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Bob Hamilton Bent Upon Deception.. key bend with the aid of other keys
Jan. 1975
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Barry Govan The Bending Key
June 1975
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on wallets, Uri Geller, Ray Carter, key bending method described
Related to 1975
Magick (Issue 131)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Karl Fulves, Uri Geller, Cicardi, with comments on key bending methods
Magick (Issue 132)
Uriah Fuller 3. Bending keys
Related to 1975 24
Karl Fulves Publisher's Note further methods for key bending
1975 27
Philip T. Goldstein Chaos gathered metal objects put in a handkerchief and react on their own, some of them are bent, bi-metal disc
1976 27
Tony "Doc" Shiels Bend, Baby, Bend! on Uri Geller and methods to bend, spoons, nails and keys
1976 10
Philip T. Goldstein Onstage Bender staging for key-bending with pendulum
1977 18
Dr. Dan J. Alessini PSI-Key key turns over on hand, then it is twisted
Inspired by
  • Henk Vermeyden's Skeleton Key
Magick (Issue 205)
Stephen Tucker Bend! key bending
The Talon (Issue 2)
Curt Walter Zaebos key in handkerchief bends in spectator's hands
Magick (Issue 261)
Uriah Fuller 1. Bending Keys - New Secret Methods
1980 25
Ted Lesley The Glass Key keys put in glass, glass explodes keys are bent
1981 10
Al Mann Notes other ways to break a glass and bend keys
1981 10
Steve Beam Key Bender old car keys, borrowed, bent and unbent
1984 91
Bob King Key Bender
Nov. 1985
Apocalypse (Vol. 8 No. 11)
John Riggs Bent Over Double
Related to 1985 204
Ben Harris The Psychology Behind the Key Bend
  • The Metal Bend
  • The Amazement Factor
  • Suspension of Disbelief
  • The Involvement Factor
  • The Authority Factor
1985 11
Ben Harris Natural Bends exploiting already bent spoons like Uri Geller
1985 27
Ben Harris, Uri Geller The Standard Bends
  • In the Hands
  • The Table Bend
  • The Chair Bend
  • The Microphone Bend
1985 27
Ben Harris, Uri Geller The Not so Standard Bends
  • The Shipi Bend
  • Long-Distance Bends
  • The Natural Key Gimmick
1985 35
Ben Harris The B.H. Gimmick for key bending
  • The Handling
  • The Two-Handed Method
1985 37
Ben Harris The Bobo Switch applied to key bending
1985 45
Ben Harris, Uri Geller Subtleties
  • The Pivot Move with Key No. 1
  • The Pivot Move with Key No. 2
  • The Flat Edge, Cut Edge Move
  • The Multi-Bend and Drop
  • The Key to Success Move
  • The Finger Cover and Turn
  • The Spectator Hold
  • The By-Play
  • Keep Rubbing
  • The Time Lag
  • The "Can You Feel It?" By-Play
1985 48
Bob Nixon Mind Over Matter borrowed key is bent
Dec./Jan. 1986/1987
Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 5 & 6)
Larry Baukin Bendulum key on string used as pendulum is bent
Dec. 1988
Magick (Issue 414)
David Neighbors Bent Outta Shape several keys are bent, with spectator
Mar. 1993
The Minotaur (Vol. 5 No. 1)
Guy Bavli The Perfect Key Bender gimmick to bend keys
  • What does the audience see?
  • How does it happen?
  • How to bend the key easily
  • What kind of keys can be used
  • In case the key is hard to bend
  • Performing on Stage
  • How to make the volunteer feel that the key warms up and actually bends in his hand
  • Close Up Key Bending
  • Close-Up Performance while Sitting
  • The Key Bending Demon (glorpy)
1994 4
John Riggs Key Shocker
Related to 1995 70
Michel Asselin Twisted Psyche one key bends among others
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. 15)
Wylee Packer Off On A Bender bending a key
June 1996
Apocalypse (Vol. 19 No. 6)
Robert Cassidy Psychokinetic Powers key bending, then pen falls off edge
1999 241
Richard Mark The Key Warper
2000 15
Al Baker Yale Lock Key Trick key through rope, second method with wooden curtain ring
2003 763
Mark Strivings Strolling PK
2004 57
Doug Edwards Safety Bend bending a key
2013 90