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Judson S. Brown A one hand top change similar to Allerton change, for credit see Page Wright's Manuscript
Related toAlso published here 1933 13
Judson S. Brown A Super-Reverse Problem any card called for reverses itself, invisible deck with waxed pairs
1937 335
Bert Allerton Allerton Switch top card drawn back
Related to 1941 45
Bert Allerton The Allerton Change
Related to Aug. 1945 144
Frank Butler Butler Fan Force card dragged to other side underneath thumb fan
Related to 1956 28
Dai Vernon Fan Force bottom card slid to other side, fan broken at any point
Related toVariations 1960 73
Jack McMillen, Judson S. Brown, T. Page Wright Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 11, 12, 13
1961 22
Charlie Miller, Judson S. Brown The Invisible Shift perhaps allusion to Cascade Control?!
1961 45
Judson S. Brown One Handed Ribbon Drop
1961 46
Judson S. Brown Stripper Deck
1961 53
Judson S. Brown Judson Brown (Genii - Dec, 1936) No. 395, bottom card warps as locator card, cheap deck
Also published here
  • "Deal Detection" (Judson Brown, Genii, Dec. 1936, p. 12)
1972 108
Jack McMillen, Judson S. Brown From Another Deck with two decks, one packet is cut and turned over, value of card on the face is used to count to a card, performer finds the card in second deck or in a pocket
1981 6
Eric F. Impey Mysto, The Masterpiece thought-of card vanishes, thirteen half-waxed pairs in deck, also as named vanish
VariationsAlso published here 1983 42
Judson S. Brown A Super-Reverse Problem named card is reversed in deck
Inspired byAlso published here
  • The Sphinx, March 1929
1983 44
Judson S. Brown Wright/Allerton Move brief, mis-credited though, see reference
Related to 1984 257
Judson S. Brown One Hand Fan Force bottom card slid to other side, fan broken at any point, also with second-from-bottom card, with "FB Notes" (1937)
Related toAlso published here 1985 7
Judson S. Brown One-Hand Top Change similar to Allerton Switch, with "FB Note" (1937)
Also published here 1985 7
Judson S. Brown Floater Key short & narrow
1985 16
Jack McMillen, Judson S. Brown Telltale Color card of different color glimpsed during riffle shuffle, reprinted from The Sphinx (March 1934)
1987 14
Judson S. Brown The J. B. Fan Force one-hand fan, bottom card then slid to other side, with variation in which the second-from-bottom card is slid over
Also published here 1991 97
Judson S. Brown A One-Hand Top Change same as Allerton Change, for Brown credit see page 8
Related toAlso published here 1991 112
Judson S. Brown The Fan Glimpse inner corner bent upwards for glimpse, as key placement, credit see page 8
1991 130
Judson S. Brown An Improved Tip-Over Transformation bottom card of top half shown before and after change, seemingly making it impossible, for credit see page 8
1991 131
Judson S. Brown Reverse Triumph cards shown all one way, then suddenly every other card is reversed, reverse fan to hide alternating condition
1991 147
Judson S. Brown A Single Card Through Silk without deck
1991 269
Jack McMillen, Judson S. Brown Telltale Color card of different color glimpsed during riffle shuffle, with references
Related to
  • The Sphinx (March 1934)
1996 12
Karl Fulves Color Double riffle glimpse exercise, Telltale Color with two cards
  • Conditions (additional exercises)
Inspired by 1996 16
Bruce Cervon The Greek Force with card second from bottom
Inspired byRelated to 1998 83
Judson S. Brown, Charlie Miller From a House of Cards
  • Looking back to look ahead
filled shot glass produced from house of cards on table
Also published here
  • Genii, Vol. 1 No. 2, 1936
Jan. 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 1)
Bert Allerton, Judson S. Brown Allerton's Move
May 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Judson S. Brown, Jack McMillen Tell-Tale Color Glimpse glimpsing odd-colored card while riffling
Secret Agenda (Issue July 8)
Judson S. Brown T. Page Wright's Move often called Allerton Move, actually be Judson Brown
Related to 2012 10