Written by Jerry Andrus
Work of Jerry Andrus
18 pages (Stapled), published by J A Enterprises
Illustrated with drawings by Jerry Andrus
Language: English
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Jerry Andrus Author's Note
Jerry Andrus Sleeving from the Deck left sleeve, from center of the deck, one or several cards from different positions
  • The Basic Sleeving Move
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Jerry Andrus Diagonal Insertion pressure with left first finger at right side of deck
Jerry Andrus Standing Sleeving stand-up handling
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Jerry Andrus Retrieving the Card when Standing adding card to top from sleeve, while gesturing with a card
Jerry Andrus Sleeving from Top or Small Packet
Jerry Andrus Up the Sleeve from a ribbon spread sleeving as a diagonal ribbon spread is picked up
Jerry Andrus Retrieving From The Sleeve right fingers reach into left sleeve while gesturing
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Jerry Andrus Sleeving As You Fasten The Deck With Rubber Bands with rubber band, with effect in which a card travels from banded deck to between two file cards on the table
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Jerry Andrus Snap Up The Sleeve shooting the cards up the sleeve with the pinky
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Jerry Andrus Sleeving To Get Rid Of Extra Cards cards copped off small packet and ditched in sleeve of same hand
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