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Memory Technique memorizing numbers in pairs
1944 70
Gerald Kosky Psychic Memory calculator cards / age cards, using four cards and fifteen randomly named objects
1975 143
Ted Karmilovich Design-A-Choice! objects are written down on piece of paper and one is selected, performer divines thought of object
Related to 1981
Magick (Issue 286)
Karl Fulves The Ultra Mind No. 92, words on business card, spectator takes one of ten business cards and remembers word on it, divined, memory
1983 120
Daniel Terelmes Synaptic Symbols spectators name objects which are drawn on business cards, chosen one is duplicated, see p. 24 for credits
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Alan Nguyen, Gene "Phantini" Grant Peek Bank fair choice of page for spectator (forcing bank), performer can divine thought-of word
Related to
  • Name? (Charles H. Miller, The Linking Ring, ca. 1960)
Labyrinth (Issue 4)
David Berglas The Human Calendar names and birthdates are remembered, later the performer recalls the names and puts the spectators in order according to their day of birth
2002 507
Chuck Hickok Bonus Demonstration One: Learning the Almost Impossible teaching the audience to say the alphabet backwards in five minutes
2002 140
Chuck Hickok Bonus Demonstration Three: Mega-Memory Miracle memorizing sets of mixed design / picture cards
Inspired by
  • Bob Cassidy's "Memorized Deck Routine" in "The Art of Mentalism II"
Related to
2002 159
Chuck Hickok Mega Memory Kicker cards which were not used are named, with picture / design cards
Related to 2002 170
Juan Tamariz Ultra-Rapid Memorization Question and Answers
  • 1. The Auditory Method
  • 2. The Visual Method
  • 3. The Muscular Method
  • 4. The Conceptual Method
  • 5. The Security Method
2004 24
Mark Strivings Guerilla Mentalism on having a trained memory and using information gather before the show
2004 24
Karl Fulves Jinx Extra eight spectators receive envelope and hide an object
2005 91
Chuck Hickok Routine Three: Postcard Memory Demonstration postcards with US states, divination of selected cards
2005 151