1940 ca.
Written by Percy Abbott, Eddie Joseph
Work of Percy Abbott, Eddie Joseph
20 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
15 entries
Cover photograph
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Eddie Joseph Mystic Rectical picture cards with different symbols and letters on the back, alphabet is called and cards touched, last card is chosen symbol, repeated with more cards
Eddie Joseph Everywhere Yet Nowhere three cards are placed in card stand and one selected it matches selection from second deck
Eddie Joseph The Boy and the Watch borrowed watch changes to egg and egg to chicken, watch appears inside lady's slipper attached to back of spectator
Eddie Joseph The Damsel Escapes escape tied up on chair with rope, rings and silk
Eddie Joseph Evaporation coins and rings vanish from handkerchief, natural channel across diagonal center to hide objects
Eddie Joseph Perpetual Coins production of multiple coins from handkerchief
Eddie Joseph Seeing with the Imagination two glasses placed inside two borrowed hats, milk is poured inside one glass and travels to other glass
Eddie Joseph The Spirit Crochet selection is placed inside box with needle and thread, chosen symbol is found woven on the card
Eddie Joseph Almost a Miracle two selections are found, with apparent failure
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Eddie Joseph Throw Change Variation to palm top and bottom card from small packet and produce them from pocket
Eddie Joseph The E. Jay Book Test coin placed inside book by spectator to select page
Eddie Joseph Personal Publicity magic square with letters on business cards, playing checkers with spectator, word aid
Eddie Joseph Liquid Milk milk travels from glass to other glass in hat
Eddie Joseph Drunk or Sober? card travels, monte them, one card ends up on chair
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