Written by Roy Walton
Work of Roy Walton
257 pages (Hardcover), published by L. Davenport & Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Thomas Cameron
Language: English
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Roy Walton Introduction
Chapter One
Roy Walton Near Enough four cards with selection, cards eliminated via down-under deal, selection is seen eliminated but yet last card is selection, sucker
Variations 1
Roy Walton Half Pass Ace Aces in a row on a table, deck dropped on first Ace which is then shown reversed in center, repeated with other three which are seen besides first reversed Ace each time
Also published here
  • The Crimp #78
Roy Walton Dominic Twose - Two four Jacks and four other cards used, Jacks on top of the other, two hands dealt and Jacks shown in one hand, Aces in other, Three Jacks Deal
Also published here 6
Roy Walton Past Capers cards turn face-down repeatedly, then deck changes color
Roy Walton Acorn's Progress a face up card in the center transforms into a royal flush
Also published here 10
Two Tricks with the Kelly Placement Move
Roy Walton Trick One
  • Two Tricks with the Kelly Placement Move
card selected, two cards taken and given to spectator, the one he chooses changes into selection
Roy Walton Trick Two
  • Two Tricks with the Kelly Placement Move
sandwich cards on top and bottom vanish and trap a card in the center
Roy Walton Nine Time card from small packet is chosen and put in another small packet, another card is chosen and its value used to count through the packet to find selection
Roy Walton Certainty Bet a Four is placed with three other cards, they change to the matching Fours, monte type presentation
Roy Walton The Honest Cheat spectator tries to match suit distribution of a poker hand that is set aside, spectator is allowed to cheat but loses, performer wins
Also published here 21
Roy Walton Daisy Chain with eight cards
Roy Walton The Apprentice Matchmaker
Also published here 26
Chapter Two
Roy Walton Pair Dance card made up via value and suit appears in sandwich, other option reversed in deck
Also published here 33
Roy Walton Tenkai Tango featuring a handling of the Optical Revolve
Also published here 37
Roy Walton Cellar Plot spectator finds the four Royal Flush using counting procedure with other selected cards
  • Aces Version
Inspired by 40
Roy Walton Autograph Hunter signature travels to back of another card
Also published here 42
Roy Walton Guardian Ghost selection placed on bottom, it reappears reversed in center
Also published here 44
Roy Walton Orderly Suits four packets, each with one card of each suit, one of each suit removed, spectator pushed the cards back without looking in any order, again one of each suit in every packet
Also published here 47
Roy Walton Voice Waves King of chosen suit has different back
Also published here 50
Roy Walton Jigsaw transposition combination with three cards
Roy Walton Open Acrobatics open prediction followed by acrobatics sequence with the mates (they travel from the center to both ends and reverse in center)
Also published here 55
Roy Walton The Plot Thins two groups counted, cards at that position remembered, then each card is at the other's position
Also published here 60
Chapter Three
Roy Walton Count Me In Again spectator assigns four groups of cards to cards that match in value to their amount of cards
Inspired byAlso published here 63
Roy Walton Collision Course top and bottom cards vanish an appear together in center
Roy Walton Sweet and Low
  • Trick One
  • Trick Two (with two packets)
Also published here 67
Roy Walton Surprise Prediction four cards set aside as prediction, card chosen and lost, the four cards predict the selection and the last one is the selection itself
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here
  • Magic Circular, June 2008
Roy Walton The Double Ended Run Up stacking on top and bottom simultaneously
Also published here 72
Roy Walton Thanks For The Memories one out of nine, faro
Inspired byAlso published here 74
Roy Walton The Awakening one card chosen from packet with tantalizer deal elimination procedure, it completes a poker hand
Inspired by
  • "The Dream" (Alex Elmsley, see VanishingInc's video "Alex Elmsley Lecture")
Also published here
  • website "Darro's Den"
Roy Walton Observation Test with four cards
Roy Walton Loser challenge of picking out the single black card in a packet of red ones, all change to black
Roy Walton Poker Ace production of three poker hands
Chapter Four
Roy Walton Red Black Trick spectator takes a red and black cards from sixteen-card packet, remembers one, it is found
Roy Walton Poker Ghost eight-card poker deal
Roy Walton Stay Lucky ten-card packet is mated
Also published here 90
Roy Walton Essential Magic named card vanishes and reappears reversed when spelled to
Roy Walton Square Dance
  • Part One (Joker jumps from center to bottom and reverses)
  • Part Two (fine incomplete faro peek deck)
  • Part Three (cards shuffle face-up/face-down by itself)
Also published here 96
Roy Walton Math Chore Alas
Also published here 100
Roy Walton Sweet William four packets of different size, amount in chosen packet matches prediction in form of three cards
Also published here 103
Roy Walton Over and Out selection and a card placed to the bottom travel to top, sucker presentation
Also published here
  • The Crimp #74
Mock Pass
Roy Walton A Mathematical Joke gag presentation in which an Ace is used to indicate that one has to count off one single card which is the selection
Roy Walton Sweet Seventeen two face-up cards indicate the position of two selections, faro
Also published here 109
Chapter Five
Roy Walton Lucky Lucy spectator riffle shuffles, performer deals out a few cards face-up all over the table, then deals cards onto them face up and face down, all match in color
Roy Walton Early Daze spectator assembles pairs of opposite colors without looking
Inspired by
  • Stewart James effect
Roy Walton Poker Puzzle Ace to Five of Hearts and Spades on table in two rows, arranged by spectator, four cards on each card, hands gathered and dealt, some matching with other row occurs
Also published here 116
Roy Walton Magical Number Trick amount of cards chosen is predicted
Inspired by
  • Jerry Sadowitz routine from The Crimp
Roy Walton Influential Counts six four-card-packets are paired by spectator and have same color sequence
Also published here 120
Roy Walton All Change two cards in the deck transpose, then come together
Roy Walton Poker stack in which the performer wins for any chosen number of players from two to ten
Roy Walton Imaginary Bottom Deal gag false dealing demonstration with transformation surprise
Roy Walton Steven's Choice red-black matching game is announced, performer gets all red cards
Also published here 128
Haymow Shuffle
Roy Walton Personality Test mixed packet separates in colors
Chapter Six
Roy Walton Labyrinth
  • Alternative Presentation
Inspired by 135
Roy Walton Ouch Ace found in four-card packet, rest shown as Kings, Ace is also a King now and the Ace removed from pocket
Also published here 137
Roy Walton Art Spring Again Aces & Kings removed, they transpose after some handling
Inspired by 139
Roy Walton 5th Amendment five pairs of cards are mixed and eventually five cards selected, they match a prediction in value and order
Inspired by 141
Roy Walton Straight Maker
Inspired by
  • "The Dream" (Alex Elmsley, Alex Is At It Again, 2003)
Roy Walton A Magical Joke gag presentation for a transformation
Also published here 145
Roy Walton Triple Alliance queens on table, selection transposes with queens, deck turns face up
Also published here 147
Roy Walton A Twisted Tale
Also published here 151
Roy Walton Countdown selection lost, number between ten and twenty chosen, selection found reversed at that number
Roy Walton The Number Game total of three chosen cards is divined by performer, repeat
Roy Walton A Rajah Sundial spectator locates card in small packet
Chapter Seven
Roy Walton Camouflage four-card groups made after shuffling procedure, they all contain one of each suit
  • E.S.P. Variation
Related toAlso published here 163
Roy Walton Any One For Dennis red-black color arrangement shown despite a spectator shuffle
Roy Walton Rebels six red and six black cards, two selections are exchanged, rest follows
Roy Walton Clubland selection made from packet found via spelling procedure
Roy Walton Four Partners
Roy Walton From The Heart selection predicted via suit and value, selection then changes to match reverse composite card
Roy Walton Waltzing Matilda card selected with some dealing, a card turns face up and is used to count to selection
Roy Walton Paper Palace four Queens on table, envelope dropped on one and it penetrates inside
Roy Walton Lucky Seven
Inspired byAlso published here 181
Roy Walton Lilac Time spectator matches up red and black pairs
Chapter Eight
Roy Walton Magic Joker Will Find Your Card
Roy Walton Sweet and Low Again two packets with surprise
Also published here 191
Roy Walton Strike a Match five mate pairs are mixed and mated again
Roy Walton Comic Cards named card is reversed after gag phase
Roy Walton Crafty Cut sucker location
Roy Walton Finlayson's Frolic face card changes into selection, half pass
Also published here 198
Roy Walton Bare Light
Roy Walton Face-Up Swindle selection turns over, humorous presentation
Also published here
  • The Crimp #72
Roy Walton Poetry in Motion rhyming patter trick in which four cards change to Kings
Inspired by
  • Bob Neale effect from The Crimp #5
Also published here
  • The Crimp #8
Jerry Sadowitz Strip-Out Addition and Switch Handling
Roy Walton Tricky Travis monte type routine with Ace through Nine, cards end up in order as finale
Chapter Nine
Roy Walton No Hiding Place
Also published here 211
Roy Walton A Thermal Chaos location with twenty-card packet
Roy Walton Joker Power packet returns to original order with help of Joker
Also published here 215
Roy Walton All That Jazz
Roy Walton Confusion of the Innocents location with counting
Also published here 220
Roy Walton Colour Location two card location
Roy Walton A Spell in Scotland spelling countries to arrive at a selection in a packet
Morris Loewy Loewy Top Palm
Roy Walton I Pass Royal Flush production by performer
Roy Walton Leave 'Em Laughing spectator choses one of the four Aces and mixed them up, Ace located, all change to Jacks
Also published here 229
Roy Walton Shiftwork face-up card transposes with face-down card in deck
Roy Walton Our Relations ten-card packet, card chosen, selection and its mate found
Also published here 235
Appendix One
Roy Walton Cascade rainbow back finish
Related toVariations 239
Alex Elmsley Ghost Count
Appendix Two
Roy Walton Cardwarp
  • Alternative Finale
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