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Simon Aronson Foreword
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Simon Aronson Shuffle-Bored
  • The Basic Shuffle-Bored Effect (only number of reversed card is divined)
  • The Secret
  • The Set-Up
  • The Procedure
  • Preliminaries
  • The Cancellation Combination
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Simon Aronson Controlled Shuffle-Bored number of reversed cards can be predicted
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Simon Aronson Divided Deck Shuffle-Bored
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Simon Aronson Delayed Location Effects doing divided deck locations after Shuffle-Bored
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Simon Aronson Color Separation Revelation all reversed cards are black, not recommended
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Simon Aronson Color Discernment performer knows number of reversed red and black cards
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Simon Aronson Selection Shuffle-Bored Shuffle-Bored combined with a location
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Simon Aronson Prediction Shuffle-Bored
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Simon Aronson Background and Credits
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Simon Aronson Shuffling Off
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David Solomon David Solomon's variation of Ed Marlo's "But What About My Number?" spectator thinks of a small number and reverses that many cards twice in the deck, deck shuffled face-up/face-down by spectator, performer knows number of reversed cards and the spectator's number coincides with the number of red cards that are reversed
Inspired by
  • "But What About My Number?" (Ed Marlo, Linking Ring, July 1974)
Also published here
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