Written by John Lovick, Anthony Owen
Work of Anthony Owen
237 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
66 entries
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Andy Nyman Foreword
Anthony Owen Introduction
Anthony Owen Interview with Anthony Owen
Anthony Owen Chapter One - Sticky Tricks on Changin' Glue, chapter intro
Anthony Owen SOBW 3&3, three phases, last one phase up
Also published here 13
Sebastien Clergue Lava Lamp alternate handling for last phase of SOBW, face up oil and water sequence, 3&3
Also published here 26
Anthony Owen, David Regal SOBW Further Thoughts
  • Examination
  • In the Spectator's Hands
  • David Regal's Get-Ready for Phase Three
Anthony Owen Voodoo Tattoo card chosen and returned to deck, any letter written on paper and burned, letter is found burned into selection
Inspired byRelated to
  • Anthony Owen's "Branded Card 3" 1997.
Anthony Owen Brainwash named card has large X on the back, same card is found in performer's wallet
Anthony Owen Pred-Ikea-Ction cards with different pieces of furniture on one side, on the other side prizes, chosen one has "Sold Out" on the back
Related to 42
Anthony Owen Sticky Intruder card with mark on face is chosen
Also published here 48
Jack Avis Spread Switch
Anthony Owen The Light Card odd-backed "signed card" type effect, card to wallet
Also published here 51
Andy Nyman, Anthony Owen Miracle Monte 2.0 blank cards with face of a Queen
Inspired by 56
Edward Marlo Flushtration Count Variation
Trevor Lewis Monte Plus Move
Anthony Owen Caravan Travellers Kings travel to table and change to Aces
Inspired byAlso published here 63
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish
Anthony Owen Sticky Blue Danube fusion of two cards, signed on both sides
Inspired byAlso published here 68
Anthony Owen, John Lenahan, Chuck Fayne Signed Card Anywhere
VariationsAlso published here 72
Anthony Owen On the Cards two blank cards, with signature and pictures, pictures transpose
Inspired by 75
Anthony Owen, John Lenahan Mark of Death signed card to wallet, held by spectator
Inspired by 77
Anthony Owen Chapter Two - Sleights and Sorcery
Anthony Owen The Caravan Move face up Tent Vanish
Anthony Owen The Caravan Change
Anthony Owen The Caravan Peek peek with business cards
Roy Walton Navarac production of four Aces, reversed Caravan move
Roy Walton The Caravan Sandwich Kings vanish and found next to selection
Roy Walton The Caravan Kings transposition of red and black Kings, two Kings in pocket and two held by spectator
Peter Duffie Trick Photography Aces in pocket change into selection and Aces are found reversed in the deck
Anthony Owen WSBP Window Stealing Bottom Palm
Anthony Owen Ambitious Card Finale additional sequence after the Braue Pop Up Move
Inspired by 94
Anthony Owen Chapter Three - Coins
Anthony Owen The Amazing Karate Pencil of Death coin through pencil
Also published here 99
Bob Elliott, Michael Ammar Flipswitch
Anthony Owen Elevated Matrix ring as substitute
Inspired by 106
Anthony Owen Chapter Four - Out Of This Chapter
Anthony Owen Out Of This Street
Anthony Owen Out Of This House angle-jogging cards while dealing them on the table
Inspired byAlso published here 117
Anthony Owen Out Of This Book From The Library blindfold spectator, two different backs, with alternate handling in two glasses
Inspired by
  • Stephen Tucker's "Out Of This Dimension" in "The Crimp" Nr. 6.
Anthony Owen Chapter Five - Cards
Anthony Owen Holey Security Guards, Robin! Holy P.O.D., flap gaff, cards can be examined
Anthony Owen, John Lenahan The Miracle Card with two blanked cards
Inspired by 133
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Anthony Owen, John Lenahan Card-Toon Free Card-Toon variation, using Joe Stuthard's Trilby Deck, end-stripper & svengali
Anthony Owen, Paul Andrews The Birthday Deck deck with numbers and months, performer reverses some of them which match birthday of spectator, then numbers and months of other cards vanish
Related to
  • Dan Harlan's "Birthday Suit"
Anthony Owen Chapter Six - Situational Sorcery
Anthony Owen Silk Handkerchief to Spectator's Sleeve - An Approach to the Approach
Anthony Owen A Meal for Monteneuf swallowing signed knife, x-ray to proof it, Le Fruit d'Or de Monteneuf
Anthony Owen, Marc Paul The Perfect Match two matches signed by performer and spectator travel and eventually fuse together
Also published here 155
Anthony Owen Chapter Seven - Mantalism
Anthony Owen, Marc Paul, Andy Stone Killer Kombustion named card predicted in envelope, inspired by Kolossal Killer
Anthony Owen RE: Monition two decks with different backs, named card is missing from one and found in other, two handlings
Inspired byAlso published here 165
Anthony Owen Number At Card deck with numbers on the backs, named card has named number on back, two versions
Also published here 175
Anthony Owen The Natural Lottery prediction of named lottery numbers on ticket in wallet
Also published here 185
Anthony Owen Chapter Eight - Television Trickery
Anthony Owen Who Wants to Be a Magician? "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" theme, comedy questions and answers on cards, spectator always selects correct answer
Also published here 199
Anthony Owen Big Survivor 2 prediction of chosen person, procedure similar to TV-Shows Big Brother and Survivor
Also published here 204
Anthony Owen Deal Or No Deal "Deal or No Deal" presentation for Bank Night
Anthony Owen Ring On Notepad finger ring travels on spiral of notepad
Related to
  • Ian Adair in "Abracadabra" Nr. 3068
Also published here
Anthony Owen, Pete McCahon, Andrew O'Connor, Richard Pinner Recaffeinated Coffee performer pours coffee, milk and sugar into a cup and drinks it, then items are spitted out from mouth seperately
Also published here 224
Anthony Owen Interactive Magic intro
Anthony Owen You Couldn't Planet interactive trick chosen planet, spelling planet and moving on chart
Anthony Owen Superstarsign interactive magic, spelling star sign on chart
Anthony Owen Cards on TV piano trick used for video call
Anthony Owen Top Tips For A Magician On Television
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