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Peter Duffie Introduction
David Solomon, Paul Harris, David Regal Jack Parker quotes on Jack Parker
Jack Parker Trial Separation two spectators selects a card each - realise they both somehow impossibly selected the same card, and Joker changes into selection
Also published here 4
Simon Aronson Head Over Heels
Peter Duffie Sean Carpenter mini bio
Sean Carpenter Insertion Technique any card named, spectator pushed business card into deck, on it is a prediction of how many cards the business card is away from the named card
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Sean Carpenter Named! spectator's name appears written on the back of his selection
Also published here
  • DVD "Sean Carpenter’s General Magic"
Peter Duffie David Britland mini bio
David Britland Progressive Jacks selection lost, red Jacks cut face up in deck, then black Jacks put together in deck, a sandwich of all four Jacks with one selection is found in center
Variations 14
Peter Duffie Stephen Tucker mini bio
Stephen Tucker CAAN spectator thinks of card, performer writes down card, no match, same with a number, then when the numbers are counted to the cards are exchanged
  • ACAAN, Stephen Tucker, marketed
Bart Harding Bart Harding Stack just the order
Stephen Tucker A Freer Chance six cards tabled, spectator chooses anyone and decides on another one for the performer, those are the only two odd-backed ones
Inspired by
  • "Free Chance" (Bill Goldman, Two For The Money, DVD)
Related to
  • "Pick me - Pick me Not" (Peter Duffie, marketed)
Roy Walton Split Elmsley Count broken
Peter Duffie Jon Allen mini bio
Jon Allen Sad Aces four Aces are alternated face-up/face-down, all face down suddenly, repeat, named Ace turns up
Peter Duffie Wayne Dobson mini bio
Wayne Dobson Vision bills removed from wallet, on their backs a prediction can be read that predicts a named Ace
Inspired by
  • "Predator" (R. Paul Wilson)
Wayne Dobson Ring Flash 2 ring materializes on chain in flash of fire
Also published here 30
Peter Duffie Nicholas Einhorn mini bio
Nicholas Einhorn Coincidence two spectators peek a card, they are the same card
Fingertip Peek Force with in-jog
Nicholas Einhorn As an Impromptu Tossed-out Deck three spectators peek at cards, all are named by performer
Peter Duffie Iain Moran mini bio
Iain Moran Kicked Forward two cards found with sandwich cards, when they are turned over, they are the actual sandwich cards which have changed into selections when looking back, one double facer and one duplicate
Inspired by 34
Iain Moran Colourful Triumph color changing deck climax, two cards taped together, used like a pocket card
Also published here 37
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve
Peter Duffie Kevin Fox mini bio
Kevin Fox Centrifugal Lift center double lift with top half in right-hand end grip, side-jogged card is then revolved onto top of deck one-handed
Also published here 40
Peter Duffie Centrifugal Elevator using center double lifts
Peter Duffie Andi Gladwin mini bio
Andi Gladwin Cheek-to-Cheek spectator cuts deck and places halves face to face, performer names the face-to-face cards
Inspired by
  • "Kiss And Tell" (Paul Diamond & Jon Racherbaumer, Big-Easy Card-Cunning)
Peter Duffie Shaun McCree mini bio
Shaun McCree The Devil's Card signed card wrapped in paper, card chosen from deck via stopping turns out to be the same signed card
Inspired by 46
Shaun McCree Card Fold Steal card wrapped in paper is stolen back to deck
Inspired by 48
Shaun McCree Four Ace Repeat Reprise four-card repeat handling
Also published here
  • lecture notes "Snappy Stuff"
Peter Duffie Roger Crosthwaite mini bio
Roger Crosthwaite An Off-Colour Deal Aces are lost and dealt to performer in four-handed game, they change their back color as a kicker
Inspired by 53
Roger Crosthwaite Surprise Royal Flush Deal four cards change into Aces, then a stacking demonstration is done and the hand changes to a Royal Flush when dealt
Roger Crosthwaite Transfer Switch card is shown in spread and tabled
Also published here 56
Edward Marlo Perfect Shuffle shuffling directly under top card, brief
Also published here 57
Roger Crosthwaite Polygraph impromptu, ends with plunger pushing until selection remains
Inspired by
  • "Computerised Lie Detector" (Gary Plant, Precursor XVIL)
Also published here
  • Abacus magazine
Edward Marlo Anchored Add-on brief
Also published here 59
Peter Duffie Rob James mini bio
Rob James Cavort in the Act two cards change place twice, visual
One-Hand Top Palm as Color Change
Paul LePaul Useful Acquitment Replacement
Peter Duffie Andy Hurst mini bio
Andy Hurst Cancelled Out deck shuffled with spectator, spectator counts down to a number and removes card, performer divines it, faro
Andy Hurst The Zero Memorization twenty-card stack
Andy Hurst Spectator Shuffle Strategy both halves shuffled, using Daley's Delight Switch with the halves
Andy Hurst Three Willy out-of-hand selection process
Andy Hurst Uno Undo card fairly chosen by cutting, two Tens are removed and used to count to selection
Peter Duffie Mike Rose mini bio
Mike Rose Cream Tea(sed) Oil & Queens type packet tricks with "Scone" and "Cream" written on the cards, jam pot images finale
Peter Duffie Paul Hallas mini bio
Paul Hallas Again, The Aces four Aces dealt on table, one chosen, three cards dealt onto it, others lost in the deck, tabled packet shown to be the Aces
Inspired by
  • "The Zeta Four Ace Trick" (Stanley Collins)
Edward Marlo Misdirection Palm brief
Peter Duffie Brian Glover mini bio
Brian Glover "Interlaced Vanish" Revisited
  • Alternative Handling
Inspired by 84
Brian Glover The Hot Card & Magician Makes Good Once Again
  • Working for "The Hot Card"
  • Working for "Magician Makes Good Once Again" (the four-of-a-kind is shown stuck on the four corners of the case in the end)
Peter Duffie Walt Lees mini bio
Walt Lees WalCardlet routine with wallet with simple slit
Rub-a-Dub Vanish
Walt Lees Delayed Bottom Palm delayed, first angle jogged and held with only right hand
Related to 91
Walt Lees No-exchange Do As I Do
Peter Duffie Anthony Brahams mini bio
Anthony Brahams AA (Anthony's Ascanio) even spread
Peter Duffie Lewis Jones mini bio
Lewis Jones Book of Words
Inspired by
  • "Autome" (Max Maven, VideoMind Vol. 1)
Lewis Jones Pokerface spectator stabs card into deck, five cards taken from there, then sucker element as selection is apparently discarded
Inspired by
  • "Near Miss" (Steve Pressley)
Peter Duffie Andy Nicholls mini bio
Andy Nicholls Kings 'n Aces Kings shown, one changed for an Ace, they all change to Aces, Kings are reproduced
Inspired by 103
Andy Nicholls Cop Out from four-of-a-kind to other four-of-a-kind
Inspired by 104
Transfer Cop spontaneous add-on
Peter Duffie Jamie Badman mini bio
Jamie Badman Call as Ace named Ace is the only one reversed and odd-backed in Ace packet, repeated with another Ace, then with another where the back colors reverse
  • Phase One - Named Ace Reversed
  • Phase Two - Named Ace with an Odd Coloured Back
  • Phase Three - Named Ace with an Odd Coloured Back II
Peter Duffie Dominic Twose mini bio
Dominic Twose Magic Cards two cards chosen, reversal and back color changes
Dominic Twose Ovette Reversal Handling
Related to 110
Dominic Twose Joker Guarantee guarantee message on Joker vanishes and reappears
Dominic Twose The Rotating Hand rotating the hand 360 degrees
Peter Duffie Justin Higham mini bio
Justin Higham Clairvoyant Plus.... intro and general outline of some of Higham's previous methods
Justin Higham Clairvoyant Plus Wand with a wand card as part of the handling
Justin Higham Clairvoyant Plus Name with spelling
Related to
  • "Wee-Hours Cardician's Dream" (Jon Racherbaumer, Dreamwork, 2004)
Justin Higham Clairvoyant Plus Colour with spelling
Peter Duffie Paul Gordon mini bio
Paul Gordon The Eradicator! not with whole deck
Jinx Switch
Paul Gordon Mystery of The Number Nine reverse faro trick around number nine, selection is counted to in the end
Inspired by
  • Jon Racherbaumer routine from his website, October 2005
Paul Gordon JR’s Twisted! Ace through Four of Clubs is put out of order, then is in order again
Inspired by
  • Jon Racherbaumer routine from his website
Paul Gordon The Mystic Nine spectator thinks of a card using mathematical procedure of 10-20 force, it'll be a Nine which the performer produces
Paul Gordon Half a Higham spectator thinks of any card, deals twice the value and drops rest on top, after a reverse faro, the performer knows the value and can fish, with half the deck
  • More Thoughts (without reverse faro)
Inspired by 125
Paul Gordon Murder To Describe card chosen and lost, spectator chooses any four cards, they all change into selection, then into Nines
Inspired by 126
Edward Marlo, Larry Jennings Diminishing Lift Sequence
Paul Gordon Stand Up For CATO stand-up CATO routine with sixteen cards, packet mixed via CATO, Royal Flush shows up at the end
  • Additional Thought from Peter Duffie
Inspired by 128
Paul Gordon Hum-Drum CATO procedure to force a number by adding up the reversed cards
Related to 130
Paul Gordon Thumbs Up! twenty cards in a row, one chosen with dice, it has a thumb print on its back and is odd-backed
Inspired by 131
Paul Gordon Impromptu Pokertell spectator chooses a card from a packet with dealing procedure, then reads off all the cards, performer knows selection
Inspired by
  • "Poker Tell" (Jon Racherbaumer, Big Easy Card Cunning)
Paul Gordon Peter’s Foursome! using extension of Gemini Twins placement, dealing started in three piles, Kings and Queens found
Inspired by 134
Paul Gordon Thanks To Goodliffe two cards chosen from eight-card packets, they eventually are located with reverse faros until two cards remain
Paul Gordon Are We Still Counting? packet trick with turnovers and transformations
Inspired byVariations 137
Peter Duffie PD Alternative Handling packet trick with turnovers and transformations
Inspired by 138
Paul Gordon A Mystic Seven Phase four-of-a-kind location based on the mystical number seven
Inspired by 139
Paul Gordon A Mystic Seven Phase II using the Sevens to locate selections in between them
  • Shorter Alternative
Inspired by 139
Paul Gordon Standing Up For Leipzig & Marlo with impromptu double backer
Inspired by 141
Paul Gordon What, Another Kick? packet reduced to one card via reverse faros, selection remains and mates are on top of discard piles
Inspired by
  • "What A Kick" series (Paul Gordon, Card Magic Companion)
Related to
Paul Gordon, Roger Crosthwaite DuffieCrosGord card chosen and lost, performer removes three packets of cards from the deck, top cards are turned over and added, selection is found at that number in rest of deck, previously top reversed cards change to mates of selection
  • DuffieCrosGord 2
  • DuffieCrosGord 3
  • DuffieCrosGord 4
Inspired by
  • "Return to Garden Path" (Peter Duffie's website)
  • "Garden Path II" (Peter Duffie, Cardeceits, 2003)
  • "Adagio" (Aldo Colombini, Impromptu Card Magic DVD series)
Paul Gordon No- Force-Force using slip force for "card at any number" effect
Paul Gordon When I Was Twenty-One
Inspired by
  • Jack Parker method
Peter Duffie Mark Elsdon mini bio
Mark Elsdon Station Master card in envelope is pierced by spectator with a needle, when taken out a whole is seen, map of London is on back of card and location is predicted with underground ticket
Mark Elsdon KiLocator fair selection and loosing procedure out of performer's hands, faro
Related to 150
Peter Duffie Shiv Duggal mini bio
Shiv Duggal Girl Talk four Queens "whisper" three selections and transpose with them
Inspired by 152
Shiv Duggal Strip-out Addition Variation
Related to 153
Peter Duffie Harold Cataquet mini bio
Harold Cataquet ESP Mental
  • Effect 1 - All cards change to star
  • Effect 2 - Spectator's card is shown to be star
  • Effects 3 & 4 - Stars are shown to be different colours
Inspired by
  • "ESPecially Wild" (Paul Hallas, marketed)
Harold Cataquet Lazy Man’s Hanging Coins Hopping Half set
Peter Duffie Al Smith mini bio
Al Smith Fayre and Squayre: An overview of The Magic Square
  • Comment
  • Routine
  • Duplicates
  • Summing Up
  • Perfection
  • Square-Up Close
  • Endgame
Also published here
  • "Al's Favorite" (Al Smith, Round the Square, 2003)
Al Smith Origeightor
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