Written by Jon Racherbaumer
Work of Eddie Fields
155 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Company
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes
Language: English
92 entries
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Jon Racherbaumer Acknowledgments
Don Alan Foreword
Also published here 9
Jon Racherbaumer Introduction to the Second Edition
Jon Racherbaumer Getting Ahead on Eddie Fields
Box Bound
Eddie Fields, Walter B. Gibson Way-Ahead Card to Cardcase seven random cards called out and written down on piece of paper, with numbers one to seven, one of the numbers is chosen, and corresponding card appears in card case without moves, miscalling
Also published here 18
Edward Marlo Marlo's First Variation same effect as Way Ahead Card to Card Case, but without miscalling
Also published here 21
Edward Marlo Insertion Crimp as card is inserted into deck or packet
Also published here 21
Edward Marlo Marlo's Second Variation seven random cards taken and written on a list, one lost in deck, that one travels to card case
Inspired by 22
Edward Marlo Screened Lapping
Edward Marlo Unlimited Card-to-Case card from deck to case, double facer
Related to 24
Jon Racherbaumer, Hideo Kato Bux Stop spectator cuts to a card and inserts it in the center behind his back, performer divines it and it reverses itself
Inspired byAlso published here 26
Nail Nicks
Eddie Fields Invisible Pen Mystery card location, apparently marking the back of the selection with an "invisible pen"
Also published here 30
Eddie Fields Tripartite challenge card location, relatively hands-off, nail-nicking top card of tabled packet when pointing to it
Also published here 32
Edward Marlo Marlo's Tripartite different handling of Tripartite by Eddie Fields
Also published here 34
Eddie Fields Estimation Station spectator thinks of any card and checks whether it is in the deck
Related to 35
Eddie Fields Making John Doe Moe spectator removes a card that stands out to him in corner of room, it matches prediction, with anecdote
Also published here 36
Sleights, Subtleties, and Applications
Eddie Fields Gall Glimpse deck riffled and spectator stops, top half taken and moved to out-jogged position, bold glimpse of selection during this action
Also published here 40
Eddie Fields Farcical Force bold, bottom card shown to spectator during Charlier Cut
Also published here 42
Eddie Fields, Lu Brent P-O-P Glimpse Ginsberg Poke extension
  • Lu Brent's method
Also published here 43
Eddie Fields P-O-P Effect double card location using P-O-P Glimpse
Also published here 46
Eddie Fields Fields' Relaxation Double Turnover
Also published here 47
Eddie Fields Subtle Fan Add-On adding top card of the deck on top of a fan of five cards during squaring up of the fan
Also published here 48
Eddie Fields Five-Card Ad Infinitum divination of thought-of selection from five cards, three phases
Also published here 50
Eddie Fields Juts In-Case selection inserted into cased deck, subtle jog
Eddie Fields Window-Less Window Envelope glimpsing the index of a card placed in an envelope
Frank Thompson Half-Fast Pass control to top
Also published here 56
Frank Thompson, Edward Marlo Thompson-Marlo False Shuffle delayed strip-out
Daubling and Doing
Eddie Fields Fields' Zodiac Card Miracle card divination effect with astrological sign presentation, also divine how many cards spectator hides in pocket
Also published here 60
Edward Marlo Killer Clock-Work twenty-sixth key card, faro, card and number of cut-off cards divined
Eddie Fields Yogi You-Do-As-I-Do flesh-colored daub on spectator's forehead
Also published here 63
Tony Kardyro Boldly Attuned two decks, spectator and performer cut off a packet twice and the face cards do not match,
method for obtaining the key card
Also published here 64
Waikiki Killers
Eddie Fields Silent Transmission Telephone Mystery spectator deals cards over the phone, magician stops deal on selected card, Waikiki Location
Also published here 68
Ron Cohen Calling From Waikiki location with back turned or over phone
Also published here 69
Eddie Fields Dropsy Diddle spectator locates selection in face-up/face-down shuffled deck by dropping coin on card in a spread, "you card is under the coin" with miniature card under the coin and top change
Also published here 71
Bob Sheets Zinger spectator locates selection in face-up/face-down shuffled deck by dropping coin on card in a spread, "you card is under the coin" with miniature card under the coin and top change, then Triumph with three selections (Cheek to Cheek)
Inspired by 73
Edward Marlo Masterful Mix-Up cards mixed face up and face down, performer instantly pushes out four Aces
Related to 77
Eddie Fields Origin of the Plop-Shuffle dropping piles of cards as cow-pats, gag
Not Cards
Eddie Fields Where Can I Get A Cheap Cigar? number puzzle
Eddie Fields Mild Miracle spectator inhales on a cigarette with eyes closed, believes it is a lit cigarette - but turns out it is not lit
Also published here 82
Eddie Fields One is a Lonely Number trivia, how many Ones are on a one-dollar bill
Eddie Fields Sponge Ball Climax spongeballs burst into flames
Also published here 84
Eddie Fields This Made Bud Wiser removing a bill from under an upside down bottle
Eddie Fields Copper-Silver Tip presentational idea
Harvey Rosenthal Harvey's Copper-Silver Tip presentational idea
Eddie Fields All Thumbs? lifting the tray of a matchbox on its cover with only the first and fourth finger
Inspired by 86
Varied Dodges
Eddie Fields Cool Spell spectator spells the name of any woman they know, selected card is found at the end of spelling
Also published here 90
Jon Racherbaumer Lady Spell spectator spells the name of any woman they know, selected card is found at the end of spelling
Inspired by 90
Michael Skinner, Jon Racherbaumer No Further Than This
Inspired by
  • Michael Skinner's "Further Than" That handling
Edward Marlo Corner Crimp bottom card, first finger in dealing position
Eddie Fields One and Only plunger-pushing back & forth a packet through deck until one remains
Inspired by 94
Eddie Fields The Oops Principle Opportunity, Opportunism, Preparedness, Sneaky
with handling of the Lazy Man card trick
Inspired by 98
Stewart James Jack The Bartender's Deal card spelled to (Two Spades), Two of Spades found, then the TWO pile are all Twos, SPADE pile is Royal Flush in Spades (first shown to Eddie by unknown bartender)
Also published here 101
Eddie Fields Calling Your Hand, Again spectator chooses how many hands, which hand will win, what kind of hand to win, ten-card set-up
Also published here 102
Theodore Annemann Jinx Switch
Edward Marlo Marlo's Faro Variation any poker hand called for, using faro
Also published here 103
Johnny Riek, The Upside-Down Man number puzzle
  • An Egg-traordinary Dilemma
Eddie Fields Quintile spectator removes five cards, four random and one is the thought-of selection, performer divines selection
Also published here 105
Eddie Fields, Edward Marlo Another Problem Posed magician predicts two cards cut to by spectator
  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3
Also published here 106
Jon Racherbaumer The Salty Dog Location shooting a pool ball at the deck and cutting at a precise position at selection
Also published here 108
Edward Marlo Positioning Proposition three-phase divided deck location, optional Out Of This World follow-up
Eddie Fields Tell A Phony "Fields' Version of a Classic"
divination of playing card over the phone with dealing procedure
Inspired byVariations 111
Eddie Fields Down Under and Dirty two cards chosen with dealing and drop procedure, two black Twos removed and they sandwich the selections one by one
Eddie Fields, Edward Marlo Triple Spectator En Rapport
  • Phase 1: Magician receives spectator's thoughts
  • Phase 2: Spectator sends thoughts to second spectator
  • Phase 3: Spectator receives thoughts from another spectator
Also published here 114
Step Glimpse
Known and Unknown Card Queen face up on top, any unknown card placed face down onto Queen and deck cut, performer takes cards behind his back and names card above Queen
Sid Solomon Sid Solomon's Double-Whammy Location two spectator's cut off a pile, shuffle and remember the bottom cards
Edward Marlo Destroying Evidence Ploy
Related to 118
Eddie Fields Card In Liquor Bottle
Also published here 119
Edward Marlo Geller's Proxy two spectators deal to any number, remember the card and drop the rest on top, both cards are named by performer
Related to 121
Edward Marlo Dovetailing at Dawn interlocking chains
Eddie Fields Sure-Shot Mock Boomerang card thrown out invisibly, it lands (appears) between two selections
Arthur Finley Face Up Tent Vanish starts with card palmed
Eddie Fields Eddie's Hummer two cards chosen with CATO type procedure, in the end all cards are face down except selections
Inspired by 128
Edward Marlo After-Hour Power two spectators reverse cards in a packet with counting, they are predicted, using George Lawrence mathematical principle
Inspired by
  • Stewart James trick
Paul Cummins Flasher spectator selects a card (cut deeper), then removes an invisible card and tosses it next to the selection
Also published here 131
Eddie Fields Dial Oz invisible deck presentation, with credit information on the Invisible Deck and its presentation
Edward Marlo Invisible Deck Finesse
Jon Racherbaumer Origin of the Invisible Deck Presentation Eddie Fields
Eddie Fields Spread Mates do-as-I-do with one invisible deck
Edward Marlo Pearce Percept spectator removes any card in spread and replaces it reversed, performer takes deck under the table and his fingertips divine the two cards next to the reversed card
Edward Marlo The Lost Integrated Deck long-short Si Stebbins stack and ideas with it
  • Showing Cards To Be One Color
  • The Lift (double lift from long-short deck)
  • Calculating The Position Of Any Card
  • First Effect (calling all cards from a cut-off and shuffled packet)
  • Second Effect (like before, as memory demonstration)
  • Third Effect (divination of selections with help of Joker)
  • Fourth Effect (divination, pseudo x-ray deck procedure)
  • Fifth Effect (naming color of cards at named number)
  • Sixth Effect (spectator chooses only red card)
  • Seventh Effect (deck changes to all-red/all-black)
Eddie Fields, Al Leech Sweet Spell of Success name spelled out to find selection
Eddie Fields, Edward Marlo Bent Sinister card at named number is openly corner crimped, then counted to again and removed, it matches prediction
Related to 150
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