Unpublished manuscript, see article about it in November 1962 issue of Genii.
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Written by James Steranko
Work of James Steranko
116 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
54 entries
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James Steranko Introduction
James Steranko The Ultimate Move chapter intro
James Steranko The Ultimate Move on estimating cuts by sight
Related to 10
James Steranko Habit Cut small cut with fingertips is always of the same approximate size
Thumbnail Gauge
Related to 11
James Steranko The Study of Card Spelling knowing which cards spell with how many letters
James Steranko Ultimation some more comments on estimating a spectator's cut
  • Partial Judgment vs. Total Judgment (packet pulled out of center)
  • Delayed Completion
James Steranko Part One spectator cuts anywhere, remembers bottom card and replaces, then cuts again, performer takes cards behind back, then spectator spells out his card, including one additional cut in the estimation
James Steranko Part Two spectator cuts anywhere, remembers bottom card and replaces, then cuts again as often as he likes, deck spread face up and performer finds card
Related toVariations 16
James Steranko Part Three two cards selected by cutting off packets, all assembled and cut a few times, performer finds cards
Related to 17
James Steranko Plus One spectator cuts anywhere, remembers bottom card and replaces, gives deck a riffle shuffle, performer finds card
Inspired byRelated to 17
James Steranko Technotes chapter intro, "Technique Tomorrow" is heading according to Genii review
James Steranko The Gentle Touch deck thrown on table so it spreads, spectator takes a card, either force or two key cards, toss force
Inspired by
  • "The Touch" (James Steranko, Genii, Jan. 1962, p. 191)
Related to
James Steranko Force of Evil spectator cuts the deck and remembers bottom card, performer divines it, risky, with location as out
James Steranko Take Five spectator removes any five cards, remembers one and performer divines it, risky
James Steranko Pile of Trouble deck with in-jogged card dribbled on table, then Checkerino to apparently square cards and control selection
Related to
  • "Checkerino" (James Steranko, Genii, June 1961, p. 411)
James Steranko E=MC2 fingertip peek control with bridge
Related to 28
James Steranko Psycussion saliva put on selection during peek procedure, not for vanish but identification
Related to 29
James Steranko Kinetic Energy fingertip peek, method to make the selection move to an in-jogged position, then nail nick
James Steranko Impact fingertip peek, left third fingernail enters break briefly, nicks card and break is lost
James Steranko Impulse fingertip peek, left third fingernail holds break
Related to 34
James Steranko Influence in demo riffle a card is nail nicked and peeked, then it is forced in fingertip peek position
Related to 36
James Steranko Further Adventures of the Lateral Palm introduction
James Steranko Lateral Bottom Palm deck held in right hand end grip and taken with left hand, bottom card palmed in right hand later palm
James Steranko One-Eyed Jacks selection placed between two Jacks and put on table, sandwich changes into three Aces and original sandwich found reversed in the deck
James Steranko Lateral Bottom Block Palm bottom cards twisted inwards and moved into right-hand lateral palm
James Steranko Lateral Palm Packet Switch
Book Break Turnover
James Steranko Tabled Lateral Palm Replacement into Center palmed cards inserted into center of tabled deck
James Steranko Monte Classica Ten through King of Spades cards change into four Jokers one by one, then back
James Steranko Display Sequence and Addition top cards turned over one by one and taken into right-hand end grip, card added with last shown card
Push-Off Count into fan configuration
James Steranko Plunger Move some cards in ladder configuration, top one is a double, it is apparently dealt off but bottom card of double is left behind squared with next card
James Steranko Lateral Card Change Nr. 1 starts with double, face-card stolen into lateral palm
James Steranko Blackjaq three transpositions, using only two cards apparently, Lateral Palm and duplicate
Inspired by 73
One Hand Flourish Deal as in Chinese Second Deal
End Grip Glide with three-card packet
James Steranko One-Handed Double Revolve double pivoted over with first finger between tips of thumb and second finger and both long sides
James Steranko Lateral Card Change Nr. 2 starts and ends with double
James Steranko Wheelin' and Dealin' chapter intro
James Steranko The Crossfire Deal one-handed flourish deal in which top card spins out
Variations 83
James Steranko Backfired second deal with Crossfire Deal
Inspired by 85
James Steranko Blues Up and Down stud-deal handling of Crossfire Deal
Inspired by 85
James Steranko Dial "A" For Action intro to chapter of techniques, "Parable of Action" is heading according to Genii review
James Steranko The New Approach card ends in-jogged
Inspired by 89
James Steranko Third-Level card inserted into deck, deck is held with one side against table, table is responsible for pivoting card out perpendicular, it is moved out and deck dropped on top, control to bottom
Variations 90
James Steranko Rebound variation in which card is moved out face-up and deck dropped on top face up, control to top
Inspired by 94
James Steranko Boomerang multiple shift variation
Inspired by 94
James Steranko Stiletto another multiple shift variation
Inspired by 96
James Steranko Night Shift card inserted into tabled deck in riffle shuffle position, pivoted out and to the bottom secretly
Variations 96
James Steranko Roundabout Midnight card ends up reversed on the bottom
Inspired by 100
James Steranko Quarter to Three variation in which card ends up second from top
Inspired by 100
James Steranko Ocellus color reflects on back of other card, color separation, also in peek position to see full index reflection
Related to 105
James Steranko Dimensia featuring partial clocking of a block of consecutive cards (The Dimensia Group)
  • Part One (free selection placed into that Dimensia Group is found)
  • Part Two (card selected from Dimensia Group and displaced is found)
  • Part Three (more elaborate selection procedure, a few cards end up tabled and deck shuffled face-up/face-down)
Related to 113
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