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John Northern Hilliard Magic With Ropes
1938 783
Ropes fixing ends
1938 874
Harlan Tarbell Type of Rope used
1942/27 339
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell Hindu Rope Mysteries discussion of rope connections
1948/27 292
E. J. Moore "Magnet" Rope magnetic rope connection
1954/27 186
Martin Gardner String and Rope intro
1956 81
Oran Bailey Dent Trickities 3
  • "Watch Pocke" Gag
  • "Gone" Line
  • Production Gag
  • Rope Gimmick Tip
  • Liquid Air Hole Release
  • Balloon Breaking Gimmick
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1961)
Professor Edgar A Rope Hitch method to link two ropes for penetration effects, without thread etc.
1968 88
Harry Lorayne Rope Magic
1972 143
George Sands Requirements and Modifications of 1st Edition comments on ropes for the Sandsational routine
Also published here 1976 10
Karl Fulves 6 - Rope Magic
1977 101
Karl Fulves A Bit of History on the previous routine
1982 15
Manfred Cattarius Allgemeine Hinweise zum Thema "Seile"
1984 4
Karl Fulves Introduction
1986 1
Karl Fulves Rope Notes notes on rope effects, rope knot prediction in fortune cookies
1986 29
Karl Fulves Ropelets on gambling tricks with ropes
1986 57
Joseph K. Schmidt General Comments on the Square Knot and the Granny Knot no title
1987 1
Philip Reed Willmarth Getting Started preparing a rope
1989 3
Karl Fulves The Preliminaries what rope to use, how to prepare it, presentational ideas (rope as suspenders or phone cord)
1990 1
Harlan Tarbell A Word About Magic With Ropes
1993 159
Francis Tabary The Rope on what ropes to use
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Diameter
  • Preparation
  • Length
  • Onstage
  • Close-Up
2004 3
Francis Tabary The Story of the Rope Routine on the development of the FISM 1991 routine
2004 5
Francis Tabary The Routine as Seen by the Audience only description of FISM rope routine
2004 13
Francis Tabary Thoughts on the Transformation of a Rope with Four Ends into Two Ropes
2004 35
Francis Tabary Thoughts on the Display of Two Ropes and More
2004 39
Francis Tabary Descriptions and Commentaries on the Various Effects of the FISM Rope Routine
2004 93
Francis Tabary A Ring and a Rope
2004 101
Francis Tabary You and The Stage
  • How can one open a routine?
  • 1. If the Rope is in your pocket
  • 2. The emcee hands you the rope
  • 3. The rope is brought to you
2004 224
Francis Tabary How Do You End a Routine?
  • 1 You are onstage
  • 2. Close-up
    • First, with two ropes: one long and on short
    • Now for situations with three ropes: a long rope, a short rope and a medium rope
2004 230
J. W. Sarles Releaso with loop, outlining some patter by Sarles for a longer rope routine
Prolix (Issue 4)
Karl Fulves On Rope Magic
Prolix (Issue 9)
George Sands Requirements comments on ropes for the Sandsational routine
Also published here 2014 28