Written by Edward Marlo
Work of Edward Marlo
60 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Edward Marlo Gag Packet Transformation Aces to Kings, sucker flushtration count gag
Edward Marlo One-at-a-Time Turnover three outjogged cards are pushed in one by one and turn over
Edward Marlo Foreword
Edward Marlo Olram's Clarified Routine ten red and black cards, one card travels from packet to packet, then packets changes places, eight methods
Inspired byRelated toVariations 3
Edward Marlo Slip Switch two packets openly exchanged with cover cards
Edward Marlo Automatic Turnover Palm Off top cards in left hand as packet is turned over, see page 7 for multiple card handling
Edward Marlo Half Pass under Top Card
Edward Marlo Throw Switch
Edward Marlo The Eidetic Slide tabled card changes as deck is spread in front of it, transposition application, see also page 19
Edward Marlo Pure Reverse Assembly
Edward Marlo Eidetic Slide Addition from tabled packet to packet in right hand
Edward Marlo A Face Down Change tabled, using Eidetic Slide
Edward Marlo The Miracle Spread transferring card under tabled spread to center
Also published here 19
Edward Marlo A Devilish Miracle using Eidetic Slide
Edward Marlo Spread Pass Addition with variations
  • Delayed Addition
  • Off The Face Switch
Related toVariationsAlso published here 20
Edward Marlo Double Facer Switch for example to get into McDonald's Aces
Also published here 23
Edward Marlo Challenge Oil and Water or Try This With a Glide 6&6
Variations 23
Edward Marlo The Sick Cannibals transformation kicker
Ellis Stanyon, Edward Marlo Stanyon Count with Marlo Concept
Edward Marlo Pick-up Unload from packet onto tabled deck
Edward Marlo Ascanio Spread with Unloading Action onto tabled deck
Randy Wakeman Smorgasbord Cannibals
Also published here 29
Edward Marlo Extra Card Take when taking cards off the top of the deck
Edward Marlo New Ace Vanishes for Collins type routines
Edward Marlo Olram's Updated Collins
Edward Marlo Packet Switch riffle shuffle position
Related to 33
Edward Marlo The Money Sandwich using envelope out of bills
Related toAlso published here 34
Edward Marlo Control of 3 Cards
Edward Marlo The Card in Case card case instead of palms, using dull blank card gaff
Also published here 37
Edward Marlo Card apparently put in Case
Also published here 38
Edward Marlo Anchored Add On from bottom or center onto tabled packet
Related toVariationsAlso published here 39
Edward Marlo Anchored Add On Assembly three cards put on leader ace, other aces in deck
Bob Stencel Circular Subtlety
Edward Marlo Flexible Miracle Spread running card under tabled spread
Inspired byRelated to 40
Edward Marlo Not All Psychological spectator stops at odd backed card
Also published here 42
Edward Marlo Another Spectator Cuts the Aces
Edward Marlo Female spectator's name on back of named card
VariationsAlso published here 44
Edward Marlo 53 Cards Won't Do three card peeked from incomplete faro position found by three sandwiches, secretly preserves order
Related to 47
Edward Marlo Are We Kidding Ourselves Ace of Spades and three blank cards shown, apparently they change into Aces, but remain blank
Also published here 50
Edward Marlo Not So Obvious three blank cards change into Kings, then Aces
Also published here 51
Edward Marlo Easy Multiple Convincing Control
Edward Marlo Togetherness three outjogged cards in different places come together and turn over
Edward Marlo Spring Dribble Pass Drop Cover
Related toVariations 55
Edward Marlo Stud Turn Palm as top card is turned over
Related to 56
Edward Marlo Stud Turn as Misdirection for Side Steal
Edward Marlo, Danny Korem Dallas to Chicago top card dealt to table but switched for palmed card, four methods
Inspired by 57
Edward Marlo Last Minute Note note
Inspired by 60
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