Written by Paul Harris
Work of Paul Harris
150 pages (Hardcover), published by Chuck Martinez
Illustrated with drawings by Dwight Dunaway
Language: English
36 entries
Cover photograph
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Paul Harris Special Acknowledgements
Jimmy Grippo Foreword
Chuck Martinez The Care and Feeding of Paul Harris
Also published here
Paul Harris Inside/Close-Up
Paul Harris Pen-Ultimate* card clipped on pen is covered and then impaled on pen
Paul Harris, Looy Simonoff UnCanny chop cup routine with can which is resealed at the end
Related toVariations 10
Paul Harris, Looy Simonoff Stapled! two jokers stapled back to back, one of them transposes with selection
  • Presentation Idea - Stapled Blackjack
Variations 19
Paul Harris The P.H. Invisible Palm
Paul Harris Special Handling #1 - The Tent Vanish
Paul Harris Special Handling #2 - The Lay Down splitting tabled card for Open Travelers
Paul Harris Special Handling #3 - The Snap
Paul Harris Special Handling #4 - Rub Away Vanish
Paul Harris Absorption card placed on case is "absorbed" by case (i.e. vanishes)
Also published here 42
Paul Harris OverExposure
Paul Harris Invisible Rising Card ungaffed method for Invisible Deck
Spread Cull
Paul Harris "The Hard Way" two dice are permanently stuck together
Thomas A. O'Lenick Aero-Dynamic Dollar bill with two quarters in it is folded into propellor and tossed to ceiling where it sticks
Related to 67
Paul Harris Gambler vs. Mentalist vs. Magician dressed up Triumph
Daniel Cros Cros Twist "An Enhancement for the Bizarre Twist", one-handed version
Inspired byVariations 82
Paul Harris, Daniel Cros Paper Chase napkin is torn into four pieces, matrix type assembly, restoration
Also published here 87
Paul Harris The Incredible Tap Dancing Aces (La La's Lu Lu Re-Vamped), Aces vanish and reappear, using the pack
Inspired byVariations 92
Biddle Steal
Looy Simonoff Looy's False Count gag
John C. Wagner, Allan Ackerman New Twisted Collectors at end of twisting the routine three selections appear between Aces
Paul Harris Las Vegas Leaper spectator counts himself
Related toVariations 112
Paul Harris Las Vegas Leaper Count spectator counts himself
Paul Harris Silver/Slide four coins appear under four cards
Related toVariations 116
Danny Korem Korem's Card On Tie selection appears pinned on performer's tie
Variations 124
Paul Harris Splits Unlimited splitting variations
  • Lickity Split
  • Gaffed Split
  • Curry Split
Inspired by
  • "Las Vegas Split" (Super Magic)
Paul Harris Jinx Change Handling
Paul Harris Curry Split exchanging one against two
Paul Harris Cardician's Blendo Four and Six melt together to a Ten spot
VariationsAlso published here 136
Snap Over Change
Paul Harris, Allan Ackerman Interlaced Vanish
Variations 140
Perpetual-Motion Coin Myth impossible rotating coin flourish, mentioned by Bad Water Bill
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