and Jacks sandwich it
Variations 2018 238
Scott Robinson The Tooth Fairy kids pretend to pull a tooth from their mouths and each “tooth” is changed into a coin, Miser's Dream style without bucket
2018 243
Scott Robinson Money Changers four indifferent cards wrapped in dollar bill change places with four Kings on table, indifferent cards’ faces visible throughout, shortened double-ender card gaff
2018 248
Scott Robinson Card change in bill face card of packet inside bill changes as packet is pushed back and forth through bill, using card gaff
2018 254
Scott Robinson SACC (Semi Automatic Cascade Control) card inserted into fan is controlled to back (i. e. top) as fan is squared
Inspired by 2018 257
Scott Robinson Coins, By Golly two silver coins in one hand transpose with Chinese coin in other, as finale the two silver coins merge into one and the Chinese coin is split into two
Inspired by 2018 261
Scott Robinson Home Wrecker Royal Marriages plot, Queens and Kings pair up with each other (usually by suit) three times, in third phase spectator mixes and holds cards
Inspired by 2018 267
Scott Robinson Count Me selection is lost in deck, a second card is chosen and turned face up in deck, its value indicates how far away selection is
2018 276
Scott Robinson Heavy Metal silver coin changes to copper coin, then to Chinese, to copper, to Chinese, finally back to silver
Inspired by 2018 281
Michael Rubinstein, Scott Robinson Edge Grip Spellbound variation inspired by Michael Rubinstein's move (see reference on p. 281)
2018 283
Scott Robinson, Wesley James Twisting with Victor variation also see p. 105 (and reference there)
2018 286
Scott Robinson Totally Under Control four Aces inserted in separate parts of deck are controlled to bottom
Inspired by 2018 290
Scott Robinson The Sound of Silence three coins vanish and then silently reappear one by one in a cup
2018 296
Andi Gladwin Monte Python without mixing the cards, with two-for-one transposition finale
Inspired by 2020 37
William Goodwin, Scott Robinson Backward Alignment Move
2020 38
Colin Robinson My Ice Pick Is in the Mail coin through performer's hand, three phases, coin apparently stuck in hand in last phase
Inspired by
  • "Carpal Tunnel" (Scott Robinson, Pure Imagination, 2019)
  • "Vertical Thumb Palm Muscle Pass" (Tomoya Horiki, DVD Sprout: Ideas for Coin Magic, 2016)
2020 218
Tom Frame (reviewer) Scott Robinson's Pure Imagination by Scott Robinson (written by Andi Gladwin, John Campbell) May 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 5)
Scott Robinson H.G.'s Pocket two cards placed in pocket and returned to deck, they travel back into pockets, time travel presentation, two pseudo-signed duplicates
Also published here 2020 26
Nancy Colwell Convincing Curve Finesse / variation on One Handed Convincing Control, bends the card
Inspired by 2021 29
Bill Citino Making a Difference three silver coins in purse, copper coin in hand transposes with silver coins in purse, asymmetric, see next issue for additional credits
Inspired byRelated to June 2023
The Hermit (Vol. 2 No. 6)