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Allan Ackerman Foreword
Allan Ackerman New Math Addition perpendicular hide-out at bottom, added under face-up fan
Related toAlso published here 2
Allan Ackerman The Olram Plus Count Olram variation
Also published here 5
Bob Veeser, Allan Ackerman The Bull Shift bluff shift to bottom
Inspired byAlso published here 6
Allan Ackerman Block Slip Cut apparently open single slip cut, erdnase break
Allan Ackerman The HP Action Hidden Packet maneuver, underneath thumb fan
Related toAlso published here 9
Allan Ackerman The HP Half Pass Hidden Packet maneuver, under cover of thumb fan
Also published here 11
Allan Ackerman The A-I Move "Asher-Inspired", control to bottom with Pulp Friction / Hidden Packet methodology
Also published here 12
Allan Ackerman, Harvey Rosenthal HP Center Load Variation Hidden Packet maneuver, small block reversed and loaded into center
Also published here 13
Allan Ackerman The Auto-Unload removing cards from deck by stripping them out, secretly holding one back
Also published here 15
Allan Ackerman The Ultra Rub-a-Dub-Dub face-up
Allan Ackerman, Juan Tamariz The P-Shift multiple shift that palms cards in left hand
Related to 18
Edward Marlo, Allan Ackerman Old Marlo - New Handle named card has an X on back, see Marlo's X-Deck (The Best in Magic, p. 120)
Inspired by 21
Allan Ackerman Finesse the Finessed Travelers including a deck switch
Related toVariations 23
Steve Draun Pocket Change Bag showing pocket empty
Dave Rumfelt Card from Shirt Pocket
Related to
  • Dave Rumfelt's "Card from Pocket!" in Paul Diamond's "Mister Humble and Friends: Impromptu Magic", p. 10
Allan Ackerman Follow the Leader Kings and Aces
  • Conclusion (gaffed version)
Inspired byAlso published here 26
Jack Carpenter, Allan Ackerman Revisiting Molly no-throw monte routine in which money card changes at end and appears reversed in deck
Inspired byAlso published here 29
Dai Vernon Vernon Utility Move
An Instant Flip-Over Change
Also published here 30
Allan Ackerman The Prequel and Sequel Aces transpose with card in pocket, McDonald's Aces is performed, Aces travel to pockets, designed to ring double facers in and out
Also published here 32
Marc DeSouza The Shapeshifter Change brief
Theodore Annemann Jinx Switch
Art Altman Double Undercut Palm
Allan Ackerman LJ visits BJ visitors handling with third phase
Also published here 36
Allan Ackerman Overhand Shuffle Stop Force
Also published here 36
Allan Ackerman Vernon Utility Move Handling card placed between face-up stepped sandwich cards
Also published here 37
Allan Ackerman, Cliff Green Quad Technique four turned over as two
Also published here 38
John Guastaferro, Allan Ackerman A Bigger Surprise no-throw monte routine with surprise transformation
Inspired by
  • "Double Monte" (John Guastaferro, Brainstorm videos Volume 2, 2003)
Also published here
Jack Carpenter Flushtration Count Variation
Also published here 40
Ken Krenzel Monte Plus Plus
Jack Carpenter, Allan Ackerman I Dance for the Devious - Two Queens vanish one by one, reproduced at once together again
Inspired byAlso published here 43
Allan Ackerman The 23 Year Old Clean Up
Allan Ackerman Fingertip Rhythm two as four
Allan Ackerman An Impromptu Finesse the Finessed
Inspired byAlso published here 53
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