Written by George B. Anderson
Work of George B. Anderson
57 pages (Stapled), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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George B. Anderson The First Prediction - Or Another Way of Saying "Preface"
George B. Anderson "No Questions Written" - A New Concept of Question Answering in the Mental Magic Act on answering questions, psychology
Related to 5
George B. Anderson "Easy Money" Mindreading matchbook and carbon paper
Variations 9
George B. Anderson Playing Card Mindreading spectator removes cards which helps performer to categorize his question
George B. Anderson Torn Center Deluxe apparently failing, spectator has to write the word again, almost the same as Somerfeld's idea
Related toVariations 11
George B. Anderson Palmistry Versus Mindreading playing "Twenty Questions" to get answer, with palm reading
George B. Anderson My Best Billet Switch with packet of cigarettes
Variations 14
George B. Anderson Getting the Impression questions are written on paper and put into envelopes, after the questions have been answered the envelopes are burnt in a bowl
Variations 15
George B. Anderson Another Sealed Envelope - Which I Call "The Bonded Fifth" in envelopes
Related to 18
George B. Anderson One-Man Clip-Board Readings carbon
George B. Anderson Alibi Answers for tricky questions, plant and comedy plant questions
George B. Anderson The Vital Spot - In the Question Act how to end the act
George B. Anderson The "Truth or Consequences" Prediction comedy routine, prediction what spectator A does to spectator B, and performer knows their names
George B. Anderson A Mental Illusion two hidden objects are found in the audience, looks like contact mind reading, detective presentation
Variations 31
George B. Anderson The Mental Artist carbon clipboard, six people
George B. Anderson "Do As I Do" Book Test two books, performer and spectator select the same word, gimmicked
George B. Anderson The "No-Hands" Book Test numbers are added, first three digits get a word in a book, last three digits get the same word in another
Add-A-Number Pad tunrover
George B. Anderson The Human Equation living and dead test with signatures, cards in envelopes, spectator lets a coin fall on the right envelope
George B. Anderson Mental Card Magic on cards in mentalism
George B. Anderson Card Muscles with contact mindreading
George B. Anderson The Ultimate Prediction - A "No Smudge" Swami prediction in envelope, secret writing method
Related to 44
George B. Anderson The Pocket Mindreader - Solved: The used Razor Blade Problem cards in a box, method to see writing, shimmed cards
George B. Anderson The Crystal of the Future (Neither Tried Nor Proven) audience members look into crystal ball and see things, movie projector
George B. Anderson A Lesson in Living From Magic on the blindfold drive, playing theaters and business
George B. Anderson A Haphazard Bibliography on mentalism books
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