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Charlie Miller Predestined Choice card chosen face up is odd-backed, fair
1940 Expert Card Technique 225
U. F. Grant How I Found Your Card selection's back color changes
May 1949 Grant's Inner Circle Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 8) 12
Al Leech A Hot Card Trick chicago opener
Variations 1950/2004 A Last Look at Leech 10
Al Koran Perfection - Do As I Do performer and spectator both remove a card from a different deck, they match, one card is switched and the other card changes to match
1954 Routined Manipulation Finale 165
Harry Lorayne Color Quickie spectator finds card that matches odd-backed prediction, then prediction changes to another random card
Related toVariations 1964 Personal Secrets 31
Edward Marlo Oddity! named card is only odd-backed card
Related toVariations 1964 Early Marlo (Issue Oddity & Other Miracles) 62
Edward Marlo Roughed Oddity named card is only odd-backed card
1964 Early Marlo (Issue Oddity & Other Miracles) 65
Edward Marlo Oddity Handling named card is odd-backed card, faro fan
Related to 1964 Faro Controlled Miracles 66
Frank Lane Lane's Blue Card in Red Pack sticky card
1969 Expert Card Mysteries 87
Milton Kort Off Color Mixup card pocketed, two cards chosen, one found and it has a different back color, pocketed card is then shown to be same selection and odd-backed card is the other selection
1970 Off-Color Card Tricks 21
Roger Smith Panaramic Color Card different handling for chicago opener
1971 The K-S Control System 34
George Sands Double Color Changing Card card with different colored back turns out to be same face as first selection and turns into second selection
1971 ca. Sandslide 15
George Sands Single Color Changing Card card with different colored back turns out to be same face, then card transposes with other selection
1971 ca. Sandslide 15
Frank Everhardt Chicago Opener
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1972 Million Dollar Card Secrets 13
Tony Binarelli Coloring
1972 Card Cavalcade 125
Chicago Style variation of Chicago Opener
1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 15
Frank Everhardt Chicago Opener
Also published here 1973 Lecture Notes No. 1 3
Cushing Strout Double Thot named card is only odd-backed card, then it changes into another selection, Chicago Opener, credits to Walter Gibson, Carlyle, George Sands
Feb. 1974 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 4) 707
Roger Smith The Chicago Opening Blank Chicago Opener type routine in which odd-backed card becomes blank as finale
Also published here 1975 Smith's Mini-Lecture Notes No. 1 3
Roger Smith The Card That Didn't Go Poof - But Oddly So freely chosen card in IF condition turns out to be only odd-backed card, then odd-backed card changes to another selection, featuring unsticking a sticky card with a faro shuffle
1975 The Faro Sorcery Trilogy — Number 1 8
Eric Mason, Frank Everhardt Eca Tuoba Ecaf borrowed deck, transforms into a rainbow deck
Related to July 1976 Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 11) 277
Nick Trost The Odd-colored Back Six face-up cards shown, spectator always picks the card with an odd colored back
VariationsAlso published here 1976 Subtle Card Magic — Part One 3
John F. Mendoza Wild Mental Move six jokers, spectator selects odd-backed one
1977 Card Cavalcade Four 11
Al Leech, Jim Ryan Al Leech's "Red Hot Mama"
1977 Lecture Notes Bar Magic 12
Tony Binarelli LIPS back of chosen card changes color and kiss appears on front
Also published here
  • "Latin Lover Opener" (Tony Binarelli, Playmagic, 1976)
1979 LIPS 1
Michael Ammar Bluefield Debute selection transforms blue, red mate in card case
Also published here 1980 Encore I 19
Don England Red Hot Hofzinser
1981 Don England's T.K.O.'s (Issue Hearts) 42
Jim Ryan, Al Leech Al Leech's "Red Hot Mama"
1981 Jim Ryan Close-Up: Entertaining Card Quickies 7
Roger Smith The Chicago Opener Reopened Chicago Opener type routine in which odd-backed card becomes blank as finale
Also published here 1982 Smith's Notes 1
Roberto Giobbi Blushing Jumper spectator's signed card travels to wallet and had different back color
Oct. 1983 Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 1) 1159
Reinhard Müller Chicago Variant prediction and transformation kicker
1983 Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 24) 467
Frank Simon A Stranger Coincidence
Inspired by 1983 Versatile Card Magic 142
Paul Brignall Flyover
1984 Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 33) 647
Peter Samelson New York Transpo signed card is only odd-backed card, transposes with card signed on back, then they merge into one card
Inspired by 1984 Theatrical Close-Up 73
Don England Red-Hot Hofzinser two Phases, first card changes with Hofzinser transparent Gaff
1985/93 Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt! 17
Michael Rubinstein Chicago Opener Topp(it)et with cards to pocket (through topit tunnel) climax
Inspired by May 1986 Intermagic (Vol. 12 No. 2) 69
Roberto Giobbi SuperLative Lover kiss appears on face of selection, its back becomes red
Inspired by
  • "Latin Lover Opener" (Tony Binarelli, Playmagic, 1976)
Also published here
1987 CardPerfect 99
David Neighbors The Denver Opener red/blue double backer
1987 Riffling the Pasteboards — Again! 21
Edward Marlo Anybodies Deck odd backed card is reversed by spectator behind back
1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 269
David Williamson The Hypnotist red hot mama / chicago opener with full deck color change climax
1989 Williamson's Wonders 69
Dan Fleshman Momma in my Wallet Chicago Opener with signed card, after second phase the signed card is found in wallet
Variations 1990 The Very Best, Yet! 1
Michael Ammar Bluefield Debut selection transforms blue, red mate in card case
Also published here 1991 The Magic of Michael Ammar 149
Doc Eason Color Changing Deck Opener
Inspired by 1991 ca. A Shot in the Act 8
James Swain Mental Chicago Opener classic routine with mental selections via thought of numbers
1992 Don't Blink 41
Harold Cataquet But Wait! card is cut to face up, predicited, different back, rest blank
Feb. 1994 Apocalypse (Vol. 17 No. 2) 2321
Lewis Jones Happenstance mathematical thing
Variations May 1994 Apocalypse (Vol. 17 No. 5) 2355
Gerard Parkin What would have Happened?
Nov. 1994 Apocalypse (Vol. 17 No. 11) 2428
Karl Fulves Open Ended with transposition angle
Inspired by 1994 Crooked Tales 119
Michael Close Red/Blue Mama Fooler sticky tape
Also published here 1994 A Workers Series Sampler 20
Darwin Ortiz Signature Effect signature jumps from card to card
Variations 1995 Cardshark 23
Michael Friedland Fixed Thought named card is only red card in deck and blue one is in pocket, new card is selected and red card and isolated blue card both change into new card
Inspired by
  • "Forced Thought" (Gary Kurtz, Let's Get Flurious [DVD], ca. 1992)
1995 Labyrinth (Issue 3) 24
Michael Skinner Instant Replay
Inspired by 1996 Classic Sampler 53
Michael Close, Edward Marlo Red Blue Mama Fooler sticky tape
Related toAlso published here 1996 Workers Number 5 88
Oliver Erens Chicago - und mehr chicago opener, deck changes color and then back to original color as climax
Also published here 1996 Inside Cardmagic — Band 2 39
Jack Carpenter An Impulsive Premonition chicago opener style effect
1997 The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 38
Peter Duffie Double Ender Chicago Opener type of effect with "thought of" cards
1997 Effortless Card Magic 32
Steve Mayhew How You Like Me Now? Opener named card is only odd-backed card
Related to 1999 Impressing Jodie Foster 6
Joshua Jay A Discreet Displacement "Red Hot Mama" Red Hot Mama effect done with Discreet Displacement move
Related to 1999 Magic Atlas 40
David Stone The Red Sail cards with question marks on the back, color changing deck meets Red Hot Mama
Inspired by 1999 Mietek — Lecture Notes 9
Joshua Jay The Chicago Mystery Card using Discrete Displacement
Aug. 1999 Genii (Vol. 62 No. 8) 38
Kenton Knepper Balcony Blues backs of two selected cards turn blue, then backs change with other cards, one card only changed half and has a blank face
Apr. 2000 Pabular (Vol. 9 No. 2) 2028
Oliver Erens Chicago - and Beyond chicago opener, deck changes color and then back to original color as climax
Also published here 2000 Concertos for Pasteboard 29
John Neely The Waterloo Opener
Inspired by 2000 Card File Two 95
Chris Wardle What's Your Poison? six bottles, bottle counted to
2000 Ten Mysteries 21
R. Paul Wilson Rethinking The Chicago Opener
2001 Crash Course in Brain Surgery 9
Harry Lorayne Color (Not So) Quickie
Inspired byAlso published here 2001 Personal Collection 71
David Regal One Gambling Move presented as sleight of hand
2002 Constant Fooling 1 126
David Regal An Odd Decision named card is odd-backed
Also published here 2002 Constant Fooling 2 79
David Regal Sticky Mama
2002 Constant Fooling 2 148
David Regal A Tacky Introduction
2002 Constant Fooling 2 172
David Regal Triple Cross with 3 named cards
2002 Constant Fooling 2 176
David Regal An Odd Decision named card is odd-backed
Also published here 2002 Mr. Gadfly (Vol. 2 No. 1 Jan./Feb.) 12
Roberto Giobbi SuperLative Lover kiss appears on face of selection, its back becomes red
Related toAlso published here 2003 Card College — Volume 5 1344
Bob Read Trial Run card chosen from packet is predicted via odd-backed card, the repeat phase
2009 Prolix (Issue 6) 389
Larry Wilmore South Side Opener aka Red-Hot Brother
Mar. 2009 Genii (Vol. 72 No. 3) 71
Mariano Goñi ¡Color Strike, Mamá! red hot mama variation, visible change of color and transposition
2009 El Manuscrito (Vol. 2 No. 8) 184
Arie Vilner Wild Chicago Jazz Chicago Opener handling
2009 Underhanded Delivery 32
Karl Fulves Chicago Control - Wrong Ace red-backed card placed in blue deck, card chosen from face, it is the red-backed one, deck changes color in second phase
Inspired byRelated to 2010 Prolix (Issue 8) 516
Karl Fulves Vampire Hunter
Related to 2010 Prolix (Issue 8) 517
Harry Lorayne (Odd Back) And Forth with two selections, one named, pocket climax
Inspired by 2011 Special Effects 13
Joe Hammer Houdini Outdone signature of Houdini appears on card, then front of card changes to picture of Houdini
2012 The F.F.F.F. Book 115
Patrick Lehnen Blue Hot Mama hole deck changes as a climax, blue-red double backer, see also Luke Dancy “Chicago Closer“
2013 Lecture Notes 17
Tomas Blomberg Signed Hot Mama Chicago Opener version, second selection is signed
Inspired by 2014 Blomberg Laboratories 203
Alexander de Cova The Green Card
  • The Glass Transposition
  • Sleight of Foot (another two-card transposition)
  • The Green Card (Chicago opener type phase)
  • The Card to Wallet
Inspired byRelated to May 2014 Scrapbook (Issue 12) 90
Tom Stone Key to the Windy City thoughts on the Chicago Opener
Feb. 2016 Genii (Vol. 79 No. 2) 34
Tom Stone Stockholm Opener involving two additional back colors
Feb. 2016 Genii (Vol. 79 No. 2) 35
Paul Vigil The Mind-Melding Magician! Chicago Opener credit information
  • Phase 1: A Pseudo-Interpretation
  • Phase 2: Come Together
  • Phase 3: Outta Left Field
Inspired by
  • "Mind Reading Magician!" (Bill Malone, DVD Here I Go Again Vol. 2, 2007)
2017 The Doors of Deception 87
Harry Lorayne Color (Not So) Quickie
Inspired byAlso published here 2018 And Finally! 30
John Bannon Chicago Fire
  • Dealing With It
two cards chosen, a post-it note appears on the back of one of them which is tabled, the card changes into the second selection
Jan. 2018 Genii (Vol. 81 No. 1) 40
Alexander de Cova The Profiler card to wallet presentation, combined with Chicago Opener
Inspired byRelated to 2018 Burners — Vol. 6 129
Jon Racherbaumer Maximizing Mama whole deck changes to Jokers as finale
2020 Magic for BLM 198
Roberto Giobbi Search for an Ideal Effect - Chicago Opener
2021 Sharing Secrets 67
Boris Wild Color Changing Chicago combination routine of Chicago Opener and color-changing deck
  • Variations of Colors
2021 Variations 54