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Richard Mark Introduction
Richard Mark Crystal Clear coin is hidden in hand, performer matches decision of spectator, then performer can push down hand of spectator easily or net, depending on crystal, multiple phases, with liar/truth teller ending
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Richard Mark The Singular Dwarf card with information in pay envelope, divination
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Richard Mark O What Clams Eat divination of one of ten words, problem or interest areas, no-prop mentalism, branching anagram
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Richard Mark Clams Casino O What Cams Eat for stage, branching anagram
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Richard Mark No/Know Croiset named number and description of spectator in sealed envelope, R.M. Envelope
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Richard Mark A Swiftian Delight chosen brand of coffee is found inside bag, svengali force deck, peek deck
Inspired byRelated to 15
Richard Mark Hyper Smith selected information on double-sided word & picture cards is divined
Inspired by 17
Richard Mark Psychometric Fourth Dimension three envelopes with a name from the past, a current activity and a astrological symbol are prepared by spectator before the show, performer knows which envelope contains which information and also what it is
Basil Horwitz, Richard Mark Envelope Switching Method based on Shaxon Flap
Richard Mark No Stull time set on watch and watch placed inside bag, time matches prediction
Richard Mark A Real Trip destination is predicted, tearing map in pieces
Richard Mark Pre-Show Work: An Analysis
Also published here 23
Richard Mark The Ghostly Hand envelope is placed in book
Inspired by
  • David Harkey's "The Last Word"
Richard Mark Just Good Fortune bank night, spectators play for performer's fee, symbols in envelopes, readings
Inspired by 28
Richard Mark Presentation
Richard Mark Postscript
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