Pages 1-16 comprise the earlier edition Sleightly Slanted (1974)
Written by Jerry Andrus
Work of Jerry Andrus
28 pages (Stapled), published by J A Enterprises
Illustrated with drawings by Jerry Andrus
Language: English
15 entries
Cover photograph
Creators Title Comments & References Page AA Categories
Jerry Andrus Mylar Mystery ball appears and disappears in plastic sheet
Also published here 2
Jerry Andrus Match Book Magic routine with match book and coin
Jerry Andrus Bill and Pen pen rolled up in bill, pen vanishes and appears again
Jerry Andrus Bill and Card card and bill are folded up together and unfolded, card has no crease
Jerry Andrus Ring, Pen and Handkerchief pen through handkerchief
Jerry Andrus A Novel Force spectator pushed half the deck forward while performer holds deck
Jerry Andrus Bevel Peek
Jerry Andrus Slot Machine file card with slit
Jerry Andrus Coin Go
Jerry Andrus Minor "Miracle"
Also published here 22
Jerry Andrus Half Pass top half pressed between heels, out-jogged card for cover
Also published here 22
Effects with a Ball
Jerry Andrus The Master Move showing piece of cardboard on both sides while hiding ball, Zone Zero
Jerry Andrus The Perfect Package flat box is opened, ball appears and vanishes, flat box put in flat envelope
Also published here 26
Jerry Andrus Paper Bag Move showing paper bag on all sides while hiding ball
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