For attendees of The Second Deal Convention in Atlanta, March 2005
Written by Jason Alford
Work of Various
49 pages (Stapled), published by The Second Deal (Jason Alford)
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
16 entries
Cover photograph
Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Tomas Blomberg No Force Writing three blank cards shown, message with spectator's favorite number appears on one side
Inspired by 3
Mark Aspiazu ASP Control packet hidden underneath thumb fan
Related to 7
Tyler Wilson Paul Mase's Trick odd-backed
Also published here 9
Jerry Sadowitz Cover Shift Elias Shift with cover card
Also published here 10
Tyler Wilson Pitching a Tent Vanish odd-backed or face up
Jason Alford The Metro Dancer three phases
Inspired by 17
Ken Krenzel Monte Plus Plus
Andi Gladwin Suits You Sir one suit has been removed and pocketed by the performer, the spectator selects a suit with coin tosses, it is the missing suit
Inspired by
  • "Suit Pocket" (Joshua Jay, Linking Ring, Sept. 1998)
Also published here
Jack Parker Parker Varies Regal spectator touch card in spread, card is reversed in deck, in the process it is switched
Inspired byAlso published here 25
Jamie Badman Fives in Disguise a prediction is tabled, a selection is placed between two Jokers, prediction and selection are shown to be mates, Jokers change to other cards of same value
Jamie Badman, Colin Miller The Underground Change turnover change variation in which the tabled card is switched for the second card in the deck, brief
Also published here 30
Jason Comeaux Meaux-Tel Mystery four Kings and red Queens, with extra card
Related to
  • "Hotel Mystery" (Allan Ackerman, The Linking Ring, Vol. 82 No. 9, Sep. 2002)
Paul Cummins Tap a Lack one thought-of card by performer and one by spectator, performer finds spectator's card and vice versa
Also published here 36
Paul Cummins Clocking a Deck
Dai Vernon Emotional Reaction Key Card Placement
Stephen Minch, Jerry K. Hartman Clocking Credit Information
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